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13.5.15 - YHM's message to the audience: It's all in the family

gravity23 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 10:02am | IP Logged
When Ishita started off her discussion with Subbu, citing their past as the reference and related it to Simmi's tardy past, and how one single mistake could push her to doom forever, she made sure she told Subbu that if he WAS getting married for Ananya's sake, then he can still back out now...coz if he retreats his steps at the last minute, then "Raman tumhari jaan le lenge"

TRUE THAT! Coz I dont think Raman is in the mood to handle ANOTHER MARITAL PROBLEM OF HIS SIBLING!LOL And well if he DOESNT strangle Subbu, then I surely willAngry

Apparently, Subbu is in for the long haul...and wants to be with Simmi and make her a companion for life...Ananya can go take a hike...he has the hots for SimmiLOL Arey nai, that's just me speakingLOL

That is where the topic of going on a date arose...and Ishita told Subbu she'll convince Mummy ji for the same...I was thinking - WHY DOES SHE NEED TO CONVINCE? TOSHI WILL SURELY JMP AT THIS OPPORTUNITY LIKE A HOUNDLOL

Mihika has been called for an interview and is hoping she get through it...she gets called in, and WHO should greet her?! badmaashon se iska peecha hi nai chhoot ta...Anyway, Suraj taunted her with some of his usual dialogues...

"Yeh tumhare pati...Ashok ka hi company hai...bas naya naam, naya boss...Mihika Iyer...tumne itni jaldi apna naam badal diya..ab toh main tumhen bhabhi bhi nai bula sakta"

Anyway, bottom line is - Mihika refused to work for Suraj, despite his threats that she wont land a job anywhere since she is Ashok Khanna's "chhodi hui biwi"...and nobody would want to hire someone with that kinda reputation

I liked what Mihika said in response to that - Tum shayad bhool rahe ho ki Ashok aaj meri wajah se sadak pe aa gaya haiLOL and main itni qualified hun ki mujhe koi bhi job de dega"

And with that, she walked out of the office...

Strange...I had assumed Suraj had now transformed into a saint of sorts, since the last time he talked to Ashok, he had asked him to mend his ways...khair, kameenon ki niyat mein parivartan kaise aa sakta hai!Big smile

Anyway, parting words of Suraj... "Ashok theek kehta tha...bahut akad hai ismein...dekhta hun ise kaun job dega"

Yea right. Like Malhotra barred all the chances Raman could get at getting a job...and anyway, if rapists like Ashok can STILL walk around without having their faces blackened, then other things should not be deemed impossible

Mihika comes back home, angry and frustrated...vents out in front of Amma...gets a call from some placement guy who asks her if she's the same Mihika who slapped charges against ASHOK KHANNA...She curtly says "no", then explodes saying how is her personal life related to her job qualifications...

FINALLY AAJ MIHIKA KO APNI CHENNAI WALI MOM KI YAAD AAYI...LOL I say Chennai wali, coz the way Madhvi has been hovering around Mihika, it seems SHE is the real mother and not the long-forgotten lady idling away in Chennai...Mihika is worried since her mom's alone trying to manage everything...but wasnt she ALWAYS alone? I mean, atleast for the most part when you were busy enjoying your life in Delhi??Wacko Anyway, Amma tells her not to worry...that she is not a burden..."family mein kaisa burden" blah blah...

In the meantime, the doorbell rings...Mihika goes to check ...she finds a white envelope slid under the doesnt have the sender's address, or an official stamp or any of those things, that could help identify who sent it to her...but apparently, Mihika has been offered a job..

and by whom? Raman's company, no less, through Rinky (in consultation with  Mihir) who has come to deliver the offer letter personally...since Raman's company is looking for a new Marketing Head... wow! That's sweet! Initially, Mihika maaroes some nakhra and says, main yeh job nai le sakti hai...pehli hi meri wajah se rishton mein itna confusion aa gaya hai..yada yada..and then later, when Amma urged her, she took a long breath and said yes...bas Rinky Mihika ka kiss karna baki reh gaya tha...LOL

then Rinky looks at her like Mihika was the lost sister from Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and insisted she accept it, nai toh use bahut guilty feel hoga... I was thinking, fair enuff...Mihika Rinky behen-behen...but I hope Rinky's newfound trust on Mihir doesnt shatter and they dont come up with a disgusting sordid cheap OFFICE AFFAIR or something in future...Wacko CVs can do ANYTHING! Like, anything! 

MiMi remain friends and have a good working relationship...toh phir theek hai...Anyway, Raman toh hai hi company ka owner...uske rehte Mihir ka dimag aur uski ankhen bhatak nai saktiLOL

I am not gonna waste words on how Toshi was "encouraging" Simmi to go on a date with Subbu...coz well, she has clearly been fantasising about it since the day Subbu risked his life and entered Bhalla house to save Simmi and Ananya from Param's prakop...LOL

The only bit where I culdnt help getting snarky was, when she said
"Agar mera beta Romi dating kar sakta hai, toh meri beti kyun nai"

Toshi ji...ur son wasnt JUST dating...he progressed well into MATING as wellOuch

Oh god! Shagun and her encounter with this new character who talks like he's too smart to speak and would rather raise his eyebrows in varied ways and convey his thoughts, what do I say about it! Btw he is the same guy who played the role of a cop in Veera...I found him a typical VILLAIN there, as was meant to be...wish he could borrow some of the spark fromt that role and infuse in this one...ACP (whateverhisnameis) has called Shagun to enquire about her passport...apparently,it had fallen off from the traven agent's pocket or smething when he met with an accident...he asked her if it was stolen..she said "no, its mine"

"Aap kahin jaa rahi hain?"
"Australia...meri MIL rehi hain wahan" Really? It wont take 24 hours for this ACP to find out where your MIL, or rather EX-MIL livesApprove

All through the time he looked at her suspiciously, as Shagun kept twitching and sweating...

