Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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Today is the most memorable day for arohi..she is getting engaged to the man of her dreams. Her fiancee VIKAS KHURANA..yes they were together since 4 years and recently he proposed her to which she replied with a yes..she was dressed in a baby pink pink churi was adoring her wrists. She was on top of the world..all her friends were teasing her and she was blushing like anything. She was ready but vikas and his family have not arrived yet.
On the other hand vikas and his family were waiting for vikas's best friend ARJUN SINGHANIA who is late as usual but vikas was keen on waiting for him. And after a wait of 1 hour..he arrived dressed in a golden sherwani,he was looking damn hot. He saw vikas and hugged him immediately..
Arjun-congo meri jaan..u r getting married but kamine tune promise kia tha mere baad shaadi krega..tod dia naa promise..
Vikas laughed-apni nautanki band kr..tujhe aaj tk koi ldki pasand aayi h..kitna time ho gya aunty kabse tere liye ldki dekh rhi h pr tujhe koi acchi hi nhi lgti to meri fault nhi h..
Arjun-ho gya??? 
Vikas-haan ho gya...
Arjun-to bkwas band kr aur chl.warna late ho jaaenge already teri vajah se late h. With this he walked away leaving vikas with his mouth hung open..

Vikas and his family reached at aluwahlia place. Vikas was looking at the decorations and he exchanged few hellos and namaste with her family members. 
Arohi got to know about his arrival but no one was praising him..everyone was busy in praising some arjun singhania..a guy who is vikas's best friend. Arohi know many things about him but never saw his photograph..her sister anita was praising his looks she was just talking about him not vikas..arohi had enough of the arjun raga. She finally asked her how vikas was looking and to her disappointment no one noticed him..
Anita-di..jiju uske aage kuch nhi lg rhe the..
Arohi-tujhe uska nature pta h?? Nhi naa..
Anita-di please..aap bhi jaante ho ki vikas ka nature bhi kuch zada accha nhi h..aur wo aapse zada apne kaam se pyar krte h..
Arohi looked away-pyaar bayaa nhi kia jaata..wo bhi mujhse bohot pyar krta h mujhe pta h..n stop all this anita..ab meri shaadi ho rhi h uss se.
Anita-i know di n i hope ki aap dono khush rho..but abhi bhi mein usko like nhi krti..jese uski attention har jagah hoti h bss aap pr nhi wo mujhe accha nhi lgta..
Arohi hugged her darling sister-kaam bhi zaruri h anita..n u wont get it..
Amrit came and saw her daughters. She smiled and looked at them with love..arohi saw her standing there. She just smiled at her and broke the hug with her sister to hug her mom and assure her that she will be happy..amrit knew arohi will be happy but she didn't know why but she was not feeling good or she was not happy with this marriage at all..but for the sake of her daughter she agreed..
Amrit and anita took arohi with them..

Vikas was sitting on a chair and the chair beside him was empty. He was waiting for arohi. Arjun who was teasing him about his marriage and his future wife just stood still as he saw the most mesmerising sight..a girl in baby pink lehenga was coming downstairs..her hairs were open. Wrists were full of bangles..creamy skin peeping out from her neatly fixed dupatta. She was blushing and her eyes were busy in scanning the floor and all this just took his heart away..vikas who saw her just looked at her for once and then got busy with his phone. And this fumed anita but she liked the way arjun looked at arohi..admiration and his all attention was on her only..she felt like "kash pehla mila hota.."

Arohi looked up and saw vikas who was busy in checking his phone..she again felt a little disappointed. She went ahead and stood beside him whereas anita stood beside arjun so that she can see his expressions clearly..
All the family members gathered around them,vikas and arohi exchanged the rings and others clapped..all blessed the newly engaged couple and some guests got busy in gossip.

Arjun was standing far away from vikas and arohi. He was looking at her. He know that this is wrong but still he was feeling a sudden attraction towards her. He was busy in staring at her so didn't noticed anita..but when she cleared her throat he looked at her and was embarrassed because he was ogling on arohi openly..
Anita with a smirk-dont u think..apne friend ki soon to be wife ko ese dekhna buri baat h..
Arjun smiled-i know but i cant help it..its not that i m.a flirt but this girl have something in her which is making me so restless..
Anita looked at him-she is my sister..
Arjun grinned-i m sorry for drooling over your sister..but in real i m not sorry at all..
Anita-i can see that...come let me introduce u to my sister..
With this she dragged arjun with her..

