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Reliving the iconic Sujal Garewal- Dominance in Love <3 -UPDATED (Page 13)

DexterRocks IF-Dazzler

Joined: 14 January 2012
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Posted: 16 May 2015 at 6:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by .SoHu.

Originally posted by DexterRocks

Originally posted by .SoHu.

Originally posted by DexterRocks


1)         Why did Sujal kept singing Thoda sa pyaar huya hai thoda hair baki

      Ans:   He was bad at mathematics, to measure his love as only " thoda "LOL


2)      Who deserved to kiss sujal's feet the most ?

     Ans:    Prof.Sinha ( kashish's dad) Sleepy

[Since sujal actually held onto his patience and loved his stupid daughter -_-]Sleepy



3)      Why were rishi and Akshat such big fanboys of sujal ?

   Ans:      Because Sujal recreated the theory of loving somebody else's wife and somebody else's widow

[Omg the rishi-mehek-varun drama followed by tushar-charu-akshat drama. The only difference being the sujal-piyush-kashish drama evolved sujal as a selfless lover while the other two triangles evolved KTH into a laugh riot. ]


4)      Why di sujal help all kashish's sisters except Kanan ?

        Ans:   Because helping kanan would only mean that he would be left with Prof.Sinha only, so he wanted to save himselfClapClap

[With kashish's non-existant ethics already messing his life, he wanted to abstain from the professor's lecture LOL]


5)      Why did piyush announce about his consummation with Kashish to sujal?

Ans:   Because Sujal deserved the credit

[Oh yes! He surely did. The wimp was aware that he could never bed his legally wedded wife on his own credibility. He needed the instigation from his so called best friend, that's our hottie. Hence the gratitude. How I hate this spineless wimp. ]


6)      How would sujal differentiate between Piyush's widwa and Sujal's patni ?

         Ans: By seducing both piyush's widwa and his patni and comparing the after math

[Kashish epitomised paranormal activity during that period. Once she would be piyush's vidhwa, the other moment sujal's lover. The vidhwa atma was into her and hence it was extremely paradoxical whom to seduce from sujal's point of view. Hence the necessity to do both]



7)      What made sujal take a jail term to save kashish ?

        Ans:  Jail romance was the last option because at home piyush's aatma posses Kashish's body

[I feel hottie must be absolutely tired with the increasing madness of piyush's vidhwa. He wanted some respite. The R&G mansion seemed to be piyush possessed. Hence jail seemed to be better option for undisturbed romance.Wink]



8)      Why did R&G went bankrupt, immediately after sujal's death ?

         Ans: Because sujal spend all his money in buying glycerin for his mom


         Because sujal spend all his money in kashish's designer clothes

[Probably it was only been a who cried and weeped genuinely over the demise of her son. The rest were as if doing a formality. Kashish topped the list. It baffled me to see how easily she moved on, unlike the first time and within a few days she was back to her designer stuff. No wonder R&G went bankrupt.Angry]



9)      What makes Sujal a jerk ?

      Ans:   Loving Kashish

         [Actually he wasn't the jerk himself. He fell in love with a jerk and that is miss.kashish jerk spineless devi sinhaSleepy]


10)   How many times did kashish slap sujal ?

      Ans:   The number of times sujal told her I LOVE U


[Kashish's favourite hobby. Any guesses? Slapping and insulting sujal. She might not have physically slapped sujal so many times but her holy pati dev shit was equivalent to a slap for me.Dead]


11)   Was Sujal a virgin before kashish ?

       Ans:  Ask rishi, mehek and CG can only confirm about pre-marital sex, Sujal was VIRGIN VIRGIN and as pure as amrit

[Asking rishi ,mehek and CG about a question such as this is in itself an irony. Lol. None of them had the controlling ability. Whether before/ after marriage. Asking anything about hottie's purity to them is against my morals.LOL also, sujal was the only one in the entire show who was actually loyal. Besides I don't think anyone aroused the louuu in his heart like kashish did. So hottie remains a virgin!Embarrassed]


12)   Did Sujal own a single black turtleneck that he kept on repeating?

