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Hello People!
I am Juhi ... M a newbie in this forum and also a silent reader. M actually addicted to reading and I ve read almost all the OS ff TS FS and SS of the forum. Not to mention only of Manan. For me Manan are Life. Cant imagine life without them. Thats all I wanna say. After reading all  imaginations about Manan I started getting Ideas but was too lazy to pen it down. Now i have got a chance and also mood so please bear with my crappy OS. All chappals tomatoes and eggs also welcome.


Location: Malhotra Mansion - 3 AM

A beautiful lady of delicate and Petite frame enters the balcony of her room covering herself with a Maroon Silk cloth around her body holding the ends of the cloth close to her chest with her delicate hands. The cloth seemingly over sized for her petite frame covering her entire body only leaving her shoulders bare. Her long black silky tresses left open and gathered on one side of her neck and hanging along her chest to her waist. She comes and stands by the railing of her balcony silently enjoying the dark sky full of twinkling stars. The stars which are favorite of her beloved. The stars though shining their brightest where not able to match the Immense shine on her face. The night though beautiful couldnt  match the beauty of the glow on her face, The glow of love. The shine of Pure love, The Love she had for him and the love he showered on her. The night though calm couldnt match the serenity of her smile. The smile that was only reserved for her Life. Her Love .Her Monster. Her Manik. Her face bright as Sun with his love and the happiness that filled their lives after they got married. There she stood Nandini Murthy oops sorry Nandini Manik Malhotra beneath the stars recalling the latest addition to her collection of beautiful days with her Monster.

Flashback :
Location: Malhotra Mansion - 3 weeks ago

Manik and the rest of Fab 4 where out of town actually country for their recent concert which was held in London. The concert was supposed to be 2 weeks long and if successfully completed would add a golden feather to the already Famous and ridiculously popular music band Fab-5. The excitement that shone their faces was evident when this trip was announced. FAB-5 were on top of the world dreaming about the golden feather that would enhance their popularity,


But there was one person who was happy beyond extremes and red with happiness. That was none other than Nandini Manik Malhotra. Although she was not a part of FAB 5 but this litlle human being managed to individually strike the chords of each member of FAB-5 to a extent that one day all the FAB 4 ended up crying and thanking Manik for bringing this angel to their lives who would sort their lives out in the blink of an eye. Who considered their problems as solely hers and would do anything to solve their problems. She was considered a blessing by all of the Fab-4 and were immensely attached with her. She held a big big place in their hearts and none of them mind that. As for Manik she was his Heart not a space in heart.She was his Life and his everything, She was the centre of his universe or rather his universe herself. Such was the impact oF Nandini in their lives. They sometimes wondered how they survived without her. It wasnt difficult for them to accept her after what she did with them. Cabir always had a soft corner for her but when she helped him come out of his guilt regarding his mom and convinced his mom ever so easily about his condition, and made him realise the importance of Navya in his life, he had become her slave but she preferred him to be an elder brother protecting her always instead of being a slave. As for Aliya and Mukti, it took them time to understand their angel, as they called her, until, she helped Aliya get over Harshad and made her realize her feelings for Dhruv and provided her a support as sister all along. Mukti although the toughest one of all melt down in front of her when she offered to take away all her pains and give away her smile to her, when she promised to be  her younger sister and guardian angel until she breathes her last and when she actually fulfilled her promise and erased her Pains and made her smile just like Abhimanyu did. Mukti believed that she sees Abhimanyu in Nandini and loved her exactly how she loved Abhimanyu. And now these three no no actually four including Navya where inseparable parts of eachother. More than friends they were sisters, soul sisters. As for Dhruv she was his best friend and a guardian and his Cupid to whom he was grateful for hooking him up with Alya. Although it took time but it was all worth it. She became an inseparable and most important part of their lives.
Their first album was a great great success. Manik decided to get married to Nandini as it was becoming impossible for him to stay away from his star even though they stayed togedr the entire day and would part only to meet the next morning. But he decided against and thoughT to build both their careers before getting married.
Manik along with Fab-4 convinced Nandini to pursue her dream of becoming a Doctor while they fulfill their and her dream of becoming the most successful music band and She did accomplish it making Manik the proudest Boyfriend ever and FAB-4 n Navya the proudest friendS ever. She completed her MD in cardiology and now recently was awarded as the youngest and most efficient Cardiologist of the country.It was no shocker for her small family as they knew that their mini monster was born to heal hearts. Even after getting so much fame and reward she never flew high and perfectly balanced her personal and professional life leaving no one sad or unattended. No matter how much busy was her schedule she made sure she gives quality time to her Family and their problems and specially to her Monster who had by now become her baby. She knew what she meant to him and would leave everything when he needed her. But such instances rarely arose as they had great understanding. Ofcourse they ought to have. They were simply not called the heavenly couple.


