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Originally posted by violette

Originally posted by .Rinnie.

Very well written post!Big smile

I echo your statements, I truly cheered when she gave that tamacha to that badshah. I wanted her to kick him too, where it hurts the most LOL

As much as I stand with Ananya and understand her pov as a woman, At the same time I am disappointed a bit by her way of tackling this. I feel Kabir found her attitude to be the source of his anger rather than her denying Mahi's case. The first thing she does is lie that it was a false lead, that too infront of the top bosses of their KNN channel and cause Kabir to lose face. And second is when she admits to tell the truth and starts off with "Mujhe Mahi ka case ni karna chahiye" which was not the right thing to say to your boss, Like Kabir said he is the person who decides what news should or should not be shown and with Ananya saying such a thing that is a complete disrespect to his authority and a show of arrogance by someone in her position. It was this attitude that made Kabir angry, I don't think he would have blasted at her so much had she called him up and requested to put forth her opinion on Mahi's case. I'm pretty sure he would have listened.

But I can't be disappointed with her fully because Kabir's behavior with his questionnaire answers and the promos he aired, she must have thought he wouldn't listen. Well its going to be interesting but I hope Ananya is able to prove her stance equally as well as Kabir will, She is a pretty strong willed woman and courageous so I want to see them show her going toe-to-toe with Kabir on this case.


Where it hurts the most!!!ahahaaahhaaa...But Kyun apne legs gande kare, chai se kaam chala ley! Zindagi bhar nahi bhool payega vo dard!!ROFL


Agreed her eruptive attitude is the prime source of confrontations betn them. But then she is still immature, that simple little girl who sees world from certain perspective. She doesn't have experience and tribulations of Kabir. Agreed she has a painful past and was successful in overcoming it with positivity and hopefulness but remember she has two pillars of support in form of her mom and bro for them she has to fight and stay alive. Kabir on otherhand has seen a lot, suffered a lot and his way of seeing things roots from his experiences, ambitions, and a drive to prove his point and his desire to rule the media world and obtain that supreme power!

I don't think Ananya is essentially wrong in her approach. Kabir definitely dislikes her indisciplined and disobedient attitude but he respects her strong views on ethics and humanity and would ultimately support her in long run.

For Ananya no thing is greater than absolute truth and the trait of us being compassionate and human. She cannot compromise on it.

ForKabir, no thing is greater than news that is said effectively, bringing home the social message impactfully. But doing so he might tend to cross that fine line but ananya has a clear conscience of what she would stand for risking her joband even Kabir's faith in her talents!

I don't think for Kabir ego matters more than delivering what he is supposed to deliver, his goals, his passion for breaking the sensational news.

I also don't think that Ananya had ever been arrogant. All that she does is to follow what she feels isright and in that process she unintentionally defies his rules and authority. One thing is clear she is not one who would walk by his rules. She analyzes each news on its merit and acts accordingly. Its just that Kabir's way of approaching and presenting news is different from Ananya's.

In this incident, I don't think either Kabir or Ananya had time to explain themselves. If it wasn't for the presence of Malvika and Khalid, she might have tried other approach, as we had seen earlier, but she also knew from experience that Kabir would have his way irrespective of what she thinks about Mahi. So she had to lie, she had no option.

As for the questionnaire thing, I think Ananya is right. Kabir still doesn't understand her. He would've blasted had he not done the same thing with others live on his news channel. On lighter note, the whole idea was ridiculous. It fell in category of cheap gossip and he rightly told off Ananya.

As for being toe-to-toe, I doubt Kabir will give her another chance any soon. He would mete out a punishment giving her a strong lesson on how she should behave if she ever wants to work under him again!LOL

Oh! I would love their confrontations!

There were quite a few broken wooden planks there too Wink That could work instead of chai LOL

Yes I agree, Her eruptive attitude is what causes most of their clashes. But as you said she is still immature therefore I always say she has a lot to learn and experience. This may be one of the lessons for her and Kabir too. Kabir had said he sees himself in her not too long back, not in those exact words but it was somewhat similar so it is obvious that at one point of time he was like Ananya but something must have happened that taught him about how this world works. Therefore he must have gone through what Ananya has because as a journalist they always come across such sensitive cases. He believes the only way to tackle this is to bring the reality to the viewers and show them what the faults in society rather than covering it up. I think the problem here was actually because Ananya has yet to see the personal and emotional side of Kabir who will protect Mahi and handle this issue with utmost sensitivity. So far she has only seen the professional Kabir who is a go-getter, who is driven by the acquiring breaking news and always boardcasting all sides of an issue to the public.
So I can understand very well where she is coming from, she must have been quite conflicted on what she should do nevertheless she was sure that she would protect Mahi no matter what.

