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Khamoshiyaan...Teri Meri... AsYa FF - **Updated Teaser 3** (Page 25)

--Aishwarya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 May 2015 at 8:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by aseelashah

Its an interesting update dear
So many questions in my mind

Looking forward to read more

Pls update soon

Thanks for pm
You will get more questions with every update...Wink

--Aishwarya-- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 28 March 2013
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Posted: 31 May 2015 at 8:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sanjhari

Originally posted by --Aishwarya--

Originally posted by Sanjhari

very nice
so asya had a past n and he is going to help her.
but pls don't make asad married to maher,
cant wait for more.
but very short update... unlike your other updates...Smile
pls continue soon...
Yeah dear...its a short update only...I won't be giving very long updates too...

I won't make Asad married to Meher...don't worry Smile
thank you so much for the marriage thing... I guess asad loved Zoya so much that he cant give her place to anyone else.
I even feel Zoya's marriage is also a mystery... now as KVB as Amar... I have a feeling that it might be something like saubhagyavati bhavo...
small updates... really... think again... change your mind pls...
waiting for the updates of other stories too...
I really love the guesses you all make for this story...I am updating in some time now...Smile

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Shailu.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 May 2015 at 8:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by --Aishwarya--

Originally posted by shailu123

Nice update so zoya's husband is amar then who is ahil here it's getting so interesting plzzz continue soon Smile
KVB's character's name is Amar here...coz many are misinterpreting it for a SaHil FF if it is Aahil 
  ohh ok then

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--Aishwarya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 May 2015 at 9:10am | IP Logged

Hey all!!! Smile Good to see your comments after the first update. Smile So, thought of giving one more update and then go to my other FF. So, here you go, Part 2!! Smile

Part 2

It was noon time and Zoya tried opening her eyes, while she felt her head heavy. She pressed her forehead as she tried to open her eyes.

She opened her eyes and saw a plain white ceiling above her. She looked around and turned to the sides and saw medical equipments and a visitor couch nearby. She understood she was in a hospital and wondered how she reached over there.

Just then the nurse who was sitting over there came up to her.

"How are you feeling now Ma'am??"

Zoya looked at the nurse hearing it and tried getting up and sitting on the bed.

"Well...why am I here??" Zoya asked giving strained looks.

"You had a panic attack Ma'am. So we actually gave you a sleeping dose."

Zoya tried to remember what had happened before she went to sleep.

"I shall call the doctor. You please take rest Ma'am."

Saying so, the nurse left the ward, while Zoya was feeling the bandage on her forehead and her bruises treated.

Just then the door opened and Zoya looked at the door and saw Asad entering the ward and walking towards her. Zoya tried to set her eyes properly and recognized that it was Asad.

"How are you Zoya??" Asad asked with a smile.

"As...Asad?? Asad...it's you??"

"What happened Zoya??" asked Asad and pulled out the chair and sat next to her, "Surprised or shocked seeing me??"

"I mean...I...I didn't expect I would see you...that too...here..."

"Zoya...Zoya..." Asad said keeping a comforting hand over her hand, "Relax. Don't take much stress. You are here in the hospital as my patient at the moment."

"Your patient??" asked Zoya with a confused look, "Well...where is this hospital and...where am I at the moment??"

Asad was puzzled to hear it, "You mean...you don't know where you are??"

"No...I don't remember."

"Then how did you reach here? With whom did you come??"

"I...I don't know how I reached here...I..."

Asad just then recalled Zoya's ranting some time back, and he cleared his throat to ask.

"Well...where is your husband??"

Zoya opened her eyes wide in horror hearing that and looked at Asad, while Asad was looking at her expectantly to hear her reply.

"Your husband Zoya...where is he?? And why are you in such a state??"

Zoya started breathing fast and closed her eyes and saw a flash of events scrolling through her eyes, while she held her temples tight and had a strained look.

Asad got up and came to her, "Alright...fine fine!! Relax...relax!!"

Zoya opened her eyes slowly which had tears filled in it.

