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Reliving the iconic Sujal Garewal- Dominance in Love <3 -UPDATED

DexterRocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 3:03pm | IP Logged

The Sujal Garewal-

As the first thread had been liked by significant number of members, and people loved discussing the oldest, finest and one of the legendary characters of Rajeev Khandelwal, this is the second edition of reliving the memories and aura of Sujal Garewal.


The show-

One of the first and arguably the very first angry young lover boy in indian television, who later set a new trend of crazy and obsessive lover boys onscreen. Back in 2003, 3rd September , this new show Kahiin To Hoga was launched by none other than the Balaji telefilms and star plus in cooperation. In the age and decade where saas-bahu sagas roared and were hailed by every television viewer, Ekta Kapoor , for the very first time developed the concept of a love story, strictly dominated by the male protagonist and the gamble was a huge success where Sujal Garewal was the only hero who was on par with the Tulsis and Parvatis . The show not only went on to be a huge TRP garner but also the only show to be the flagship of the channel for the youth brigade, the love story, and the lead pair of Rajeev Khandelwal and Amna Sharif were instant heartthrobs and are still topping the chart of the most iconic couple of indian television.


Character Sketch-

Sujal Garewal, the rich and intelligent business tycoon hailing from Simla, who grew up witnessing the torn relationship between his parents, falls head over heels in love with his personal secretary , Kashish. This leads to a love story, which is more like a saga now. Sujal turns his world upside down, once Kashish rejects him and marries his best friend, and this provides the journey of sujal's battle for winning his love back. He displays the perfect blend of an obsessive, possessive , blind and selfless lover boy, whose every action had no justification but his intentions had. Call him sexist or sadistic, selfless or immoral, he ensured that living and dying for only one woman could be something greater than worship.

He was the most celebrated character onscreen , and his popularity was as such that the writers were helpless but glorify his antics, his dialogues, and make him the central character of the show. He was a doting son, loving brother, clever businessman, selfless lover and above a man with attitude and charm.

The man who brought life and so much adulation for the character is none other than Rajeev Khandelwal, he not only gave his acting chops to sujal, but his creative mind too. Sujal was no more a writer's product, but the writer's, director's and Rajeev's combined effort. Rajeev not only made sujal an iconic character, but he had set the standard for the future male characters onscreen. 

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DexterRocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 3:07pm | IP Logged
As the last thread was an introductory thread, which summarized the character's whole journey, the members thought of dedicating this thread to Sujal's iconic liners/monologues/dialogues-


The 5 most iconic lines were -


Episode 35- Sujal to kashish on her wedding night

Ye sar aaj tak kisi ke samne nahi jhuka hai kashish, lekin aaj ye tumse tumhari pyaar ki bhik maangta hain. Mere pyaar ko maat thukrao, mujhe apnalo kashish


Episode 146- Sujal to kashish on the 13th day of her husband's demise

Kabhi sapney mein nahi socha tha ke ye anghuti jo main der(1.5) saal pehle tumhe pehnana chahta tha, who kabhi phir se main tumhe dene ki himmat karunga ... Aj tum akele ho Kashish...tumhare daaman mein sirf dukh hain...Tumhari rah mein sirf kaant hain...Agar mein tumhein khush dekhna chahta hoon to ismein ghalat kya hai Kashish..Jis duniye ke khiyaal se aj tumhein meri baat mein paap nazar aa raha hai...Wohi duniya wale chei(six) mahinay baad tumhare liye koi larka dhoondein gay..Tumhare akele pan pe taras khaa ke tumhein kisike saath bandh deingay..Chei mahiney baad jo baat sahi hogi woh aj ghalat kis liye ...Kiun tumhein chei mahiney tak har ek pal til...til... kar marna hoga..Kon lutayeiga tumhare woh Chei mahiney KON???..Chei mahinay baad tumhara koi sahara Baneiga..Jo tumhare liya samjhota hoga


