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congrats on new thread
interesting teaser

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Originally posted by SanayaMyLIFE

Amazing teaser Waiting for update
MrBiebersWifey. IF-Sizzlerz

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ALL MY WORK (both on my blogspot & of my IF account PinkPenguinxo) IS COPYRIGHTED.
Despite my repeated warnings people have been plagiarizing and taken overinspiration from my work.So I have found a legal means to protect my work: it is covered legally under Indian Copyright Act 1957.
None of my chapters, scenes, or the plot should be copied in any way. 

ch~7 :)

g for gentleman


"What do you want me to do, Khushi Kumari Gupta?"

Everyone was staring at Khushi with their jaws dropped. She giggled and crossed her arms.

"Arnav Singh Raizada," she started making him shake his head indicating that he's listening to her. "I want you to call everyone you have ever bullied, and apologize to them like a gentleman."

"OOOHHH PLEAAASE!" Arnav let out a roar of laughter. "Are you kidding me right now?"


"That is like.. the whole college." he laughed again. Jerk, Khushi thought rolling her eyes. But she has the POWER!! So she wasn't very pissed coz she can make Arnav do whatever she wants. Ha-ha.

"Call the whole college and apologize to them. I don't care if you stay awake all night calling everyone." she snapped in her feisty tone.

"HOLY SHIT. Holy. Shit. Holy.. wow. Ok." Arnav shrugged, taking the phone..


9 hours, 40 minutes and 30 seconds later~


"I'm very sorry. Bye." Arnav kept down the phone and found everyone around him asleep instead of Khushi. She was staring at him with a big smile on her face.

She clapped while he grunted and walked towards her, "You.. you.."

"I'm great I know." Khushi winked and started walking away.


Garima erupted like a volcano when Khushi went home asking her where she was for such a long time.. and Khushi notified that she was in the first ever party of her life and that it'll never happen again. Garima didn't ask more and let it be coz Khushi was smiling so much.

Khushi headed for college after awhile and found Lavanya sitting in the class looking shocked as everyone was talking about how ASR had apologized to them. She remembered that Arnav apologized to Lavanya too, but Khushi still felt his apology was not enough for what he did to Lavanya..

"You played a kissing game with ASR last night huh?" La asked as Khushi sat beside her and nodded. EVERYONE were talking about it.

"It was so cool, he apologized to everyone! You too!"

"Yeah.." Lavanya said in an uninterested tone. Khushi wondered why La didn't sound excited??

Arnav entered the classroom before Khushi could talk to Lavanya more about it. He entered looking hot as ever, but his hair were messed and his eyes were so red as he got no sleep last night.

"Hey kiddo." he walked towards her and smacked her head making her gape. He laughed and everyone were numbly looking at Khushi.. it was shocking to see Arnav and Khushi together at all after what happened last night.

"What happened to your voice, derk?" Khushi asked, his voice was sounding so low and broken.

"If you forgot, Ms Tutor, you made me apologize to about a 400 people in one night. My throat is sore now. Thanks a lot, heartless witch." he rolled his eyes opening his book.

Before Khushi could fight him, Sheetal Kapoor suddenly came in. Arnav smirked at her and expected her to come to him excitedly like always but she just sniffed and gave him a letter. He confusedly looked at her as she walked away and sat on another row's bench.

He opened the letter and read it:


Arnav :(

After seeing u kiss khushi my heart <3 is broken </3

i never thought u would do this!! :(

u have hurt me, killed my heart. it is not ok anymore it is broken into a billion pieces that i may never find. 

bye arnav. leave me and my broken heart alone. i am a broken angel from now. i'm so lonely broken angel...

His eyes widened seeing her dramatic letter and he got up, he found her looking sad in a corner and he walked towards her.

"Sheetal, babe, I don't even like Khushi!" he groaned.. he really liked spending time with Sheetal, she was the typical girl he always wants. Dumb and gorgeous. "She is my enemy, I hate her for how big of a smartass she is.. she slapped me once as well you know. I don't like anything about her! That kiss meant nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada."

"No ASR, it is better if we don't continue our relationship further." Sheetal said and hid herself behind her book making Arnav's jaw clench..



Khushi bit her lip hard hearing this harsh song booming through Arnav's room when she went to tutor him today afternoon after college.

Ooh. The breakup or whatever that was with Sheetal seems to have affected him but he is acting like he doesn't care.

Khushi smirked to herself, it seems like Arnav really cant handle a girl going away from him.. she remembered how Arnav used to say that he will get bored of Sheetal after awhile and will leave her like other girls but this time they are over before he could even sleep with her.

"Heyyy." Khushi entered the room and found Arnav playing basketball in the spacious sports' corner of his room.

"Nice song you're hearing! Looks like someone's egooo is hurttt is brokennn is in painnn is smasheddd!" Khushi mocked making him roll his eyes. He dropped the ball and came towards her, holding the front of her top and pulling her closer towards him before kissing her firmly to shut her up.

He put his tongue into her mouth to deepen their kiss before he let go of her. "Shut up."

"That was some way to shut me up.." she giggled rubbing her lips.

"I don't give a f*ck about Sheetal, ok? She's just a girl who couldn't handle me I'm sure. She is so dumb. Stupid b*tch." he scoffed.

Khushi was so shocked.




Arnav's ego is really so fragile.. she could just imagine how he will react after she leaves him by the end of the month after making him crazy for her.

She pursed her lips and went towards him before patting his back.

"Awwwh, derk, I was just joking. It's tragic what happened between you and Sheetal.. don't be so angry. It's not good for health and you have diabetes right.." she massaged his shoulders while he kept fuming.

