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~*~||AKDHA|| thread for ||ARUSHI||~*~

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This thread is for the most lovely girl I ever met, she is cute, caring, 

loving, and most importantly a good hearted human beingHeart

 yeah! Itz for ARUSHI! Hug the awesome writer of the awesome story


( BGM : love me like you do by ellie goulding, this proves how mad I amLOL)

You're the light you're the nightHeart

You're the color of my blood!Heart

Girl, you are the one who rarely irritates me unlike akanksha, LOL

jissko mujhe pareshaan karne ke alava koi kam hai hi nahi haiLOL

acha  arushi now you don't get angry haan am coming back to you onlyEmbarrassed ...

The most beautiful heart I ever saw is yoursBig smile, the way you talk is 

sooo cute n you are chooo chweet! Awww!!Embarrassed Every time I talk to 

you my heart feels goodDay Dreaming

You're the light you're the nightHeart

You're the color of my blood!Heart

You're the cure, you're the painHeart

You're the only thing I wana touchHeart (this line is just a joke haan! Searious mat hona)

Never knew that it could mean so much, so much...Heart

You're the frear, I don't careHeart

Cause I never been so highHeart

Follow me to te darkHeart

 let me take you past our satellitesHeart

you can see the world you brought to life, to lifeHeart


so love me like you do, la la love me like you doHeart

love me like you do, la la love me like you doHeart

touch me like you do ta ta touch me like you doHeart (bilkul bhi nhi)

what are you waiting for?Heart


Fading in fading out on the edge of paradiseHeart

Every inch of your skin is the holy grail I've got to findHeart

Only you can set my heart on my fire, on fireHeart (this line is a white lie haan!)




Hmmm, I am sure that you all will be thinking that what is the 

occasion ,right?ROFL And the most confused person is Arushi, no, no don't lie arushi, I know that you are confusedLOL, tereko bhi nahi 

pata na ki what the hell is the occasionLOL, chalo am unfolding the mystery!









bhai log there is no occasion today! Actually this whole year is 

occasion  for Arushi, shez in 12th naa,

 humari  honar friend ko lawyer banna hai, to hard work karna hi 

padega, and of course this year will irritate her like hell! Actually I 

experienced it myself, areee nooo am not in 12th class, my elder 

bro passed out 12th this year only, thatz why I know that whtz 

gona happen with you yar...




Dekh less summer and winter vacations, and itz good that you 

don't get them yar, mtlb ghar par tereko agar t.v., mobile ya 

laptop ke sath dekh liya to baat teri jaan pe aa sakti hai,LOL

Teri bahut pooja hogi iss saal, jisme flowers ki jagah lectures 

shower kiye jayenge, bali chadane ke liye phone, internet etc. etc 

use kiye jayenge.LOL

To iss tension se bhare sal me, mai bar bar oses likhoon gi tere liye, 

issi thread me, taki AKDHA ka romance padh kar tera tension 

thoda kam hojaye!Hug Lekin iski koi guarantee nahii hai, kyunki 

meri stories dimak kaharab kar deti hai yar, mera bhi aur doosro ka bhi..LOL

 All I have to say is ALL THE BEST!CoolThumbs Up

This is the gurumantra of my life, hope it will help you also

"take up one idea, make that one idea your life, think of it, dream 

of it, let your brain, heart, muscles, nerves be full of that idea, leave 

every other idea alone this is the only way to success"Thumbs Up this  

has inspired me and those who know me they can easily believe it...

I will say that this is true, you want to be a lawyer  then  just make 

it your life! Just like I did, I cant force you but as a friend I can 

advice you, bas ab aur MUMMY  ki acting nahi hoti mere se lolz.ROFL

Put all your hard work in your studies, we can wait for months for 

your next updates, but don't you dare to compromise with your 

studiesEmbarrassed, and in CLAT, get a good rank haan! So that you can get 

college of lucknow, oh! How much I pray for it yarr, I do day 

dreaming yar!Day Dreaming If you will come to lucknow then, I would be able to 

meet you naa yipeee!!!!! PartyBas yahi baat hai ki mai mahino updates ke liye wait karungi, if you think I am selfish here, then no 


yeah! I am selfish agar mere selfish hone se tu lucknow aa sakti hai 

to ma kasam kabhi updates nahi magungi ,waise my fingers were 

crossed when I was promising this, to tu zayada khush mat hona 


Coming to the OSes toh I have updated 3 oses today, and will 

update others soon,and I dnt know when this SOON gona come...