Episode 101-  Sujal to Kashish ( the major confrontation )

kya karoon, insaano ki duniya mujhe raas hi nahi aayi; wahaan sab kuchch mila siwaye insaaniyat ke.. Jo log khud human ethics bhula chuke ho, who professional ethics ki baat karrahi hay ?.. Kashish, chahey tumhari ye nazar pyaar se mujhe dekhe, ya nafrat se meri taraf jhukey, rahegi to mujhpe hee na ? Ye nahi janna chahogi ke maine tumhe issi jagah pe kyu bulaya hay ? Kyuki ye jagah gawa hay who sari waado ka, jo pyaar mein hum nei kiye the, aur aaj yehi jagah gawa hoga ussi pyaar ki dard nak anjaam ka ...'


Episode 104- Sujal to Archie

Maine aajtak sirf kashish se pyaar kiya hai. Who meri zindagi ki pehli aur akhri auraat hogi, aur tum beshaak mujhse shaadi kar sakti ho, lekin main kabhi tumse pyaar nahi karunga, kabhi tumko choo nahi sakunga..'


Episode 289- Sujal to Kashish (  jail sequence )

Na mai mahaan hoo, nahi mahaan banne ka koshish karta hoo. Mai to ek mamooli sa insaan hoo jo bohot swaarti hai kashish.Tumhari ankho se aasu girte hai to takleev mujhe hoti hai, unn aasuo ko rokne ke liye maine aisa kiya, mera apna swaart.. Agar aaj mai court mei sach boldeta aur tumhe jail hojati, to tadapta kon ? Mai.. uss tada ko rokne ke liye maine ilzam apne sar liye hai, mera swaart.. Agar mujhe saaza hojayegi, to tumhe khushi milegi, aur agar tum khush ho, to mai khush hoo..mera apna swaart


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DexterRocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 3:07pm | IP Logged
The teenage love that Sujal was ...

Dear sujal,

Thank you for making my teenage years so exciting and full of love. You were not just a fictional character for me but the way I would have always dreamt my man to be. Your selfless love, undying trust and faith in your relationship made you stand out amongst all those men who easily give up on their love. But it was you who taught us that LOVE is not just about attaining, it's a whole lot about compromises and sacrifices. Hence, you epitomised unconditional  and selfless love for me.
As a teenager who probably dint know how and when love happens, your  character made me realise the nuances of this emotion and today, 12 years after you left my television screen, you still have the fangirl in me alive.
I doubt whether ever there was any character so beautifully etched in my memory as yours and I can guaranty you  it won't be ever easy to replace you in my heart. You have been a true hero, a true man and that's what made you so so desirable.
This thread is a dedication to the man who epitomised love, true love, for all of us and that is you Mr Sujal Garewal. LOVE YOU!

Thank you Sujal, you have given me the best ever memories that entangles me with my childhood. Till date i want and desire for a lover like you, a husband like you , to be loved by somebody like you <3

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DexterRocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 3:07pm | IP Logged
Sujal Garewal- Dominance in Love 

Sujal Garewal
Who is he, what is he??
This is the question whose answer I am still trying to figure out after all these years.
Sujal was a man in control; he was a 26 yr old young business tycoon, a dedicated son, an ideal brother, an insecure individual. His father was a sore point who had unintentionally fuelled the major insecurities of his life.
He had achieved a lot in life and it never seemed that he had ever spent time on himself.
He was driven towards success and invested all his energies in his mother, brother and his business.
These were the only 3 important focii in his life.
He had seen life, had faced all its harshness, had braced all its evils. He was no fresh college passout without a direction. He was calm, cold and composed. 
And then comes a day when he falls in love with a girl he initially disliked and who challenged him constantly.
She was an equally strong headed girl and the day she confessed; he could not believe his stars that somebody could ever love him for himself. What followed was an extremely short phase of heady, fluttery, dream filled days of first love.
But the dream broke, his heart shattered as misunderstandings crept up between him and his beloved.
And then came a day when his misunderstandings ckeared, he saw his lady love getting married to his best friend.
This was a moment that completely changed the course of his life.
He had been like a calm river but he now changed into a turbulent waterfall, destroying himself and the others near him.
When did this bleeding love become his existance??

