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Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap

O Kadal Kanmani PrAja TS epilogue updated Pg 5 (Page 3)

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Amazing update rosh.Clap
BTW i'm ramya.Welcome to the forum.Hug

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poeple1234 Senior Member

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I absolutely love your style of story-telling, I tell you Rosh!Clap. Now your story has become my kanmaniHeart. Please update fast...Smile

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twilightlover29 IF-Sizzlerz

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I have competition in the speed department re LOL- maine abhi ek part ka update dekha tha and ab check kiya toh 2 more updates with info for an epi as well -

Its a beautiful story -conflicting emotions that lead to love...well written and had some surprises as well so good jobClapClapClapClapClap

Waiting for the epi nowSmile

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Part 2

We kept dancing and dancing and dancing. It was extreme fun. Later she came forward and captured my lips. Couldn't believe we kissed.

Oh my God, it is a dream???

No, it is reality. I love you and I have no issues with this relationship but I don't want to marry. If it is ohk then we came move ahead.

I also have no intention of marring anyone.

She was the one who took this relationship ahead. She pushed me on to the bed and fell on me. First it was like what is she doing but then I left thinking aside and responded. She removed my shirt's button and removed it from my body and then started giving me pecks all over my upper body. I couldn't resist so pulled her and gave kisses all over her hand and neck. We fell asleep and when I woke up I saw her next to me holding me and all her hairs on her face. I made her hairs proper and went to have a shower.

She woke up and to her surprise the bed was scattered and she was sleeping at the corner and my shirt was lying next to her. She started shouting but then recalled it was her. She had a shower and we left for the train station. We saw that the train had taken off I ran and caught it and extended my hands for my Ajabde, how nice was it to call her my Ajabde. She came running and held my hand. I pulled her hand and she came crashing on my chest. We shared a kiss and went and sat in our seats.

We reached Mumbai and she went to her room. Surprised she was, she saw her mom waiting for her there. She took her to her room and

Mom you?

Yes sweetheart how are you and where were you?

Oh mom I have told you several times that it's my life and don't interfere in it.

Whatever but I know you were with a boy and

Mom yes I was with a boy but he was just my colleague so please

Ohk ohk I am leaving.

Rang my phone the next minute.


Hiii I want to meet you immediately.

Ohk sure. Where?

Juhu beach

Yeah fine I will be there in 25 minutes.

Got ready and went there and I knew something was wrong. So I rushed and waited for her sitting on the sand. She came and hugged me and I could understand she had some problem.

Hey, what happened and why are you crying?

Tell me after all I love you.

My mom visited me and knows everything about it and

And what

She wants me to stay away from you

Ohh that's why

What Ohh that's why? Don't you love me?

I love you and I won't let anything come between us so I have decided that you will stay with me.


Yes and its final.

But what about your house owner?

No worries just relax we will convince him.


We directly go to my house and tell my house owner.

Sir this is my friend.

Why is she here?

Sir I am Ajabde.

Ohk but Pratap why is she here.

Sir we love each other and we want to live in relationship.

Not possible.

Sir please, she has no place to stay.

I take him out and

Sir we truly love each other but are not ready for the commitments so we are not marrying each other.

No means no

Sir I am going to America and she is going to Paris in 3 months. Sir please accept.


She starts singing and the aunty plays the veena. Uncle is surprised to hear someone sing in such a beautiful song with such a voice and play the veena. We come in and find aunty playing the veena. He says

For the first time in 10 years I have seen my wife so happy and because of that I allow Ajabde to stay with you in this house.

Thank you sir.

Thank you sir.

We packed everything from her room and brought it to my room. We again unpacked everything. Nobody knew where she was staying from now on. It was almost 10 so we went to bed.

Every morning I used to see my beloved's face and she used to see my face. It is said that if you see your loved one's face first then the day will be auspicious. I used to not believe it but after this live in relationship thing I believed all this. All the days I saw her first went very well, it was either a good day the office or at home.

Everything went as usual. She went to office and I went to my office after dropping her. One evening we asked uncle curiously how he married aunty. He started

I first saw her in a music concert and I loved her at that moment. I went and proposed her on the stage.

What did aunty tell?

Nothing she left from there.

Then what happened?

I left it like that only. One day I was informed that a girl is going to come to see me.


