Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


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PART-1 -----> BELOW
PART-2 -----> BELOW
PART-3 -----> BELOW
PART-4 -----> BELOW

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Sun rays Entered in Room through window, directly falling on girl who was sleeping peacefully on her bed. She frowned in her sleep and covered her face with blanket saving herself from disturbing sun rays. She again goes in her deep slumber. After few minutes her sleep again got disturb because of alarm clock, she irritatingly got up from her sleep. She noticed at the clock and it showed 8:30 a.m.

Girl - Oh God I am late today for College

She hurry got up from the bed and went in washroom for her morning shower, After getting ready she went downstairs on breakfast table where her father having his breakfast. She silently goes and sat on chair opposite to her father.

Girl - Good Morning Dad!!! When did you return from your business trip?

Mr.Gupta - Last night Khushi

Khushi silently ate her food and left for her college.


In A.R,

Arnav entered into office everybody is busy in work because they all knew their boss and they were sacred of Arnav Singh Raizada's anger. Arnav entered into his cabin and called Aman into his cabin. Amen entered into the cabin after 5 min and placed a file on the table

Aman - ASR I got every information about that girl

Arnav - Back to your work

ASR opened the file and started reading it

Name                       :          Khushi Gupta

Father's Name        :          Shashi Gupta,C.E.O of Gupta Industries

Age                         :           19 year old

About                      :         Last year student ofABC college,graduating                                                                    in Fashion Designing, having no boyfriend


Arnav smirked after reading the file. He knew about Mr.Shashi Gupta's main parity is Business. He also knew what he had to get Khushi for himself.

He caressed Khushi's smiling pic and said


In Royal Hotel,

Khushi was sitting on sofa alone having her soft drinks and watching her friends dancing on the dance floor and enjoying the night. She was thinking about her life.
Her parents had an arranged marriage which was a big mistake for them and the result of this mistake is her missed up life. Her parent's relationship was not stable before her birth. But after her birth it got worse than before. They used to fight all the time day and night, at any place, in front of anyone. They forgot that they had a child who needs the love of their parents the most. But what she got was their fights over stupid things and all of these kept on going on till she was 8 years old; and at that point of time her mother could not take it more, so she asked for a divorce, and left leaving behind her daughter with Mr. Gupta, whose most priority was his business, other things just did not matter for him, even if that other thing was Khushi, he just did not care.

So all these things like her parent's fights, their divorce, her Mom leaving her, her Dad not caring about her got her into a state where she longed to get someone's love, but she did not get this love ever, got only loneliness. To get rid of these lonliness she started to go to parties, disco with her friends. But deep down her heart she wished some one's love, care and attention only for her.

Her chain of thoughts was broken by her friends. They  were calling Khushi to join them at the dance floor. Khushi got up from the sofa and joined her in the dance floor. Khushi, and her friends were dancing freely forgetting the world around them. They were just rocking the dance floor when all of a sudden Khushi felt someone breathe just behind her ears. She did not know why she felt a kind of sensation in her body and goose bum was all over her body.

Man (whispering huskily in her ears): Hi beautiful, mind for a dance with me

Khushi slowly turn behind and as soon as she saw the person, she was all lost in his chocolate brown eyes. He got such a charming look, for one time she forgot all her sorrows, all the mishap of her life, she was just drown in his eyes that's when she feel his hand on her waist pulling her closely in his hard form

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ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA : 27 years old ruthless, arrogant, handsome Business Tycoon of Mumbai. He is owner of A.R Fashion Industries and A.R hotels. He is king of Fashion World. He is no.1 richiest person and  Business Tycoon in Asia. He is the most eligible bachelor of Asia. He has a dark past.

KHUSHI GUPTA :  19 years old innocent and bubbly girl, doing graduate in Fashion Designing, desire to have someone's love

SHASHI GUPTA : Father of Khushi and C.E.O of Gupta Fashion Industries. His main priority is business. He has no time for Khushi

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Arnav came Royal Hotel with his friend Rahul for chilling out. He was sipping his drinks and talking with his friend while suddenly he caught the sight of his intoxication, Khushi sitting on the sofa lonely and sipping her soft drinks.

