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Reliving the iconic Sujal Garewal- Dominance in Love <3 -UPDATED (Page 43)

DexterRocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 June 2015 at 10:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by .SoHu.

Omg. Do I see this thread open? *pinches myself*
Yaaayaieee. Where's the party dexyHug

the party is in R&G, in sujal's cabin, where Archie is decorating with flowers, Akshat is fixing the music, Kashish sitting on Sujal's lap and both are quoting the figures for their next contract , under holy piyush's harwala tasveer Big smile

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DexterRocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 June 2015 at 10:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by pearl.white

Originally posted by DexterRocks

Originally posted by pearl.white

Originally posted by DexterRocks

[QUOTE=pearl.white][QUOTE=DexterRocks] [QUOTE=pearl.white]@Dexter

How I wish that his holiness had not left the mortal world!
Sujal could have left Shimla, and Kashish would have started yearning for him...
She could have been deprived of every single info about Sujal after this point.
She should have earnestly and genuinely missed his presence around her.
She would have tried to make her marriage work and fail spectacularly.
For all her efforts into her marriage were for showing Sujal that she can live happily without him and with his withdrawl, she would be listless and unmotivated. She would have no desire to do anything and could slowly grow desolate n desparate for him. For her heart had always desired him, no matter how much she denied.
Piyush finally realising that he could not gasp onto the straws of his breaking marriage and divorcing her. Even he shall have no motive to keep up the facade of his marriage once Sujal leaves.
Also, laddoo going bankrupt and the entire clan realising Sujal's importance.

After the divorce, Kashish can make a the efforts in the world to search Sujal n woo him back!!

See, I began rambling again...
Anyways, yes the cvs had recognised the jackpot they had hit with Sujal and they truly excavated it at the cost of butvhering Piyush Kashish. Otherwise Piyush could have been characterised like Ajay in Hum dil de chuke Sanam without reducing Sujal's importance.

pearl, do you even think that the holy couple would have an ounce of desire to meet sujal again, no infact they would again find some unknown faults in sujal's leaving shimla and find him out to accuse him for something that happened with them in sujal's absence. kashish would believe every driver, chaprasi, bar dancer and slap sujal and piyush would salute kashish and my sujal would have to go back and drown himself in misery again.

when she could not treasure him even after his death and just after 3 months of his death tells i love you to plastic tushar, what do you expect that she would yearn for him in his lifetime ? no sweety, that is kashish for you.

thank god piyush was not anther ajay from HDDCS, because Ajay's character there was a gem, he was a man of dignity and true virtues, and inact true love, he did not believe in winning nandini over sameer, whereas piyush is a loser and spineless to prove it to sujal that sujal has lost his lady to him and in style, like who on earth does that ? Piyush was worser than kashish, because kashish knew sujal for a month or two and misjudged him but piyush was his childhood buddy and still he inflicted so much suffering upon sujal ?

the worst as i always say was declaring about the cosummation, no man in this earth even a drop of blood filled with self respect and decency would do that, especially with so much pride.

and yes, ekta knew she just could not reduce sujal's importance, for once she could reduce kashish into a loser but not sujal, and once she wanted to Rjeev left and she did whatever she wanted with her plastic tushar

I sometimes tend to expect too much from the holy couple. Agreed that Kashish would trust any Tom, Dick n Harry on the streets save Sujal. But seriously, I dont think that PK marriage would have survived had Sujal vanished from the scene!!
Kashish's stubborness to make her marriage work rooted from the Sujal's stubborness to prove her wrong.
Everything that happened in PK lives' was a direct or undirect consequence of Sujal's actions.
Otherwise I doubt that the holy virgin would hv ever allowed. Piyush within 10 feet distance of her.
Everytime she spoke of Piyush , Sujal involutarily entered in her conversations be it in her demeaning him or comparing him with his holiness. Piyush was never a separate entity in her eyes; it was always like"Piyush bohut acche hai, aur Sujal bohut bura". She never solely praised Piyush, she had to bash. Sujal alongwith.

As Sujal had rightfully said that whether her eyes are raised for prayers or whether they drop down in disgust, her eyes shall forever stay on Sujal. Her everything was intertwined with Sujal much she could deny.
So I believe that the marriage would never survive had Piyush lived and Sujal left.

