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Hina- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
Updating in place of mahi

Kamli 's marriage drama

The episode starts with Gopal telling Kamli that the window will help them escape and shows the rope tied to his legs. He takes it off. Nimboli tells that she will go out and keep an eye. Pushkar's mother asks Harki about Kamli. Harki says she will go and check. Kamli gets emotional and thanks Nimboli for her big favor. Nimboli cries and hugs her. Gopal consoles her. Nimboli locks the door and prays God to make everything fine. Just then she sees Harki coming there. She asks Rami Kaki was outside in the lawn, and asks who was with you then. Gopal throws the rope through the window and asks Kamli to hurry up. Harki asks who was that woman, and asks her to tell truth. Nimboli says she was other Rami kaki and not our neighbor. Harki scolds her for calling everyone kaki. Nimboli says she will not do any mistake again. Harki asks her to come and take care of the guests. Nimboli goes with Harki.

Gopal tells Kamli that if she doesn't want to come, then he will leave silently. Kamli says she will die if married to someone else. Kamli packs her stuff and take handkerchief with their names initials. Gopal helps Kamli get down first holding the rope. Harki comes calling Kamli's name. Gopal gets tensed. Harki opens the door and sees Kamli resting on the bed. Gopal hides. Nimboli comes and thinks why they have'nt elope till now. Harki asks Kamli to eat something. Kamli refuses to eat. Gopal signs Nimboli to hide the rope. She pushes it under the bed. Harki asks her to think good, so that good will happen. Kamli says yes. Harki blesses her and says she will go now. Harki sees Nimboli eyeing the door and asks her to come with her. Harki locks the door again and leaves. Gopal throws the rope and makes Kamli gets down.

Shiv Niketan

Dadisaa comes to Shiv Niketan in Anandi's home. Shivam gets very  happy to see her and hugs her. Dadisaa gives him chocolate. Shivam says he will make sherbet for her. Dadisaa  sadly asks Anandi,so  have you adjusted here. Anandi sadly replies  she is trying. Dadisaa gets emotional and tells her she is trying too It is difficult  First time she send her away with Shiv now this is second time but she wanted to leave herself therefore she let her go , they have to adjust as  life has to go on   Anandi  emotionally says she is feeling really bad to see her in pain. Both are emotional  Shivam comes and asks Dadisaa to stay with him for the night  Dadisaa says she will but some other day Now she will have to go  Dadisaa tells  Anandi  Jagdish is returning from Jaipur today Ganga is alone at home so she should be there  Anandi is sad and in thoughts hearing Jagya is returning from Jaipur today

Kamli's marriage drama

. Harki comes to Akhiraj and says Kamli agreed for marriage happily. Akhiraj says it is good. She should thank me for getting her married. She would not have got groom like Pushkar. Kamli is getting down holding the rope, but stops seeing the guard there.

Pushkar's mother says she wants to meet Kamli before going. Akhiraj asks Harki to make her meet Kamli. Nimboli gets tensed. Kamli and Gopal manage to get down, but get caught by security.

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tiny15 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
@hina thanx  4 the update. i m just fed up of this kamali drama.
and why DS  & Aji doing this drama??
it luks like so irritating. can't they show him emotional widout doing all drama. Aji hasn't gone 2 sum far away place that they r  doing this drama.
btw why Aji is so sad hearing J's name? luks like she hasn't get over wid her mrd ex till now.

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kate-nic Senior Member

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
Thanks for update Hina 

Kamlis marriage drama is so boring fed up of itDeadit is equally boring and irritating how sasural sanchi was Dead

Anandi Dadisaa scene was hilarious i mean Anandi has only changed house not district and it is so closer to BH  she and Dadisaa will meet daily still both Anandi and Dadisaa are so sad and emotional as if they will be to meet each other after ages nowSillyGone so far away from each other Sleepy

when Anandi left for Udaipur she cried a lot , Singhs cried a lot  though it was too over reaction Anandi was not leaving world but only leaving Jaitsar but i could understand  now they will stay in 2 different places It won't be possible for them to see each other daily but now ?why this emotional why so sad  They are still so close to each other and will meet each other daily so why so much emotional ?Silly

