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Reliving the iconic Sujal Garewal- Dominance in Love <3 -UPDATED (Page 69)

.SoHu. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 June 2015 at 12:02am | IP Logged
Dexy: even I have a feeling he will. Gosh. I was discussing with some of my other friends and all of us feel that kabir's alcoholic ways do have a role to play in all this. What compelled him to stop drinking? 
Tell me one thing did it look like he was guilty of something?
Maybe telling ananya about her Father's death was a way to push her away from all the impending danger. May be kabir doesn't want her to know much about her dad. I don't know. Things are pretty confusing at the moment. I hope we get a monologue soon :/

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.SoHu. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 June 2015 at 12:04am | IP Logged
And about the article, I loved the way aamna said she wishes to debut opposite rajeev.. Such an awww moment for me. God bless their friendship. How I wish it was more than friendship. Lol. But chalo jo bhi ho raj-aamna should get paired super soon. I would be in the heavens then.

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.SoHu. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 June 2015 at 12:06am | IP Logged
Thanks for the pics swetha :')
But kashish looked absolutely hideous in those gaudy clothes and makeup. No wonder she was that creep's wife then -.-

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Swetha-Sai IF-Addictz

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Posted: 12 June 2015 at 2:49am | IP Logged

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..Lekha.. Senior Member

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Interview with Rajeev-Aamna

Interview with Rajeev-Aamna

Sunday, October 22, 2006 | 12:00:00 AM IST (+05:30 GMT) 
 26 Comments | 34014 Views | Copyright:

Now Rajeev and Aamna you are here to prove yourself as a team and a jodi as you know there are many competing for the title of Adam and Eve of the television industry on India-Forums but you are the only on screen pair I heard giving the real life jodi a solid takkar. So as a token we give you 5 points in your score baaki ke 15 points aap ko aur aap ke partner ko mil ke kamaane hai to chaliye suru kartein hai I-F jodi dhamaka.


My 1st question is who among the two of you,you think would be more with remote control and keep changing channels on the television is it you or is it Aamna?

Rajeev: Me.

If you are to drive people crazy, who would be better at this skill?

Rajeev: Driving people crazy I guess Aamna.

What does she do?

Rajeev: Aamna is crazy herself in her real life and she does this specially with her close ones, when it comes to the professional world it is like close kind of a person but when comes to the close ones she makes them crazy with actually non sensible and idiotic and stupid and funny jokes which she herself doesnt understand. I just remember the memories that I have that Aamna she cannot even narrate a joke and cannot tell the joke in the group of people because she herself laugh so much and we all laugh along with it because she is laughing and we all enjoy the joke which we don't understand but she is laughing so she is that crazy.

If we have to term one of you as mirchi kis ko yeh title jyada suit karega Rajeev jyada tikha hai ya Aamna?

Rajeev: Aamna bahut tikhi hai. Aamna ko convince karna unko please karna kisi pahaad ko hilaane ke barabar hai. She is very particular with lot of thing and it is so difficult to please this girl I think a crazy guy can only turn her funny can actually be a friend or it is very difficult to please her.

Is Rajeev bahut sidha sadha?

Rajeev: Ya Rajeev actually is a very sidha sadha guy but it depends who is measuring Rajeev I think sidha sadha kaun hota hai aaj kal ke jamane mein I prefer being sidha sadha.

But you drive girls mad, kya ho raha hai Mr.sidha sadha?

Rajeev: No I don't know myself I want to discover and I want to ask them, I wonder I am a very ordinary kind of person and I think because I am ordinary thats why they like me.

Lets say you guys have to sky dive from an Himalaya mountain who the two of you will be more daring and will be the thrilling guy. I mean aap dono mein se kaun jyada daringand sporty hai?

Rajeev: Any day Rajeev Khandelwal. Aamna is very comfortable to go to Malaysia, and Dubai, Singapore and Bangkok but obviously for shopping she only thinks of bags and perfumes and dresses and Mr.Khandelwal only thinks of mountains and rivers and jumping in the water and diving I am a total adventure freak kind of person. There was a time last year I was planning a group trip for river rafting and by the end of it only I went for it and Aamna just went is for a shopping mall.

Does she drags you for shopping activity?

Rajeev: Yes when we both were shooting in Malaysia and Dubai I remember this both city,everyone were shooting together in Dubai and she told me before leaving from Mumbai that please carry minimum stuff because when we come back I will have that much of stuff so what we will do is I will have excess baggage so I will put it in your baggage. It was so funny but she is brilliant when she comes back from village she doesn't carry a stuff because every thing has to be cargo every thing comes in car because she shops that much.

