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MrBiebersWifey. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 June 2015 at 4:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Tushaline

awesome update...i thought it will b garima...but its lav...oh god hope kushi is not in a trouble
lets see;D

MrBiebersWifey. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 June 2015 at 4:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Titaliya1234

Wuhoo! Nice one dolly!
dolly? awEmbarrassed
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Originally posted by sarozz

Oh no! Hope lavanya doesn't go blurt everything to arnav and ruin things between him and khushi...brilliant update
u got itBig smile
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Originally posted by kushi.raizada

Woww what a twist..interesting update. Loved it
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Originally posted by mubina_m19

Story is becoming more interesting 
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Originally posted by vinovember

Finally! Hope khushi believes arnav! Lavanya's true colours will come out soon Wink lovely update!!
yes yesTongue
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ALL MY WORK (both on my blogspot & of my IF account PinkPenguinxo) IS COPYRIGHTED.
Despite my repeated warnings people have been plagiarizing and taken overinspiration from my work.So I have found a legal means to protect my work: it is covered legally under Indian Copyright Act 1957.
None of my chapters, scenes, or the plot should be copied in any way. 

ch~10 :)

*j for joyful*


This was Lavanya's reaction when Khushi told her about Arnav saying that Lavanya is 'kinda heartless' and that she had sent her nude pics to him once upon a time.

"Uhh.. I dunno Lav, I've never seen Arnav lie. He never backstabs or lies about stuff. He already knows he is a jerk so he never filters his words or cares about looking evil, he just does everything straightforwardly.." Khushi sighed and Lavanya immediately started crying, making her panic.

"Oh, so you think this way about him huh? You don't believe me? Your friend since such a long time!" Lavanya sobbed and Khushi tried to hug her but she pushed Khushi away hard.

"I never expected this from you" Lavanya sniffed.

"Lav I'm SORRY I didn't mean it like that! I'm sorry I dunno why I think Arnav is not that bad.. I mean he has had a troubled life all the time that he has been alive. I'm sorry Lav, I swear I really really love you so much you are my best friend forever, you've always been there for me and I can never thank you enough for that. I'd hate to hurt you intentionally but I-"

Before Khushi could speak more Lavanya hugged her tight, sobbing uncontrollably.

"You are my best friend forever too, Khushi. Just stop thinking about Arnav, stop liking anything about him.. he is not worth you at all." La sighed making Khushi hug her back as she nodded slowly at Lavanya's words but her conscience was still screaming at her that something sounds wrong about Lavanya whenever ASR comes up..


"Mumma, can I ask you a question?" Khushi spoke up on the dining table next day as Garima put another sandwich in Khushi's plate.

"You will not get jalebis in the morning if that's what your question is." Garima sighed making Khushi laugh.

"No, no my question is that- if you have to choose between an imperfect but not-so-bad boy and your best friend, then whose words will you believe if a situation came to choose?"

"Obviously my best friend. Boys are evil." Garima spoke and Khushi laughed even harder. Mothers and their ways of telling that boys are devils and we are angels.

Khushi was just gonna ask again coz this thing was bothering her so much but then someone came on the door and Garima opened it as Arnav came inside.

"GARIMAJI! My Parveen Babi, my Rekha, my Aishwarya Rai!"

Khushi rolled her eyes, finishing up her breakfast before she got up to find Arnav on his knees infront of Garima.

"Why are you here? Today is Sunday.. oh wait you came to pick me up for tutoring?" she asked but Arnav put his hand in her direction telling her to shut up as Khushi gaped at that.

"You know what, you should never go infront of Aishwarya- she will kill herself if she ever saw that someone is way more beautiful than her- AND THAT IS YOU GARIMAJI!!!" Arnav kept speaking before Khushi went and kicked him on the side of his stomach with her leg making him fall dramatically..


"My stomach is still paining. What is your leg made of?" Arnav groaned as they sat in his mansion..his room, now while Khushi took out the books to tutor him.

"Power. A lot of power."

"Oh please, I can defeat you in any fight and your 'power' will die then and you will lose to me, loser" he snapped.

"It is good to see dreams. It sets goals, destinations that you may never reach but being ambitious is fantastic." Khushi said sarcastically before Arnav snatched the books from her hand and kept them away, pushing her back on the bed as he held both her arms in his one hand above her head.

"DERK, LEAVE ME!" Khushi struggled underneath him as he chuckled and started kissing her neck.

"I want to torture you for what you did and for being sarcastic with me. I hate sarcasm and I hate you for hitting me." he said as he pulled her up on the bed a little, grabbed a cloth then tied her hands with the bed's board making her burst into laughter.

"What are you doing? I didn't know you were a secret psycho. How do you wanna torture me?"

"Let's see" he said before he bought a box full of ice from the table of drinks, making her gasp.

He trailed an icecube on her waist till her bellybutton before licking and kissing the highly cold droplets of water that were stuck on her delicate skin now.

"S-s-stop! This is so ticklish" Khushi giggled, it was really strange coz what she was feeling right now was a mixture of highly cold and highly hot. His mouth and his tongue was really hot.

"So Khushi Kumari Gupta is ticklish, JACKPOT- I know your weakness now." he winked jokingly before he came up to her, took off her top and bra before putting the icecube on her cleavage..repeating the same pattern of licking, kissing, sucking and biting a bit too.

"This is really torturous Arnav" she arched her back, but suddenly the door clicked open making both's eyes widen as they turned around to find MRS RAIZADA STANDING INFRONT!

Khushi screamed, pulling up her top as Arnav got out of the bed hurriedly.

"NEETI! WHY DIDN'T YOU KNOCK?!!!" Arnav yelled angrily while the tray of food shivered in Neeti's hands.