         Ans: Don't know, because Sujal was always a sex bomb, turtle neck or not

        [ rajeev and sujal are jut sex sex sex. Buss! That's bloody about it!Blushing]


13)    What values did Prof. give his daughters ?

         Ans: Slap the guy, when you cannot logically answer him back


         Never practice what you preach

[ The sinha sisters defied logic in anything and everything. Hence slapping was an easy option for escape. And not practising what you preach was the stand out characteristic.]


14)   )Who was the wimpiest of Vasu's kids?

      Ans :   Piyush the holy great

         [ My absolute favourite. He wins the competition hands down. He was unparallel, unmatched and just THE BEST.Embarrassed]


15)   Who was the most sanskaari Sinha girl ?

         Ans: Sujal was the only sanskaari character in Simla those days

 [Awww my hottie is the perfect hubby material. Jokes apart, he indeed was the most down to earth and lovable character of kth. Love him. *_*]

16)   Who was the most ricking Garewal apart from our hottie??

        Ans: Akshat the Sujal fanboy


[My second fav character from the show. Respect!EmbarrassedBig smile]

My answers.. Have fun LOL

SoHu .. I do not know what to say but LMAO .

but yes Raj is sex sex sex, and turtle neck wins it.

going thru this questionnaire, it seems like Prof.Sinha was the most wimpiest Angry

Raj is sex for sure. He ignites romanticism. Very few people can do it with just one look and raj is one such hell of a man. No comments on professor sinha. Its highly ironical that the man was a teacher himself. I mean look at all of his daughters barring kannan of course. I guess she was the only sensible of the lot. The remaining were just -_-
And even the bigger irony. He lectured on sanskaars and self respect and love and what not. All the qualities that his daughters lacked.
Raj is sex, and so by default sujal, Rajveer and kabir are sex cubes.. 
Prof Sinha was hypocrite. do i need to explain why / being a profesor, who delivers knowledge and education, gives values like love and peace, he was actually encouraging his bimbo daughter for trying to kill sujal ? which father does that tell me please ? if sujal or even rishi would do a case, kashish would be jailed for an attempt to murder, she is plane lucky that sujal did not let anybody know about this.

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Sweet_wish Goldie

Joined: 05 September 2012
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Posted: 16 May 2015 at 7:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by DexterRocks

Originally posted by pearl.white


Guys, read this article. It is howlarious!!! LMAO...


Sujal Garewal : A Character which would go down in the history of Indian television as the most successful romantic lead and the most unsuccessful Zombie of Television ever. The charisma ,the charm which the original Sujal had brought to the show could never be replaced. This particular plastic surgery did not go down well with the audiences and they always craved for original Sujal. When Sujal died in the show we all knew he would come back as by then, we already had many cases of dying and coming back already registered on Television. But this time, people refused to accept the replacement, and kept waiting for the original to come back, to recreate the original magic of Sujal and Kasshish and when they did not get it, the show ended as all the tricks to get the TRP's did not work in this case - be it the obsession of a real sister or a murder mystery nothing worked for Kahin to hoga..proving quite emphatically that zombies look good only on halloween!

Superb article
Even also read this one 

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DexterRocks IF-Dazzler

Joined: 14 January 2012
Posts: 2723

Posted: 16 May 2015 at 8:57am | IP Logged
sweety, have read that article. definitely Raj's exit from KTH, i do not want to remember, because this cannot be forgotten and neither forgiven . 
DexterRocks IF-Dazzler

Joined: 14 January 2012
Posts: 2723

Posted: 16 May 2015 at 9:32am | IP Logged
LMAO, Amna is telling that how they shot her favorite scene, and Raj replies that yeah because she had to slap him.ROFL
Raj also says that since 130 episodes i am trying to woo her, and she keeps slapping me, and Amna is all laughing .Day Dreaming