Her friends came and took her to the dance floor. Arnav' eyes were just only her. She was such a beauty and the dress she was wearing suited her complexion and gives an ample view of her long milky legs which seem never to end. His eyes were on her perfect curves, he was so tempted by her specially when she was laughing freely playing the curls of her hair, her hazel eyes in which he was drowning, her red luscious lips which he so wanted to taste and devour.

He slept with so many models. But he never felt any attraction with any one. Any model would feel ashamed seeing her beauty. After sipping his drinks, he got up from the chair and went to where Khushi was. He stood behind her ... she was smelling good ... Her smell was making him crazy,
Arnav (whispering huskily in her ears) - Hi beautiful, mind for a dance with me
Khushi slowly turn behind and as soon as she saw Arnav, she was all lost in his chocolate brown eyes. He got such a charming look, for one time she forgot all her sorrows, all the mishap of her life, she was just drown in his eyes that's when she feel his hand on her waist pulling her closely in his hard form. she was forget to breath. She was so much into him.
Arnav held khushi's hand and made her snake her hand around his neck. Both of them were lost in each other eyes and were swaying on the track, their body clinging on each other. Neither of them said anything and they were just moving on the beat.
Arnav lifted his hand and put the curls behind her ears which were falling on her face. Khushi closed her eyes feeling his cold hand on her face.
Arnav (huskily near her ear) - So may I know your name Sweetheart?
He smirked at her and keep pulling her close to him, touching her bare back and burring his face into her neck smelling her fragrance.
Khushi (stammering)  - Khu ... Shiii ... Yours ?
Khushi's breathe get swallowed down  by his touch  while Arnav just  pulling her more and more closed to him while crashing her bossom over his hard toned chest while they were dancing in a small steps . Khsuhi closed her eyes in his touch while Arnav  spin her  around him by  holding her  one hand and then  took her in his arm and lend over her by towering her and again pulled her close toward  him. Then he made her stand in front of him and grabbed her waist from the back and they started dancing in slow moves while Arnav just  leaned toward her ear
Arnav (huskily) - ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA ... but for you Sweetheart ... ONLY ARNAV
He leaned towards her and kissed on her crook of the neck and kiss and suck over there while Khsuhi just closed her eyes in feeling his every touch while her's hand were over his around her tummy. He buried his face into her neck and dropped feathery kiss on her neck, making her moan a bit "ARNAVVV"
Khushi turned back and snaked her hand around his neck and pressed herself closed toward him crashing her soft body over his hard toned chest while Arnav wrap his hand around  her waist. Khushi felt unknown sensation at his every touch.  She was just drawn into him forgetting all her surroundings. Arnav pulled her more to him by her waist and he roamed his thumb around her bare back while Khsuhi breathe went heavy in his every touch. Arnav slowly started nuzzling against her neck and placing soft kisses all over her neck while dancing.
How timed passed away they both didn't realized. When she realized it's 1 at night
Khushi - OMG !! it's too late Arnav I have to go
Arnav (raising eyebrow) - Are you feeling bore with me Sweetheart?
Khushi bit her lips and denied shaking head.
Arnav (brushing her tender lips by his palm) - Don't hurt them ...  They are meant to love Sweetheart
Khushi blushed and looked down. Then she coyly looked up.
Khushi - Can I ask you something Arnav?
Arnav - Anything
Khushi - Why you call me Sweetheart?
Arnav - Because you are my Sweetheart
Khushi looked around and saw her all friends left her
Khushi - I have to leave now ... I came here with my friends but they left me I have to catch a Cab ... So bye.. bye.. Good night Arnav
She placed a soft kiss on his cheek and turned to leave  but found herself into Arnav's embrace again when her back again hit his chest.
Khushi  - Arnav !!
Arnav - humm (whispered  nearing his lips to her ear)
Khushi - I've to go
Arnav - Why are you going by car Sweetheart when I am you ... You are going by my car Sweetheart
Arnav stopped his car before Gupta mansion. They both got down .
Khsuhi - thanks Arnav ..
Arnav - You're most welcome ..
Khushi - Ok.. bye .. good night..
 Khushi was about to turn back but he held her hand and Arnav so gently pecked at her lips...
Arnav - Good night Sweetheart ...
Arnav got in the car and drove away crossing Gupta's vast gate. Khushi brushed her fingers on her lips
Khushi thought herself  "Arnav is so romantic". She again blushed and walked inside

