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Questions raised by me for PRAGYA (Page 3)

ritzee967 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 4:23am | IP Logged

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arashi Goldie

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 5:38am | IP Logged
@ritzee..ok now i got it...u are analysing the incidents overall as a whole..big picture..situations from day 1 since pragya got to knw about rabul, then misunderstandings leading to abhigya marriage and after that whole purab aliya wedding track...the things pragya could have done but she remained silent..as i earlier said all your points are valid..no doubts in that...if from the very beginning she supported rabul and tried to convince truth to everyone the scene would have been very different.. due to her silence things got worse..misunderstandings instead of clearing became more complex..
    but as i said i was only talking about the situation in the temple..not the things which could have done before that incident...that day abhi's anger was at heights..for him purab was main culprit who betrayed his sis and left her in the mandap and dat too becoz of bulbul..without thinking anything he started beating him..confrontation ka time bhi ni diya..and purab fell from the stairs and eloped with bulbul..there was no time for anything..pragya was trying to make abhi calm down and talk to purab peacefully but before that purab took bulbul away...if anything could happen in favor of rabul (which i really wish kaash hota)it would be that they got married before pragya could reach there..so as u said she came at wrong time at wrong place..and at dat moment her lecture made sense (only at dat particular moment..if we forget and ignore what happened before dat day) and ya she herself was responsible for dis complicated situation becoz she hid truth from rabul
    and about rachna akaash's baby..i think it was correct only due to akaash's changed behaviour.. he has really changed and realised his mistakes rather blunders he had comitted..if aakash was not worth it and pragya forcefully tried to get him married to rachna just for baby's sake then it would be wrong..ofcourse single mother can take care of her child alone if father is not worthy and not ready to accept his mistakes and don't deserve to be called as father..
in case of tanu u are right...she is doing wrong..she should not hurt dadi and clearly tell truth to everyone..

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ritzee967 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 01 February 2015
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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 10:06am | IP Logged

I have no problem in Pragya getting Aaksh Rachna married, only thing which I said, she could have done this with RaBul too!
Glad she first got a hold on Akash's feelings and then changed for him, but then what Purab has done, according to me she was fully sure of his commitments towards Bulbul. See Akash did some very filthy deeds, what Purab did was not ethically correct, but that wasn't a big undue crime or sort, as compared to Akash. She very well got aware of the fact what Purab did was in LOVE. Purab was promised to Alia, he isn't a toy in the first place, that whosoever claims to put hand first will get it. He is an individual himself, who has solemnly right to decide to be with whom. Sister duo made hell out of that man, Bulbul did it for Pragya's happiness or wellbeing and Pragya her so called other motives. Purab being madly in love, decides to give himself away for his lady love, which meant EVERYTHING to him.

Pragya saw that this new dumb girl was not suited for Akash , so it motivates her to get Akash married to a better person, someone who can give him true love and he can lead a better life with. What then Purab ? She couldn't understand that someone as bitchy as Alia (who she knew was behind all the crap) will be suitable for an orphan guy, who never had a family. Why she didn't understand him that the reason he lost to her sister so early was because he was yearning for love desperately than any other character in the show. No doubt Purab had Dadi and Abhi with him, but for them also blood mattered more than this name sake one! Abhi how disbelievingly supported Alia, without giving Purab any chance, the way he always gives Alia , now too before saying anything to her, he gives her chance to explain. even Dadi, though she might proclaim Purab as the kid of house only, but never put out an effort to find that how her child could do this, if she really believed him.

Now don't tell me Pragya cannot sense Purab's loneliness, if she can give a thought about Tanu to this extent, that being mother of a baby, she deserves to get happiness for giving good news to his dad, than for once she should have given a thought about Purab's condition too & tried to convince that what all you are doing wasn't correct. So what is RaBul refused her to listen, so did Akash Rachna at times, but here she made a well organised setup which can give good results, there it was again, like I need to say something, so I am doing it. For RaBul there is always no special effort from her side.

And if you are talking about FEAR MIXED WITH LOVE, both the things for her Mom, fear of what if she gets to know about her fake marriage, she will suffer from some serious health issues. So what she did for that, she decided fine, let Purab Alia get married, my dignity, everything all lost, okay then also , very next day , I'll be thrown out of the house...now WHATTT????
Will now not her mother ask, why you have come back, now her mother won't get a heart attack for daughter's alliance be broken. See even if she would have stood for RaBul or not her alliance would have broken in both the situations and she was very well ready for that, she herself packed bags for moving out of the house.

