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OS - Relationships - Part II : Page 4 (Page 3)

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 6:22pm | IP Logged
Please continue soon

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Divancraze Goldie

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Like Raman I'm Hell Confused...
You have got to update soon!
Shre28 Senior Member

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 7:22pm | IP Logged
Interesting.. But Ishu and cheating Raman! I am hoping for a dhamakedar twist that can set things right. 

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JazzyM IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by mannat0010

Originally posted by kaa1202

I feel bad for RKB...Bt I hope thodasa twist ll b der..
same with me...

Hi both,
Thank you for the feedback. Love the phrase 'thodasa twist' I hope the next portion will appease the need of the twist.

Just want a little bit of satire in my writing. Taking up the pen after a long period of sabbatical. Wink
JazzyM IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 8:18pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by lovablelove

hey,This part was Nice. Loved how u explain eating Nonveg and Pizza cos they are something i can die for! Jokes apart ,but this was really fab ,waiting for your next part to come up ,do pm me when u update but That had to be Raman and Ishita situation where they have to be in their passionate world! U changed everything! :( but who is that guy then,who is trying to woo The Great RKB?? PATI PATNI AUR ??

Thank you for your lovely comments.

Yup, the IshRa relationship is just like our eating habits...veg and non veg. I'm just trying my hand in different story line. Please give me a little bit of time, hopefully, will be able to update by today. Smile
JazzyM IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 8:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by xBabyAngelx

Poor Raman

Aha! The kind of situation Raman has put Ishita in, shouldn't he too face some flake? Hang on...Wink
JazzyM IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 8:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by AngelSREE

Hey... What an os yaar...
Is raman seeing any dream...
Ha ha ha... Lol..
Continue soon..

Thanks for commenting.

Dream...mmm... I don't know. Thodasa patience, please...Wink
JazzyM IF-Rockerz

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OS - Relationships

Not proof read. Please excuse my grammar.

Part II

Watching the scene in front of him, Raman felt an out of world experience. It was like watching a po*n movie in the quiet. His Ishita with someone else, it is possible? He shouted at the couple but nothing came out from his throat. No sound. Even his voice had failed him. His body was shorn in thorns, his mind shattered like a million glass splinters, his eyes were raining tears, gone unnoticed by this conscious self. Raman was in shambles.

The couple were in their own world. After a few minutes (eons as far as Raman was concerned), Jai carried Ishita into the house. In a while, the lights in the house were switched off and Raman left as if the light from his life has been switched off too. It took him forever to come out from the bush, at last he just left his jacket hanging on the rose thorns and walked away from the house. His body hunched, he walked dejectedly to his car. Totally defeated.

The next 48 hours flew away without Raman noticing anything. He had not eaten nor slept thru out the period. When his flight landed in New Delhi all he wanted to do was go home, lie down on his mother's lap and shed all the tears he had stored in the past 48 hours. Raman had not informed his family about his arrival. When he reached his house and opened the door, he was totally flabbergasted...the whole house was decorated for his Welcome. There were balloons, flowers, lots of food and his whole family was gathered there including the Iyers. "Welcome Home Raman", the banner hung in the middle of the living room. What a welcome, Raman thought to himself. His life was crumbling but his family was celebrating. "Stop it! Just stop it!" Raman yelled, astonishing everyone gathered. "Kya hai putar", Toshiji asked, everyone looked troubled. Raman could not utter a single word. "Ishita?", he asked. "She is away, she'll be back soon", Mrs. Iyer informed him. Raman dumped his bags and just walked to his room ignoring everyone.

"What's wrong with him", Toshiji asked, really being scared looking at Raman. He looked the way he used to look when Shagun had left him, 7 years ago. "I'll go and talk to him", Mr. Bhalla said. "No papa, ap nehi jayange. Let's wait for Ishita", Simmi cautioned Mr. Bhalla.  Everyone agree but Mrs. Bhalla was restless. "When will Ishita come, how long must Raman wait? I'm worried for my puttar." "Neega Ishita phone panungga - In Tamil (You call Ishita )", Mrs. Iyer told Mr. Iyer. "Ok. I'm calling her now", Mr. Iyer confirmed.


It was nearly midnight when the door-bell rang at Bhalla parivar's ghar. Romi opened the door and he shouted in glee. "Bhabi!" The whole family which had been sitting quietly for the past hour, rushed to the door to see what caused so much of commotion. "Oh Murugan!", Mrs. Iyer had her hands on her mouth. There stood, Ishita in her full glory on her two legs. Ishita was standing by herself without any support and moreover, she was dressed in a beautiful Kanchipuram saree. "You are okay, the cast is off, you can walk..." everyone spoke at the same time... Ishita laughing put her hands up and stopped all the conversation. "As you can see, I'm ok. The US doctor did a small scission and cleared the twisted nerves in my ankle which had caused the delay in my recovery", Ishita explained. "Shuker yeh Mata Rani ki, you are okay." Thoshiji offered a prayer.