Coming back to the Album which supposed to add Golden feather to the success of FAb-5 required a 2 week long stay in London. Initially it all went smooth as it was decided that Nandini will accompany Manik and fab5 to London as it was a universal fact and almost next to impossible for MANIK to stay without Nandini even for a day forget about 2 weeks. She was the first thing he wanted in front of his eyes in the morining and last thing he wanted next to him in the night. He would wake up only to her voice and sleep only after hugging her tightly in the bed. SO there was no questn of him being away from her for 2 weeks. But destiny always doesnt get along. 3 Days before their flight an emergency arrived and Nandini was needed at her work. You can imagine the fireworks at Malhotra Mansion with the mention of Nandini not accompanying Manik for the concert. The thought of staying away from Nandini for two weeks instantly made Manik refuse the offer to which Fab-4 also agreed without a hesitation as they knew that staying away from eachother for so long was a big deal for both of their friends who were madly in love and where no less than oxygen to eachother, But Nandini could never let this happen. After a lot of convincing, emotional blackmailing and finally going on a hunger strike and almost loosing senses, Nandini finally managed to convince her Monster. After a lot of Love doses, kisses, bone breaking hugs and a full night of passionate love, finally Manik departed to London along with Fab-5 after ensuring that his angel would not have any sort of problem in his absence and taking along loads of encouragement.
As for others the two weeks passed in a Jiffy except for two souls who were longing for eachother. To see eachother, to hug eachother, to kiss eachother and to feel eachother.

Location - Malhotra Mansion - After three weeks - Present Day - 4 PM

Finally after two horribly long weeks Fab-5 and Her MANIK were returning back to her after hitting the concert and making it a cracker in history. They have already boarded the plane and were supposed to be here by 9 PM. Nandini had applied for 3 days leave as she knew that she had to compensate to her monster for staying away from him. She was way too much happy one that the concert was a success and two because she would meet him again, Same was the case in the Business Class section of the plane where Manik was being restless as hell for meeting His life - his wife. Nandini wanted to make it special for Fab-5 on their return so she threw a surprise success party for them with only a handful of important people and no media. Her motive was to calm them down nd not tire them more so she kept the theme calm and serene. A party with welcome-back-home feel. Apart from the Surprise Party she also arranged a Secret party for Her Monster in their bedroom keeping in mind the notorious and hell romantic side of her husband - this was a must. She decorated the entire bedroom with white roses. Manik made roses an inseparable part of her memory and her life since the day she told him about her love for roses. She remembered one such beautiful memory. The memory of their first night after marraige. Manik had specially arranged a bed made of only RED roses. There was no sponge no cloth no wood no bed cover. A bed made of only soft red roses, round in shape with white curtains hanging down the celing around the bed. The entire room cold with A/c and light only from the scented candles that were placed all over the floor. When asked about it he replied that its the most beautiful night of his life and he wanted to make it special for her. She remembered the night and blushed when he dismissed everyone in the house, even the servants, and switched off our phones after dropping a message to Fab-4 that they would be available only after three days and banned their entry into the Mansion for three days. He wanted to make it a week but on her insistence reduced to three. When asked, he told that he doesnt want any sort of disturbance during this time when he wudnt allow even the air to exist between them let alone any person. She remembered her first night with him when he didnt sleep neither did let her sleep for even a second. She blushed crimson red while recollecting those memories. Those three days - when he dint allow her to wear clothes, except his ever favourite Maroon Silk CLoth around her body which he thought makes her look more sexy, when he dint allow her to take bath alone, when he told her that they are eachother's clothes, when he dint let her step down from the bed - bed of roses, when he dint let her eat by herself and fed her himself, when he made her eat chocolate only to suck it back from her mouth when it melted resulting in passionate kiss, when he would sleep covering her body under the blanket, when he occupied her for the first time, when he made her completely his, when their love knew no bounds, when they consummated their love and marraige and when he made her feel the most special girl in this whole world. She smiled remembering all those moments all the time blushing hard. Not only those three days he would always make her feel special and love like there is no tomorrow. She thought that this time she would do that. She decorated the entire room with white flowers and white scented candles with their bed in the middle of the room covered in all red with his favourite chocolates by the side and white curtains hanging down around the bed. She dimmed the lights and dropped the temperature to the lowest. She blushed at the thought of what would happen here a few hours later. Drivimg away her thoughts she looked at the watch to find that she had only two hours left to get ready . Knowing Manik she knew he would be arriving any time soon. 

She went for a bath and came back wearing her husband's ever so favorite Red Saree which she tied low waist. it has a backless blouse held together only with two strings of thread. She left her hair open covering her bare back. She donned a pair or white danglers in her ears and a pair of diamond bangles in each of her hands. She applied a little make up and colored her lips with a Matte Wine Red shade. She looked ethereal. Taking a last glance at herself she walked down to welcome the guests and attend them. 