"I..I had just cooked gajar ka halwa so I thought of sharing with you both. But.." Neeti closed her eyes tight trying to erase the scene she had just seen.

"TO HELL WITH YOUR GAJAR KA HALWA!!!" Arnav shouted embarrassingly before he walked past Mrs Raizada while Khushi bit her lip and got up to talk to her..


"ARNAV, stop feeling angry, I talked to aunty and she is ok.. I mean she told me she wont tell my mother and she wont tell anyone else too. Your mom is great so stop worrying-"

"NO! Shit, holy shit- SHE SAW ME WHILE I WAS- YUCK!!!! THIS IS THE MOST AWKWARD THING EVER!" he threw his head back in frustration as he started his car while Khushi sat beside him to calm him and assure him that everything is ok.

"Your sins are finally seen by Neetiji" Khushi laughed as Arnav threw his arm around Khushi's neck and started choking her playfully before she coughed making him let go of her..


"Why are you always partying, Arnav? Can I leave?" Khushi exhaled deeply as after both of them talking a bit while riding in his car he came to some really loud party.

"You cant leave. Enjoy, kiddo. Come out of the boring books and your great we-will-always-be-best-friends friendship with Lavanya Kashyap and LOSE CONTROL! WOOO!!!" he ran inside and Khushi face-palmed before she went in too..


Khushi finally got bored of drinking her pepsi since the longest time and seeing people dance like wild monkeys around her. So, she started walking to find Arnav to ask him to drop her back to her home.

She finally found him on a sofa, he was laughing and his hair were so messed up.. glitter was all over him and she saw that a girl was pouring colorful glitter and alcohol on him, the girl was highly drunk.

Khushi rolled her eyes before she sat beside Arnav and shook him by his shoulders.

"Why is he laughing so much?" Khushi groaned to the girl.

"He took drugsss! Mushroom drugs!" the girl giggled and left, making Khushi's eyes widen. OHHH SHIIIT! She never thought ASR would ever take drugs! This boy is seriously messed in the head!! But maybe this is good? He looks so joyful right now. Actually seems happy rather that stressed and grumpy as always..

"Arnav? Arnav are you ok?"

"Mmm.. Who are you?" he coughed, he had kept eyes were completely closed coz the drugs made his eyes feel heavy, in pain and nauseous.

"I'm Khushi"

"Who is Khushi?"

Khushi grunted.

"Arnav, I-"

"Who is Arnav?"


"Hmmm.." he yawned, holding her palm and kissing it randomly.

"Tell me something" he sighed "Do you think potatoes feel bad when we boil them in reallyyy hot water?"

"I don't think potatoes have feelings. They are not living, breathing organisms."

"They have feelings. They look so soft, and cute. They must have feelings. Don't lie to me!"

Khushi laughed, this is the most adorable thing she has ever heard.

"Tell me something more- do you think I would have danced better than Ranbir Kapoor in battameez dil?"


"Tell me something again- do you think the world will end in 2012?"

"It is 2015 right now. The world did not end 3 years ago."

"LIAR! It is 2007 right now, I went today with my dog to watch Chak De India in theater."

"You don't even have a dog. AND dogs are not allowed in theaters."

"STOP LYING TO ME OR I WILL NOT TALK TO YOU ANYMORE! I have a dog and he is sitting on me right now and I turned off the AC coz he feels cold."

Khushi took a deep breath, this is crazier than she thought it will be.

"Hey tell me something once again- do you think girls, once they start hating you, hate you forever?" Arnav licked the back of her hand making her giggle at the feeling.

"Umm.. why are you asking this?" she hummed as he put his head on her lap and stared at the ceiling.

"I know a girl, she is so damn gorgeous.." Arnav started, making Khushi's heart skip a beat- is he talking about Sheetal?

"Oh.. tell me more about her?"

Arnav smiled, "She is very talkative. And nice. And a selfless friend. And amazing. And has the softest body. And is great in studies. And is a fan of Salman Khan. And I call her kiddo. I had noticed her in my family gatherings but I felt that she always hated me so I started treating her like an enemy too coz of my big ego. But then one day in this year's class she finally gave attention to me and I got so happy that I went to her and talked to her if we can.. y'know, do something with each other. Stuff. I may have sounded like a jerk coz that is in my blood to be a jerk but I genuinely liked her more than just her beauty. I had a crush on her and I feel stupid coz I've never had crushes, I like girls for sometime- lust after them, like some qualities about them but this girl drives me wild with how she is. I love her. The more time I spend with her, the more I fall in love deeper and deeper with her.. but she doesn't take me seriously, she hates me coz of her friend; who is actually a female version of me- her best friend is a mega bitch and I'm a mega asshole. But I love her, oh mannn, I love her I love her I love her.. she is beyond angelic. She is beyond beautiful. She is so lovable but I still call her my enemy and unfortunately the most I can do with her is sleep with her when I actually want a lot more- I want to cuddle her, I want to travel with her, to kiss her romantically and not lustfully, I want to propose to her and I just want her in every single way a guy can have a girl. What do I do? Oh I don't remember her name right now though..but her name means 'happiness'."

Khushi's jaw had dropped..

Me. MeME!

He is talking about me!!!

Khushi unblinkingly looked at Arnav, tears rolling down her cheeks emotionally..


arnav said whatttShocked

ily angels!^__^

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I am first yippee This is first time I think. I love his flirting with garima. Oopsyyy wrong timing niti ji Do you think potatoes feel bad when we boil them in reallyyy hot water?--- that was the most sensitive thing one had said ever for potatoes awww... OMG OMG OMG what did he said. He had a crush on her from so long He liked her scratch he Loved her N he always wanna be with her. So what we thought he will fall in love with her its not true bCz he is already in love N he knew that she hate her Bcz of lav.

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