You said she was in new surroundings where she was not in a place to gather support for anything, she knew she had to move out of the house after the wedding , it's better to try that fake hateness method then as it would have been less heartbreaking for dadi as she might not know her at that time this closely , or attached the way she is now, this makes more sense to me.

What was she sacrificing , actually nothing if it corresponds to an individual personalities, everything who was loosing was Bulbul and Purab, they were loosing their love, their life. As you said, she wanted to move out of that place, wanted to get some peace, now that sounds selfish in a way! One more you mentioned in your post that if Bulbul and Pragya would have agreed to get the ethical happiness at the cost of their mom, I am still there, Pragya has to come back home, so why not before only with her self respect intact. Why she underestimates her mother this much, when her mother could give her support during MMS time, then why she thought she would not at this time.

Rather what in actual broke her mother was her younger daughter did something shameful, that risked the well grooming alliance of her elder daughter. Her younger daughter acted selfish and destroyed the happy life of elder one.In actual the thing was thing was totally different, neither the alliance was grooming, it was a fake one,moreover it was because of elder one's happiness, younger one was giving her life in a way. I am sure if anyone would have made Sarla aware of the thing, she would have blasted at Pragya for doing so with her sister. The thing is nobody makes the things clear, they keep on letting MU increase.

If she would have moved out, Bulbul would have suffered taunts, she suffered them now also when she didn't moved. Remember how Alia insulted her during Dussehra function, or how Abhi was taunting RaBul when Alia told her that Purab has come here to meet Bulbul. Taunts they don't matter at all when you have your self respect intact and you are on a truth's side. Rather during that Dussehra function, just because of Pragya's happiness, impulsive, aggressive Bulbul, didn't spoke a word to Alia, the way she was insulting her!

According to me Pragya in real actually never understood what people wants or are upto. She creates a self bubble of her thinking and starts persuading. I'll give examples related to RaBul only, with whom this posts concern!

Sarla was throwing out Bulbul out of the house, accusing her for deliberately destroying sister's life. Pragya came to Bulbul's rescues there..and guess what she stated "Mom you cannot throw my sister away like this ", she used mom, that means she is asking her as her daughter, then she referred my sister, as if your sister is not your mom's daughter. Rather than questioning her about how can he throw her one daughter like this on road for other one. She didn't even tried to prove Bulbul right in front of her mother. There was loss for Bulbul from all the sides, she was getting broken up by all . She is not getting her love of her life, she is now disowned by her mother, nobody talks to her. What Pragya did for Bulbul, she just left her to suck in that disgusting place, securing herself in her mother's eyes as well as inlaws. Remember when Dadi called Bulbul in jhopdi, and Bulbul sensed that now dadi is also doubting her sister, though dadi didn't said things clearly, but Bulbul felt because of her, Pragya will face hatred, she at that very moment only, made the things clear to her about everything and took the entire blaim. No effort by Pragya was done to save Bulbul from any of that hell type life. She just left the things to be better for her with time. (She didn't cleared the MU that Bulbul is not at fault-used Bulbul, left her like that - taken for granted)
Just one thing she kept on doing, asking her mom to forgive Bulbul, which both the mother daughter patched up at letting her stay in house rather than roaming on streets.

There was a scene after MMS crap when Pragya came at Arora's for pagpheras, she was all talking blushy blushy about her blooming love. In all that when the thing of teasing came, she said to Bulbul that you will understand, when you will get married...I wanna ask on what thinking she said that, did she thought her sister moved on in her life. When Bulbul said no I can't , I can't live with anyone else than Purab...then Pragya was like just sympathetic, she was like don't say this. You will get someone, she was okay with Bulbul's talks of again sacrificing Purab for Alia, now what was the reason for her acceptance????? That she has fell in love and deserves to be with him, she no longer wants to move out of the house (using Bulbul's sacrifice as a time to make her husband love her), Bulbul is already suffering,let her suffer for entire lifetime (taken for granted), at that time you can say she became this much close to family, to take stand for her sister's happiness. This thing as according to show is only 1.5 months back. But no she didn't thought about it. Thank god Abhi came and did the things better- total rockstar way!