Arohi and vikas were busy with the guests but when vikas noticed arjun he left all his guests and joined him and anita..
Vikas-so..r u enjoying??
Arjun-yeppp..anita is giving me a good company..
Vikas teasingly-aur koi ldki pasand aayi yaha??
Arjun laughed-haan aayi h naa..but agar naam bta dia to scene create ho jaaega aur tu naam sun bhi nhi paaega..
Vikas-achaaww..drame band kr aur naam bta..
Arjun came closer and whispered in his ear-teri hone wali wife..
Vikas laughed-tu nhi sudhrega..mzak band kr aur sach bta..
Arjun-arre sach hi bol rha hu..
Anita who was standing with them looked at vikas to see any trace of jealousy and anger but nothing was there
Anita to herself-agar ye di se pyar krta to thoda to gussa aata..
Vikas was still laughing-agar krta bhi h to its ok wo sirf mujhse pyar krti h. He said with proud..
Arjun smiled-ofcourse krti h but tu kitna krta h ye bta naa..
Vikas-yrr pyar wyar mei mein believe nhi krta...hum casual relationship mei the n ab shaadi kr rhe h..
Anita-ohh really itna casual tha relationship tha ki aapne di ko propose kia??
Arjun sensed the tension and tried to ease it
Arjun-arre yrr ladai mt kro..chodo iss topic ko n vikas mujhe introduce to krwa arohi se..
Vikas nodded and they saw arohi standing in a corner..

Arohi was in deep thoughts..she should be happy that finally she is getting married to the man of her dreams but then why she is not vikas is the one..she know that vikas cares for her but she is not sure if he loves her or not..her thoughts broke when she heard him saying her name..she turned around and saw a guy with him..
Vikas-arohi..meine tumhe mere best friend ke baare mei btaya tha h wo..arjun..arjun singhania..
Arohi looked at him and smiled-hello..
Arjun heard her sweet voice and lost his own. He saw her face to face for the first time since he is here..her eyes held innocence in them..her face is angelic..he again got lost in her but the ringing cell of vikas got his attention..
Vikas-tum doni baate kro mein aata hu..with this he left from there..
Arjun looked at arohi-umm..hii..i m arjun..
Arohi-i m arohi
Arjun-u have a lovely name..n its unique as well
Arohi smiled-thanks..
There was an awkward silence between the two..but the silence didn't last long as vikas was back..
Vikas-ho gyi tum dono ki baat?? Accha arohi listen..mujhe kisi kaam se USA jaana pdega..shaadi se pehle aa jaaunga but tumhe shopping khud krni pdegi..hope u wont mind..
Arohi taunted-ab aadat ho gyi h its cool..
Vikas-arohi..ok arjun tumhare sath chla jaaega..iski aur meri pasand bohot milti h to tum mere liye bhi shopping kr paogi..n koi sath bhi hoga to ajeeb nhi lgega..


Vikas left for USA. Only 2 weeks were left for the wedding. Arohi was busy in booking saloon for herself. She was preparing the list for shopping so she wont forget anything...she was busy with her list and thats when she got a call from an unknown number. 
Arohi picked it up-hello..
A male when shall i pick u??
Arohi confused-what??..
Arjun-hey its me arjun..remember..
Arohi-ohhh yaa..sorry meine pehle nhi pehchana..
Arjun-its ohhkk
Arohi-aap 1 gante baad aa jaana fir hum chlte h shopping pr..

Exact after one hour..arjun was there to pick her up. 
In the span of 3 hours..they got to know each other more and more..and all this made arjun to fall for her harder and arohi just loved his company and his attention..she many times compared him and vikas on basis of giving her attention..time
Arjun dropped her back and went back to his home..