Its funny how the kid shivam adjusted so soon He knows he has not gone far away from others he can meet them daily but these two women seriously Heights of stupidity Their emotional dialogues made me laugh 

and why is that Anandi gets so sad about Jagya Both Dadisaa and Anandi were so sad and emotional at Jagya will return today , about his reaction to Anandi leaving BH as he will really be most heart broken Anandi left the house Sleepy  He would never have stopped Anandi  had she told him she is moving out because of her own will This he even cleared to her before too He would have respected her decision but Anandi left in a hurry she wanted to go in his absence she didn't have courage to move out in his presence as she thinks he will try to stop her and she cannot say no to him he will be hurt she will feel bed  She cannot take that  Wacko

At this moment what he will think There was a tense situation in the house over Mannu's matter  between her and Ganga Anandi left in a hurry after that so did something more  happen on that Did she leave because of it so should n't Anandi be clear to everyone including him why she is  leaving ?

and Dadisaa she is crest fallen God she will definitely do emotional torture on Jagya She is already roaming crest fallen her Anandi left the house Its so difficult for her to adjust without her Silly

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Hina- IF-Rockerz

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Dadisaa and Anandi's scene was indeed funny Their emotional dialogues SillyGod i was laughing at so much emotional drama of Anandi and Singhs when she was moving out to Udaipur I was like now end it she is not going on planet mars that she will not be able to come meet you all but at least that time she was moving out to other city so i could understand too but they cried more than needed but this time these both ladies crossed the limits They are in same place and work at same place , houses not far away from each other and they are so sad and emotional   It is getting so difficult for them to adjust without each other Sillyand when they are separated they are trying to adjust with each other ?They are still so close to each other , will see each other daily so what this emotional drama is for Silly

Really kudos to shivam he one day cried other day adjusted but these two women God their emotional dialogues ridiculous Dead Shivam is more mature than these two

and why is that Anandi ji becomes so sad for Jagya? Why she thinks he will heart broken with her moving out of BHSillyHe will never mind if she left on her own but right at this moment the way she rushed out He definitely  think did something happen? That she moved out so hurriedly There was some tension between her and Ganga over Mannu's matter Did something more happen on that that she left the house It is natural for any person to think same  in his place 

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faryal-malik Goldie

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Thanks for update 

 Anandi Dadisaa's over emotional drama  so annoying! Who behaves like that? seriously Heights 
I live in other city right at  this moment Had to go for my studies and only come to my home on  vacations Me and parents are not behaving like these two ladies Anandi and Dadisaa  who are in same town , daily meet each other at same place still so much emotional drama HeightsSleepy

Really shivam the kid is more mature than these two so called mature ladies 

and Anandi so sad for Jagya He is coming back and will see Anandi not at home and he will be heart brokenCryWackoSillyWhy Anandi ji thinks he will be heart broken with her moving out ? He has been clear to her before too you stay here or wherever thats your wish so why Anandi is so sad ?

Jagya will never be heart broken Anandi left but yes he will wonder why she left so suddenly There was some tension between and her Ganga over Mannu's matter  Something more happened on that that  Anandi had to leave immediately 

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Dreamer_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 2:20pm | IP Logged
Thanks for update Hina 

So much emotional drama Dadisaa did not do when Sugna left Jaitsar 

So much emotional drama Dadisaa did not when Bhairon and Sumitra left for US and they permanently settled their i guess but Dadisaa is perfectly fine 

But so much drama Singhs and Anandi did So many tears they shed when Anandi was moving to Udaipur which is only 5-6 hrs from Jaitsar 

Now crossed all limits Anandi and Dadisaa are so sad and emotional when only Anandi changed house rest  they are in same town , both manage Shiv Niketan so both will meet each other daily , houses not far away from each other so why so much over emotional Sleepyseriously who behaves like that ?Heights of foolishness 

and Anandi ji's sad face at mention of Jagya Really why  she thinks he will be very heart broken with her leaving Badi Haveli ??? She rushed in his absence only because she felt she cannot say no to him , it is very difficult for her she cannot say no to him but will have to and he will get hurt and she cannot take that Now again she is very sad and in thoughts when DS mentioned him 