However the way she handled the matter in office was little poorly done. You cannot take so much money from your office, tell them that you will bring such a major breaking news and then lie at the end that it was a false lead. Khalid was already fired up to make Kabir apologize and make up for everything. She was lucky they didn't fire her on the spot for taking the money or start asking her to cough up the 2 lakhs again.
At the same time, Ananya was ready to face all the consequences of her action to save Mahi from the mental torture she would have to endure at the hands of media and society. Unfortunately her action would also affect KNN and Kabir as well.
Its quite the catch 22 situation. LOL You cannot side with either of them because their both right and wrong in their own place.

As for Kabir's ego and Ananya's arrogance, I didn't mean it in that ways. What I meant was she was in a way telling her boss what he should and should not have done which would be deemed as arrogance by others because she is a woman who is only a junoir reporter and he has much more experience than her. Its not his ego that is damaged but the trust he must have placed in her as a reporter to get the news and his authority as her boss. He respects her quite a bit and it shows many times, but she screwed up a bit by telling him not to air the promos. No matter how right we are, You can never get through to your boss by telling him how to do his job. LOL
But I have to give it to Ananya, She is bloody courageous. I was completely captivated by her in that scene, She didn't flinch or back down at all.

Kabir doesn't fully understand Ananya yet, he can see the potential in her and respects her thoughts but so far she has behaved quite a bit like a fangirl infront of him. I think the moment he finally figures out why and how she came into this field, That's when he would completely understand her.
I sure do hope they show a scene where KaYa just discuss their varying opinions so that they both can understand each other better. Right now, its too early for them to truly and completely understand each other.

Hahahahahaha... that last para really cracked me up, your words caused a very weird imaginary picture in my mind of a student Ananya and strict headmaster Kabir LOL
Well, that is one thing Kabir will definitely do. According to today's spoiler, he is already gearing up to do so I feel.

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Fab. Post...
Yet to catch the episode.

Edited by quirky_senorita - 13 May 2015 at 1:37am

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Originally posted by violette

If one goes by reasoning of certain ppl on this forum, even Badshah's act can be justified as his practical approach towards filling his empty stomach!  - satire  LOLLOLLOL
Taking a dig, are we? Wink LOL

I love your parallel betn Sinha's case and Mahi's case.  The two acted on their strong beliefs though the goals were different.  Ananya's act is more selfless!
I don't think her stand is wrong in terms of protecting a broken vulnerable woman and certainly standing for her when people want to parade her mercilessly!  Remember the Nidhi Rane case.  Image what would happen to Mahi!  Pitying is the worst and cheapest kind of fashionable gossiping!  I am happy that Ananya at least tried to avoid such fate for Mahi.
Kabir is sensitive towards this issue and I m sure he must've something in his mind after that insightful input from Ananya.  He might have presenting it sensitively but still It would inevitably had worst impact on Mahi and I shudder to think about her family!  The things they would learn she had gone through!  Its emotionally mutilating.
I would definitely support Ananya.  There is no point about mistrust on her seniors here!  Or even unprofessionalism.  She was just demanding some time for Mahi and not essentially denying the story completely!
It was just that it all happened to fast.

Obviously, she wasn't even thinking about the repercussions when she decided to 'steal' Mahi away from KKN.. Or maybe she didn't care about e'm.. 

Coz her priority was to ensure that Mahi was rescued and treated, for her physical and psychological distress before she is made to face the camera, and the hypocritical world that shall rip her self-respect to shreds, once again.. 

Then again, looking at it from KKN and Kabir's POV, there was a better way to do it.. Of course, they haven't given her reasons to trust them, and so she did not.. 
Again, that's her POV, so no matter what we say, it cannot be designated as being right or wrong.. 