Piyush - how can we even call him a man!! He was way too sanskaari for thos world!!
He was the Creep Lord. Period.

Ajay in Hddcs was so intense. Raj can play this character to T. The silent, dark brooder made me forget the handsome Sameer in the second half of the movie. This is one story where all the three leads were correct in their places and none was butchered to glorify another. Had Nandini gone to Sameer, even that ending is appealing to me becoz I was never able to decide that Nandini returned to Ajay for love or for repaying his favours??
I love the way you describe PK marriage, i can never do that because i have hardly ever observed them with so much attention. and i so much agree with you, she was so full of sujal in her head and heart, be it in a negative way or positive way, the way he affected her was deadly. remember even his single touch would fire bullets at her, and how she hated to get so much vulnerable at his proximity, for major parts she used to calm down herself by saying that she is somebody else's wife, and i some times feel any woman at her place would never think straight because she had to maintain the sanctity of the bond of marriage and for maintaining a social honor she had to kill the woman in her, the woman who could be revolted by only one man, his everything would affect her and as she used to say sujal is like fire, he burns her .

one of their interactions in 65th episode, kashish indirectly accuses sujal of trying to frame piyush, and sujal indirectly tells her that his only regret is that she never understood his love, and the way kashish looks at him, i felt that she would go and burrow her head in his chest to control herself, but no she was someone else's wife and she truns back and tells him that her every prayer, every desire, evey smile and every tears has his name written over it and how she does not want to disrespect the same man, sujal was secured and securely stunned also, and he asks her that " do you still love me " ?. Kashish looks at him, drops a tear, turns back again and says NO, and leaves and Sujal felt fire crackers in his heart because her indirect Yes was screaming loudly in his ears, he was filled with some regressive joy that how to mourn over such love because she is somebody else's wife, bt how to be happy as she is again somebody else's wife. So the moral of the story was kashish always kept him in her fist by letting him know that she loved him always, he affected her always, but her marriage was the villain here and therefore sujal was proud and blind to not abandon his love and declare and charge up for it unless he breaks down seeing her cosummate and learns that yeah finally that was the real betrayal she gave him.

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DexterRocks IF-Dazzler

Joined: 14 January 2012
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Posted: 05 June 2015 at 10:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by .SoHu.

Originally posted by pearl.white

Originally posted by DexterRocks

Originally posted by pearl.white

Originally posted by DexterRocks

Originally posted by pearl.white

Originally posted by DexterRocks

i watched episode 273 , and huh Kashish hallucinates sujal kissing her, she felt seduced when he carried her in his arms and later when he puts balm on his feet, this should have been dragged for 2 episodes at least, it is a pleasure when sujal unknowingly seduces kashish and makes it tough for her to control her desires .
KTH was again the only show which focused so much on seduction, and physical proximity, be it sujal or kashish they loved each other and also needed each other for the kind of physical attraction they had, applies for both.

I always loved the pace and flow of Kth..
The physical desires and attraction of Sujal n Kashish was portrayed in such a natural manner, not something obnoxious that pious beings cannot engage into..
I told u before also both the consummations were very much a part of the story, not forced or added or pretentious!!
Even the PK consummation {as stupid it was} contributed to the progress of the storyline!!


i loved how sujal-kashish cosummation was shown in parts, with the natural flow of the story, it was not added to raise TRPs or anything, but shown at the best point, i don't think that the cosummation could be shown at a better point than it was already shown in the show.

moreover, as you said they maintain a very thin line between going creepy and keeping everything natural, for example the bed burning sequence and the follow up scene i sujal's office, sujal all restless imagining kashish with somebody else in the bed, it had high chances of going creepy, but it was not, infact it fitted so well with the story and i am sure nobody had problem with that, and same goes for kashish when there are several occasions she is seduced in sujal's proximity and how well they developed it, and those CVs made swayam enter the picture with the hope that some day swayam and kashish will marry to save sujal from jail.