Arjun was lost in her thoughts..sleep was far away from his eyes and suddenly his phone rang making him groan..he picked it up without having a look of the caller..and the caller surprised him with her ever so gentle voice..
Arohi with hesitation-arjun..
Arjun closed his eyes-hmm..
Arohi-mujhe neend nhi aa rhi thi to socha call kr lu..
Arjun-accha kia..mujhe bhi nhi aa rhi thi..
Arohi smiled-great to chlo baat krte h hum dono..tumhari koi girlfriend h kya??
Arjun laughed-yrr jale pr namak mt daalo..
Arohi giggled-sorry..
Arjun-arohi ek baat puchu??
Arohi-haan pucho..
Arjun-meine uss din tum dono mei thodi tension feel ki..agar chaho to mujhe bta skti ho..
Arohi sighed-hmm..arjun mujhe uska paisa nhi chahiye..uska time chahiye..uski attention chahiye..mein chahti hu mera husband bhi mere liye possessive doubt he cares for me a lot but pyar ka nhi pta mujhe...
Arjun-look arohi..tum dono ki shaadi ho rhi h n abhi bhi soch rhe ho ki pyar h ki nhi..
Arohi-arjun..i just dont know ki ye kya h but pyar to esa nhi hota naa..pyar mei to hum sirf ussi insaan ke baare mei sochte h but vikas nhi sochta kabhi bhi..jab bhi hum date pr jaate h uske calls..msgs..sab mujhse zada important hote h..
Arjun-to tum ye shaadi kyu kr rhi ho??
Arohi-humari family ko pta tha humare relationship bss kl mere sath lunch pr chlogi??
Arohi smiled-yuppp y not..
Arjun-great to 12:30 pm bje tk ready rhna..
Arohi-ohhkk and good night..mujhe aa gyi h neend..
Arjun-good night n take care..
With this they both hung up the phone..

Next morning...

Arohi was busy in selecting clothes for her..she was behaving as if she is going on a date..anita came there and saw her sister who was sitting on her bed with all her clothes..
Anita coughed-ahem ahem..vikas to yaha nhi fir itna rrady ho kr kaha chli??
Arohi rolled her eyes-arjun aur mein lunch pr jaa rhe h..
Anita with i will help u..aap sabse acche naa suit mei lgte ho..n mein kl hi ek new suit laayi thi to aap pehn lo..
Arohi-awww thanks anita..u r just the best..
Anita-ahhh i know that..
Anita gave her suit which was white in colour..after wearing it arohi was looking like an angel..
Arohi was ready..she was waiting for arjun..finally he arrived and honked the car..arohi rushed out of her house...
Arjun saw her and he couldn't look away..she felt his admiring gaze on her and her cheeks got a hint of red colour..
Arohi sat in his car-arjun..
Arjun looked away in being caught-chlte h already late ho gye h
With this they drove away..

They reached at a restaurant which was famous for its food and surprisingly it was their favourite more thing common..
Arjun pulled a chair for arohi like a true gentleman..she smiled and sat on the chair..
Arjun asked arohi to order whatever she likes and when she was placing the order most of the dishes were his favourite as well..
Arjun and arohi were busy in their chit chat but there were some guys who were eyeing arohi..staring at her on inappropriate places..arjun glared at them but this had a least affect on them..
Arjun got a call so he excused himself and one of the guy came there and sat in front of her..arohi saw him looking at her with lust..without saying a word she got up and was about to leave but the guy caught her wrist and this made arohi to protest..he caught her waist and the other guys were enjoying the scene..he was about to kiss her knuckles thats when he received a hard punch on this face..
Arjun pulled arohi towards him and looked at that guy with so much anger..he grabbed him with his collar and punched him 2-3 times more..other guys got afraid and left from there whereas arjun just kicked that guy wherever he felt..managers arrived there at time and saved the guy from his anger..
Arjun barked on the manager-kesa management h aapka..koi bhi aa kr ese hi kisi ko tang kese kr skta h..
Manager-sir we are extremely sorry and sir please take care of ur wife..she is still looking scared..
Arjun turned around to look at arohi who was shivering with fear..he just pulled her in a hug..he rubbed her back and kissed her forehead..
Arjun-arohi everything is alright..kuch nhi hua..calm down..
Arohi let a shaky breath-arjun please chlte h yaha se..
Arjun nodded and they both left that restaurant..

Siddharth was wincing in pain but he still called her-anita ki bacchi tujhe to mein chodunga nhi..tune kya bola tha bss arohi ko chedio n arjun nhi maarega..usne mujhe kaha kaha maara tu soch bhi nhi skti..mummy yaad dila di..n u were right he loves her a lot..but tu nhi bachegi yaad rkh..
Anita laughed-ab ye to obvious tha naa ki agar wo pyar krta h to gussa aaega..anyway tu itna saa nhi kr skta mere liye..n now hume di ko realise krwana h..vikas nhi unke liye arjun best h..
Siddharth-arre to arohi ko jealous krwa naa 
Anita-good idea...

