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.brokensilence. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 July 2015 at 5:22am | IP Logged
Gosh i hate La.. :x
but the good thing is they confessed and i am sure Arnav wont actually hate Khushi.. erh well i hope that sach mein kya hoga toh only you know :p
continue soon

ZackKnightRocks IF-Sizzlerz

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ALL MY WORK (both on my blogspot & of my IF account PinkPenguinxo) IS COPYRIGHTED.
Despite my repeated warnings people have been plagiarizing and taken overinspiration from my work.So I have found a legal means to protect my work: it is covered legally under Indian Copyright Act 1957.
None of my chapters, scenes, or the plot should be copied in any way. 

ch~13 :)

*m for mine*

Ping ping pinggg

Khushi groaned in her sleep as her phone kept buzzing with messages when she's trying to sleep. This college year is ending soon so there's not much to study, hence she is sleeping so late as it was vacations now but her phone wont let her rest!!

She flipped on her back as she unlocked her phone to find text messages from Arnav. She giggled shyly, his name in her phone was saved as: 'My Boyfriend' now.

Arnav: goodmorning loser :)

She grit her teeth, immediately fuming as she typed her reply:

Khushi: don't call me loser-___- be a good, gentleman bf!!! call me sleeping beauty!

After sometime, he replied:

Arnav: Goodmorning loser beauty :D

Khushi: I HATE YOU!

Arnav: ;) No you don't.

Khushi: Yes i do

Arnav: that's what you will be saying when we  get married in future. 'do you agree to be ASR's wife forever? are you ready to give your soul, body, heart, everything to him?' and you'll say: YES I DO!

Khushi: Aap bahot sapne dekh rahe ho -__-

Arnav: UFFF. 'AAP'. *drooling smiley*

Khushi: i have manners :P

Arnav: you HAVE to marry me ;) kab tak jawaani chupaaogi rani, kabhi toh kisi ki dulhaniya banogi!


Arnav: Love you too loser.

Khushi: >.<

Arnav: what's up?

Khushi: I just woke up.

Arnav: Me too

Khushi: what are you doing?

Arnav: The moment I woke up.. I found myself thinking of you. So I was hard.

Khushi: EW! GO AWAY!

Arnav: :P com'on as if you have never thought of me and got turned on ;)

Khushi: I've not!

Arnav: Don't lie, you wont get a place in heaven


Arnav: Thank you. Well.. I wanna hear you get turned on by me, kiddo.

Khushi: What do you mean? :O

Arnav: Touch yourself and think of me.

Khushi: I cant.. mumma will hear me lol

Arnav: Haha no baby everything will be ok. Just don't be loud ;)

Khushi took a deep breath as she got up, locking the door from inside before going to the phone as he called her.

"Start." he spoke huskily making her hesitant hands slip under her pajamas, a gasp escaped her mouth as she put her hand between her thighs while Arnav's breathing fastened hearing it.

She was moaning and sighing that made him groan soon enough. She giggled, enjoying the control she has on him.

"F*ck, Khushi. Shit.. stop." he frustratingly screamed as she moaned even more, soft cries resounding through the other line that made Arnav bite his lower lip hard.

"Why Arnav? Don't you like hearing me?"

"I need you, right now!"

"It will take me time to come at your place.. I'm only wearing my knickers and a shirt right now, it will take me time to dress up." she dragged her words in a sexily lazy voice.

Arnav gulped, "No bra?"

"Nope.." she confirmed.

"I hate you, stop doing this to me. COME NOW!"

"I hate you too. GOODBYE!"

Khushi dumped her phone on the bed before it started ringing, making her giggle.

"I love you." he spoke the moment she picked it up.

"I love you too."

"I know we're always been enemies but let me tell you everytime I felt like throwing you off a gallery I also wanted to rush down and catch you before you get hurt." Arnav muttered romantically making her roll her eyes.

"You're so cheesy sometimes."

"Better than being a jerk, though."

"You're right, derk. Oops- I should not call you derk anymore..-"

"Nah it's fine. I don't feel offended by whatever you say to me. Pyaar karta hu tumse.. I can bear all your rudeness hahaha."

Khushi's heart dropped in her chest as he said that..

How will he react when he comes to know why she slept with him for so long before she fell in love with him!?!

She should tell him..

"A-Arnav.. I've done something, that I th-think you should know. Something really mean. But I swear I didn't know you much at that time and was only being childish and immature.."

"I don't wanna know. Let it be." he shrugged as he sipped some soda and closed his eyes thinking of her.

"No, you should know-"

"I don't wanna know. You're mine, ok? Nothing will change no matter what happens.. now I'm getting late for college so see you soon, beautiful loser. Bye!"



Khushi was greeted by Arnav smirking at her when she entered the classroom today. She laughed seeing the expressions on his face, most people were staring at them coz it was so shocking that Arnav and Khushi- who were die-hard enemies, fought so much, got detentions together are now together as a couple.

"Let me go to my seat." she spoke as he came to her and wrapped his arms around her waist, kissing her softly.

"You'll sit with me." his hand patted her bum playfully making her gasp.

"You're so.."

"Good morning everyone!" Suddenly the teacher came making Khushi move away from Arnav but then he held her wrist and took her to the seat.

Khushi shrieked when Arnav kissed her cheek and then her neck whenever the teacher would turn to write on the blackboard.

