Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap


Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap
Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap

O Kadal Kanmani PrAja TS epilogue updated Pg 5 (Page 2)

sita_rama IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 May 2015 at 9:01am | IP Logged
Awesome prologue. Update soon.

faishar02 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 May 2015 at 12:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by aayu_26

Hey rosh welcome to the gang LOL
Very excited to read your story and new ideas are always welcomed Smile
Post jaldi se!
Btw I'm aayu introduce karna toh bhul hi gayi thi LOL
thanks. I wll post it by tomorrow
faishar02 Senior Member

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Originally posted by sita_rama

Awesome prologue. Update soon.
thanx. I ll update soon
faishar02 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 May 2015 at 12:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by rinall

Hey Rosh ! Hug
The prologue's really nice... Thumbs Up Please do continue with the story Big smile
surely I ll continue
faishar02 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 May 2015 at 12:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by poeple1234

Hi Rosh! welcome to MP forumHug... It's indeed good to have a new writer aroundParty... amazing prologue.. start soon... it seems like a nice storyBig smile
faishar02 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 May 2015 at 12:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by coderlady

Please continue. Looking forward to the story.
surely ll continue
faishar02 Senior Member

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Being in a Ball was literally awesome. Ball arranged by my friend, not some unknown Ball. There were so many pretty young ladies, some invited by my friend and some by her to-be husband. It was like a party before the wedding. Started by the couple who organized it, taking inspiration from them came up many couples on to the dance floor.

I was single though I have many girlfriends. I looked around and found a pretty, beautiful girl standing in the corner and waiting for someone to seek her hand. Wow! What a pretty dress- full length white colored one with sleeves around her arms and not on the shoulder and a bun on her head. I went to her and gave my hand and asked her if she would join me. She gave her hand in mine and we were on the dance floor. Slowly the music changed from Best Song Ever' to a romantic song... Never noticed, kept on dancing.

I felt as if I know her from years but could not figure it out. Lost in her beauty, her almond shaped eyes and simile that was 24/7 on her face made her more pretty. We had become the center of attraction. When the song was over my friend announced that it was time for a game, that's when we found out it was from last 7-8 we were dancing. We parted. She went off to the Ballroom balcony and I was with my friend.

Then went to take some fresh air on to the Ballroom balcony on the opposite to the balcony she was standing. She was talking with someone. She was angry on him but who was he. She was shouting on him and he went away. I thought how does it matter to me? So stood there and saw she was trying to suicide but why. I started shouting at her but no response. Then she backed out and went away. I thought for a minute why did she do this and left it.

Ball was over so we went away. The next day was also nice, I was shopping and checking suits for my friend's wedding. Then went to my room and slept off. Around afternoon my friends dropped in and took me with them to see a sharing accommodation. It was a retired man's house. He lived there with his wife. He told me some rules and gave me a room. During tea I asked him about his wife, he told me that she had Alzheimer disease. Then he told me to take her to a play about Jahangir and Noor Jahan two days after. I couldn't refuse so accepted to take her. I went to sleep early because it was my friend's wedding the following morning.

Next morning I went to the church and found her, her again. When the church's father started telling things the bride and groom had to follow after wedding. I went and sat in a bench. She sat in a bench adjacent to mine. We started talking with symbols.

With low voice I asked her What is your name?

She answered Aj-ab-de

She asked me mine and told her Pra-ta-p

Then I asked her, her number. She showed numbers with her finger


Soon I saved it and messaged her. She called me as soon as she got the number. There were two oldies sitting beside us and staring at us. It was awkward but still continued.

Ajabde, can you tell me about yourself?

Certainly, I am from Rajasthan and I am a Rajput. I am an architect and am going to Paris in five months. Why don't you tell me about you?

Ohh I am also a Rajput and am also from Rajasthan. I am a gamming designer. I am also going to America in five months and it's a dream come true. Can I ask you a personal question?

Yeah sure!

Bride's friends come on to the stage for a photograph said the photographer. Phone disconnected... I went to the stage and had participated in the photo. Groom's friends come on the stage for a photograph. She came to the stage and also participated in the photo. Then was a photo with all of us. Ajabde and I stood beside each other. Photo was taken and we came down the stage and started talking.

She reminded me

What were you going to ask me Mr. Pratap?

Oh yeah, I wanted ask you how do you feel about love?

Love cannot be described. What do you feel about marriages?

Marriages are completely a commitment to each other so it is not worth it. In love you can easily get out of the relationship but not in marriages.

Even I feel the same.

All departed so we also left.

I went to my paying house and cooked food and ate and went to bed. Just when I jumped on my bed, I got a call from my brother, Shakti asking me about my job and whether I am settled or not. After answer his question I pretended...

Bro signal is weak...

Can't hear you...

I kept the phone and tried to sleep. Call came and I being a lazy bugger did not check who it is and picked it up. Heard a girls voice, I guessed it to be one of my ex-girlfriends but it turned out to be Ajabde. I was surprised, ohk no wonder why did she call me at this time.

Hey! How are you Pratap? What are you doing?

I am fine. I am going to bed. You tell.

I am fine too. I am sitting with my lover.

Oh you are with your lover and you are calling me. Are you intending to breakup with him.

Hahaha I was not talking about a human. I was talking about my fishes.

Very funny you know

Don't get angry. You only misunderstood me.

Ohk ohk no worries

Ohk bye. Good night. Sweet dreams and don't let the bed bugs bite.

Bye and don't act like child. And good night.

She cut the phone and I went to sleep.