The OSes are:

1.     ~That Night~

2.      ~The Wish~

3.      ~Decision~ 

      scroll down for more!

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HERE are the oses for you my girl!Hug

A PARIJAT OS... ~$~That Night!~$~

=====***=====*** MORNING TIME ====***====

Rajat "Pari , are you coming out of the bathroom or not!" he shouted.

Paridhi "just coming"

Rajat "pari I m ready and you are still in the bathroom" he again shouted.

Paridhi "just give me five minutes naa"

Rajat "abhi to tumhe make up bhi karna hai.."

Pari "I will do that in the car"

RT "oh!! God, she has answer of my every question " rajat was hell angry on Paridhi , after jodha akbar this was their second show, their chemistry was so much loved by the audience that they got another show together...

After sometime  Paridhi came out from the washroom, she quickly  dried her hairs by a hair drier and started doing her make up...

Rajat  was waiting outside he was angry  on Paridhi, he was about to say something but before hhe could Paridhi came out, she was wearing a red colored mini skirt and a white sleeveless  top  , her long , silky hairs were open, the dress was perfectly hugging her curves.. ( this is my weak part and you all know it...pata nahi kaise god ji ne mujhe ladki bana diya...)

Rajat's all anger vanished  after seeing his exceptionally hot  wife, he was going to hug her but before he could, pari said "we are getting late MR. TOKAS" she said it in a angry tone.

Rajat understood that she was mad at her, he always enjoyed  this part of his married life...

Rajat "ok MRS.TOKAS"

And they both sat in their car...

Rajat "are you angry with me?"

Paridhi "yess, I am " she said it in angry tone

Rajat "jaan, I m  sorry" 

Paridhi "what sorry, how much you have shouted at me yesterday, and that to because I was not in the mood of practicing any scenes"

Rajat "arre, I m sorry for that"

Paridhi "and this morning also you, shouted  at me on a petty issue"

Rajat "I m sorry for that also"

Paridhi "what sorry?? I m pregnant, so you should take care of me instead of shouting at me... abhi to your babies are not even of 1 month so I some how manage but after..." before she could complete her sentence rajat said "arrre sorry , sorry, sorry , sorry , sorry"

Paridhi "you better don't talk to me..."

Rajat "you know naa how I m serious about my work"

Paridhi "you love your work more than me and you babies"

Rajat "nahi, aisa nahi haii"

Paridhi "aisa hi hai"

Rajat "nahi hai ,  do you remember our first show together"

Paridhi  "of course I remember , it was jodha akbar"

Rajat "in starting of it, how much we use to fight just because I  was hell searious and you was fun loving  type of girl"

Paridhi "tum kaihna kya chahte ho?" she asked it in an irritated tone.

Rajat "pata nahi" he said it in a funny tone

Paridhi "what the hell,  don't irritate me"

Paridhi's phone started ringing and manisha's name was flashing on it...

Pari "hello, manisha"

Manisha "hi!! Pari, wo I had to inform you that today's shoot is cancelled"

Pari "lekin kyu?"

Manisha "only god knows"

Pari "accha theek hai"

Manisha "of course theek hai, chutti se matlab hai reason se thodi naa" saying good bye to each other they disconnected thecall..

Rajat "what happened?"

Pari "todays shoot is cancelled"

Rajat "oh, that's nice" pari was shocked after listening to rajat, she never expected this from him.

Pari "tumhari tabyat to theek hainaa?"

Rajat "yup!!"

