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Richelle Goldie

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 Beautiful update!! Arnav is so in love wid KhushiDay Dreaminghope da feeling is mutual frm Khushi...ermmm I tink it isWinkLavanya is nt a tru friend,she needs to bak off!! Jealous b*tch!!Angry 

Titaliya1234 IF-Rockerz

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Khushi is regretting! Nice one! Hope she looks through lavanya's plot!
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U write so amazingly vani 
I just love whatever you write 
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Khushi has to know the truth abt truth
ZackKnightRocks IF-Sizzlerz

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ALL MY WORK (both on my blogspot & of my IF account PinkPenguinxo) IS COPYRIGHTED.
Despite my repeated warnings people have been plagiarizing and taken overinspiration from my work.So I have found a legal means to protect my work: it is covered legally under Indian Copyright Act 1957.
None of my chapters, scenes, or the plot should be copied in any way. 

ch~12 :)

*l for love*

"Where is Lavanya not picking up my phone.." Khushi sighed as she called Lavanya's mother. She knew La and her have had some fight by her calling her 'not special' but they are best friends so they should be trying to get past this.

"Oh she is not here.. she didn't tell me where she went." her mother said and disconnected the call while Khushi dropped back on her bed staring at the ceiling. Lavanya's mother SERIOUSLY doesn't care about La coz of some reasons.. maybe that's why Lavanya is so hungry for love all the time.


"Kya hai mummaaa?" Khushi replied in the same tone, laughing a little to herself. Haha she is so funny.

"Arnav is here! He wants to talk to you!"

Khushi's eyes immediately widened. OH NO! She is trying to avoid him why the hell is he at her home?!?!?!?!? She has not even attended college since 3 days saying to her Garima that she is in terrible pain coz of her periods and her sweet innocent amazing mother is convinced by it but ACTUALLY KHUSHI JUST WANTED TO IGNORE ARNAV AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE BECAUSE SHE HAS STARTED THINKING SHE LOVES HIM TOO AND IT IS JUST SO WRONG TO LOVE A GUY HER BEST FRIEND HATES!

She has been stalking his facebook, thinking of him 24/7, getting dreams about him etc.

"I'M SICK! I CANT MEET PEOPLE! THEY WILL GET SICK TOO IF THEY COME CLOSE TO ME!" Khushi started biting her nails not knowing what to do. She picked up her teddy bear, hugging mr fluffy tight.

"I will treat all your sicknesses, kiddo.." Arnav cooed making her panic even more. He came and knocked on the door while she gulped hard.

"GO AWAY! I DON'T WANNA MEET YOU UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! I WONT BE TUTORING YOU AND WE WONT BE.. *doing that* ANYMORE TOO!" Khushi said not wanting her mother to hear that she sleeps with her enemy coz she finds him incredibly attractive.

"Open the door my dollface, fairy, moon, petal, star, honey, dearest, angel, sugarbabe.. open the dooorrr. Rapunzel I'm home let down your haiiirrr!" Arnav spoke dramatically.

Khushi started laughing, "You and your Tangled references, Arnia. Sheetal should not have made you watch that movie."

Arnav chuckled too "Khush.. open the door before I BREAK IT!"

"I will break your bones if you do anything of that sort."

"You are welcome to do whatever you want to me baby. Muaaahh!"

"Ew. Get some class and some self respect."

"I want your love your love your love, it's my drug!"

Khushi sighed, "Why do you want me to open the door? What do you wanna do with me?"

"I ofcourse wanna come and kill you kiddo, take out your kidneys and sell them."

"See! Thats why I don't wanna open the door!"

He rolled his eyes "I'm kiiidding. I have bought chocolate and flowers for you."

"CHOCOLATE!" Khushi immediately opened the door as she snatched a big box of chocolate from him. She ran to her bed, sitting down on it as she started opening the wrapper.

"I wish one day you get as excited to see me as you get excited at the mention of chocolates.." Arnav pouted cutely making her giggle.

"Keep dreaming, derk."

"In all my dreams you are naked, Khushi."

Khushi gulped, smiling lamely. "Accha.. You spent a lot of time here.. now go. Byeee!"

"I'm here since 5 minutes only. Don't be f*cking rude. Learn how to be good to guests, Neeti says mehmaan bhagwaan hota hai." he hissed, going to her and hugging her tight as he showered her with kisses making her shriek.

"A-Arnav.. I'm sorry but I don't love you, ok? You are a bully and you have hurt my best friend so much in the past. And.."

"I know I'm screwed up but trust me on this I'll try to be a better person, kiddo. Everyone deserves a chance, right? So give me one.."

Khushi blinked slowly registering his words. He's right.

"N-no ASR.. I cant. Lavanya will be upset with me if I do this and I don't wanna hurt her. She is my best friend.. like a sister."

Arnav got up as she said this. "You cant just control love, Khushi. No matter how many people try to stop it.. I told so many friends of mine that I love you, I told them ages ago and they laughed at me coz they think you're a geek and I'm a playboy so we don't match. But did that stop me from loving you? No."

"I don't love you."

"You do."

"I d-don't.."

"You d-do.." he smirked. "I will make sure you say it soon. Don't be absent at college tomorrow. Bye kiddo."