Next morning was boring but at office I was appreciated about my idea. When the head asked someone to give a plot for a game I gave my idea. I loved history so game was slightly based on it. I explained him the game. I started

The player is the prince. The game starts from a palace. He starts running and defeating his enemies in his own family and devils came in the name of angels. He continues to run out of the palace entering the city and kills spies of his enemies. He meets girl and falls for her. She too falls for him. He bids good bye to her and goes to continue his mission. He continues his mission of saving his motherland. He enters the Mughal Empire and defeats many sub-heads of the king. Now he is in his enemies' palace. Hid and seek he was playing. The king's most trusted men send men to challenge him. The challenge begins in a maze arena. They fight without weapons. Man's twin brother attacks from behind and the man from ahead. The prince cleverly defeats them and moves ahead. The king's regent challenges him again. Same way the prince defeats him too. He reaches the kings chamber and find's his love locked on to the chair. The king first challenges him to fight. His blood boils and there they both engage in fight. It continues, the fight gets more intense. The prince defeats the king with tricks and even his brains. Then he saves his Kanmani (apple of my eye). They share a hug. The game ends.

I then declared that this is the game and is called Rajputana 0.2

I ran home after this to take aunty and go to the play. She was ready. I went with her. It was completely boring though I loved history but Jahangir and Noor Jahan was something I knew. I slept there. I was taking her back home when I got a message from her. Why was I always feeling so excited when her message or call come. I answered the message and asked her thing. By then we reached home and I went to bed after dinner.

Next morning, I took an off from office and went to Ajabde's office and called her. She was according to me extremely happy, I asked her

Hey Ajabde, can we hang up at Caf the Coffee for a cup of coffee.

Oh yeah, surely. By the way where it is?

First, come out of the office.

She bid bye to her friend and came out. To her surprise I was standing there in front of her office.

Pratap, you?

Yes me. Ohk can we go and have a cup of coffee.


Then come on and sit behind me. (In a bike)

No no

How will you come then? I will leave you and go.

I don't know. Ohk fine I will come with you.

In the Caf the Coffee they order coffee

Pratap be quick.


Coz I have a train to catch in about an hour to my birth town.

But why and so suddenly.

I am going there for learning from the best architect of today.


Ohk then I will get going.

No wait I will drop you at your room.


We go to her room. Near the entrance, I felt like kissing her and I started to go ahead but clever girl she is she put her hand in between our lips.

Ohk bye

Bye and will meet you tomorrow. Is it ohk?

Ohk my Kanmani

I could easily understand that she was amazed when I called her Kanmani but did not express it. I rushed home and packed my clothes and went to the train station to board a train which my Kanmani was in. I entered the train and went directly to the coach in which she was sitting with her friends. I showed her symbols stating her to come near the door and went away. She rushed to my side and we were standing together in that small gap. We were very close.

Pratap, you and here.

Oh yeah, I wanted to spend some time with my Kanmani.

I am going to Rajasthan for my studies.

I know that.

Then why did you come, someone may see us.

No one will.

I am going back to my seat.

She left but I held her wrist and urged her to wait here only. She accepted. We stayed there the whole time. We reached Rajasthan and took an Autoriksha. It was damn awesome, open roof sitting close to each other and talking all the way. We reached the fort of Chittorgarh where the architect was waiting for them. She went away to study. She was good artist; I got to know when she sketched the fort. When her work was over I found her near a throne, curiously I asked her why was she sad. She replied

This was the throne about which my father used to tell stories about.

So Ajabde why are you sad

Here me once then you will understand.

Ohk tell me

My father used to love my mother a lot but my mother only loved his money, when my father made all the wealth in my mother's name she was no longer in mood to be with him and applied for divorce.

She started sobbing.

Then I was taken to the court and I was barely 5. I went there and was asked who do you love the most your mom or your dad. As always I chose my mom. There and then I was separated from my dad.

But what is the relation between the throne and your father.

Pratap this throne was my father's favorite and he lived with it after divorce. He took care of it like it was his son/daughter. Then only I had decided that I will never marry.

I am sorry because of me you had to cry. I am sorry.

No its ohk.

Ohk come with me.

I held her wrist by my hand and took her to Meera Bai's Temple there. I had planned something special already.

We came there. I told her to close her eyes and took out something from my pocket. I sat down on my knees and told her to open her eyes. She was surprised to see me like that.

What the hell are you doing out there?

I love you. Do you?

OMG. Is it a dream or reality, I love you Pratap.

I was jumping all over here and there, no no not only me she also. Wow I proposed her that too in a place where Lord's Krishna's lover was believed to have stayed. And more than anything the answer was yes.

We left the place and went to railway station but the train had left already. I went and asked the station master when the next train was. The answer was next morning. We had to manage but how. I too her with me to the bus station but found out that there was no bus services from there to Mumbai. So we went to a restaurant and ordered food. I told her that I will go and book a room in the nearby lodge. She accepted and I went.

Ajabde there is a problem.


Actually here is only one room in that lodge.

Then we can try out some other lodge.

That is also a problem.


There is no lodge anywhere nearby. All are 10-12 mile far.

Then what do we do.

Only option is to take that room and stay in there for a night. I will sleep in the couch and you can sleep in the bed.


Let's go and take the room.

We go and take the room. We enter the room. She changes into a beautiful night suit with the upper portion like a tang top and lower portion like a skirt but in full length. It looked very beautiful on her. I saw her and started a playing Game of Music, a game designed by me. She asked me what I was doing. I called her a told her to sing a song. She started and I got to know that she was even a good singer. She started dancing and even I started dancing. We had a lot of fun.

Precap- Romance 

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Beautiful update, Rosh ! 

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