On the other hand...

Arjun and arohi were sitting on a bench. They were in a park..arohi remembered his actions..his anger..and again her mind started comparing..she don't know why but she feels more protected with him..with a guy whom she had meet recently..
There was silence between them..arohi broke the silence..
Arohi-thanks arjun..
Arjun looked at her-no need arohi..bss tumne kuch nhi hua iss baat ki tasali h..
Arohi instantly looked at him-tumhare hote huye kya ho skta h mujhe..
Arjun kissed her forehead gently..arohi just hugged him tightly as if she never ever want to let him go..
Arjun didn't want to break the hig but he had to as they were getting late..arjun held her hand and they sat in car to reach aluwahlia mansion..

After coming back from the lunch arohi was silent..she was thinking about arjun and his words were making her smile..suddenly her phone buzzed and it was arjun..a wide smile came on her lips and that night they chatted until they were asleep..

Next day...

Vikas was back from his USA trip..he and arjun chatted a lot about the business thats when arjun asked him to organise a dinner date with arohi and they should spend some quality time together..suresh came there to ask the likes and dislikes of arohi..
Vikas-umm..she likes dark red colour..chinese is her favourite food..
Arjun interrupted-wrong..her favourite colour is baby pink and white..her favourite food is continental..she dont like much lightings..she love balloons..her favourite cake is pineapple..her favourite sweet dish is gulab jaamun..and..
Vikas looked at him with a shocked face-woah..aaj tak mujge itna nhi pta chla..chl fir mein kya krunga tu hi organise kr de sab kuch..
Arjun smiled-sure...

All the arrangements were dine by arjun..he looked after at small things too..all the arrangements were done according to her likes and dislikes..
After having the last look arjun left from there..arohi and vikas arrived. They both had some deep conversations but arohi was not herself and he can see that pretty easily..he even noticed change in arjun..
Vikas-arrangements kese lge??
Arohi smiled-bohot acche h..mujhe nhi pta tha tumhe sab yaad rhta h meri likes and dislikes..
Vikas-nhi tha yaad ye sab arjun ne kia h..uska idea tha ki date pr aau..
Arohi-tab to mujge shaadi arjun se krni chahiye..
Vikas looked at her face..just then she laughed and said "just kidding.."
For the first time he felt she was not..


From the next day only 1 week was left for the marriage. Vikas's best friend smita too came to attend their wedding..smita was close to arjun and they both cant hide anything from each other and even if they yry to do so the other person can read the face easily..and it happened this time too..smita read his face..
When she saw him alone. She went and asked him..
Smita-whats the matter arjun..tu khush nhi h iss shaadi se..
Arjun smiled-khush to hu..dekh smile bhi kr rha hu..
Smita-nhi h and jhuth mt bol sach bta kya hua h..
Arjun ignored her and left from there..
But smita was keen to know the matter so she decided to ask him again..

The mehendi ceremony was suppose to happen at her smita and arjun were asked to go there to give some jewellery to arohi. Smita and arjun reached at her place..
Arohi was sitting in the middle and girls were around her..she looked up and saw arjun..she smiled but he ignored her. Smita noticed this..
Arjun was standing far away..he could see her..her smile was not reaching her eyes..
Smita saw him looking at arohi with love in his eyes and it did scared her..because the intensity of his love was way too much to handle..anita saw arjun standing in the corner..
Anita-u love di..
Arjun turned around-no i dont..
Anita-dont lie arjun i can see it in ur eyes..
Arjun with teaes in his eyes-ab kuch nhi ho skta..arohi mujhse pyar nhi krti..wo vikas..
Anita-no arjun ye sach nhi h..she loves u but unhe abhi khud nhi pta..just tell her yrr..iss se pehle bohot der ho jaaye bol do..
Smita who heard everything came in front of him-she is right go snd say it..results pr focus mt kr..sab bta de..
Arjun just hugged her tightly-i love her a lot yrr..usko vikas ke sath nhi dekh paaunga..
Smita smiled and pulled his cheeks-then go aur bta de usko..
Arohi saw them sharing a hug and it burned hurts to see him hugging that girl..
Smita saw arohi standing there and saw jealousy in her eyes..
Smita to arjun-i have a plan..