Recently Purvi excerpted some truth facts in front of Pragya, that because of her happiness, Sarla didn't allowed RaBul alliance, just because you said my sister can't be on roads she forgive her. Pragya slapped her for the reason of disrespecting her mother. This is only she said 'U cannot talk to my mother like that', again if she's her mother only? Rather than saying, that you can't talk to your mother like that. For Purvi also Sarla was other badi maa, Sarla is not only Pragya's mother. She needs to make this thing clear to both herself as well her mother,after that she was weeping, that Purvi thinks this about her, rather than for once also pondering over the views or clearing them. She just moved on the thought, she said all this in anger, for once she thought that she is affecting her sisters life.

During the swimming pool drama, she was almost sure that Bulbul's life taking attempts were made by Tanu, she questioned her, then what, on a lame excuse of family reputation if police arrives at house, she took her sister's life as granted, as if Police never comes to MM.

Only person who along with Bulbul got to know about that Acid incident was Pragya, Bulbul informed her first with a sense of belief on her, what she did, don't worry I will talk about it to your jiju, did she talked and took the thing seriously of her sister's life! I guess no:(

You said she is treated as ugly duckling, that scenario lost way back, from the day she entered MM, she is been provided with all the glitters and attention. Even on her sister's engagement, when the one who is getting engaged is being said that you are looking nice, but Pragya more. Even her sister never fails to give her boost, she even yaa she's most beautiful in the world. And do you think Pragya takes this thing as they are saying to cheer her, no I never felt she considers herself any ugly stuff, and definitely not she's damn pretty. During NY's she saw her husband praising of her beauty, when he wasn't aware that it was her. Eevrytime she gets the bestest family support possible, her mother always keeps her above her sister, even before marriage, she used to tell Bulbul to not come in front of anyone, as it will affect Pragya's life.

Though she has faced some two three rejections before her marriage, but such consistent support from every single person around her, could have get her on her feet. But no issues , I guess Abhi made her vulnerable the most, nevermind !!

All I really say, yes she do takes Bulbul for granted always, whether it comes about making her unite with her love, protecting her or anything. Yes she do that unintentionally, maybe in her subconscious mind she has just carried away with this thing. And I am seeing these things not only situation specific, but on a general view too.

Things have been done overboard now, I guess the matter has been taken to little different direction, but then here it goes!!

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poiu123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 10:28am | IP Logged
Well the show has been about pragya from day 1,. All other characters in the show have been used by CVS to move her story forward. That is what the writers intend to show in their story. Bulbul and Purab have always been used to move pragya and abhi's story . That's why they had a rushed love track, how else could pragya marry in June last year. Pragya did not get bulbul and purab married at the mandap because it suited the CVS more to keep them unmarried..that would build abhigya story in a better way. Now it suits cvs to make pragya get akash rachna married so that it can lead to tanu's relevation which again affects pragya directly. Purab and bulbul marriage is on hold because getting them married will not affect pragyas story much at this point of time. CVS may choose to get them married when they affect pragya or abhi in some way. That is when abhigya situation changes further. That's how makers have created this story and that's how it will be.

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abhiya23 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 10:32am | IP Logged
One thing that made me proud of Purab was that he was still willing to explain that they will find a guy better than him for Alia ( I think it was the scene during other couple's marriage rituals), I was glad he was convinced with his chachi's advise to not marry Alia 

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-Tia- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 14 September 2015 at 7:36pm | IP Logged
Dear Ritzee,
We may have disagreed on Purab, Pragya or something else, but I remember you as an intelligent girl who wrote so well and passionate about what you did. I am sad to hear whatever I heard today, but I hope wherever you are, you are smiling. Thank you.
Love and Peace,

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Cerealgirl IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 September 2015 at 8:46pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by harisha_kb

It's all complicated friends..

Purab bulbul abhi pragya Aaliya

All these 5 are responsible for the havoc...I don't wnat to blame any single person..

Nobody did what they have to do ..

I don't think purab running away is a mistake but I wish he would have told abt AaliyA to bb..

I wish abhi would have talked to purab before hitting him...

I wish pragya dint bear abhi and Aaliya torture for any reasons...

I wish bb tell abhi about their affair ...

So many other things too...

Please don't think in a single person pov..
All 4 characters of the show are good in their own ways and have done some mistakes ...

Regarding pragya considering abhi more than her sister.. Remember purab also considered bb above everybody including abhi who was his childhood friend..

Purab and pragya are the same .. They are completly lost in love and want to do anything for their love..

That may make them look stupid or selfish but they are not..

Other than things about their love they are smart and sensible ..

Well said!  Agree with your views!

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