While she was busy attending guests, she heard the car horn indicating his arrival. Her heart fluttered at the thought of seeing him after so long. After a couple of minutes she saw him standing along with Fab-5 at the entrance taking in the surprise and welcome of guests. It took less than a second for them to realise this was done by their angel. While Fab-4 were bsy admiring the place Maniks eyes were searching for his star his life his wife. After scanning the hall his eyes finally saw what they were wanting to. There she stood by the stairs drinking him with her eyes. Her eyes full of love and longing and teary with happiness. The moment their eyes met, she ran into his arms after muttering a " i missed you Manik" and he swirled her taking her in a bone crashing hug whispering " I missed you more Love". The moment stopped for them. They forgot everything else around them and were bsy taking in each others presence. Realising the place they parted unwantedly but without leaving eachother gaze. She saw in his eyes the love and longing. His gaze so intense that she felt her insides melting. Both their eyes filled with tears of happiness and lips twitched into smiles. Their moment was broken by the coughing sound of thier friends. Nandini moved forward and met her friends and wished them for achieving what they wanted to. After greeting, all of them joined the party. 

The party was on full swing. Everyone were bzy talking and enjoying but two hearts were dying to be with eachother. He observed her when she stood talking to the girls. He realised she adorned herself exactly the way he liked. He observed she had worn his favorite saree that she tied low waist, her bare back sneaking through her long and lustrous hair. The saree fitted perfectly on her petite frame making her look sexy and the color of the saree perfectky complimenting her skin colour. He saw her earrings that shone like stars. His gaze then shifted to her lips that were colored in Wine Red color. She was already making him loose it. He just wanted to smack his lips on her and suck the color out of them. But the ambience waa not suitable and her naughty smirks were just not helping him. He knew she was well aware of his gaze and also the effect she was having on him. 

Unable to take the distance, he moved across the hall and stood beside her tangling their small fingers. He bent down and huskily whispered " You know you are going to be punished really HARD for doing this " emphasizing on the word hard. She knew what he meant and she was more than ready to give what he wanted. But to tease him more she raise her eyebrows giving him a questioning look and biting her lower lip. She knew this gesture drives him insane. He bent down and again whispered " Dont do that. The way you are looking is already not helping and your such gestures will only increase your punishment " . He expected her to shy away but to add to his surprise she smirked and said " I am more than ready to be Punished HARD Mr Malhotra " saying so she left him smirking and intensely looking at her. She moved towards the kitchen to get some snacks. While moving she thought of teasing him more and sexily shifted her hair to the side revealing her bare back and waist for him to see. She saw his eyes intensifying and jaw hardening. She smirked at him and moved towards the kitchen . Manik was loosing it and she was really testing his patience. He looked around and sneaked into the kitchen where she stood arranging snacks. He moved towards her and slid his hands on her waist and pulled her towards him . She knew he would come and she was waiting for him. He bent down and whispered nuzzling her ear " Dont awaken the Monster in me. You would not like to see it " He said these while running his fingers on her bare back and biting her earlobe. She was loosing it. She also wanted him the way he wanted her. But the party was still on and she needed to be sane for a couple of hours more. Unable to take the torture she turned around, pinned him to the counter held his collar and started nuzzling her nose on his jaw and sexily replied " I am dying to see that Monster . I wont mind regretting infact I would love to see it". His grip on her waist tighted and he pulled her more closer to himself and leaned in to kiss her only to be stopped by her saying " You will surely get what you want Mr Malhotra but you need to wait until the party gets over " saying this she bit his earlobe and ran out with the snacks. 

The party continued with a lot of teasing and glancing and chit chatting. Finally feeling exhausted they decided to call it a day and bidding each other good byes starting moving out. While Nandini was busy seeing off the guests Manik sneaked upstairs to their room to make some arrangements only to be surprised by what was already waiting for him. He felt overwhelmed seeing the efforts she put in. He quickly went inside to freshen up and changed himself into track pants and bare chest. He decided against waiting even for a second and moved down to get his wife. He saw the entire mansion empty and smiled realizing it was done by her. He moved to the kitchen to find her arranging the stuff with her hair tied up in a messy bun and her pallu tucked on her waist. He moved and grabbed her waist from back and pulled her to him and said nuzzling her ear " Tym for punishment Mrs Malhotra". She opened her mouth to ask him for sometime but was shut by his kisses that he was dropping on her neck and shoulder. He moved down and dropped wet kisses on her bare back whilst opening her hair and moving them to the side. He moved more and dropped a another kiss on her waist and bit the curve to which she hissed and moaned his name. That was enough for him to loose control. He turned her and pressed her body to his and muttered " You are driving me insane" Nd the next moment he smacked her lips and kissed her hungrily while she responded with equal fervor. The kiss was so intense that she started feeling weak in her knees to which Manik held her more tightly through her waist. 