I was shocked but I couldn't say no. The girl came with her family. I was happy and shocked to see my love as the girl who came to see me.

Then and there I said yes and we married each other.

Uncle thank you for letting us know your story.

My pleasure it is.

We went to the room. I told her that aunty has Alzheimer disease and uncle takes care of her day and night. She went near the mirror and asked me whether I would do so if it was her instead of aunty. My reply was obviously yes. She was happy enough and hugged me.

The next morning, phone rang and it was my sister-in-law. She asked me the address to the room. I told her and woke Ajabde up saying to go out coz my brother and sister-in-law are coming and if they get to know it would be a problem. She told me they wouldn't get to know. Phone rang again and it was my sister-in-law. She told me that she has reached. I rushed down stairs and told them to come in. as usual my sister-in-law came and inspected my room. I was surprised my Kanmani was not there. After all inspection was done we came back to the hall where my brother was busily talking with his former boss.

We had settled and had coffee. Bell rang and came in my Kanmani. My brother immediately asked who she was. Uncle lied that it was his sister's daughter because I was begging him not to tell them. She left after taking what she wanted.

Around 5 she came back and went to the room. She got ready and came down. My brother was leaving so she bid farewell to them and went in. My sister-in-law followed her. She started

What is this? Why are all your things here?

We are living in a relationship

Ohk then beware coz you won't be able to marry him.

No worries. It's getting late so you can leave.

My sister-in-law came down and they left.

We went to Bandra beach and spent some time. We were enjoying the cold breeze the sunset and wonderful time with each other that too arm in arm. She shared many things and I too shared many things. She told me her favorites.

I love history, reading historical fictions, drawing, music, playing basketball and the games you make.

I told her

I love cricket, football, books and my games ofcourse.

We went home and saw a letter lying near the door. It was for her. She opened it and read.

Dear Ajabde,

How are you? We the teachers of Kendra Vidhylaya are arranging for a re-union party in the Fort of Udaipur. All have been invited from your batch. It purely a school re-union but you are allowed to bring your husband. No children please.

Dress code- Indian traditional clothes

Please do come on time on 30 of January this year.

Thanking you,

Kendra Vidhylaya.

She was happy and I was happy too. She refused to go as it was mentioned that she had to go with her husband. I told her that I will become her husband for then and anyways they were living in relationship. She accepted.

Next morning we went to the My Favorite Shop. She went to the ancient lehenga counter to look at some pieces for the program. I went with her. She saw many pieces and asked me to choose one.

This deep red one will look very good on you.

Are you sure?

Yeah 101%

We packed it and went to the gents counter. She chose for me. She chose a golden one for me with red jacket kind of thing. (Imagine something like Pratap's marriage costume in the serial. Same for Ajabde also).

It was 28 January when we reached Udaipur. We went around the place and took a room as it was around 9. We went to bed.

She woke up and found a message from the school stating that the program is going to start by 4 today. When I woke up she told me all this. We went and had breakfast and went for sight-seeing. We returned at the lunch time and had lunch. She went and took a shower but I was a naughty boy so removed my clothes and went in the bathroom. She was shocked so I retreated. She came running and hugged me from back. We had bath together.

She started with her makeup and all. She took two complete hours to get ready. I too helped her in wearing her blouse and dupatta. After getting ready she looked like a princess descended from heaven. Her blouse with only three strings that held both the side together, full length lehenga; flowing on the floor, golden dupatta put on one side and her long black shining hair open and her makeup and not to forget her jewellery.

I got ready and we went to the Fort of Udaipur. She met her best friend Saubhagyawati and I met mine Chakrapani. Can you believe it my best friend has married her best friend.

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen, Good evening couples. I hope everyone is here. All can enjoy the re-union here but later on you will be instructed what to do. Thank you.

We all started talking to each other. After a while maybe about 6 in the evening...

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen, all the ladies are requested to come to room no 10 in this fort and all gents are supposed to board the boat and wait for your wives.

Ajabde went her way and I went my way.  I waited for her. On the other side the ladies were made to wear the veil and were sent to the respective boats with a pot with rice covered by coconut and mango leaves.

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen, all are requested to reach the stage in between the lake.

We reached there safely.

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen, all the gents are requested to take place next to each Agni Kund. Don't need to worry.