To me, Sujal is a five letter word that has always defined the very word 'love'.
There have been many handsome men but none as enticing,as addictive and as ensnaring as Sujal.
And it is love that makes him so desirable. His ability to love whilst destroying his own existence draws one towards him as if a magnet. He has lived for love. His love id his charm. He crossed every border for his love, be it ethical or moral, yet his inert goodness never faded. He makes you want to expirience love atleast once in a lifetime. 

Pyaar toh sab kar lete hai, par itni shiddat se pyaar koi nshi kar sakta.

Even the sky would have to reach out to touch the zenith of his love.
He had given up everything for his love. Be it materialistic possessions and family in the intial phase of his stubborn love that wanted to prove himself. Or be it his value and dignity at the event of seeing his lady love lifeless in the middle phase of his selfless love that only desired to give happiness and ditection to his lady love. Or be it sacrificing his soul and accepting every torment given by her in the culminating phase of his devotional phase where Sujal had ceased to exist, only his love filled heart that had no personal desires remained.

Love was his restless passion that denied him a peaceful existence, and the same love was his salvation, his nirvana.
His love had seen the pitfalls of hell and also witnessed the peaks of heaven.
His love was a contradiction, it made him expirience everything in life.
What makes him so different is that he is the only character that has completed the full circle, the 360 of love.
He evolved from the selfish commencement of obssession to the selfless culmination of ibaadat.
He never left any facet of love untouched.

Pyaar mei usne har dard liya, har nafrat sahi phir bhi rab ko paa liya.
Jaane woh kaisa ishq tha.

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 9:19pm | IP Logged

Inspired from Miss Ananya Kashyap, we thought of conducting a survey on our very own Sujal Garewal, so a questionnaire is prepared, and all the members must put their answers if they have the fangirl bone in them :-

The questionnaire- Choose the best possible option 


1)         Why did Sujal kept singing Thoda sa pyar huya hai ?

         Because he was just being modest

         He wanted to keep kashish in misconception

         He was bad at mathematics, to measure his love as only " thoda "


2)      Who deserved to kiss sujal's feet the most ?

         Prof.Sinha ( kashish's dad)

         Vasu ( Kashish's first mother in law )

         Chetan Garewal ( Sujal's dad )

         Kashish herself along with her sisters


3)      Why was Rishi and Akshat such big fanboys of sujal ?

         Because Sujal recreated the theory of loving somebody else's wife and somebody else's widow

         Because every other girl would try for Akshat and Rishi once sujal rejected them

         Because Kashish would give Rishi and Akshat's part of slaps to sujal

         Because Sujal allowed Rishi and Akshat to have affairs with all four sisters of kashish


4)      Why di sujal help all kashish's sisters except Kanan ?

         Because helping Mouli caused him Mehek and mehek's kid

         Because helping Mehek caused him Sanjana

         Because rejecting sanjana caused him Charu and Akshat's fandom

         Because helping kanan would only mean that he would be left with Prof.Sinha only, so he wanted to save himself


5)      Why did piyush announce about his consummation with Kashish to sujal ?

         Because kashish and sujal were ex lovers

         Because piyush was sure he will die

         Because Sujal deserved the credit

         Because piyush wanted to ensure to sujal that kashish is the only daughter of her father who slept after marriage and not with her boyfriend


6)      How would sujal differentiate between Piyush's widwa and Sujal's patni ?

         By seducing his patni and waiting for the after math

         By seducing piyush's widwa and waiting for the after math

         By seducing both piyush's widwa and his patni and comparing the after math

         By singing thoda sa pyar huya hai in different tones an seeing the after math


7)      What made sujal take a jail term to save kashish ?