Pari "to phir mere kaan kharab ho gaye honge"

Rajat "ab tumhe kya hogaya"

Pari "nahi, pehli bar shoot cancel hone pe tum khush ho rahe ho, isiliye"

Rajat "accha leave it, what about going to our farm house hmmm?"

Pari "rajat tumhe ho kya gaya hai?"

Rajat "kuch nahi"

Pari "ek to tum shoot cancel hone pe khush ho rahe ho aur ab farm house jaane ke liye kaih rahe ho"

Rajat "kyun mai apni pregnant wife ke sath time nahi spend kar sakta?" he asked it in a romantic tone.

Pari "lagta hai ki tumhe jodha akbar wale akbar ke character ko bahut miss kar rahe ho, tabhi ussi ki tarah acting bhi kar rahe ho" she said it in a normal but a little irritated tone.

Rajat "of course I miss that akbar, actually not only akbar I miss that whole show , oh god, so many wives I had" he said it in a funny tone.

Pari  "huh!! Tum to mere se baat mat hi karo"

Rajat "areee I was joking naaa"

Pari "stop your stupid jokes here only"

 To change the topic Rajat said "jab hume 2nd time ZRA me best couple ka award mila tha tab hi maine realize kiya tha that I have fallen for you"

Pari "pata hai whenever I m free, I use to remember our confession"

Rajat "oh! That was the best night of my life"

[email protected]~~~~~~~ ~flash back [email protected]~~~~~~~~~

Pari coming out of her car said "oh! Its raining since morning" she started walking towards her house...after taking 3-4 steps she heard her name and turned around to see who was calling her...

Pari "rajat!!! What happened and why are you standing in rain , you will get wet" she shouted at him

Rajat "umm, Paridhi meri car kharab ho gayi hai"

Pari  "ek kam karo ajj raat tum mere ghar me ruk jao"   (ahhhmmm uhhmmm, kya?? Ajj kal to khasna bhi gunaha hai lolz matlab raat me ek ghar me raihne ka matlab sirf wahi nahi hota hai)

Rajat "are you sure?"

Pari "hmmm, do you have any problem?"

Rajat "I do not have any other option"

They both went inside pari's house...

Pari "rajat, tum yahi ruku mai abhi atti hoon"

Rajat "theek hai"

Paridhi went inside her room and changed her dress...

When she came out she saw rajat only in pants, his six packs were making him look SEXY...(arre rajat ki shirt barish me beegh gayi thin a to isiliye usne shirt utar di...pata nahi kaun kaun si theories laga kar baithe hoge , kya bharosa tum logo ka)

She was staring at him and same was with rajat, pari was wearing  shorts with a loose top, soon there staring  part was over ...

Pari "so what will you like to have in dinner"

Rajat "jo bhi tum bana do"

Pari "panner ka paratha?"

Rajat "ok"

Pari " jab tak I m cooking tab tak you can watch t.v."

Rajat "hmm"

Pari went in her kitchen and started cooking...


They both sat next to each other, pari gave him some curd and rajat said "oh! I love panner parathas with curd"

Pari "acha, mujhe bhi dahhi ke sath panner parathe bahut pasand hai" (mere mooh me pani aa raha hai, am a big foodie, big wala foodie!)

Rajat gave her a sweet smile and started eating the paratha , as soon as he took the first bite he said "it is sooo yummy!!!!!"

Pari "thanks rajat"

After finishing with the eating part rajat said "that picture is soo beautiful!"

Pari "oh! That one, I was just 9 at that time..."

Rajat "you ,your mom and your dad are looking so complete"

Pari "ya ya I know, do you want to see some more pics?"

Rajat "ya ya sure"

Pari "then come with me"

They both went inside pari's room...

Rajat was shocked seeing her room, it was totally PINK   (I hate this color, pata nahi pari ka ye fav color kaise hai...)  

Pari "come here"

Rajat went there and sat next to her...paridhi started showing him the pics, our rajat was also very  much interested in seeing pari's pics... 