Arjun and smita just went to meet arohi who saw them coming towards her..she looked away and focused on her mehendi..
Arjun-hii r u..
Arohi looked up-i m fine..
Arjun-dekho mein tumhe meri jaan se milwane laaya hu..smita..her nane is smita sinha and mom ne isko mere liye pasand kia h..
After hearing this arohi forgot to breath..something burned in her..may be her heart which was crying like was bleeding..
Smita-hello arohi..
Arohi shouted on top of her voice-kesi mehendi wali bulai h mom..iss mehendi se jalan ho rhi h mujhe..
She got up with the help of a girl and left that place..
Smita to arjun-mehendi se nhi mujh se jalan ho rhi h usko..

After sometime the dance performances were organised..all danced in group..arohi was looking lost but then she saw him and smita dancing together..his hand was on her waist and she was clinging..circling his neck with her hands..arohi had enough of all this..she asked her mom to take her up as she is not feeling well.
After amrit left her she sat on her bed and tears made their way in her eyes..
Arohi to herself-kyu bardash nhi ho rha uska smita ke pass jaana..kyu nhi accha lg rha jab wo usko hug krta h..kyu bura lgta h jab wo uske sath dance krta h..kyu..esa kabhi bhi vikas ke sath to feel nhi hua to aaj kyu..
Arjun who was hearing all this came in her room with tears in his eyes too-mujhe bhi reason jaan naa kyu tumhe vikas ke sath dekh kr accha nhi lgta..kyu tumgari har baat itni acchi lgti h..kyu tumhare aasu bardash nhi hote..kyu tumhara vikas ke naam ki mehendi lgwana accha nhi lga..
Arohi got up and hugged him tightly-i..i..i love u arjun..i love u a lot..tumhe jaan kr..tumse mil kr pta chla pyar hota kya h..
Arjun hugged her back-i love u too arohi..i just cant let u go..
Arohi pushed him-no..i hate u..i just hate u..tum.jaao apni jaan smita ke pass..just go..tumhari shaadi ho rhi h naa us seto jaao yaha se..
Arjun smiled-nhi..meri shaadi nhi ho rhi h smita sab uska plan tha taki tum apni feelings confess kr sko..
Arjun pulled her towards him-mein to bss tumse pyar krta hu..
Arohi smiled and kissed his cheek-pr hum kabhi sath nhi ho skte arjun..kl shaadi h meri ab kuch nhi ho skta..mein apne parents pr ungli uth te nhi dekh skti isliye hume ek dusre ko bulna hoga
Arjun-arohi..mein baat kr lunga vikas se..u dont worry kuch nhi hoga esa..please humare sath esa mt kro..
Smita and anita came there-arohi..dont be stupid sab thik ho jaaega..tum dono khush nhi rhoge agar vikas ki aur tumhari shaadi ho gyi to..
Arohi sobbed-ab kuch nhi ho skta h smita..its better jo yaha hua wo yhi khtm ho jaaye and just go arjun..tumhe apne saamne dekh kr mein nhi sambhal paaungi khud ko..
Arjun with tears-kaash hum pehle mile hote..kaash..
Arjun left from there so does smita..


Finally the wedding day arrived..

Everyone was busy in doing the preparations..amrit was busy with caterers..sudhir with decorators..arohi was busy with her tears..yes she was crying..crying on her fate..she just want her arjun but now they cant do one was early morning and her choora rasam was going to happen..
Everyone gathered around her and they blessed her bangles by placing their hands on it..everyone sat around her. Her mama and mami made her wear her choora and then they wrapped a red cloth on it.

On the other hand in khurana mansion..

Everyone was busy. Except vikas who was sitting in his room. 
Arjun was in his room..he was busy in packing his luggage..yesterday night he decided that he wont attend the he booked his ticket and decided to go back..he kept a photograph of arohi in his bag and just then there was a knock on the door. He opened it and saw vikas standing there with serious expressions on his face..

It was the time for ghodchadi.. it took place and after that the baarat departed from the mandir after taking the blessings from god...
Aluwahlia mansion was looking like a bride itself..the decorations were just perfect..
Arohi was ready..ready to compromise with her life..she was wearing a golden and maroon colour lehenga..heavy jewellery around her neck..choora in her hand..she was looking beautiful but her eyes were not sparkling..her face doesn't have any glow on it..
Anita entered in her room-baarat aa gyi h.
Arohi sighed-hmm..arjun??
Anita-wo nhi aaya h..n lets face it di wo kese dekhega ye shaadi..accha hua nhi aaya..
Arohi nodded..