Suppose you guys have to eat 10 to 8 plates of pani puri non stop, who do you think will enjoy this competition more into the few, gol gape kis ko jyada pasand hai?

Rajeev: Aamna would not just enjoy this, she will win it hands down and gol gapa, pani puri andbatata vada and chaat and vada paw and all these things I think Aamna's favorite I guess.

Aap ka kya favorite hai?

Rajeev: I eat very healthy food she looks so pretty people must be thinking that Aamna bahut hi acha diet follow karti hogi she is so slim maintain karti hogi, I am sure that most of them must have the mind that she must be walking on the morning ye nahi khana woh nahi khana. Aamna eats all the junk food. I am health conscious. I prefer eating home cooked and fresh food, food that have some nutrition value in it.


My 1st question is from the two of you who do you think would be more with there remote control and keep changing channel on the television?

Aamna: Rajeev without seeing it is that have never come across.

Who among the two drive people crazy who would be better at this skill?

Aamna: I think its me.

I mean how do you do that?

Aamna: I directly do, Rajeev have to tell me stop it because he is the quiet one and I keep on talking and talking.

If we have to term one of you as mirchi kaun hai jisko yeh title jyada suit karega kaun hai tikha mirchi aap dono mein se?

Aamna: I think Rajeev to kahega ki main hoon. Mere khayaal se main hi hoon.

Lets say you guys have to sky dive from an Himalaya mountain who of the two of you will be more daring and will be the thrilling guy?

Aamna: Rajeev he loves those kind of things more than me I am very scare of height.

My last question for the 1st round is suppose you guys have to eat 10 to plates of pani puri non stop, who do you think will enjoy this completion more into of you gol gape kis ko jyada pasand hai?

Aamna: Aamna ko.

Round 2.

My 1st question for this round is if you could dance to a song for Aamna what song would you like to dance on?

Rajeev: I remember when we go to the dance floor only she is who dance I just try to match her steps and try to keep her company. She hates me as a partner when she is dancing. I would dance probably if I have to dance I will on sapne me milti hai oh kuri mere sapne mai milti hai.Only I can do it in front of Aamna she is so good and I feel complexed doing tapori in front of her.

If Rajeev you were a chatpata item like bhel puri, batata wada etc. what item you would be?

Rajeev: I will associate myself with mirchi wada jo Rajasthan mein milta hain Jodhpur mein aurJaipur ka famous hai mirchi wada.

If you would take Aamna to the theater to watch one movie any movie which movie would you like to see with her?

Rajeev: I want to see with her a particular movie or something. I will not want to watch horror movie with her because she is a horror movie freak she can't stay alone woh raat ko akale kamare mai nahi so sakti. Aksar logo ko pata rahta hai ki do log ek ghar mai ek sath rahte hai aur sath mai soti hai.She can't travel alone she is very scared of things but favorite are horror films obviously a horror movie she will watch the film and hide her self in a blanket and call people in the room that she is watching a horror film. So I would rather watch a romantic film with her aur may be a film like Koi Mil Gaya. Hritik's film that have some content. I enjoy watching those with her and I am not a movie bob so if I would get a chance I would like to watch koi mil gaya. I love that film.

If Aamna have to cook one dish for you what dish do you think she will cook? Is she good at cooking?

Rajeev: Oh nahi I don't know what she will cook because I hope she doesn't attempt also. She didn't know what are the ingredient for a great cup of tea probably she will make far me I think she can not make a roti she cant make any thing for me.

So you will cook for her?

Rajeev: No I don't. when she is shooting and she ask for food from my house I mean whatever lunch she make she make a stuff for her so generally I cook she loves the way I make kicharishe ask me for the kichri ki agar tum ne banae hai to let me try. Aamna sarif what will she make for me.

What will she make?

Rajeev: She can not make any thing for me she will rather make order something for me. I really cant ans that but I think cup of tea is one thing that he will attempt to make for me.

What is one word of phrase that that Aamna repeat in a day? Kaun sa word aur phrase hai jo woh har wakt kahti rahti hai?

Rajeev: Oh no problem ho gayi hai. Aamna I say I am very unhappy then she say oh ho, that's what she says oh ho. I think oh ho is the thing she beside I don't think that she have any takiya kalam she keeps repeating the whole day.

If Rajeev have a opportunity to dance for you which song it will be?

Aamna: Thora sa pyaar hua hai.