She was blushing so much and she could feel all the students' gaze on her instead of their books.

"Arnav.. stop it." Khushi whispered as he leaned in and kissed the side of her neck making her shiver.


"STOP!" She got up angrily making the teacher turn to them. "You cant just touch me anywhere.. we are in the classroom!"

"Is there a problem Khushi?" the teacher asked with a sigh making Khushi gulp as she realized what she just did.

"I.. I.. no.. I'm sorry." she swallowed hard as Arnav smirked at her nervousness before she hit him with her bag and he laughed while she walked away to take another seat..


"Khushi? Com'on.. you've been ignoring me for so long. Tonight is the prom party coz the year is ending soon and you'll obviously be my date."

Khushi groaned as Arnav said this to her after she had gone home without talking to him even once after what he did in class.


"Aw, don't be that way my grumpy little kiddo. Tumhe chorrhkar mai jaaunga kaha?" he spoke dramatically making her giggle a bit.

"I don't care.. do whatever, I'm not coming!"

"Ok. Should I take Sheetal then?" he asked making her jaw drop.

"Y-y-you! You're trying to blackmail me!"

"Maybe I am.. Maybe I'm not."

"Apologize. Huh. Then I'll come."

Arnav chuckled, "I'm sorry."

"Great. I'll meet you soon."


The prom party was lit up with cute decorations and amazing music.

Everyone looked beautiful and amazing and happy with their warm smiles.

"Hey, beautiful." Arnav pecked Khushi's forehead cupping her face when she came in wearing a red dress with her long hair let down.

"You're surely gonna be crowned the Prom King.. Arnav you look really handsome!" Khushi gaped finding him in a classy black tuxedo. He shrugged, taking her to the dance floor as he held her waist.

"I seriously can't believe this.." he chuckled as he tucked her hairs behind her ears and admired her.

"That you are gonna be passing with great scores this year? Give the credit to me: your tutor-cum-enemy-cum-the girl you slept with sooo many times." Khushi smiled a bit.

"Yeah, yeah." he spoke casually before she held the button of his shirt making him look into her eyes.

"You'll never leave me, right?" she swallowed hard. "No matter what happens? You really love me right?"

Arnav was confused why she's saying all this. Maybe she's talking of the 'thing' she wanted to him.

He rolled his eyes, "Offcourse. It doesn't matter. I don't care, you're mine.. always remember, I always will want you. Even if we'll fight or be angry at each other at times coz of how different we are- you will always, always be-"

Arnav was interrupted when suddenly someone cleared her throat in the mike. He turned to find Lavanya standing infront with a big smile on her face.

"Now it's time to announce the name of this year's Prom King.. it is none other than Arnav Singh Raizada!"

Khushi hugged Arnav tight as that was announced, he went to the stage but the moment he did, Lavanya looked up at him and sighed.

"You must be feeling good, huh? You have such a perfect life.. even after you rejected me you are happy. You have everything..."

She trailed off, confusing him before she picked up a remote and turned on something on the big screen--- the video she turned on was of Khushi and her sitting in Khushi's room while Khushi was laughing about some hickey Arnav had given her.

Arnav's heart sunk in his chest as he heard Khushi talk about the 'revenge', the plan of dumping him after a month, why she is sleeping with him, her making fun of him and saying she'll have fun when he gets a taste of his own medicine and whatnot..

He turned to Khushi and she was looking at him with tearful, apologetic eyes.

He pushed the crown off and stepped down the stage, loosening his collar coz he felt like he was suffocating now.. his insides were shivering, his heart clenched and his head hurt so much coz he had an overwhelming feeling to cry.


He tightly held Khushi's hands, hissing as he looked down at her while she shut her eyes tight thinking that he will maybe bully her or his friends will come and abuse her.


Arnav's jaw clenched as she hugged him tight, scrunching his vest in her fists.

"Y-y-you t-t-t-old me y-y-ou wont leave me, ever." she stuttered out, sobbing.

He released a deep breath, his grip become less firm on her before he numbly peeled off her hands off him and he left slamming the doors hard showing how angry he was.

Khushi jerked, glancing at Lavanya who was laughing and giggling now...

Everything's over.


im sorry for not updating anything for so long.. i was sick emotionally so i couldnt concentrate on much, even my studies.

im really sorry again, im healing now and im sure i will feel better soon coz ive almost been too strong for whatever has ever happened to me. so i dont really take anything that seriously and move on fast.

and im sorry again if this update sucked. i really really am. with time i will start writing more and hopefully better, as i get interest in it again.

hope you all angels have an amazing day :)

- v <3

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What a bitch she is...he should have listened to her...things will be back to normal one more time...though it might take time...but lavanya u will always be alone
sahanamurugesh Groupbie

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wow vani awesome update..when I was reading I was think of killing lavanya with my bare hands...why cant she leave Arnav and Khushi alone..make Arnav understand khushi...i know u will back with a u and ur story...i missed ur updates really bad..keep updating..

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Conclusion = Lavanya is an evil bitch. Seriously .

The texting and the ' touching ' was ... Well, whatdaya I say ?   


Ps- I wish I could really hear Atnav dirty talking to me, yikes!! The effects I have after reading ur update

Amazing update!

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nice update...
bt lavnya really such a bad girl...
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Lovely update vani :)
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Yeh kya hogaya sab kuch katam 

interesting chapter vani ka jawab nahi LOL

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