"Who cares about her! Let it be.. She is not even hot, Her hair is so colored, she looks like a freaking prostitute with her 7 layers of makeup. I bet she looks like a monkey without all that paint on her face, she is just a dumb rich girl."

"Arnav, calm calm calm. Let's forget about her, ok?" she smiled sweetly, kissing his neck softly and hugging him. She sat on his lap, wrapping her legs around his torso while he played with her long hair.

"I will destroy her. Finish her." Arnav growled and for a moment Khushi saw this anger in his eyes that made her a bit scared.. she started thinking what he'll do when he comes to know she is sleeping with him for her plan.

But then she told herself she is strong and can take anything, so she just smiled and kept shushing him.

"Don't do anything, com'on.. why waste your time on people like her.." she didn't know what to say to comfort him so she just said this.

"You're right." he suddenly flipped her so she was underneath him, and he impatiently started to literally rip her clothes off her body and roughly kissed her. "I bet she would have been cold in bed. Unlike you, my goddess.."


It's been a week since Khushi had not met Arnav after that day, she was sick after how roughly he took her that day to get over Sheetal so she had not attended college too. She got fever.

Finally after sometime she went to college and found Arnav sitting in the classroom behind her. He kept snapping the strap of her bra, playing with her hair, tapping her shoulder and whatnot.

He gave her a chit after awhile and she read it:

' you still sick?? Garimaji called and said you got fever. maybe i was too hard that day huh? ;) '

She rolled her eyes feeling so angry at him for not taking her sensitively that day, he is such a rough guy.

' yes you were. you are a beast. i don't know when i want to sleep with you again Arnav! '

He replied:

' WOAH. I really hurt you so much? lets meet after class.'


"What happened to you?" Arnav asked as he walked along Khushi.

"I'm fine now, Arnav. Will come at your home and tutor you soon." she said as she walked inside the wash but Arnav followed her there too!

All the girls inside started giggling and left while Arnav locked the place from inside making Khushi groan.

"I missed you kiddo" he pulled her towards him and started kissing her throat before she pushed him away.

"Arnav. Stop it. I gotta change now so leave.." she said making him smirk.

"WOW! Now.. I wanna see you undress." he winked.

"WHAT!? Arnav, STOPPP! Why are you being this way? just coz Sheetal doesn't talk to you anymore you will use me to forget her? You were so rough with me that day like you were taking out your anger on me!" Khushi shouted.

"Undress. Now. Khush, do it."

"I wont, Arnia! I don't want to I'm not comfortable changing clothes infront of people!" Khushi mocked back before Arnav stubbornly locked the door of the wash and pulled down the sleeves of her top making her gasp as tears suddenly filled her eyes. This is the first time she felt bad into this 'sleeping with the enemy' thingy with Arnav ...

"S-stop.." a sob came out of her and Arnav froze. He has NEVER heard Khushi cry.

"Holy shit, Khushi.. hey.. don't cry. I never thought tough as a rock Khushi Kumari Gupta will ever cry." he laughed before she ran out of the place pulling up her sleeves..


"Khushi beta? You sure you don't wanna come to this wedding? You always come to eat food of weddings right!!" Garima asked for the nth time. She was going to a wedding but Khushi was laying in her bed eating popcorn and watching cheesy movies today.

"Bhook nahi lagii." Khushi sighed making Garima simper. "I will bring something for you anyway, ok? Gulab jamuns or whatever sweets are there"

Khushi gave Garima a thumbs up before she left.

After 10 minutes, she heard loud horns coming from outside. She lived in a very non-trafficked area so she wondered why so much noise is coming. She finally rushed in the gallery to find Arnav standing infront with that bike of his friend Maaz.

She grunted and went downstairs..


"What are you doing here?" she asked angrily.

"I'm sorry. Ok? I just freaked out when you cried.. it looked so impossible that YOU were crying Khushi."

"Arey stop it! Don't put salt in my wounds! I cried infront of you... it is the worst day of my life already." Khushi groaned.

"Haha..  my darling, my goddess, my sweetheart.. let me take you on a refreshing bike ride. You can hold me tighttt." he winked making her groan even louder.

"Why are you being nice to me?!"

"I just realized.. Khushi.. that I treat you too bad just coz you are my enemy. You're still a girl and I usually treat girls who I sleep with more sensitively, I mean ofcourse.. we shouldn't dig a hole in the plate we eat from." he chuckled "And no matter how tough you are like a boy Khush, you are a girl still.. I've checked. Down there." he whispered in her ear dirtily making her almost puke.

"So now you wanna be a gentleman with me?" she crossed her arms, popped an eyebrow.

"Yes. Whenever we'd be intimate, I'd be good to you I swear. I wont hurt you and make you CRY." he stressed on 'cry' making her hit his shoulder and punch his chest before he laughed and took a plastic bag from the bike and handed to her.

Khushi peeped inside to find a small pink teddy bear wearing a frock in it along with lots of gifts of chocolate.

"That teddy is now the girlfriend of your Mr Fluffy. Ok?" Arnav announced making her laugh. He sighed finally hearing her laugh.

"Now lets go, come kiddo." he patted the bike seat and she nodded before sitting with him..


Arnav is finallyyy being a gentleman coz he made khushi cry 

and sheetal is outBig smile

 i wrote this in about 15 mins coz i have a chem test in an hour :((( but oh well hope u sorta enjoyed this update my loves. xx

hugs and chocolates,

- PinkPenguinxo <3

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Amazing UpdateClap
Hello Hi ArshiBig smile
Bye Bye SheetalAngryWinkLOL
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awesome vani luv u my best writer
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simply superb
loved it,
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loved it
cont soon
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Amazing update
Hope arnav treats her well now

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