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MaNan OS- Tit for Tat- 13/05/15

kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 12:32pm | IP Logged
I am here again with another of my most favorite one shot and I hope you all will come along with me. 

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"What?" he yelled furiously, completely not believing that was happening to him

"What what?" his dad, Billy, asked while putting orange fresh juice in his glass for breakfast

"Mom, dad how can you allow you childhood friend's daughter to stay in my room and that too for two months" he gasped and continue "MY ROOM DAD!!, I never allowed anyone to stay in my room till date"

"Manik, from your room's window the view is beautiful and she loves beautiful view thus she is staying in your room" his mother, Nyonika, said trying to make him understand and plus what was the big deal

"but..." Manik wanted to argue back, as he could never allow anyone to stay in his room and a girl that was out of question. 

"Manik no but and if, my decision is final" his father said firmly and continued with his breakfast

Manik sulked and had his breakfast. One thing was sure, he was going to make that girls life trouble full here so that she would run away just in a matter of few days 'you are gonna regret to have ever thought to stay here' he thought with a smirk

"by the way her name is Nandini Murthy and I want you to behave properly with her" Manik nodded listening his dad but inside his heart was full with excitement.

"ok now I am going, take care you all, see you in the evening and yes she will come with me, bye" his dad said while he stood up from the table for going to his work. He kissed on his wife's cheek, who blushed in return, and made his way toward his office

"Manik go and shift your necessary stuff in the room next door." He obeyed his mother and went back in his room

As soon as he entered, his mind started working over time, he had to make a full proof plan. While sitting on his bed, he made a plan as flawless as possible. 

"Nandini Murthy, wait and watch what I am going to do" he smiled naughtily

He put his plan in action, and as he was done with all the thing, he sat back on his bed. "I just hope my plan goes well" he said hopefully

At that moment, he still remembered what his dad said about that girl. He got to know from his dad that she is coming from UK so he thought she must be modern and a spoilt brat. 

Manik himself was hot, handsome and what not, furthermore he was the desire of every girl but he never paid attention to them as he would married a girl of his parents choice. One more thing, he didn't like the girl in short clothes that's one of the reason he already sort of disliked her.

In the evening, Billy came back at home with a young woman by his side. Nyonika greeted them.

In the meanwhile, Manik was in his new room. As he heard his mom calling him down, he went down with a big smile, showing his satisfaction.

Seeing her left him dumbstruck she was an epitome of beauty, she as wearing jeans and black t-shirt.

His father introduced them and Manik Nandini shook each other's hand with a smile. True Manik was mesmerized by her beauty nevertheless he wasn't going to step back form his plan.

His father also told Manik to take Nandini in her room, to which Manik thought annoyingly 'my room not her'. Manik took her there, as soon as she entered, she gasped, the room was beautiful but more than that the view was beautiful, she was completely mesmerized by it.

"so I think my work is done, get ready and come down" Manik said angrily

Nandini was shocked, a while back he was all happy and smiling but now he was rude. She just shrugged. Opening her suitcase, she took out a beautiful anarkali dress. 

She locked her room door as she was at a new place and taking risk wasn't a wise idea. Entering in the bathroom, she hung her clothes and turn the water on. 

"It was so tiring today" She mumbled tiredly from the jet leg as she just landed in India an hour back and all her bones were killing her

She sighed with relief as she sat in the tub, the water was so relaxing, all her bones relaxed, she was feeling in heaven. But what was that the water was getting colder and colder, her body stiffened and started to froze.

The water was way to much cold of what she could bear, she quickly turned the water off and jumped out of the tub. She took a towel and wrapped around her. 

Looking at her face in the bathroom mirror, she shrieked, her face was all pale. She was feeling so cold. "maybe there is lack of hot water in India" she was coming in India after twenty years thus she didn't remember much because when they left she was only two.

Coming out of the bathroom, she went in front of the mirror. Out of sudden, she started scratching her body as it was itching, she didn't knew what was happening.

She throw the towel away and it sort of started calming. She opened her suitcase and took out her towel, her body was calm now.

As she pondered over the water turning cold and feeling itchy by the water, it made her feel like it was planned. Her suspicious side took over, she was a big fan of detective stories and romantic stories.

She wore dress and made her way down but with a mental note to keep an eye on everything. While going down, a thought come in her mind 'does Manik know why I am here?', she put that thought in a side as she reached down.

The dinner passed really smoothly, Nandini loved the food and she praised Nyonika's culnary skill. For a change, Manik was again behaving good. Now she was sure that something was black in the lentil and somehow it was related to Manik.

They all chatted a while, Manik knew his plan has worked but on the same time he felt bit guilty to do that to her. Once again, his mind shut this feeling off and he was determined to make her quit his room.