         Cosummation was over, so kashish did not need him anymore

         Because after office romance, rain romance, road romance, car romance, sujal thought lets try romance in jail

         Jail romance was the last option because at home piyush's aatma posses Kashish's body

         He wanted to give a chance to Akshat the lawyer, otherwise Akshat was busy being  a love guru


8)      Why did R&G went bankrupt, immediately after sujal's death ?

         Because sujal spend all his money in buying glycerin for his mom

         Because sujal spend all his money to provide luxuries to Vasu

         Because sujal spend all his money in kashish's designer clothes

         Because sujal spend all his money in recording 1000 versions of Thoda say pyar huya hai


9)      What makes Sujal a jerk ?

         Loving Kashish

         Sacrificing for kashish

         Lecturing about kashish and kashish

         Romancing both kashish and piyush's widwa


10)   How many times did kashish slap sujal ?

         The number of times sujal told her I LOVE U

         The number of times veena cried for the whole 355 episodes

         The number of times Kashish changed her costumes

         The number of times sujal wore his black turtle neck outfit


11)   Was Sujal a virgin before kashish ?

         Ask Rishi

         Ask CG

         Ask Mehek

         Rishi, mehek and CG can only confirm about pre-marital sex, Sujal was VIRGIN VIRGIN and as pure as amrit


12)   Did Sujal own a single black turtleneck that he kept on repeating?

         No, because the color never faded *DROOLS*

         Yes, because Piyush used to steal all his shirts

         Don't know, because Sujal was always a sex bomb, turtle neck or not

         He is one woman man, similarly, its possible he was loyal to one turtleneck piece


13)    What values did Prof. give his daughters ?

         Charm the R&G boys, legitimacy is an asshole

         Slap the guy, when you cannot logically answer him back

         Cry,cry,cry and cry till knight in shining armor arrives

         Never practice what you preach


14)   )Who was the wimpiest of Vasu's kids?

         Piyush the holy great

         Sanjana the sujal deeewani

         Aman the Rishi deewana

         Varun the mehek, rishi and sujal deewana


15)   Who was the most sanskaari Sinha girl ?

         Kashish - preaching, slapping, killing people for petty reasons and marrying multiple men were some of her sanskaars

         Mehak - one night stand, out of wedlock kid, alternating between Rishi n Varun - were her virtues

         Mouli- Maligning her sister, premarital consummation with Rishi - she was comparitively mild

         SUjal was the only sanskaari character in Simla those days


16)   Who was the most ricking Garewal apart from our hottie??

         Rishi the Sujal fanboy

         Akshat the Sujal fanboy

         Swayam also the Sujal fanboy

         Veena again the Sujal fangirl

         CG the Piyush fanboy 

The questionnaire is strictly for having fun !!

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Small summary:-

The Iconic Sujal Garewal <3

Who can forget this man now ? Arguably the most loved and the best lover boy of indian tv, he who entered with a bang, and swept away the hearts of the whole nation, the fairer sex mourned and regretted over a single tear Sujal would shed everytime, the male community loathed him for being the representative of all the magical qualities their ladies searched within them. Mothers wanted to be as lucky as Veena garewal, blessed with a son like Sujal garewal, brothers had never seen a beautiful bond before which Rishi-Sujal had shared. 

Love is just a word, Sujal ( Strictly Rajeev- till 355th episode ) redefined it, reformed it, recoiled it, reframed it, he lived his love, he was the one who taught the whole young brigade that Love is the blessing which can happen only once, and you tend to live and die for the person you fall in love with.

A very successful and wise man, who had a very isolated childhood, but his mother being his backbone, his support, and then one very day he meets with an accident, where he was the victim , who was hit by a group of 4 girls, and was left there by them Little did he know that that piece of incident would change his destiny forever. The girl who was not only his soulmate, but his soulmatte for every birth he would ever take, happens to be the same girl who had hit him and joins him as his secretary, and yeah the divine power of love, attraction, confession and surrender happens between them

12th episode, he confesses his love for, after being so amused and happy that he has somebody in his life, without whom his life seems unworthy, his destiny seemed fake, his existence was zero.