After what seemed lyk eternity they broke the kiss ,panting hard and breathing heavily. Nandini looked at him mischeiviously and quickly moved away to run to their room only to be caught by her pallu which was held by Manik. She twirled opening her saree seductively making him go all Mad. She was now wearing only her peticoat and blouse which did nothing to hide her body. She quickly turned to move upstairs when he caught her by her waist and lifted her in his arms. He carried her to the room and locked the door all while not breaking the eye contact. He carried her to the bed nd laid her down and moved over her and started kissing her senseless. He removed her jewellry while kissing and threw them on the floor. He smoothly undressed her and himself and slid themselves under the duvet. What followed was a night full of her moan, cries, and laughter. He kissed her with all her passion lyk there was no tomorrow and she was enjoying his passion. He drove her insane with his sweet torture and she responded with equal passion. After hours of Passionate teasing and torturing, he occupied her completely making her cry and moan his name the loudest. Their bodies red with love bites and nail marks. They both felt complete and content. He kissed away her tears and dropped a kiss on her forehead and gathered her in his arms and tangled their fingers. She told him how much she missed him to which he replied that he missed her more. He felt asleep while she caressed his hair. She saw him sleeping peacefully and smiled seeing that she was the reason of his peace. She kissed his cheeks softly and moved towards the balcony to recall the recent moments until she gets some sleep. 

Location: Malhotra Mansion - Present 3 AM

Nandini stood there recalling the events and blushed looking at the marks of love that he left on her body. She realised how difficult it was to spend two weeks without him. She smiled at the thought of his craziness and love he showers on her. She looked at the stars and thought " I love you Manik " her love shining in her eyes. She felt two warm hands holding her waist taking her in a back hug and his voice whispering " I love you too Nandini ". She smiled . No wonder he understood her way tooo much. He held her waist tightly and placed his chin on her bare shoulders and nuzzled her ear. She shivered with his touch to which he asked " Nandini, its been two years since we are married but everytime i touch you, you shiver the same like you did when i touched you for the first time. Not that I am complaining , i love it to the core but whats the secret ?" She smiled to his question and answered " thats because you love me and kiss me the same way you did the the first time - the only change is that the intensity keeps increasing evrytym " He giggled at her statement and said " Thats not my fault. If you keep loooking this sexy then I cant help it " . She smiled and cupped his cheek and said " I love You Manik. We will never change. We will be same Hamesha ! " to which he replied "hamesha". She turned and hugged him tightly burying her face in his chest and he encircled her in his arms and said " I love you Nandini " to which she replied " I love you tooo Manik ". While hugging she asked him " How did you wake up ? I thought you slept " and he answered " How can I get sleep without you by my side honey?" She smiled and asked "Then how did you manage in London?" He smiled and replied "Who said I slept in London.. I used to see your pictures and sing remembering you". She blushed and looked at him and then he continued " but now when i have you .. I l complete the quota of two weeks " She chuckled and said "I knew you would do this thats why I applied for three days leave.. Three Days m exclusively available only for my Monster " He smiled and pecked on her lips and said " You are always exclusively for me .. I can share everything but not you .. You are only mine Nandini .. Only Mine " She Pecked him back and said " And you are only Mine Manik .. Only Minee ". They stood there in that position for sometime. He then broke the hug and lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bed. He laid down on the bed and placed her over himself where she rested her head on his shoulder and nuzzled her face in the crook of his neck. He tangled their fingers with one hand while the other hand held her protectively through her waist. She smiled at his protectiveness and nuzzled closer and  he loved the way she perfectly fitted on his body. They both laid there drinking in  eachother's presence and promising a lifetime together and swiftly drifted in sleep.

Note: I have continued this OS as an FF. For the readers who are interested, below is the link to my FF Life With Nandini

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Hi juhi..you wrote first time for manan still u penned it sooo well..such a intense story..just loved it..keep writting.. HameshaWink

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A very beautiful OS
I loved their romance 
It was written so well
You should write more or better you could turn this into a full story Embarrassed

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I had to login especially to comment on this
This was amazing
It was passion..it was intense
Moreover it was a stry of love
U have penned it so beautifully
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Wow hot n romantic story awesome update
priya_sejwal Goldie

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Too good...perfect manan os 
Beautifully written
Loved it!!!

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Wow!! Wow!! WOW!!
So beautiful and Intense.. it's like i could imagine everything you wrote.. Every word .. Oh! Everything you wrote! Superb!!!
The way you described their love..bond she shares with Fab4 and Navya.. Everything.. Just PERFECT!!!
Write more !! soon!!
Will be waiting ;)

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wow beautiful os
loved it
very nicely written

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