Anyway, she leaves...taking her passport along...outside, she is busy arguing with the travel agent, yelling at him for being so careless...

"Bacchon ke passports kahan hai?"
"Woh visa lagwane gaye hain"
"What! Mera passport yahan hai, aur bacchon ke embassy mein"

Anyway, the agent says the passports have expired and need a new stamp and all...says he'll get it done through tatkal...would take another 4-5 this time, ACP Too-cool-to-wear-his-uniform steps out with some of his subordinate and manages to overhear some of the conversation Shaggy was having with the agent...he moves over to her side hurriedly...

"Bahut jaldi hai aapko Australia jaane ki"
Shaggy said yes and hopped into the car and left the place..

I want to ask...I understand they're trying to sketch this new guy's character differently...but WHAT was with these lines? "Peedit ka know right?" HEIN???Wacko

When he tried to taunt Shagun and said, "yeh aapka parlour nai appointment liya aur hazir ho gaye...yeh police station hai ...yahan laws important hain" I SIMPLY STARED AT HIM LIKE A ZOMBIE! His eyes looked like they would slide under the earth any minute, they were so dull and be eloquently put, typical YEDALOL


Take some of Singham and inject it into this ACP, I dont want him smashing stuff on people's head...but please...dont give him lines that when delivered, make it sound he's admonishing a class full of misbehaving students...Wacko

Simmi took off her Mangalsutra as a symbol of kicking Param and "purane rishte" out the door...before getting ready for her date with Subbu

and Toshi welcomed Subbu like he was ALREADY her daamad..with all the cheesy "main sadke jawan' and hand curled up under her ears like a bunny rabbit's earsLOL IT LOOKED VERY UN-BECOMING OF A WULD BE MIL...

Ishita did the RIGHT thing by asking Simmi to calm down and let Ananya BE for a while...and go have fun...

Thank God, we dont have another 'Ananya ke liye' trackLOL

Subbu gifted something to Ishita...wrapped up in a blingy sort of thing...and asked her to open it after they left...she's very curious as to what it is

P.S. Subbu looked REALLY GOOD TODAY..Gotta give it to him...grey blazer and a greenish-blue looked nice...thank god he got rid of the college-going chequered jacket

SIMMI LOOKED SO SO PRETTY! WOW...SHE'S GOT SUCH A LOVELY FACE...AND SUCH LOVELY HAIR! SO LONG!Clap She looks LOVELY with her hair let loose...she was dressed in a pair of white leggings and red kurta...looked nice...just like she kicked her "purane rishte" out the window, please throw away Simmi's purane kurte and purana hairstyle...LOL

PRECAP - Ashok is urging Shaggy to speed up her evil plans faster, since the teacher told Ishita the trip was to start in 2-3 days...and here, formalities have already delayed it by one week

Ishita is coercing Param to sign the divorce papers...

PPS: I REALLY MISS KP...Karan, tum kab aaoge?Unhappy Poori duniya ek taraf, aur tum ek taraf

BTW, I was just thinking - Subbu will get married to Simmi, who is Ishita's nanad, Mihika shall be working in Raman's company prolly under Mihir's leadership and she is Rinky's husband's sister's sauten's sister I can is, YHM intends to keep the prospects within the family itself...good and badLOL

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-Atii- IF-Rockerz

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I never thought I'd say this but I miss KP too thank god he started shooting..
Nice review Aka :)

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gravity23 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 10:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Atii-

I never thought I'd say this but I miss KP too thank god he started shooting..
Nice review Aka :)

Thanks Ati
me misses KP sorely :(

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gravity23 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 10:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by merimaa

nice post..

thank u!
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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 10:44am | IP Logged
First thing first, I miss the purana bannerCry Everything Purana has been jerked away today just like Simmi's clothes.

Then, the former title of the post, though temporary, turned me off... good that you removed it... this one's better.LOL

Warning : You've totally lost it in KP's absence, the trauma has hit you bad and that's why you're praising Subbu's looksEmbarrassedROFL Kya din aagaye... you are drooling on him... Mihir was better... far better... get back to him until KP kicks on your brainsROFL

In the meanwhile worship David Guetta:

Lost your head, Lost your Mind
Without Him You're Paralysed...
Without him...

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sskazii Goldie

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 10:47am | IP Logged
wonderful review. Your dating-mating comment cracked me up
Btw i like the new guy. Guess he will b paired opposite mihika. Me thinks Mihika and him will look good together.
And yaa I am missing kp too... badly. Its been like only a week but feeling like its been a century without him. Hope we see him back soon. Atleast we will have IshRa romance if nothing else to look forward to.

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-Atii- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 10:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by gravity23

Originally posted by -Atii-

I never thought I'd say this but I miss KP too thank god he started shooting..
Nice review Aka :)

Thanks Ati
me misses KP sorely :(

I didn't think i'd miss RKB much..only Ishra but yes..I do miss RKB terribly now. Not just for Ishra but solely for RKB. He needs to come back and hopefully he won't be up for this Simbu mess.

I still find Subbu fishy..kuch toh hai about him...

Ishita ke liye gift kyun?

Anyway, DT is so pretty Day Dreaming her beauty made this episode bearable to watch. 

I also liked the new entry band bajaing of Shagun. 

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I hate the idea of Subbu and Simmi! I hate it with all my might! Subbu and SimmiDeadWackoAngry

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