Rajat saw a loose pic of her in which she was greedly eating an ice cream... he quickly took it and started running in order to tease her...

Pari "rajat give it to me" she shouted

Rajat "no I will not"

She started running behind him, soon she caught him , pari pressing her chest against his and  said give it to me , now her hands were near rajat's back as he was hiding it with his hands  (in short she  was hugging rajat) Rajat "maine kaha na ki mai nahi doonga"

Pari "dekhte hai"

 their  hands were quarrelling, pari  lifted her face to see the actuall position of rajat's hands, but she didn't saw it bcoz rajat's  head was bended downwards , now pari and rajat's lips were inches apart

now, they both have forgotten about the picture, they were lost in their eyelock slowly and softl rajiat toched her lips with his, and their first kiss started...

After the kiss ended they both were sharing an intense eyelock , rajat's forehead was resting on pari's forehead, rajat  encircling pari's waist with his hand and pulling her more closer to him said "pari, I love you"

 Pari seeing in his eyes said "I love you too"


Pari "I was soo happy after our confession"

Rajat "me too jaan"                                              

Then  they both exchanged sweetie sweetie smiles...




The secnd os is boring, bakwas bla bla bla...

Here is  the 2nd   [email protected]~OS THE [email protected]~

Actually I loved  1 scene of a Pakistani show a lot, it was like awww!  And ofcourse, fawad khan's acting made it more cutee... so I wrote it down


Jallal  to maina "salam e walikum, khala wo hume jodha se milna hai,usske paas humara kuch saman hai, wahi lena hai"

MAINA "uff! Ye ladki itni badi ho gayi hai lekin  saman rakh kar wapas dena, woh na jane kab seekhe gi"

To which jallal smiled sweetly and started walking towards jodha's room, he opened the door without knocking it coz he never  does..

The scene he saw was beautiful, beautiful then ever , jodha was looking divine..

Her eyes was closed, she was doing her morning prayer, she was praying something to god, jallal went near her small temple, joining his hands with respect towards god he slowly  said "jodha ki sari manate puri kijiye ga" saying this he sat  close to jodha, he was admiring her beauty, her innocence...

Jodha opened her eyes, she bowed her head in front of KANHA,  and then saw jallal, she was happy to see him there, both of them loved each other a lot, they have confessed it years before but still aren't married, due to circumstances, britishers  are still ruling on their country, on their mother land...

Jallal  in a romantic tone"hmm, kya mang rahi thi khuda se, ki wo tumhe jallal dede"

Jodha innocently replied "nahi toh, maine kabhi aisi DUA nahi mangi"

Jallal "accha, ab bahane naa banaiye" he teased her

Jodha  honestly replied "sach me maine kabhi aisi dua nahi mangi, apki kasam"

This statement of jodha hurted jallal a lot, he angrily went out of the room, his this action confused jodha ...

Days passed, jallal was still angry with jodha, he didn't even talked to her and on the other side jodha was sad, she was trying to figure out her mistake, trying to understand her mistake, the mistake which made her love so angry...


Maina to jallal "beta wo  tum agar humari chihti (letter) bhejwa doge"

Jallal  politely replied "ji khawala, bas app chithi (letter) dede hum bhijwa denge"

Maina "arre haan! Wo jodha ke pass hai, tum uss se le lena" and a voice  came "maina jiji kaha raih gayi app, jaldi aayiye"

Maina to jallal "accha hum ja rahe" before jallal  could reply to her, she went away actually disappeared...)

Jallal headed towards jodha's room, he was about to open the room but he stopped and knocked the door, "aa jayiye" she replied.

Jallal entered the room, he  without looking at her said "khawala ne hume apse koyi chithi lene ko kah hai"

Jodha started walking towards her, he came close to him and with very intense eyes said "app humse iss kadar naraz kyu hai?"

Jallal  rudely said "app hume wo chithi jaldi dede taki hum apna kaam pura kar sake"

Jodha  in a said tone  "app uss DUA wali baat ko lekar abhi tak naraz hain, abhi tak khafa hai"

Jallal  turned his face away from her...