"Is Raman back?" Ishita tentatively asked. Silence greeted her.  "He is back, in your room. Hasn't spoken to anyone, or asked about the kids or eaten. You better check on him", Mrs.Bhalla advised her daughter in law. Ishita was curious. She could not fathom what could be the reason for Raman's attitude. She then called Mihir to confirm about the deal in US. Mihir sounded jubilant as not only Raman Bhai had clenched the deal but he had also obtained new investors to invest in their wheat farming project in Punjab. Raman had wanted to do something to the Punjabi community as a remembrance to his ancestors.

Thinking what could be wrong, Ishita slowly walked to their room. Her gait was still a little unsteady as she had not walked for the past 3 months. The room was in darkness, she could make out a figure lying on the bed. "Raman! Ap thik hai na?" she enquired softly. For a few minutes there was no response, when she walked to switch on the light, "Don't switch on the light. I prefer the darkness", she heard Raman's hoarse voice.

Ishita : "Why? What's the matter Raman?" Ishita walked slowly to the bed.

Raman: "So, you out of the wheelchair? Your boyfriend treated you?"

Ishita : "Boyfriend? You mean Jai? Yes I met the US doctor, he treated me. Now I can walk."

Raman : "Yes, Jai! You new boyfriend. You talk about virtue but you yourself are nothing but slum cat. How you must be laughing at me." Raman snarled at Ishita.

Ishita : "What are you talking about? Be careful with the words you utter and don't question my virtue".

Raman : "Virtue, do you have one? You are nothing but a shameless hussy."

Ishita was so mad at the words being thrown at her she switched on the lights and opened her mouth to ask for explanation, when she saw Raman for the 1st time in the past 10 days. He looked haggard, bleary eyed and totally lost. All the words in her vocabulary were forgotten. She just stared at him. She slowly inched herself near him and tried to hold his face, he refused to allow her but she somehow managed to get hold of his face and turned him to her. "Raman, tell me what happened. Whatever it is, tell me. Don't talk in riddles. I can't understand you?"

Raman wanted to tear her apart but looking at her soulful brown eyes, he just couldn't. He still could not digest what he had seen. "I saw you in US with Jai. You were in his arms. Kissing him, making out...," Raman's voice waned off.

"Stop it Raman. I was with Vandu akka. She had an accident. I was never in US", Ishita tried to explain. Raman couldn't believe it.."You said you were with Jai. I saw you with Jai in Montana", Raman muttered. Ishita couldn't comprehend the meaning of the words expressed by Raman. "How could that be? I was in Delhi all the time with Vandu akka. Jai, is Dr. Jayraj from US. He is an orthopaedic surgeon and Mani's friend. He is visiting India and Mani arranged my appointment with him. Dr. Jayraj treatment by leg's nerves problem. You can check it out with Vandu akka, Mani, the hospital, Dr. Jayraj himself over even mummyji", Ishita  tried to explain herself to Raman.

Raman looked at her as if she was talking Greek. He couldn't comprehend the information he was getting from Ishita except for the words..."I was in Delhi all the time..." "You were in Delhi", Raman kept repeating the phrase. Then, he started laughing...laughter full of relief. Raman got up from the bed and walked over to Ishita's side, he dropped on the sofa and pulled her on his laps, wrapping her arms around her waist. "You were never in US...", he mumbled into her neck.

"Will you marry me...?"

"Raman, I don't..."

"Shh." Raman stopped her words with his forefinger laid gently against her lip. "I thought I saw you with another man in Montana, I totally lost my mind. I know my family and I have given you so much grief, you should be insane to stay married to me. I'm short tempered, I find fault with you all the time. But none of them mean anything compared to the fact that life without you wouldn't mean a thing." Beneath his finger, her mouth curved slowly upward in a tremulous smile, the dove brown eyes gazed into his misty eyes with unshed tears.

"I hope the smile means yes," he said , his voice husky with emotion. His hand left her mouth and tucked a strand of thick dark silky hair over her shoulder before dropping to rest of her thigh. Ishita traced the hard lines of his face - the high arch of his cheeks, the curve of his eyebrows, the stubborn angles of his jaw and chin. His eyes drifted nearly closed, gleaming with black fire through the thick shield of his lashes as he watched her intently.

Ishita brushed her mouth against his. "I love you, too.", she whispered into his mouth before completely closing her lips on his. Their mouth duelled in the most ancient way. There was nothing in between their lips. They devoured each other. All the pent up emotions were on display during the soulful kiss. Raman's hands had tightened on her waist to pull her closer, their clothing were the only barrier between them. After ages, Ishita pulled apart and took a deep breath. Both of them smiled at each other, all their worries forgotten

Ishita : "Tell me about the lady in Montana?"

Raman : "Later. All I want today is to spend my time with my lovely Madrasan, my adorable children and my Punjaban family. We can sort the US story later. I want to savour the notion that my Jhansi ki Rani can walk again, now I need to find my running ability to run away from all your lectures".

Ishita : "Raman...". Before she could say anything else, Raman had closed her mouth with his lips. A kiss that went on and on...


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