I had no idea what was going nor did Ajabde. But we continued to follow the instructions.

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen, all ladies are requested to go and sit opposite to their husbands.

Ajabde came and sat in front of me but a cloth was drawn in between us. It was removed after a minute or two.

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen, all ladies are requested to sit to the right hand side of their husband.

She followed it and the priest chanted somethings.

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen, all are requested to stand up and get into the boat and go to the temple.

We obeyed and reached the temple. There we were asked to stand in a queue.

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen, all gents take some Sindoor from the plate kept next to you and fill your wife's scalp.

I did so without knowing what it was.

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen, please proceed to the backside of the temple.

All of us went there and few ladies came out and tied the ladies dupatta with the gents shawl.

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen, all are asked to go seven times around the shrine with husband and wife following him.

We did so.

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen, from now on all of you are husbands and wife.

We were shocked. We thought it was for fun but then it was something which was unexpected. I did not bother much but my Ajabde was worried. It was almost 7 in the morning when everything got over and there came the culprit behind it. It was Phool Kanwar who suggested this idea. I felt like murdering her but no I couldn't.

Ajabde told me to calm down as it was of no use to get angry. She convinced me that it is done unknowingly so it will not cause a problem. I accepted and we went back to our room.

We returned back to Mumbai that night. Next morning she woke up early and told me to get ready. I got ready and she took me with her. We reached there and I read the board...



Known GYNECOLOGIST. Specialist in all kinds of things related to a women and child.

I was shocked. She pulled me inside. She went to the receptionist and asked her to write down her name in meeting list of Mrs. Sushma Singh. I was scared and asked her what happened. She did not reply. I began to talk to myself silently...

Am I responsible for all this?

Why are we here?

Is she pregnant?

Am I the child's father?

Was the decision of Live in Relationship wrong?

Suddenly someone touched my shoulder. It was Ajabde.

What does the report say?

Precap- surprise

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poeple1234 Senior Member

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Wow Rosh! Nice pace. the story is going well alongClap. so Shakti is already married or Pratap has another brother? Waiting for your surprise...Big smile BTW, I'm first here
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Originally posted by poeple1234

Wow Rosh! Nice pace. the story is going well alongClap. so Shakti is already married or Pratap has another brother? Waiting for your surprise...Big smile BTW, I'm first here
thanx. yeah shakti is married.
faishar02 Senior Member

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one more update for you all. this is the last part and epilogue will be updated today itself  

Part 3

What does the report say? Tell me.


What? How come that is possible? Is it positive or negative?

Instead of telling anything she walks away. I follow her. She goes and stops near a fountain. She starts laughing.

Ajabde this is serious. Why the hell are you laughing?


Why are you laughing? Is it positive or negative?


Is it a joke? Tell me.

Ohk here you go it is positive.

Are you sure?

No not sure.


Yeah not sure.


Why are you laughing again?

Just for fun and because I fooled you very easily.


We went to the clinic not for test but for collecting a blue print for renovating the clinic.

Oh my God, just a narrow escape.

Yeah it was. And can we go to Starbucks?

Oh sure, after this stress we need to relax.

Not we, you need to relax.

They reach Starbucks and ordered 2 Chocolate Frappuccino with cream.

Sir, today we have a special thing going on.

What is it?

Mam, any couple who comes to Starbucks today will have to share a single cup and they won't be given two straws too.


Yes Sir it is today's special.

We had to share same cup and same straw how is that possible. No never was my answer. But she

Please bring a cup of Chocolate Frappuccino with only one straw.

I was surprised but then accepted. We drank without the straw itself. The cup was too small that when we drank our noses touched each other. Later we went to my office where we found no one so we went and sat near my cabin. Then lights switched on and everyone came out and congratulated me for designing such a amazing game. I was happy, and then I was asked to play a game with Ajabde and others. I accepted. My friend explained the game to everyone. He started

Everyone will sit in a circle with girls and boys sitting alternately.

I and Ajabde preferred to sit beside each other. When everyone sat down, he continued

Chakrapani will have a paper folded into tiny piece in his mouth as in between his lips.

Chakrapani did so and then he again continued to tell the rules.

He will start passing the paper with his mouth from his right hand side and she will receive from her mouth.

Chakrapani did so and the game continued.