No Anandi he will not be heart broken but he will feel bad you had to leave your Dadisaa because of a tension between you and Ganga on their matter Right now what else can he think Its natural for him to think this because you left in such a rush

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DrMCallgari Goldie

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 2:38pm | IP Logged
Dadisaa and Anandi are funny Sleepyso much emotional Same town ,houses closer to each other Will meet each other daily Dadisaa and shivam can meet each other daily so why this emotional drama Sleepy
Anandi getting sad at Jagya's mention ?lol why she thinks he will hurt at her leaving BH Wackoshe admitted to Dadisaa  she cannot wait for Jagya coz he will be hurt by her leaving , she cannot hurt him, she cannot say no to him. thats why she rushed in his absence and now sad at his mention Why she thinks he will be hurt Confusedwhy he will mind her moving out house if she wanted He has been clear to her before too 

but right now it will be completely no normal reaction. from him to wonder why Anandi left so suddenly   There is already   a tense situation in BH  because of this whole thing Ratan- Mannu Anandi's promise ,Anandi left  in a hurry  so why he will not wonder why she left  ? 

I really don't understand how Anandi could not leave in his presence Keep her personal emotions aside for him she cannot move out in his presence it will be difficult for her but if she is so caring to him she should be cleared him Its common sense for her he won't misunderstand this you left getting angry over that  Any one in Jagya's place will think this I will too 

Obviously he does not want Anandi to leave BH and Dadisaa because of their matter so what hell would have broken on Anandi to tell him before leaving but no she left now what will Jagya think at it ?  why she could not tell him even for once before leaving Its not taking permission These are basic manners too  You have been living with him for 11 years He treated you and your kid so well So bidding farewell to people you have been living together for a such a long time before moving out are basic manners But of course to Anandi her personal feelings for him matter more for her than anything otherwise why it is easy for her to say no to Dadisaa and Shivam not him?why she is rushed out in his absence as it is difficult for her in his presence she cannot move out in front of him ???she cooks imaginations for him he will be very very hurt at leaving BH Wow Anandi 

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Stephi IF-Sizzlerz

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Thanks for the WU

Anandi  has a lot   of more  urgent things  she should be  thinking  and to be sad because of it... How about to think of  her lost child for a change  , where she is, what's she's doing, is her daughter sad or happy , is she tortured  given that she's a balika vadhu ?Instead of daydreaming about her ex , will   Jagya  be sad because  she left and how much she herself is sad just at the thought of him...

 And even  if  he was   really her best friend and not the  man whom   she once   loved so much  and cried  for him,so even if  Jagya 's her best friend, her own connection with him  slowly   becoming disgusting. Jagua is a married man, has his wife, his children, his life , why she cares so much about his feelings especially when it comes to her  decisions and her personal life? He made it clear so many times that her life is her personal matter and has nothing to do with him. Looking at the way she's  sad because she  do not live anymore with her ex  in the same house,cannot  say goodbye to him because it was too painful for her, and s he  simply cannot  say no to him, I wonder at which point she lied.  Was it When she  told that she got over him  ? When she  said to Shiv that she loves him ?  Or she  never ever  loved Jagya as  a man.Because when you love someone like she said she  loved Jagya and have been intimate with him, you can never be the best friend with that man.   But If he was always her best   friend and
her love for him  was just a friendly love then why   so  many tears and suffering when he went with Gauri? Her attitude towardsJagya  confuses me and I find that Her character  definitely  is not the  honest one. Like I said, she is sad    for  not living  with Dadisa, she's  sad because of Jagya who  even live in the same city and  she knows that  they are all  alive and well but she is not sad because  she doesn't even  know what's with her  daughter!? She can survive  without Shiv,  she can live without her own kids Amol and Nimboli, without her own father but so much sadness because  she doesn't live  anymore with her ex under the same roof !?To be more weird , she is convinced that her ex will  be  sad too. My God!  People say she  is a  brave, strong women,she  does not show her  suffering not even   for her  missing child  who who  knows what a hard   life  she's living somewhere out there ? Then   Why   she shows so much suffering when it comes to her  ex ? Frankly, I find it disgusting.!

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