Baarat arrived with the usual charm..some peoples were dancing and some were just looking at the dulha with glee..the dulha was hidding his face and everyone just wanted to have a look of him but it will only happen after the phera..

Dulha entered only after giving some money to his sister-in-laws. Panditji called dulha on the mandap and then he chanted some mantras..after some time he asked to bring the bride..
Amrit and anita went to bring arohi..everyone was looking up.and then the most beautiful bride arrived..all the guests were praising the bride..
After coming downstairs..arohi sat beside her bridegroom who was looking at her..but arohi didn't looked at him for once..
Pandit again chanted some mantras and then asked them to exchange the garlands..after this he again chanted some mantras..then asked them to take phera around the holy fire..
Bride and bridegroom took the pheras and then they were asked to sit again and this time pandit asked bridegroom to fill the maang of bride and then to tie the mangalsutra around her neck..arohi was sitting there without any emotion..
Pandit announced them as man and everyone was keen to have a look of bridegroom and then he just removed the sehra from his face and everyone gasped to find arjun standing there in place of vikas..arjun looked at arohi who was equally shocked..he winked at her and then arohi heard her name from vikas and she turned to look at him

Vikas was busy in eating gol kesa lg rha h Mrs.Ajun singhania bn kr..i know ab tum soch rhi hogi ye sab kese hua..


When arohi and arjun confessed there love for each other it got recorded in a camera..yes the man who was hired to shoot video placed his camera to get it charged..but by mistake he left it on recording mode..and all the things they said got recorded in it..
After this the video shooter gave all the videos to amrit who was looking for a particular video but saw this video..she immediately took it and asked her driver to give this to vikas which he did..
Vikas was im his room when he got the pendrive in which that video was saved. He saw the video and instantly went in arjun's room..


Vikas saw his bags..he know why he is leaving from here..
Vikas-so kaha jaa rha h??
Arjun-ghr walas jaa rha hu kuch kaam h to bss..
With this he picked his bag and was about to move out when he heard her voice...

Arohi-pr ab kuch nhi ho skta..kl meri shaadi h n mein nhi chahti koi mere parents pr ungli uthaye..
Arjun turned around and received a slap..
Vikas-kamine..tu arohi ke bina kese jaa skta h..go and get her..villain nhi bn na mujhe..
Arjun-yrr i m so..
Vikas-ek aur thpdd khaaega ab..mujhe uss din hi pta chl gya tha jab mein arohi ke sath date pr gya tha..uski aakho mei dikh rha tha n teri bhi..ab jo bolta hu wo kr ohhkk..sabse pehle anita ko call kr 


Vikas went on the mandap and hugged them..
vikas-mtlb tum dono ne solid plan bnaya hua tha mujhe villain bnane ka..gadhe ho tum dono..itna pyar krte ho ek dusre se but no..wo typical serials wali tyaag..anyway kumud aunty ab aapke bete ki shaadi ho gyi h ab mere liye ldki dhundho n now i will make sure arjun tu dur rhe uss se kahi usko bhi le jaaye .
Everyone laughed except arohi who looked at arjun with narrow eyes..
Arjun-dont worry baby mein ab sirf tumhara hu..sirf tumhara..
Arohi smiled and hugged him-i love u..
Arjun hugged her back-i love u too..

They all clicked a photograph and in this way arjun and arohi become arjuhi...


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Originally posted by MyshaAlvi007

luv u madhu Hug
Teri wajah we hi shez going to write smthing again warna hamari toh koi qadar hi no Confused
jaldi start Karo jiii
Kuch to likhna hi tha meri jaanu ka b'day h baii ese kese nhi likhti
N kadar sabki h jii..Big smile
Ankita__S IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 2:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Madhu-n-kaddu

Tune mele liye gift banaya...  mmuuaahhh...
MyshaAlvi007 Goldie

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 9:49am | IP Logged
she was looking so adorable but 4 whom??? DAT vikas blah blah
he can he b her prince charming
huh hr arohi k liye ek arjun bana hai isey w8 toh krna chaiye tha na
ehm ehm arjun in gold sherwani jao mere dulhe raja apni banno le aao

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dakshumhatre IF-Dazzler

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Nice os
plzzz update soon

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 9:17pm | IP Logged
Abey...Complete this ASAP Angry

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