Chakrapani to Phool to Hakim to- don't let the paper fall down- to Ruqaiya to Akbar- don't let the paper fall down- to Ratan to Pratap to Ajabde- don't let the paper fall down- to Yuvraj to Saubhagyawati to Chakrapani. Continue the game come on come on.

We did so. Now my turn was coming again. Yes my turn.

Don't let the paper fall...

Paper fell from my mouth and there we were the center of attention we became because our lips touched and there she deepened the kiss and I too gave in. ohk it was like romance in front of the world. We broke the kiss when Chakrapani and Saubhagyawati coughed.

Embarrassed at what had happened we told bye and left from there. She did not talk anything all the way to our home on the motorbike. I thought it was because of my mistake so

Ajabde I am sorry.

No prob and I don't blame you for whatever happened.

Then why she was sad was my question. Maybe because of some other reason but what was it.  While driving things came into my mind.

What is this strange feeling?

What kind of attraction is this?

Why is my heart longing for this commitment?

Why am I feeling bad when she is going to Paris?

Is she even feeling the same as I am?

Is she even having the same kind of feeling I am having?

It was me who wanted to have this and not marriage then why is this creating problems and conflicts between my heart and mind?

What does the destiny want?

Why am I feeling so before going to America, why, it was my dream then why?

I got all the answers after hearing the line "Listen to your heart"

We went home she went to bed without saying anything other than good night. I thought she needed some time alone so left her to do whatever she wanted. I went to bed after refreshing.

I slept off without checking whether she was sleeping or not. She was not sleeping, she woke up and went to the balcony and sat there and started thinking.

Why am I feeling attracted to Pratap?

Because you love him and your heart wants him.

I do not want to marry then why?

It is your destiny to marry someone. It may be Pratap or someone else.

I do not know what to do.

Do what your heart tells you to do. Don't listen to anyone but your heart.

I accepted and went back to sleep. Then I realized that I was to my inner self and not someone.

In the morning when I woke up I did not find her. I went down after getting ready. Uncle gave a letter and told me

She has not slept all night and she has left this letter for you.

I was surprised. I opened the letter and read

My love Pratap,

I have a meeting at 7 am hence left without informing you. Can you     please drop down at India Gate at around 4. I will be waiting for you. Please do come.

You're Love,


I bid bye to uncle and left for office. Around 4 I went to India Gate with something. She was there playing with the pigeons there and feeding them food.

Hey! Ajabde.


So am I late?

Nope. Not at all.

Why did you call me?

I wanted to confess something to you.

Even I wanted to. You confess first.

No no you first.

You confess.

Ohk we both will confess together.


1 2 3 confess.


I want to marry you enough of this live in relationship. I love you and want to marry you. I will come with you wherever you go. Please lets marry each other.

Oh my God I confessed.

I accept

I accept too.

Pratap I have sent a letter to my mom about this, if she doesn't accept then we can marry with only your parent's permission.

Yeah fine and I am pretty sure my parent's will accept you.

Ohk then we can go and meet your parents.

We had different plans but destiny had its own plans. We were ready to go to Jaipur to meet my parent's but a call came.

Pratap we have got an alliance for your marriage and the girl's mother is coming to meet you today with us. The girl is also coming.

Mom what are you saying.

We are coming so better be ready.

I couldn't help it so accepted. By then Ajabde had already gone to her pick her mom up from the airport. That's when she was told that they are going to meet a boy. She was not ready so she called me.

Hey Pratap my mom is taking me to meet a boy. What do I do?

Don't do anything just go meet the boy and tell him about us. I am sure he will accept.

Ohk as you wish.

I cut the phone and went with my parent's to the place where we were going to meet the girl. They were already there. I went to the balcony as instructed. The girl also came covered with a veil. She started

Excuse me, I am Ajabde.

I was shocked. I turned and removed the veil and saw my Kanmani standing there. She was too shocked. We hugged each other. We came into the room and told our decision.

Mom, dad I am ready to marry Ajabde.

Mom I am ready to marry Pratap.

Our alliance was made final and our marriage was arranged in the next week. Our marriage was grand one with many of our friend and relatives. Our marriage was done. Now we were one with one soul. We were united forever.

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Amazing update! ClapEagerly waiting for the next part.Tongue

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