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pearl.white Goldie

Joined: 10 April 2012
Posts: 1443

Posted: 16 May 2015 at 11:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by paradigm

Th last Rajveer Naina scene makes me bawl even after so many years. When he is talking about all the things that have been taken away from him (his honor, his friend etc) he stops short of saying mera pyar. Oh that was amazing


Rajveer also did take a lot of shit from Naina. But then again Rajveer had killed Naina's brother. Naina's anger and Rajveer's guilt both were justified. Naina went overboard with it, but she wasn't half as crazy as Kashish.

Also from time to time Rajveer did show Naina her place and make her realize his mistakes. The only thing he doesn't to is express his feelings for her.

In some ways I am more at peace with Rajveer's death than Sujal's death. Naina did stay true to him and even on her last day at KMA she rememvers and honors his memory. After Sujal's death, Kashish started playing musical chairs with the men in her life.


Originally posted by DexterRocks

[QUOTE=pear i hate him , yes ? the film had me bawling for Akram, the way Vivaan and co tortured him, so inhuman and pathetic, they did not even pity at the young boy's state, and whatever happened with them was right indeed. Instead they deserved worser. Karma is a bitch, Vivaan loved his wife the most and she betrays him under is nose, basically his life was destroyed. I was so happy, that these two were made to suffer.[/DIV]
Rajeev is impeccable when he is given intense roles, and Vivaan indeed had so many layers, and he excelled here, be it the innocence, romance, the rogue, the guilt and regret in him, everything was so fabulous. One of my favorite scenes were hen he was asked to shave off his wife's head, goshLOL

Kashish was bat sh*t crazy. She mutilated Sujal's soul repeatedly for satisfying her widwa self.
Her actions had no head or tail. She was thoroughly butchered character.

Whereas Naina was sane n her anger towards Rajveer was justified. Also, Rajveer was so completely trapped from all sides- being declared a traitor, his choking guilt, his bleeding heart- everything makes me sad. He died like a prey being hunted when he actually wanted to live, to live and accomplish so much.
Such a strong character was rendered completely helpless by the cvs n dat simply breaks my heart. Aur abhi toh kahaani aadhi bhi nahi hui thi.

While Sujal could have gotten out of the situation in a flick of a finger had he so desired . But his love had reached such a level that he never tried to survive without mahaanta ki murat.
Also, by the time of his death, he was comparitively happier, he had finally won the heart of his lady and spent some happy days. And seeing the graph of his character, his happiness was a mercy bestowed by cvs.
So, Sujal died much happier than Rajveer.
pearl.white Goldie

Joined: 10 April 2012
Posts: 1443

Posted: 16 May 2015 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by .SoHu.

I watched episode 10, 11 &12 yesterday at a stretch and what I realised what that this man called sujal garewal looked absolutely CUTE in it. The entire palampur sequence , sujal making kashish drink water from the well, the room sequence was so so beautiful. And rajeev had this amazing innocent yet passionate look.
The confession was chooo cutu cutu. Haaye. Thoda sa pyaar hua hai thoda hair baaki *_*

P.s: left right left airs on Sony pal nowadays. Was just randomlyshuffling the channels, came across the repeat.. Omg rajveer *_*

Hottie was cho adorable during those episodes. *me hyperventilates*
And that innocent smile... Muaaah... Embarrassed
And drinking water from his hands- the mahaanta ki murat must have. done some punya in her previous birth dat she was able to completely enthrall him.
Palampur sequence were so dreamy...
I loved Miss Sinha's look n dressing sense during this phase.. Amna at her prettiest!
.SoHu. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 28 April 2009
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Posted: 16 May 2015 at 12:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by DexterRocks

Originally posted by .SoHu.