CVs had taken kashish for a gamble kya, she considers herself as a piyush widow, gets seduced and hormonal at sujal's touch, and would marry swayam for some stupid reason ?ConfusedROFL

Bang on dear!!
I doubt that there has ever been a show on indian television where the consummation actually forms a part of the story.
Kth was really different and innovative.
I so wish that more parts for SK consummation could be show.
Love has never been portrayed in such a heartfelt manner as Suhal kussed his lady love's tears and drank all her sorrows. His last hug in epi 281 was so desparate and filled with yearning yet he had surrendered his all in that one moment that I have no words to describe it.

I can never figure out what was Cvs deal on kashish- leave her be!!

Reminds of another ekta show!! Talking of consummations,I had seen the promo of Ram kapoor n Sakshi's much hyped, trp inducing gimmick they called as the consummation of the century!! I seriously wanted to purge out my eyeballs to get rid of the horrible sight of ekta's "mature live story"...

you know there are reasons why Sujal-Kashish is still hailed as the best balaji love story till date . If she kissed his wounds, then he kissed her tears, such lethal and passionate moments these were , and while she kisses his wounds, i could see a reluctant sujal there, not because he did not want to commit himself in a physical cosummation with her but because he had been waited a lot for this moment, and it was heart breaking for him to see kashish cry out for him, and seeing his injured condition, he was not moved or baffled but in grief, because after ages he was feeling her love, he felt that she also loves him as much as he loved her.

And when she hugs him, and clings herself to him, all sujal could do is try and stop her emotions because by that time he was a happy man, happy that he could save her life and he did not wnat kashish to feel guilty about it.

About Ram-Sakshi cosummation, well the less i say is better, pearl i don't think so something like that was or will be my cup of tea, i never liked forced passion or intimacy induced, unless its felt naturally. Sujal-kashish was natural, and for the nth time i am saying it.

Wow... A lethal and pasionate love story...
Dexter u surely have a way with words! The way u put Sujal- Kashish's love story into words is indescribalbe!!
Sujal ke zakhmo par ashq kashish ke bahe the!!
But Sujal was one such eternal lover that he never wanted a rear to escape her eyes- even if the tear was expressing his pain.
He must have been happy that he had earned battle scars while saving his love without whom his life was meaningless and she waa guilty and greived for being the reason of his wounds as well as being considered as much more precious that his own life.
Afterall he had endured all the pain in the world to stop those tears and yet they were shed for his sake.
Such a bittersweet irony!!
Can we please please please get Rajeev in another fatal love story with Amna??

And one more fatal love story with raj and amna would give me a fatal heart attackROFL
For sujal the biggest scars were kashish's tears. Physical pain inflicted on his body hardly held any importance to him. One drop of tear from her eyes and this man would go boom. MAD is the word!
Now how many lovers do you find like that? I guess the number is in negatives.LOL

Raj-Amna pairing up and making atleast one onscreen baby , that is my only wish . I so wanted to see a baby calling Raj-amna papa-mumma onscreen.

kashish herself tells to plastic tushar that how one drop of tear from her eyes could make her sujal ruin this world, and now how nobody cares about her grief after sujal has passed away. My heart was like finally woman, at least you understood how he felt when you abandoned him and gave him a living isolation 

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pearl.white Goldie

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Posted: 05 June 2015 at 11:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by .SoHu.

I have a question for all of you here. What do you feel had happened if kashish was like ananya? I mean how it would have changed sujal-kashish's love story?

Kashish being like Ananya... Which aspect of Ananya are u hinting towards?? Can u explain more??
Bcoz these days, I m feeling really disconnected with Ananya's character!! She is acting in a very stupid n impulsiveanner in the kidnap track..

But I've loved Ananya in the beginning. She was independent, a bit sassy n smart.
So if this Ananya had been in Kashish's place, she would have broken up her engagement with Piyush for her OWN sake and made Sujal work really hard to win her affections back...
And if the disasterous PK marriage does not take place, the whole storyline changes!!