Jodha  with tears in her eyes said "mai sach kaih rahi hoon, maine kabhi aisi dua nahi mangi, kabhi bhi apko kahna se nahi manga"

Jallal closed his eyes, he didn't wanted to hear this from the person he love the most...

Jodha "sob..sob..humne kabhi apko dua me nahi manga kyunki mujhe hamesha se laga ki app humare hain sirf humare" jallal turned his  face towards jodha after listening it..

Jodha " humara hai hi usse hum kisi se kyu mange..sob..sob" jallal cupped her face with love, he wiped her tears hugged her tightly.

AHMMM UHMM! I know I m going to get jutta chappals after this OS and I m sorry for this, but plzzz believe me guys, the scene was really cute and I failed to write it as cute it was and I am promising that I will never spoil reputation of Pakistani serials specially of FAWAD khan's serial by typing these  type of boring OSES...i know itz DUMBO

Plzzz  forgive your arunima, plzzz ,I will like to say rotten tomates, empty water bottles, and all other garbage most welcome...

Here is the second os, which is better than previous one...



 17 years old girl,Jodha wasn't able to 

concentrate on her studies, thoughts of him 

were not allowing her to do so! Suddenly she 

remembered that today is  24 April  

"yes today is 24 april" said an excited jodha...

she  was waiting for this day like hell, and 

today  she almost forgot about it, she was 

hell angry on her for this..

"oh! My god you haven't done any 

preparations also and just look at yourself 

jodha huh!"  said an angry jodha to herself.

She was about to go towards her washroom 

but she heard some knocks on the door, " oh 

god I wish it isn't he" thought a worried 


She went and opened the door, seeing the 

person jodha's cheek turned red! She wasn't 

able to see in his eyes,  he was jallal! His 

cousin brother,  who was 5 years elder to 

jodha, oh how much she use to love him, 

and finally he was back, he was back as an 


he smiled into her eyes and said "hey! My 

girl"  he looked at her beautiful face,  

her fair pink skin, long silky hairs, beautiful 

doe shaped eyes, her cute nose, her slender 

neck and that curve of her body! Perfect! As 

she was!  Here he was busy  

admiring her and  on the other side jodha 

wasn't able to reply him, to look t him, she 

was continuously staring at the ground.

Jallal "aree why are you not saying 

something , tu kab se itni shy hogai haan? "

Jodha was still silent, although she wanted 

to hug him tight, tell about everything which 

happened in his absence, but the words were 

stuck in her throat. He went close to jodha, 

looking in her beautiful eyes, he said "jodha, 

see we will get married in this month only! 

Finally you will be mine, love of my life will 

beome my beloved wife"

Jodha was shocked,  although she knew 

about their marriage, it was fixed but so soon 

she was just 17 and it will be illegal and most 

importantly what about her studies,  her 

independence, she remembered that her and 

jallal's parents were continuously discussing 

something from many days, and when she 

use to ask that what is going on , they simply 

said that "you will soon come to know about it"  

Jallal noticed the change in her expressions , 

he cupped her face and said "aren't you 

happy from this marriage"

Jodha in a polite tone said "I don't want to 

get married now, I am only 17, I want to study 

further, please try to understand me"

Jallal was shocked from her reply ,he has 

always loved jodha and has always waited for 

their marriage but her NO has made him 

speechless, he felt like his heart has stopped 

beating, he  replied "dont you like me jodha?"

Jodha "like? I love you jallal, I love you a lot, 

but the thing is that, that I want to study, I 

want to become someone in my life"

 Jallal "I  am an employed person and for 

what reason you want to study haan? Jodha 

holding his hands said " yes, you are 

employed that to as an army office, in future 

you will be posted at non-family stations then 

I would have to manage everything alone!, 

please try to inderstand me naaa, jallal I am 

yours, only yours but at least let me 


Jallal "but  it is all decided by our parents what can we do now?"

 Jodha "jallal you can talk to your parents and 

I will talk to mine, I know they will understand 

my point of view" saying this she left..