While chatting Manik got to know that Nandini also wanted to be doctor like him. Seeing her, he didn't think she would have wanted to be a docter but instead he thought that maybe she would have wanted to make her carrier in modelling, as no doubt she was beautiful. So he was amazed now about this.

Soon enough, all retired to their respective rooms. Manik was about to enter in his roiom but then remembered that Nandini was staying in his room and that too for two months. He sulked and went back in the room next door.

All his expressions and actions were noticed by Nandini, who had a frown on her face. She entered in the room and opened the cupboard, all the clothes were of a guy, she checked all the draws and found Manik's pictures.

She sat down on the couch with a sigh, now she knew she was right. It was Manik's room in which she was staying but she didn't knew why he was doing all this.

They just met for the first time today. Never had they met before. So there was no question of enmity or revenge. Why would he do this to her.

She felt cold so she searched for the heater. She turned the heater on as she founded it next to the desk but what was that the heater was providing cold. She quickly turned it off and get into a blanket which fanilly gave her warmth.

Few days flew like this, she didn't do anything but was observing everything. She was confused, she wasn't able to come on a conclusion. While laying on her bed, she was thinking about all this and all this was making no sense to her. She didn't know why Manik was doing this to her.

Manik on each and every occasion played prank on her, he was till unaware of the fact that she knew he was doing all this.

Suddenly, she felt thirsty so she looked at her bedside table to have a glass of water but the jug was empty. She groaned and made her way out of her room with the jug in her hand.

As she passed in front of Manik's room, she stopped in the track, he was talking to someone.

"...yaar Dhruv, it had been ten days and she still hasn't left. Till now too she is staying in my room, in Manik Malhotra's room. I so want her out of my room soon" he said while huffing

Without even fulling the jug, she went back in her room and sat down on the bed. Now it made sense to her. He was not happy with the very fact that she was staying in HIS room so he made her suffer like this.

She was sort of fuming now "how could he do that only because I am staying in his room? If he had simply told me I would have left his room. But now he messed up with the wrong person, he is going to pay," she told to herself

How could she forgot the cold shower she had everyday? How could she forgot the tea with salt? How could she forgot the string tied which made her fall? How could she forgot the nights she spent in cold? HOW?

Nothing of that was something that she could forget. She wasn't going to forget anything of it "Manik you called for this" she smirked and went back to sleep peacefully for the very first time from the day she came in India.

As she woke the next day, she had a big smile on her lips, she was upto something. She picked up her mobile and after hiding her number she called Manik.

Now she truly thanked Manik's mom to give her Manik's number, in a case she needed his help. 

Manik sleepingly picked up the call "hello"

"Good morning janu, kaise ho tum?" Nandini asked in a change voice, while controlling herself from laughing

She knew he would never rocognize her as she was talking in a perfect accent in Hindi, plus he didn't know that she could speak hindi. Moreover, while talking she tried to change her voice a bit in which she succeeded.

He sat down quickly and he was fully awaken now "Janu?" asked Manik with shock, his eyes widened.

"Han mere hone wale Krish ke papa kese ho?" she said whilst trying her best to stifle her laughter.

"sorry but you have called on the wrong number... Till date I haven't even kissed any girl so you pregnant with my baby is out of question" he said matter-of-factly

"yeh number bilkul thik hai, kyon ki tumhari awaaz ko main ache se pehchaan sakti houn, mere Manik Malhotra"

Now Manik was worried, he had a frown installed on his face. He didn't know who the girl was but he knew that SHE knew him.

"Acha suno Krish ke hone wale papa, mujhe tumhari bohot yaad aarahi hai."

Manik quickly put the phone down. As soon as he cut the call, he sighed. However he knew he hadn't done anything like that but he was in daze "what is happening? who is she?... Mad girl."

On the other side, Nandini was laughing like maniacs. As she was done with laughing she picked one of her pretty dress and went toward Manik's room.

Hearing a knock on his door, he went to open it with a pale face, he was confused of what that woman said. When he saw Nandini, he asked "Good morning! what happened? do you need anything?"

Only Nandini knew how she was controlling herself. "Yeah, actually my room's shower isn't working properly so can I use your bath?" she lied in a serious tone, which seemed real. Why shouldn't she lie, her body was hell tired of cold showers.

"Oh ok come" he said absent-mindedly, he was still lost in his thought

If he hadn't been thinking than he would have rushed to his room and actually checked the shower.

After so many days she was taking a warm and relaxing shower. She picked up her phone an called Manik.

Manik picked it up without looking at the caller name or number and he truly regretted after picking it up.