Asad took a glass of water and gave it to Zoya, while she had them in single shot.

"Zoya, listen...I can understand that you are very disturbed" said Asad, "But how would I know what is your issue if you don't tell me anything??"

Zoya just looked down with tears.

"I can figure out this much that you have faced a bad situation...but I am not able to understand anything. What happened to Zoya?? Why don't you tell me anything??"

Zoya still remained silent, while Asad got up from his place.

"Alright. I will just inform the police that you are here and I guess they can help you" said Asad, while Zoya panicked hearing it. As Asad turned to go, Zoya caught his hand.

"No Asad!! Please don't call the police...please!!!"

Asad was confused to hear that, "But why??"

"I...I want to be away from everything...I want to live peacefully...I can't handle any more tensions!!"

"But Zoya...what about your husband and family?? Won't they..." said Asad, while Zoya interrupted, "My family isn't in the country and my...my husband won't search for me!!"

Asad asked curiously, "Why??"

"Because...he is dead !!!!"

Asad was taken aback to hear that, while he saw Zoya in a state of restlessness while telling it.

"I am...I am sorry Zoya!! I didn't know..."

Zoya broke into tears and held Asad's hands.

"Asad, please help me!!! I don't want anyone to come to me...I want to live away from everyone...please don't inform anyone that I am here...please!!!"

"But Zoya...according to hospital rules..." said Asad while Zoya cried on his hands.

"Please Asad!!! I guess the God has only brought me to you...you are the only one who can help me out from this situation, as you are the one who knows me since childhood. Please don't say a no!! I don't want anyone to come to me. I want to be away from people's eyes. Please Asad!!! Help me!!"

Zoya cried to Asad, while Asad was perplexed on how to take the situation forward.


It was night and Asad was still at the hospital, sitting in his cabin with a riot of thoughts.

"Why is Zoya so panicked this way?? I mean...even if her husband is dead, why does she want to be away from everyone?? And...why does she seem so scared about his death than the sorrow of losing him??"

Asad pressed his temples, while the nurse came in.

"Yes??" asked Asad.

"Sir, the patient who got admitted today is not having any food. She is vehemently denying it."

"I will come there."


Zoya was in the ward sitting on the bed with closed eyes, when she suddenly opened her eyes and looked at her hand, and spotted her engagement ring in her hand. She was just blatantly staring at it, and she saw Asad at the door.

"Zoya, you are not having food??" Asad asked coming with the food plate.

"Well...I don't feel like..." said Zoya looking at him.

"Really??" asked Asad sitting next to her, "No to vegetable pulao as well??"

Zoya looked at him with a surprised look hearing it.

"You still remember that I love vegetable pulao??" asked Zoya with a feeble smile.

"How would I forget that??" asked Asad smiling, while he was peeling off the cover from the food box, "Your attack on me once for eating it without giving it you...those bruises and nail marks... I had it for a very long time. And you think I would forget??"

Zoya recalled that incident while Asad said it:

"How did you even dare to eat it without giving it to me Asad???"

Zoya came with a screeching scream, with Asad gobbling up the food in his mouth looking at Zoya.

"Well..." burped Asad, "I was so hungry Zoya. And I was waiting for you for some time. Since you didn't come, I had it. Well, I spared pickle for you."

"Smear that pickle on your eyes!!!" shouted Zoya, while she rushed to take Asad's plate from him.

"You need not eat that happily now...give it to me!!!" Zoya said trying to snatch the plate from Asad.

"Zoe!!! Behave!!! You are already becoming fat and you need to be on diet. Listen to the future doctor's advice!!" shouted Asad.

"Really?? How dare you call me fat?? Give it to me!!!"

Zoya and Asad had a struggle for some time, finally falling over the chair, breaking the plate.

"My God!!! You animal!!!" shouted Asad.

"You moron!!!" scolded Zoya scratching Asad hard.

"Aaahhh...billi ki bachii!!!" screamed Asad.

Zoya recalling that incident, looked at Asad and started laughing, while Asad too laughed along with her, while being happy that she forgot her present stress for some time and is happy at the moment.