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Posted: 05 June 2015 at 11:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by DexterRocks

Originally posted by pearl.white

Originally posted by DexterRocks

Originally posted by pearl.white

Originally posted by DexterRocks

Originally posted by pearl.white

Originally posted by DexterRocks

Originally posted by pearl.white

Originally posted by DexterRocks

Pearl, Ronnie is in for a serious heart break but before that Kabir might just fix everything and never let Ananya think about a love affair with himDisapprove

Ronnie is doomed from the beginning... whether he engages or not into a love affair with Ananya.
The cvs have really portrayed him in a beautiful manne, he is such a genuine friend and I dont want the bind between Ananya n him to break. He really cares for her. And he is in fir a huge heartbreak.
But I think that simehow things will change once Kabir- Ananya will fall in love.

yes Ronnie is a darling, and seeing him rejected would be a tough watch, and i just hope he does not turn against kabir knowing Ananya loves kabir, i cannot handle that muchOuch

I dont think Ronnie would be shown as immature to go against Kabir but somehow the dynamics between Ananya n Ronnie would change. Ronnie with his broken heart and unexpressed love might retreat into a shell and distance. himself from Ananya!! If this happens, I will really miss their precious friendship.
I simply love how he is there in her life as a constant, steady support, how beautifully he cares for her n her family!
Ronnie is too sweet . Loved how his character is being shaped up.

Call me biased but had it been any other actor except Rajeev portraying Kabir, I would have strongly shipped Ronnie - Ananya!
I n real life, I would have taken a Ronnie over Kabir anyday!!

in usual cases Ronnie is the best option she has , but because destiny has other plans .
otherwise we would never see kashish going with piyush too, or sujal ruining everything for a single woman, everything is so unreasonable when it comes to love, i do feel so much for Ronnie, but may be because kabir has not shown his part of angst and intensity yet, because when he throws up his love, another sujal and Rajveer will be born .Wink

I really wish that the makers live upto the expectations and Kabir is given a strong and intense backstory. They have the brilliant Rajeev who can easily manage to portray anything and I really hope that Kabir's intensity and angst, as and when revealed is good enough to make me blind towards everybody !!

Ronnie shall remain a strong asset of the show. I really want to see Raj portraying someone like Ronnie someday, a character without any baggages n issues, living life as it comes!!
you are taking words from my mouth now, how i wished i could see Rajeev enact a role where he would love living the life he has, free of bagagges and guilt .
the reporters team i great, and so far they have been very good too, but yet a lot depends on kabir and his backstory and hopefully it will meet our expectations, otherwise trust Rajeev, he will make it watchable at least . But seeing Ronnie, i do feel he has an important part to play in the story

Raj has this intensity in his smouldering eyes that he can portray any damn emotion without uttering a single word. Those eyes have a tale of their own.
Even the writers and cvs cannot resist but give him a meaty role with thousands of layers that it is never fully possible to delve into. But it would be a treat to see him enacting carefree n full of life.
But he has so much depth that doing a plane vanilla character would be an injustice""

The reason I ship Ronnie- Ananya is that somewhere I feel that Anaya wont be able to handle Kabir!
She is way too childish and after watching the kidnap track I may take on the offence of calling her stupid and highly irritating. I mean, who in the world shouts and fights with the goons who hv held u at a gunpoint??
A 16 yr old will behave in a better manner and keep their cool.
It never seems like Ananya has been in the big bad world of journalism for 2 yrs and yet she is going all preachy infront of the goons. Babes, a word of caution: They are illiterate rogues who understand guns!!
And to top of it she keeps on calling Kabir names. He is the only one she can trust there and chalk out an escape plan with, if she is able to cool down a bit!!What does she expect from kabir!! That he would fight like a filmy hero!! Blasphemous!!

I love Kabir. The character has me intrigued since the first epi and continues to enthrall me .
Even though nothing major has been revealed about him yet I can easily understand his thought processes.
Kabir Sharma is amazing and as Sohu says sex sex sex!!!
The way he is dealing with the kidnap situation with a cool head reminds me of Rajveer. Even his clothes are similar to the casuals Rajveer used to wear.
Kabir Sharma is too complicated for Ananya. A Ronnie is what she needs.
Right now, I am watching the show only for Kabir!!

wow, and i felt i was the only me who felt disconnected and kind of alienated to Ananya. Pearl for me , KaYa is not happening at all, i just can watch kabir for all my life, but shipping KaYa is not coming our involuntarily from my head, i am forcing myself to connect dots of Ananya and i keep failing.

since the Mahi track started, Ananya's character went for a toss, and i strictly disliked the party sequence and even the follow up sequences, she still does not have guilt of misbehaving with her boss being drunk and is sulking for something which infact every boss does.

i cannot buy everything in the name of immaturity and innocence, there has to be a balance, because she is not a teen, she is a journalist and should not behave like a school girl.