But looking at the larger picture makes me think that Kabir wasn't entirely wrong either.. 
Yes, he cited her unprofessional behaviour and sensitive nature as her faults.. 

But let's put it this way.. 
For how long will Ananya be able to protect Mahi? Even if she does, the psychological scars will never go away.. 
Of course, not right away but once Mahi has the reins of her life back, she will have to accept the reality and move on.. make attempts to gather what is left of her, and fight against the ones who deny her a right to live modestly.. 

And that is where, I feel Kabir's news presentation will be the saving grace.. 
There is no greater power than being able to influence the masses to THINK, and retrospect.. 

Reminds me of Sach ka Saamna.. Even if most of it was scripted, am pretty sure that the contestants went back home feeling proud of themselves.. Coz they emerged victorious in the end, despite their several shortcomings..
And if the story is able to do that for Mahi, I don't think she will ever need to be protected again.. 

Kabir is right in his way but he ought to respect this other viewpoint too.  This issue is too sensitive and it merits tht!

He will, I think.. Or perhaps he already knew all of it from Laxman.. 
He wasn't being insensitive, I feel.. He was just annoyed that a person who had trusted him blindly once, took him for granted.. 
And as the Boss, he had every right to be furious.. Coz the integrity of their Channel is under threat, if they fail to deliver what they promised.. 

As for his speech on the media being 'dalals', that's yet another hard-hitting reality, that cannot be refuted.. The uglier side of journalism, perhaps Ananya has yet to witness it.. 
as for their conversations, oh I wished they had in detail about how he doesn't understand her!  I was so dying to hear that!LOL
Anyways, kabir being utmost profession a heart-to-heart conversation will have to wait.  Though he has his own ways of seeking out personal info without sounding to personal!LOL  Whereas Ananya takes up foolish ways!LOL

Lol.. LOL Soo true.. She's got to learn the tricks of the trade from the master himself.. Wink

Errmm, not a heart-to-heart one, but perhaps a few lines where he justifies what we're all echoing since last night.. 'There is no right or wrong, one simply has to find a middle ground..'
Perhaps that would lead to something more being said.. Or if not, atleast they'll be a step closer to unraveling each other.. 

I don't think Ananya would bring Mahi to KKN.  It defies her whole point of fighting.  Her current stance is not for KKN or even Kabir.  Its for Mahi.

Exactly! And I feel kabir's story on the Celebrity Drug raid, will provoke her to think.. 

Even if she does bring Mahi to Kabir, or takes Kabir to Mahi, it will only be for Mahi.. 
Not because her story needs to be told, but because she deserves the right to be heard.. If she wants to..
Else the media will just pass her off as yet another ruined starlet.. 

It's now that she will understand the true power that the media yields over common people.. And if it can be used to help Mahi live a dignified life in the future, I see no reason why Ananya wouldn't want to do it.. Of course, only if and when Mahi is prepared, physically and mentally.. 

That scene was terrific and I loved the raw energy of emotions they exhibited.  Ananya's was strong and unwavering.  Kabirs was volcanic and daunting.
He shouldn't be taken for granted that he has already established strongly in many ways!LOL  But Ananya is not going to learn.  She loves the tag of "Rebel!"LOLLOL

Hahaha.. and that's what causes friction between them.. Which I love the most! 
Kritika is very professional, talented, and choosy about her roles.  I like the fact that RK brings his character alive like no one can ever do it!  At first I thought Ananya's character was not up to the level for Kritika's caliber but now I can see why the Behl's chose her.  She can portray strength without any show or style.  It comes naturally to her.   Her chirpiness and cuteness are her innate traits.  And yes I love her refreshing smiles!  Also she brings the innocence of Ananya pretty well and yet she is a woman of substance.  Reminds me so much of that initial Arohi!

@Bold: I thought the same.. But she's proven her caliber over the past few weeks.. And I feel no other actress could have pulled it off now.. She managed to strike a balance between the several shades to Ananya, and has now made her a character worthy of remembrance.. 

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Originally posted by .Rinnie.

There were quite a few broken wooden planks there too Wink That could work instead of chai LOL

Exactly she hasn't seen his other side as we did and neither has Kabir seen how practical she can be!  But people like Ananya cannot compromise on their ethics.  She know its value and has learnt it hard way what happens if truth, justice, and humanity doesn't prevail!  Sad!