~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~AT NIGHT~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~

Jallal was having his dinner with his family, 

he was still thinking about jodha,he wanted 

to talk to his and her parents, now, after 

listening to jodha he also wanted her to 

study further, he knew that how important 

studies were for girls.

suddenly he heard humayun's voice which 

brought him back from his dreamland,

humayun "toh a tbumhari shadi ko khuch hi 

din raih gaye hain"

jallal "ji abba, lekin bechari jodha usne toh 

abhi padhai hi poori nahi ki'

humayun "aree usse kya zaroorat hai padhne 

ki" to which hamida also agreed,

jallal "lekin mai ek army officer hoon, aur jab 

meri posting non-family stations pe hogi tab 

toh jodha ko sab khuch akele sambhalana 

hoga naaa!" he was interrupted by some 

sudden knocks on the door, hamida went 

and  opened the door, she saw her sister in 

law (maina) and jodha...

all greeted each other, they sat in the 

drawing room,

maina  "hamida hume tumse khuch baat karni 

hai, jallal aur jodha ki shadi ke bare mein"

hamida "haan haan, lekin pehle khuch chay 

pani toh karlo"

maina "areee chay pani toh chalta rahega 

pehle zaroori kam karle ...

hamida "hum jante hai ki app kya bat karna 

chati hai jiji, jallal ne hume bataya" after 

listening to this, jodha's face filled with 

happiness, she was happy to know that jallal 

has already talked to his parents, she realized 

that she was right to love this person.

And the discussion started, every time jallal 

was taking jodha's side, which was making 

jodha more and more confident.  Soon the 

discussion was over, they all decided that till 

jodha's  graduation joja will remain engaged!

~!~!~!~!~!~!~NEXT MORNING~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~

Jodha tightly hugged jallal, and said "thankz 

jallal, thankz for everything" , Jallal also 

hugged her back with same warmth and love 

and said "there is no need for thankz jaan!!" 

after sometime jodha parted from him and he 

gave him a soft peck on his lips.

So here it ends...Embarrassed

Areee wait moral of the story batana to mai bhool hi gayaLOL

just love your studies like hell and studies ke chakar me hum logoko mat bhoolna,Tongue aur mereko to bilkul bhi nahi warna...sochne wali baat hai ki warna kya?Unhappy Umm, let me thinkSmile...






Yeee! Got it, THREAD FILLING,Evil Smile if you will forget me then I will fill your threads so you don't even dare to forget me haan!Cool

So all my dear friends I will request you all to not trouble my arushi by asking for updatesEmbarrassed...

Just give her blessings, loads of blessings!Day Dreaming


Maddest person on the earth arunimaHug

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Lovely updates
Loved all of rhem
Thnks fr pm

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Awesome oses 
loved ur all os
beautiful thread dearTongue

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lovely OSs..thanks for the pm dr..

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beautiful stories
thank you arunima

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Awesome work dear...
all d best for arushi... for her 12th 
dear what u send is right I knw hw it feel when ur in 12th...
I will nt ask for update to ...

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Akdha pics treat for my Akdha droolers

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Author: VEENAGOPAL   Replies: 31   Views: 22181

VEENAGOPAL 31 22181 23 March 2015 at 9:21am by ._.Bubbles._.
AkDha AT #8 AkDha Paradise~ Two hearts,One soul, One beat, You and Me

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Author: SatrupaKiAnami.   Replies: 1190   Views: 72351

SatrupaKiAnami. 1190 72351 29 December 2014 at 7:33am by preetgurti
Amazing Episode..AkDha hi AkDha


Author: VEENAGOPAL   Replies: 13   Views: 7111

VEENAGOPAL 13 7111 22 August 2014 at 12:51pm by .GreekPrincess.
Beautiful..AkDha..Cannot dislike this pic of AkDha

Author: VEENAGOPAL   Replies: 9   Views: 11128

VEENAGOPAL 9 11128 04 April 2014 at 2:19am by Akhdhaa

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