Kabir is a blend of sujal and Rajveer, i am happy if he is half intense and selfless as sujal and Rajveer.

U stole words out of my mouth dear!! I am extremely dissatisfied with the way Ananya's character is being shaped up. The supporting cast of Reporters is amazing!! Right from Khalid, Malvika, Ronnie to Richa, Armaan n Ananya's mom!!
Then why being inconsistent with Ananya!!
Even today she ran back for the locket impulsively and got shot!!

Kabir is a star!! The man simply makes u melt!! The way he stared at her when she slept on his shoulder, his amusement n his absolute devastation at her being shot... he is perfect!! Cvs have brilliantly crafted him!
And when those stupid goons had injured him, I was completely riled up!!

And I dont want kabir to be a wee bit SELFLESS and pull out a Sujal or Rajveer!!
The only reason I ship reluctantly ship KaYa is becoz I want Raj to have the girl for once and not sacrifice her and have his happily ever after!! I swear that if this time he does not get the girl, I might seriously cause some damage to my tv screen!! Angry

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Originally posted by DexterRocks

Originally posted by paradigm

Thanks for the PM Dexter!
Even i want Kabir's back-story to be perfect. Given that it's a limited episodes series I am not sure if they'll be able to portray a complex relationship with his wife successfully!

but i so want a good build up and backstory with his wife, 5 -10 episodes at least, Rajeev is so good in such sequences that i hope they utilize his strength as an actor

Same here!! Atleast 3 episodes should be solely dedicated to Kabir n Shreya's relation n what exactly went wrong!!

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Posted: 05 June 2015 at 12:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by DexterRocks

Originally posted by pearl.white

Originally posted by DexterRocks

Originally posted by pearl.white

[QUOTE=DexterRocks] [QUOTE=pearl.white][QUOTE=DexterRocks] [QUOTE=pearl.white][QUOTE=DexterRocks] [QUOTE=pearl.white]et shed tears for his pain.

yes everything in the world would be easy but not decoding sujal's supposed so called selfish love, in his own terms. and even kashish called him selfish, LMAO
It is again to his credit that he was such a gem in hiding his true self to the world, where he would appear as ruthless and brutal, powerful and destructive but was equally such a savior of everything in his own ways, be it kashish's reputation or her dignity, nobody other than him could value it and treasure it

Kashish was best during her inner turmoils and conflicts, esp when she reads his diary, for a moment i had thought that his diary would clarify her misunderstanding as he clearly wrote that how he could never see piyush dying and how its a curse seeing his kashish colorless, but no she goes back to revenge mode after that night.

Amna playing kabir's wife is a wish which is too good to be true , and knowing how his wife has wronged him, it would be once again such a treat seeing these two create something like that again. but we ain't so lucky pearl

What an irony that in a world where people are constantly trying to show their good mighty qualities; this obnoxious jerk kept on hiding every good he ever did and kept on exaggerating his bad qualities along with window dressing his good deeds as bad ones!!

And Kashish- the moronic lady was blind , deaf and dumb when it came to proofs regarding Sujal's innocence!!
She knew that every word written in the diary was true, she never doubted that. She also knew. that Sujal never does anything for people's sake. He always favors the bitter truth.
Yet after reading the soul piercing words in the diary, she could not comprehend that Sujal was not the murderer!!
A direct confrotation between Sujal kashish was necessary here.
But in order to cover her own weakness of the night, she goes back in revenge mode.
She could hv directly asked Sujal on the morning of Piyush's barsi!!
For even she always knew that Sujal would hv accepted the truth..

You know that if Amna plays Kabir's ex wife, majority would go on shipping for Kabir to reunite with Amna!!
Not many would ship KaYa in such a scenario gor Raj Amna create sheer magic onscreen. Also unnecessary fan gights will start!!