The money was not the issue here as much as not getting the required news.  They cannot just fire her as if its a false lead it aint actually her mistake.  Only Kabir knew the truth of false lead.
Catch 22 situation is perfect thing here!LOL  Don't want a riot on this forum!LOLLOLLOL  Soon we will see that its Ananya Vs Kabir!   LOLLOL  KaYA jab hoga tab hoga!LOL
Okay I understood your POV regarding her presenting herself as arrogant, disobedient, and outright rebel.  She is definitely challenging his authority and that of Malvika and Khalid too.  In some ways she enjoys proving herself right, which borders to arrogance!LOL

No matter how right we are, You can never get through to your boss by telling him how to do his job. LOL
The golden mantra.  Ananya needs to paste that on her workboard!LOLLOL
Kabir was rightly infuriated on her  she is too much and too gutsy!LOLLOL
Kabir has seen her transform from a stupid fangirl to a brave responsible reporter and a sensitive helpful girl.  I think Ananya has come a long way since her first intro fiasco.  But I still have a gut feeling that he knows all about her and her dad.
Agreed its too early for them to discuss about their differences.  She is still junior and he is not liable to answer her disagreement.  Though he did in Tarini matter but still I think it was more spontaneous bcoz she barged in suddenly and asked such concerned question!  He must've definitely loved her worry for his stance!

Kabir is a strict headmaster!!! LOL  Ab Ananya madam ko pata chalega kisse panga le liya hai!LOL
Well, that is one thing Kabir will definitely do. According to today's spoiler, he is already gearing up to do so I feel.
Okay I need to read that damn spoiler!LOL
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fabulous postBig smile
u said ryt, each n every word is correct.
When one says only a woman can
understand a woman's plight. It was
so right.

that what i felt when Ananya slapp that person. She realy take a stand for woman, forgetting every thing, for what she was there, she take stand for mahi was amazingBig smile

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Originally posted by Sh0Nali

fabulous postBig smile
u said ryt, each n every word is correct.
When one says only a woman can
understand a woman's plight. It was
so right.

that what i felt when Ananya slapp that person. She realy take a stand for woman, forgetting every thing, for what she was there, she take stand for mahi was amazingBig smile
Most of us would have been able to relate with that scene.  It was so potent!Thumbs Up
and it was that scene which led us to support Ananya out and out in her fight for Mahi.
Its not about what's right and what's wrong.  Its about principles.
I say again had Kabir known abt Mahi's plight he wud've taken the same stance.
I guess now he had clear understanding of wer Mahi stands.
As per spoilers, we now know that he will act accordingly.
But Ananya will have to pay the price of her disobedience and keeping humanity ahead of her profession, respect, and name.
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As I said, they still have a long way to go before they truly understand each other. They respect each other but don't completely understand one another. Well I'm excited to see how all this is going to play out, their both such strongly built characters who have some basic ideologies but different methods to get what they desire.

Hahahaha... I agree I quite get the feeling it might end up Kabir V/s Ananya rather than KaYa if they keep clashing like this LOL

Ananya is still a bit immature on the professional end, with a little more experience she will understand how to handle such situations without making it a mess.

That is the golden mantra that Ananya hasn't been chanting LOL But I feel Kabir is going to start drilling it into her soon if she keeps telling him how to do his job LOL
I was laughing when he pulls away from the 0.005 inch gap and speaks to her about the promos being aired and she replies "wo promo jo apko chalana hi nahi chahiye tha" and BAM! He reduces the 0.005 inch to 0.001 inches gap LOL

Yes, she has come a long way but at the same time that silly questionnaire track bought back the ol'fangirl in her in full josh. LOL But it was funny in a way.

There is still a long way to go before he can confide in her completely. The man is a hard shell at times so KaYa will take time to develop.

Kabir Sharma khud ko Hitler mante hai LOL aur Ananya ne hitler se panga le li LOL

Do check it out. Today's episode is going to be interesting but I hope Ananya can prove her stance as well and doesn't back down.

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amazing analysis 
just speechless
loved ananya 
first time the female lead spoke up against the male lead otherwise most of them just hide behind the male lead in case of difficulties and tough times

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