Tap tap tap

Khushi shrugged a hand away which was tapping her shoulder as she wrote her notes in history class.

Tap tap tap

"WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" Khushi turned furiously to find Sheetal sitting behind her looking scared of Khushi.

"Y-y-you are ASR's girlfriend right?"


"B-b-but all over your locker it is pasted that you are 'his and only his'." Sheetal stuttered making Khushi's eyes widen.

"WHAT! Ye kya zabardasti hai!" Khushi got up angrily and went to the locker room to find her locker filled with posters of: ASR's Girlfriend, Khushi is only mine - ASR. and blah blah.

She looked around, people were staring at her locker with shock since God knows how long. She spotted Arnav at the side talking to his friends and she rushed to him pulling him holding his collar.

"Woah woah woah easy."

"What is all this written on my locker!!!"

"Well.. why do you have a problem with the truth?" he winked and she held his collar tighter making him let out a choking sound.


"NO. I. WONT."


"This was my friends' idea.." he pointed.

"You and your bully 'friends'.." Khushi scoffed as Nina came towards her and crossed her arms.

"We don't bully anymore. ASR said we should not anymore because YOU don't like it!" Nina sighed and Khushi smiled a little looking at Arnav.. that he has left all those bad deeds for her.

"Whatever it is.. I don't love you, ok? Get this in your tiny head." she smacked his forehead and walked away..



Khushi rolled her eyes as a student named Amir came and screamed this to her.

"I'm not gonna get trapped in his lies and pranks." she huffed before seeing that almost everyone was running towards the college ground. Her heartbeat fastened and she confusedly walked towards the place as well to find Arnav fallen on the ground and BLOOD was surrounding him.

"ARNAV!" She sobbed, running to him and holding him as he screamed in pain again and again. "Wha-what happened to you? What is everything doing GO AND CALL SOME HELP!"

"No kiddo.. this is the end for me. You are the only girl I ever loved and" he coughed hard, his chest heaving. "And you don't love me so what's the point of living an empty life."

"He jumped from the terrace! He's gone mad in love!" someone screamed but Khushi could hear nothing but his precious voice.

"I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, DON'T LEAVE ME ARNAV! HOW DARE YOU DO THIS! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! I LOVE YOU CANT YOU SEE IT IN MY EYES?! I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!" She hugged him tight, her whole body was shivering as she tightly clutched his shirt, continuously sobbing at his bloodied state.

Suddenly Arnav began to laugh, making her surprised. She looked at him as he smirked and slid his finger on his cheek and licked it.

"Why are you licking your blood-"

"It's not blood, it's ketchup"

The whole college burst into laughter as Khushi's jaw dropped and she angrily pushed him away making him yell 'ow'.


"Wow.. this is the first time I've seen you swear Khushi Kumari Gupta." Arnav snickered, getting up as he took off his ketchup-stained shirt coz it was becoming uncomfortable now.


"You love me.." he smirked making her immediately remember how she accidentally confessed infront of the whole freaking college. ASR is so evil!

"I don't..I-I-I just got scared and said it because-"

Before she could say anything further he grabbed her waist and slammed his lips on hers making everyone break into 'oohs' and 'aahs'.

Khushi wrapped her arms around Arnav's torso, tilting her neck so he can kiss her better. He smooched her lips countless times after the kiss was over as she breathlessly looked at him. He cupped her face, pressing his forehead on hers and closing his eyes.

"You love me.." he breathed.

"I love you." she whispered.


Lavanya sat in the empty classroom, tears constantly dropping from her eyes after what she had seen.. Arnav and Khushi confessing and kissing infront of the whole college.

She slammed her fist on the bench again and again, crying miserably.

"How can you love HER, Arnav?! I spent so many years craving for you and you just went and did all this..!"

Lavanya started thinking of how at first she wanted Khushi to be safe from Arnav seeing how ruthless he is, she was a little jealous too seeing that she'll sleep with him but she was still more concerned about Khushi being her best friend since years.. but then she saw them with each other playing truth and dare and laughing.

She got so jealous. She wanted to slap Khushi so hard for enjoying with ASR when Khushi was just supposed to take revenge from him by sleeping with him and dumping him by the end of the month.

And then Khushi told her how Arnav loves her. THAT broke all limits and she wanted Khushi to ignore ASR.. she didn't want them to ever be together.

Lavanya got up and saw that now Arnav was hugging Khushi and they were talking to each other with smiles on their faces. She picked up a chalkbox and threw it across the room.


But then she suddenly smiled, biting her lip. Now it's time for Arnav to know about Khushi's plan and why she slept with him all this time..

She should go and tell Arnav about it.

It's time for Arnav to start hating Khushi and make her his enemy once again. 

oh man im sorry i didnt update earlier i was busy debating with my bf over something for 2 long hours.

we were debating whether little hearts biscuits are better or parle g

he said parle g and i said little hearts and a war happened after thatAngryLOL

anywayyy yay arshi confessedPartyBlushing

but now laAngry
have a lovely day angels:) xo<3

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lavanya was just useing khushi... she dosent care for her at all ... now she wants arnav to hate khushi, but i hope her plan back fires ..
loved it..

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Awesome confession. . . .

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