Kashish definitely was blind and obsessed in her revenge , she truly felt him and his love after reading his diary, and it was crystal clear from his diary that neither he killed piyush, and nor did he want to snatch her for himself, and that is one of the major reasons that she sleeps with him that night, yes his physical wounds damaged her emotions but his diary was the fuelling factor and catalyst here. then how come the same woman does not even wait but just after one day gets him arrested for the fraud case which she plotted against him ?

Do you think that Kashish immediately does it so that she could free herself from the thoughts and embarrassment and guil that she slept with sujal ? otherwise why could not she wait for a week, a month ? what was the hurry ? Moreover, she knew that he was physically weak after the accident and that was not a good timing to get him imprisoned. Also while he gets arrested she was unable to face the situation, she notices that he is silently going with the police and does not defend himself, and that killed her, she moves from the site and unable to face sujal when he looks at her while leaving with the police.

These moments were the best ones to describe kashish, her struggle to free herself from him, was too much of a lost battle by then, even when he is in jail, she feels him both physically and in every form, but that stupid photo of holy piyush makes her mad again.

Her heart knew that sujal is not a killer and how much selfless he was, her soul was already his but her stupid head and the ego was so much bruised that she chose to ignore the visible and transparent truth and believed in something which was baseless.

Sujal being sujal , all he needed was read the guilt in kashish's eyes, that night he did understand when he observed her , he did 2+2 and understood that well the accident and now his arrest was all her ploy and that is why he was silent just to testify her , he wanted to see that how much truthful the woman can be towards his love, and he also was satisfied once he saw that more than being happy all she could convey was guilt and sheer insensitivity for the whole situation, he knows kashish like the writer knows his book, no wonder he tells her that " aaj bhi tum mujhse nazre mila ke jhooth nahi bol sakti kashish ".. That was such a blow to her big headed ego, she felt so angry that how the hell does this man even know that i am trying to lie and all i do is to satisfy my own ego

Yes Amna playing shreya opposite kabir will only mean a world war three between KaYa and RajNa fans, because i am surely a RajNa fan, and i wish such myths would come true.

The diary had her bawling for Sujal.. I actually expected her to react in a sane manner the morning after!
But the fated day had to be his holiness' barsi n widwa took over kashish!! Sometimes it seemed like Kashish had multiple personality disorder: the holy avenging widwa, the hormonal Sujal's wife, the woman going crazy in Sujal's love... gosh!!
But the diary should have made the wheels in her brain rotate..

I strongly think that Kashish got Sujal arrested the very next day to cover up her own weakness!!
Otherwise I feel that she would hv waited n gathered more lroofs n framed Sujal for a murder as well as fraud case.
Cvs really butchered Kashish. Else the Kashish who had been so guilty for getting Sujal arrested that she was unable to meet his eyes; upon discovering his innocence, why didnt the very same guilt multiplied into infinity??

Epi 281 was wonderful when Kashish misses him physically and mentally. Even her pshyche knew that Sujacannot bear her tears!! Stupid woman should have for once trusted her heart, her soul n her instinct and believed in Sujal.

Honestly I love how u dissect Sujal for I am simply at a loss of words to understand his state at this point.
I agree thar he must have guessed everything after the phone call but how did he manage to remain this calm n sane in his reactions!! Because if he had discovered the truth just moments before, then would he have the sanity left to observe Kashish's guilt?? Shouldn't his own internal devastatation at her betrayal numbed him to whatever was happening around him?? Did he actually had the patience to tell her that u still cannot lie while facing me??
Did he not require some time to process the agonising betrayal which was so soon after his ultimate surrender??

Amna playing Shreya
IF would have to ban the Reporters forum!!
I am definitely a Raj Amna shipper...

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Originally posted by DexterRocks

Originally posted by .SoHu.

Omg. Do I see this thread open? *pinches myself*
Yaaayaieee. Where's the party dexyHug

the party is in R&G, in sujal's cabin, where Archie is decorating with flowers, Akshat is fixing the music, Kashish sitting on Sujal's lap and both are quoting the figures for their next contract , under holy piyush's harwala tasveerBig smile

SK sitting under his holiness' harwala pic... LMAO...

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