17th episode, he wanted to propose her and make her his , for a lifetime, but destiny played it very ugly with him, he lost her to his bestest friend ever, he not only did lose her, but lost his own self respect and existence. 

35th episode, he begged her to forgive him for the un-intentional mistakes he comiitted and not betray him and leave him alone like this. His plea was un-heard, she was as solid as a rock was , and he was on the verge of being dejected, and he was. He sees her getting married to his friend cum brother Piyush. The heartbreak was as painful as dying a 100 deaths. 

He still recovered, he understood that he had to live like that, when his fate betrays him again in the form of the same girl, the woman he loved and literally worshipped had accused him of conspiring against her husband to win over her. and this time, the several times bitten lion roars, and he roars to destroy everything, avenge for the hurt, pain, grief, misery he received from them, avenge for all those moments where he died a 1000 death but still prayed for their well being.

His desire for winning his lady, avenging for miseries, turns into an obsession, passion which was unbeatable by any force, any kind of emotion. He reaches at the peak of his career, proves it to the world that Sujal Garewal was never a loser, and will never lose, but he loses again. His every move and hope to win over Kashish fails, which forces him to bind her in a contract, which he himself dismisses after she confesses to him that he infact is a non existant creature for him, for whom she does not feel anything.

136th episode, his soul is torn, kashish rejects not only his money, power and love but his existence for her. The mockery makes him free her, h frees her, he wanted to free imself too, only to end up seeing Kashish becoming a widow and losing her most precious thing at that time.

Sujal Garewal, who could even change the course of the nature for Kashish, had become hopeless and devastated to see her lifeless, all like a dead corpse at the loss of her husband. 
e not only tries to repent for his past mistakes but to make kashish re-live her life.

He keeps serving for her, her family, her sisters, his family, and eventually proves that eventhough nobody ever cared for him, he is there and will be there for everybody, everytime.

He gets his kashish, after a lot of turmoils and miseries kashish finally agrees to marry him, but only to destroy him forever, to avenge for her husband's death, whom she believes that sujal has killed to win over her.

229th episode, Sujal marries his kashish, life was never as beautiful and peaceful as that day was, he had got a re-birth, he got a reason to live his life, eventhough he knew that kashish does not love him the way he loves her, he still gives her an upperhand, he could bear anything for her sake, but see her happy.

His love was so divine and pure that, it could win any body's heart, it could make anybody weak at her knees, and then why not kashish ? Slowly she realizes the depth of Sujal's love for her, fall for him unknowingly and eventually senses his love in her every breath, but she still takes her revenge, sends him to jail just after conspiring a brutal road accident against him, where she had survived because he had not cared about his life but hers.

281st episode, she confesses to him that how she hats him and she wants to see him suffer forever, and he only replies that he knows that she loves him too.

285th episode , kashish faces he truth, comes to know that the man whom she doubted to be the killer, was the savior, Sujal not only tried his best to save piyush, but handle his whole family. He not only knew that kashish was trying to frae him into a fraud case, but he also knew that kashish thinks that he is a killer, but he still allowed kashish to conquer over her desires, to win as piyush's widow and never feel dejected. For her sake he was even ready to be imprisoned for a life time.

The man who had not done anything but his only mistake was that he loved her so much, worshipped her existence, was still so much supportive of her actions, this very fact melts kashish down, finally she fails to hate him anymore and just love him, shower her love over him, and eventually re-unite with him and live a lifetime with him until destiny betrays them again and takes away sujal from her, and she till lives her whole life with his memories, the maount of love he had given her was enough for her lifetime. Sujal had died  but still was alive, because of the power of his love.

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Link to the first thread-



Edits- Sweetwish
Teenage love letter- SoHu
WriteUp on Dominance in love- Pear.white
Compiling Dialogues- Dexterrocks & Sweetwish
Writeup,character sketch & questionnaire- Dexterrocks

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Anybody and Everybody can join and are free to discuss.
Thanks to all the members and readers.
Enjoy and have fun.

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