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It has been one week Khushi had met with Arnav. She did not know what happened to her. She had met with so many boys but they could not attract her. But Arnav attract her in their first meeting. All this one week she could only think his chocolate brown eyes, his charming look. She wanted badly meet with him. She went to same hotel in past one week where she first saw him with a hope what if he was there. But her bad luck he did not come there. Her friends planned for a movie on Sunday evening. She only agreed to go with them to stop thinking about Arnav but could not stop herself thinking about him making all angry and frustrated on herself on everyone.

Khushi woke up late as it was Saturday. After a lonely breakfast as usual her father yesterday went to another business trip for next two months. She was in her room having popcorn with Coca-Cola and watching tom & Jerry, her favourite cartoon.

Suddenly her phone buzzed. She checked the caller ID, it was an unknown number.

Khushi (irritattedly) - Hello ... who is this ??

Arnav (huskily) - Hello Sweetheart ... It's  me Arnav

Khushi (shocking) - Arnav, from where did you get my number?

Arnav (chuckled) - Sweetheart, remember I am Arnav Singh Raizada ... I always got what I want ... And you are my Sweetheart then how it is hard for me to get your number (Khushi blushed hearing this) Sweetheart, I called you to ask would you like to go out with me for dinner tonight?

Khushi - I'd love to

Arnav (smirked) - Be ready by 7 PM Sweetheart ... I will come to pick you up ... Ok then I'll see you in the evening then, Bye

Khushi - Bye

After cutting the call, Khushi stood up on the bed and squealed jumping up and down "OMG!!!  Arnav just call to ask our first date... I'm so excited" coming out of her trance she said, "Oh My God, I have only 6 hours. There is so much I have to prepare for the evening"

Every inch of Khushi's bedroom was spread with dresses, shoes and jewelry. But she could not find anything to wear for the evening. But suddenly a dress got her attention. She squealed happily "Wow it is perfect for the evening"


Arnav waited in his car outside Gupta Mansion for Khushi. What is taking this girl so long  he thought which soon vanished when his eyes looked at most mesmerized view in front of them.

Khushi had worn a unique pearl bead Champagne colored gorgeous prom dress. It had hugged her body like a second skin flattering her feminine curves sensually. She let her hair loose and had been pulled up to the front on her left shoulder. With smoky eye shadow and deep red lipstick, she had looked ethereal. His mouth had gone dry with the want of need to have her. Arnav got off the car approaching to her with a killing smile.

On the other hand Khushi's breath had been knocked off when she had seen him in a white shirt with a black armani suite looking as always like a greek god. Her trance was broken by the sudden hug.

As Arnav approached her, he hugged her tightly letting their chests collide with each other and his hands roam freely on her bare back enjoying the pleasure feeling Khushi's soft skin " You are looking stunning Sweetheart" Arnav whispered in her ears making her go all red with his compliment as well what pleasure his hand was bringing on her body .

Khushi (blushing) - Thanks

Breaking their hug Arnav let out his hand in front of her and she happily forwarded her hands in his. He led her inside the car making their way to their destination.

Arnav stopped his car in front of a 5 star restaurant. He got off the car and walked around to open the door for her. He let out his hand in front of her "Shall we, Sweetheart" and she forwarded her hands in his with a smile on her lips.