"That was one hell of an incident right??" asked Zoya giggling.

"Of course!! I had to take TT injection coz of you" said Asad.

Zoya laughed hearing it and Asad handed over the food to her and Zoya started having it.

"Good old days...right Asad??" asked Zoya having the food.

"Yeah...beautiful days!!" said Asad.

Zoya continued to have food, while Asad looked at Zoya recalling how she was ranting that she killed her husband and was thinking if he could ask about it that time.

"Well...if you don't mind, may I ask you something??" asked Asad.

"Yeah, sure" said Zoya.

"You said me your husband is dead" said Asad while Zoya stopped having her food, "Well...how did he die??"

Zoya went in thoughts hearing it and after a long pause looked at Asad.

"An accident!! A fateful accident which was due to me!!" said Zoya, keeping the food plate aside.

"Due to you??"

"Yes...due to me!!" said Zoya wiping her tears, "I and Amar loved going on long drives. Similarly we went for one in a deserted  highway in Delhi. I instigated him to drive fast and mocked on his heroism. He drove even faster because of that. And then..."

Asad looked at her keenly as she said it.

"He lost the control of his vehicle at a point of time...and he pushed me off the car and...and banged the car on a tree causing the car blast and...and he...can't even find any remains...Amar is just...he..."

Saying so, Zoya broke into tears, while Asad was feeling bad to hear it.

"I ran away from that place as much as I can and got a lift from a guy and he dropped me here in Mumbai..." Zoya wiped her tears which was continuously flowing from her eyes, "I didn't want to kill him Asad...I seriously didn't know something like this would happen...It was an accident, but since I am a reason...I feel so guilty...he doesn't have anyone as a family other than me...I didn't know that...my life has come to a standstill...I am lost...I don't want to return to my past... ...I just want to..."

Zoya cried uncontrollably, while Asad sat on her bed and kept a comforting hand on her shoulder, and Zoya hugged him and cried her heart out. Asad caressed her hair, while feeling bad looking at Zoya's situation.

He then wiped off Zoya's tears and looked at her.

"Listen Zoya...I know whatever that has happened with you, is very cruel. But you still have life left with you. Do not get disinterested. I am there for you!!" Asad said while Zoya looked at him.

"Eat this and lie down. I will meet you tomorrow. Good night!!"


Asad was lost in thoughts as he came back to his cabin.

"How do I discharge Zoya from the hospital in such a condition?? She definitely needs someone to be with her at this state and reporting to the police would worsen her situation even more. What do I do??"

Just then his phone rang, and he looked at it, and it flashed Meher's name.

Asad just kept looking at the phone and cut the call.

He dialed a number in his intercom.

"Ayaan, you are still here yeah?? Come to my cabin with Tannu if she is here."


"Have you gone nuts Asad??" Tanveer asked with a shocked face, while Ayaan too is there with them at Asad's cabin.

"This is a police case and you have to report her to the police...and you are planning to...!! Ayaan, what is he talking??"

"Dude, this is not a good step...listen to me..." Ayaan said while Asad came to him.

"Be it good or bad step guys...I have decided that I am going to take Zoya with me to my home!! And that's final!!" Asad says with a firm look, "I can't leave her just like that in such a situation. First of all she is my childhood bestie and..."

"And your evergreen sweetheart??" asked Ayaan, while Asad looked at Ayaan hearing it.

"Look here dude, I know the love you had...well the love you still have for her. But now you seriously have to get over her" Ayaan said.

"I know Ayaan" Asad said turning to him, "I know all this. Right now I want to help her being her friend. Zoya will always remain to a special person in my life; no matter she loves me or not. And in this state, I don't think even she will have any such thoughts about me in her mind. So, her well-being and safety is important to me at the moment."

"Fine...it all sounds cool" Tanveer said coming to them, "But what about Meher?? I know you are not interested in her, but what if she asks you about this girl?? Will she understand all your explanations??"