If Rajeev would be any chat pata item phel puri watata wada what you thing he will be?

Aamna: I think batata wada. He love eating it.

If Rajeev would take you to the theater one movie any movie old or new which movie would you wants to see with him?

Aamna: Sholay. My favorite.

Tell us Aamna what kind of movie you would like to watch?

Aamna: I love watching horror movies.

If you have to cook one dish for Rajeev what dish do you think you would cook for him?

Aamna: I would cook fish for him or some good boil vegetable.

So how good are you in cooking, are you nice?

Aamna: I like it I love it. I will not say that I am a great cook ya but I am ordinary.

What did you think Rajeev will cook for you?

Aamna: Something in chicken because he knows that I love chicken.

What is one word of phrase that Rajeev uses most in a day, aesa kaun sa word hai joRajeev ka takiya kalam hai?

Aamna: I think he uses "how am I looking?". He is really conscious and I keep a mirror ready for him he have the habbit of looking in it.

What is one word that Aamna uses most?

Aamna: Aamna uses whenever I talk to him what else. He is like told you the whole story and I am like what else.

Round 3: Dus Bahane.

Now come to our final round which is called dus bahane no chinta mat kegeye we will not compare you to Abhishek all you have to do is give us 5 bahane why Rajeev and Aamana are such a good jodi on screen jetne bahane match karage utne points milege. Start list in your bahana?

Rajeev: Pahala hoga ki we both are professional jab aap professional hote hai to you are she is being a great professional in her attitude and so have I been. Secondly I think we both have been pretty honest in our performances she is being very honest and I m being very honest. Thirdly as a human being we are very simple believes we have in our life not complicated we have simple believes another bahana I would say that of course we are good looking. I mean she make me look good with her and she is pretty herself.We both look good in the serial so I think her tenderness her beauty and her sense her freshness complements with all my draw backs and some how it looks good pair onscreen. I would say all my draw backs and another thing why we look good on screen is we are very comfortable with each other. We don't have any error we don't have any show that's why I don't know we still look good or not together in screen but whatever I have done with her I think we look good because we are very comfortable with each other w have a lot of comfort level while doing the thing. I guess so you know I came to Mumbai and the type of girl she was I didn't speak to her for 6 months a typical Mumbai girl and Mr. khandelwal from a small town so because you can really match up to their sandals but its nice that this woman is not a woman of Mumbai or Delhi but is a simple women and I discovered a nice girl in her and I and I thought that all I thought were my draw backs. She started look like making them my strength I said oh great.

I want you to give us 5 bahanas why Rajeev and Aamna looks so good as a jodi?

Aamna: 1st would be we are comfortable with each other 2nd would be sense of eyes because my eyes only show Rajeev and his eyes shows Aamna, 3rd would be we look good together 4th would be the kind of nature we have and 5th would be Aamna and Rajeev both were supposed to kashi my destiny and we look good thats the biggest thing.

Hello everyone I am back with the result of Rajeev Aamana I think most of you have guessed right in the wild card entry but it seems every one cannot guess it now back to diwali dhamaka they did very well. It seems that Rajeev talks more about Aamna and vice versa, dono ne ek doosre ke barein mein bahut saari batein batayi hai Rajeev said that Aamna cannot cook. Aamna says that she can cook well. Well our wild card entry got 14 out of 20 at the diwali dhamaka episode.

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Originally posted by Sweet_wish

How I wish these two were a coupleDay Dreaming

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Home  ENTERTAINMENT  EDITOR'S PICK  Top 15 Classic Love Stories of Indian TV - In Pics

Top 15 Classic Love Stories of Indian TV - In Pics

Sep 4, 2014

The beauty of a classic tale is that no matter how much time passes, a classic tale will remain with you. Likewise are the yesteryear television tales. Making their way from the screens straight into the hearts of viewers, these show have become legendary. Here are top 15 classic love stories of Indian TV.

Rajeev Khandelwal and Aamna Shariff as Sujal Kashish in Kahiin To HogaRajeev Khandelwal and Aamna Shariff as Sujal Kashish in Kahiin To Hoga

Kahiin Toh Hoga

Rajeev Khandelwal and Aamna Shariff starrer Kahiin Toh Hoga became a sensational hit days after it first aired on screen. The leads were so loved as Sujal and Kashish that when Rajeev Khandelwal called it quits for the show, fans went haywire. Time has passed and its been 9 years since Rajeev Khandelwal's Sujal took an exit from the show, however, the love story is still remembered by millions of viewers.

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