"Hello janu, tumne phone kyon kaat diya tha?" she said in an upset tone "acha suno tumhare ghar ke pass jo park hai udher aajao 7 baje. Mein tumhara intezar karoungi" With that she disconnected the call and giggled, she knew he must be dumbstruck. She wore her dress and left the room without Manik's notice.

He was stunned but for nothing in the world he was going to meet her, he believed in himself. He knew he hadn't done anything wrong. Then his mind wondered what if he has done something wrong but he wasn't remembering it.

Ten days passed, he was getting frustrated, her calls were increasing day by day and if he didn't answered to her call, she would just keep calling him till the time he got irritated and pick up the phone.

He still remembered , the call he received at midnight when he had finally fallen asleep. The ring of his mobile made him jump. He picked the phone while cursing the caller "hello"

"Janu ji, Tum kider reh gaye maine tumhara 11 baje tak intazar kiya. Lekin tum ho ke jisse meri koi fikar nahi hai" she said in a hurt turn whereas in reality she was smiling to the fullest and for sure she didn't waited for him till 11 in fact she didn't even go there.

Manik was truly pissed, he didn't knew who she was. "Listen woman, I don't know you so don't call me again"

"tum aise kese keh sakte ho Krish ke papa?" she asked innocently

Manik hang the phone and sort of pulled his hairs. He turned the phone off and sighed annoyingly. He put the quilt over him and went to sleep.

Now he had decided that he would go to the park, she had called him again that day at 6PM. He wanted to see who the girl was and also give a piece of his mind to her. She had taken the complete peace of his life.

That day, Manik left the house in his normal wear. He just wanted to know who was playing this prank with, he was truly annoyed beyond the limit.

Meanwhile, Nandini came out from his room and knew that Manik had left. She met Manik's parents and said with a smile "I am ready for this". They were so happy, she was ready for the thing she came there and they knew the other party was also ready, they hugged and blessed her.

On purpose, she left the house late, just in order to make him wait in that cold weather. She just wanted to make him realize his mistakes.

"6:30" he looked at his wristwatch, he was now getting restless to know who that woman was. He started shivering due to cold, he was even not wearing anything warm or any jacket.

"6:45" his nose was all red, he felt his body had frozen. On that instant, it hit him what he had done. How could he do that?. Nandini had been taking cold shower, freezing shower as he put ice cubes in the bathroom tank.

At that moment, he decided he wasn't going to play any prank on her and he will also apologize as soon as he met her.

"Manik Malhotra" He turned and found Nandini standing in front him. He was shocked to see her here.

"So here you are Malhotra, kese ho Krish ke papa?" she asked mischievously.

Manik's mouth was wide open so Nandini was the one who had been calling him all along "Nandini?" he didn't know she could speak hindi.

"Kyon tum mujh per prank ker sakte ho, so can't I play a prank on you? well Manik Malhotra that's called Tit for Tat" she said proudly.

"I am sorry, I just realized what I have done was wrong and mean" he said while his head lowered.

"I'll forgive you but not without punishment... Punishment for life" She said with a naughty tone.

Manik looked at her, he was confused so a frown was set on his face. As if Nandini read his expressions she said "Well Mr Malhotra, meet soon to be Mrs Nandini Manik Malhotra."

One and half year Later

"Manik what do you want to name him?" Nandini asked while laying on the hospital bed and their baby boy in her hold.

"Of course Krish" At that Nandini blushed remembering that time, the revenge she took was truly a sweet one. And afterwards, he used to tease her saying 'Krish ki hone wali mom', making her blush deep.

Manik kissed on her lips. Till one and half year ago, he never thought that he would get married to her, in fact he was planning to throw her out from his room but now he never wanted her to even leave the room for even a minute. Then he didn't think that he would fall in love with her that soon but when and how he fall in love with her he didn't know. Now he loved her like crazy and she too reciprocated the same feeling.

Their prank never ceased, most of the time Manik would start harmless prank and then Nandini would take revenge as she believed in 'Tit For Tat'.

The End!

Alright so that's the one One-Shot, Did you like it? .
Please leave your comments, do like and pretty please share the link with your friends.

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Loads of love.

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roseash Senior Member

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Loved it 
Ur writing skills r amazing 

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MysticRiver IF-Addictz

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double post..

Edited by MysticRiver - 13 May 2015 at 12:51pm

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manya_189 IF-Dazzler

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Haha it was such a delight to read this one!!
Great job :D !!

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Humzy IF-Rockerz

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wow awsm os
loved it

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Lovelylav7 Goldie

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Nice story... Tit for tat..loved it

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apps33 Goldie

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 12:57pm | IP Logged
nother awesum 1,,,
uh truly nva stp suprising me...
seriously loved it...
n ua writing...obvyo i jst luv it...
keep it up...!!1

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butterfly7 Goldie

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awesome os
write more...

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