Asad was thinking hearing that, while Tanveer added, "You can get her in some women's hostel, or send her to her parents. But why with you?? What will you answer her??"

"Tannu, right now Zoya shouldn't be left alone. She needs someone to take care of her, she needs someone's concern with her always" Asad explained.

"Okay Asad" said Ayaan, "As a psychiatrist, even I understand what you are telling. But what will you answer Meher and your Ammi...don't you know about her??"

"I swear!!" huffed Tanveer, "And Ayaan, don't insult mothers by calling Mrs. Shireen as his Ammi. Please!! That woman is the perfect step mother we have witnessed in stories and movies. She is just using Asad for her benefits and Asad; being the Mr. Good Heart, just complies with whatever she does."

"Tannu, is that discussion so important now??" asked Asad, "I know about all this guys. I will handle everything. And about Meher, I am least bothered about what she thinks. I got engaged with her only for Nikhat's sake, and I have already said her not to keep many expectations from me."

"Fine...up to you now!!" said Ayaan, "What help do you want us to do now??"

"I want you to enter a different name in Zoya's patient records. Zoya wants to be away from everyone and I want to make sure she doesn't face any further tensions after Amar's death" Asad said.

"This is actually against hospital rules, but since you are explaining the situation, we will help you out." Tanveer said and looked at Ayaan, "You only put some nume and prepare the discharge report."

"Well...alright!!" said Ayaan thinking, "I shall put Humeira's name. Actually even she requires mental counseling these days."

Tanveer giggled hearing it, "You can't sleep if you don't tease her yeah??"

"Habit, Tannu!!" Ayaan replied with a smile, while Asad too smiled hearing it.

"So, yeah. We all will leave now after a cup of coffee. Come dude!!" Ayaan said and Asad left with him and Tanveer.


Asad brings Zoya to his outhouse and Zoya looks around the place, with woods and plants all around the place.

"I am sorry I couldn't let you stay in my home. But you can stay here as long as you want Zoya. I have got you some dresses too for the time being. Whenever you want any help, do not hesitate to give me a call. Okay??" asked Asad.

"Thanks Asad" Zoya says with a smile.


Asad, being in his room, goes through the photos of his and Zoya, and is lost in thoughts, "I never thought you would be back in my life again Zoya. Is this a sign that...that maybe still there is a hope for us both...to complete our incomplete story??"


Back at the outhouse, Zoya stands by the window, and looks at her engagement ring, and swiftly throws it out at the woods, with tears glistening in her eyes.

"I don't want anything with me, which gives me your remembrance Amar!!"

So, how was this update?? You would have got some answers and soem more questions...I know...Wink So, there is still a mystery brewing over here...and now with Zoya back in Asad's life, is there a hope for Asad and Zoya's love story?? Will Zoya move on from her past and develop feelings for Asad, who is still in love with her?? Heart And what is Zoya's past with Amar?? Stay tuned to the FF to know all these and looking forward to your views about this and your valuable comments!! Smile

Note: New readers who need pms, please send me a buddy request Smile

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Tunailuvsahil Goldie

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Posted: 31 May 2015 at 9:26am | IP Logged
Awesome di!I m just love it.why dnt you pick amar other actor why u choose kV.I'm fan both of them.plz CNT soon and your other dry to

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Binzzz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 May 2015 at 9:29am | IP Logged
nice chapter Aish,,
zoya realised asad..
I think zoya not completely revealed all truth to asad..
as you say, I think a big surprise is waiting for us..
waiting for to know what is it...
asya in same house..
what destiny stored for them..
to know more waiting for your update...

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Shailu.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 May 2015 at 9:32am | IP Logged
awesome update so asad still love her n what is zoya's mystery ? its getting interest continue soon Smile

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--Aishwarya-- IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by Tunailuvsahil

Awesome di!I m just love it.why dnt you pick amar other actor why u choose kV.I'm fan both of them.plz CNT soon and your other dry to
Even I am a fan of all three of them...and it was always in my mind to make a story with all of them...that's why...and this character sketch...I felt KVB was the perfect choice...

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