I watched episode 10, 11 &12 yesterday at a stretch and what I realised what that this man called sujal garewal looked absolutely CUTE in it. The entire palampur sequence , sujal making kashish drink water from the well, the room sequence was so so beautiful. And rajeev had this amazing innocent yet passionate look. 
The confession was chooo cutu cutu. Haaye. Thoda sa pyaar hua hai thoda hair baaki *_*

P.s: left right left airs on Sony pal nowadays. Was just randomlyshuffling the channels, came across the repeat.. Omg rajveer *_*

palampur sequences, that was cuteness and innocence overloaded. even kashish was so much tolerable then, the way she used to blush at his glances and then fixing his tie, jealous at seeing Archie. where did this kashish disappearOuchCry

OMG, LRL at sony pal ? Shocked. Kabir and Rajveer both on air, this is just like so much of distraction for us 

Yup LRL. And the first thing it reminded me was this thread. Hahahaha.
And the answer to your question. This kashish got lost in holy piyush's spineless harkatein which for her BTW was divine. For her piyush was gangajal and for the entire piyush track she behaved as if she just had a bath in the ganga. Too much pure and pious wali feelings she got -_-

Edited by .SoHu. - 16 May 2015 at 12:32pm

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pearl.white Goldie

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Posted: 16 May 2015 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by .SoHu.

Originally posted by DexterRocks

[QUOTE=pearl.white]@ no logical justifications for his sacrifices, and he was in short sadistic, loving somebody is fine, but destroying yourself for her, it is pathetic, because you might mean a lot to people whom you do not think about.[/DIV]

Had rajveer been sujal, then honestly i dont know what might have had happened. See , in terms of being a lover , rajveer and sujal were starkly different yet similar. For both, the emotions of the beloved held utmost value. Rajveer knew naina might not be able to forgive him after coming to know of naveen's death and so he could never manage to get his feelings across to her for he knew that if he confessed there were chancesthat naina might have reciprocated them. Bit he did not want naina torn between her brother and her lover. Hence the confession never came. Similarly we all know what sujal did so that kashish never felt even a slight guilty of her actions i.e referring to the piyush badla track. He knew it was important for kashish to know for herself that he was innocent rather than he trying to prove it himself. He never wanted to stop the battle of piyush's vidhwa cause he knew that she deserved to know the truth all by herself, even if it might cost his life. So in both the cases the common string is the emotion of the beloved that is put up at a pedestal. The self suffering of both rajveer and sujal got escalated to a mammoth scale but for them the pain was bearable as long as both naina and kashish were fine.
Yes sujal had a greater intensity than rajveer but you just never know what rajveer might have had done had he been in sujal's position and loved kashish the way sujal did.
I might be wrong but then I feel this could be a perspective too.

Hey Sohu
I completely get ur point.

Both these characters had loved with an equal intensity, none had loved less than the other but Rajveer lacks Sujal's madness.
Even if we replace Piyush with Navin, and Navin dies, Rajveer would never be as vocal as Sujal about his love for his best friend's widow. Rajveer knew how the society worked. He would have patiently waited in the shadows for the morning period to be over and who knows that might have done the trick and Kashish wud hv accepted him.

Whereas Sujal simply did not know how to stop himself. He knows the customs but he rebelled and thats what made him wrong in everyone's perspective. Hottie could not keep his love burried, it was his burnin yearn to see her hapoy otherwise his own love would destroy his soul for he wud never be able to see her lifeless n her unborn. fatherless.

Rajveer would be sad at her sufferings but he knew when to restrain himself. I can never imagine him proposing Kashish at her husband's tervi. He would suffer along with her but never voice it out until he feels that the time is right.

Both the men loved with an amazing soulful depth , just their ways of handling the situations was different.
Sujal was the sea of passion you would love to drown in while Rajveer was the calm and peaceful riverbed which would be turbulent if need arises.
What say??

Edited by pearl.white - 16 May 2015 at 12:28pm

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