Arnav pulled the chair for her like a true gentle man. Khushi gracefully climbed and sat on it. He pulled the chair and sat just opposite to her. He took a rose from the table and gave to her "This beautiful rose for the most beautiful lady"

Khushi took it from her with a blush "Thanks"

The waiter came and gave them their drinks. They both were having their drinks. Khushi looked at the surrounding and Arnav was keenly watching her. The whole restaurant lit with candles. It was decorated with white lilies and red roses, soft live music playing in the background. All the things were creating romantic atmosphere.

She curiously asked him seeing none except both of them.

Khushi - Aranv, why are only two of us here?

Arnav (smiled) - Because I've booked the whole restaurant for the two of us, Sweetheart (holding khushi's palm and tickling it with his thumb) So that none disturb me when I am with my Sweetheart

Khsuhi was just blushing hearing all of these. She was happy. She was feeling special today. First time in her life any one giving her so much importance.

Arnav got up from the chair and went in front of her and extended his hand toward her "Wanna dance ?"

 Khushi hold his hand with a smile and got up from the chair. Both of them walked to the dance floor. He hold her hand and made her snake her hand around his neck, he hold her by her waist and pulled her close towards him. Both of them were swaying to the music lightly. His hands were roaming freely on her bare back creating goose bumps in her ... making herself losing in his touch.

After a while Arnav and Khushi came back to their seat and was having their dinner with enjoying each other's company.

After dinner, they walked hand in hand towards his car. Arnav opened the door for her and made her sit. Then he went to the driver seat and drove the car. During the whole drive, Arnav hold Khushi's hands in his and giving her teasing glances making her cheeks reddening. He stopped his car before Gupta mansion. They both got down.

Khsuhi - Thanks Arnav ... I had a wonderful time ... It was lovely

Arnav (caressing her cheek) - I'm glad you liked it Sweetheart

Arnav held her waist bring her close to him and Khushi hold him by his shoulder. He pulled her more close toward him.  Khushi's bosoms were been crushed by his hard toned chest. His gaze was fixed on her luscious pink lips. He wanted to taste them and with the intention of same he leaned closer, bridging the gap between them. Khushi closed her eyes in anticipation, waiting to feel his lips against her. Arnav took a moment to stare at her adorable face then he captured her lips in his, he kissed her slowly & sensuously, he could tell it was her first kiss as he could feel her hesitation & nervousness.  He deepened the kiss, running his tongue over her lower lip, nibbled her lower lip to help her to open up of him. Khushi could feel goosebumps all over her body, electric shivers ran down her spine. She put her hand in his hair and kissed him back, trying to mimic his actions. It was a slow & gentle kiss. Unconsciously Khushi parted her lips giving him access to taste her fully.. Khushi gasp in shock as he slid his tounge inside her mouth. Arnav tasted the every corner of her mouth. She tasted sweeter than honey. Their tongues entangle, played with each other. Khushi tighten her hold on his hair indicating she was out of breath. Arnav puller away breaking the kiss. He stare at her face, it look so serene, and her eyes close with look of pure pleasure visible on her look. Khushi opened her eyes once she got hold on her irregular breathing. Deep crimson colored spread across her cheek realizing what just happened. She just kissed Arnav.

Arnav (gently pecking her lips) Good night Sweetheart
Khushi (blushing) - Good Night

Arnav got in the car and drove away crossing Gupta's vast gate. Khushi walked inside with a smile playing on her lips and went to her room. She came out changing wearing her sexy nighty. She recalled what happened during their date and their first kiss. She felt the all new sensation today while she was with Arnav it overwhelmed her mind. She started the most beautiful feelings of womanhood inside her LOVE'. First love, first feelings in early age was like intoxication. Khushi was feeling the same intoxication run through her vein with blood. She pull off her nighty from her body and stood before mirror completely naked. For first time she gave attention toward her body ... Yes .. She is so beautiful like a blossoming flower.

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interesting start, please update soon.
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