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SidNi TS : Love is our true Destiny *COMPLETED* (Page 5)

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Posted: 15 May 2015 at 5:14am | IP Logged
awesome one!! please continue!! and not just one shot.. write more to their storyyy!! :)

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skinnypal IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 May 2015 at 5:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by vidya11

awesome one!! please continue!! and not just one shot.. write more to their storyyy!! :)

Thank you! This one will be one more only..coz i have no clue how to proceed after that LOL

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Posted: 19 May 2015 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
Outstanding wwrk...
Love this change in the story..
SidNi encounter...awsm ..
Flashback part was really beautiful ..
Egrly waiting for next update..
Egr to knw wts store in future ..
Thnx alot for Ur regular pm dear
Keep rocking

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skinnypal IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 May 2015 at 4:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by GOOGLU

Outstanding wwrk...
Love this change in the story..
SidNi encounter...awsm ..
Flashback part was really beautiful ..
Egrly waiting for next update..
Egr to knw wts store in future ..
Thnx alot for Ur regular pm dear
Keep rocking

Thank you so much!!
Will update soon Smile
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Posted: 20 May 2015 at 5:26am | IP Logged
Outstanding Story...waiting 4 part-2...Smile

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Originally posted by arshi00

Outstanding Story...waiting 4 part-2...Smile

Thank you will update soon!! Big smile
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Second Shot

"Are you crazy? Why are you driving so fast!!" she shrieked.

"You said you wanted to reach your NGO ASAP" he replied calmly.

"Yeah but that doesn't mean that I want to die!" she said.

"Don't worry, tumhe kuch hone nahi dunga main!" he smiled looking at her. (I won't let anything happen to you) She instantly looks at him and yells,

"Aage dekh ke chalaoge!!!"(Look in front and drive)

Her phone buzzes, she picks up to see who was calling her. It was Bablu Chachu. She cuts the call immediately, as she was in no mood to deal with her family.

"STOP STOP STOP!!" she screamed.

He slams the brake immediately, and turns to look at her

"WHAT HAPPENED?? Are you alright?" he keeps his hand on her shoulder, she looks at his hand and then at him. She shrugs her shoulder, and points out in front to an ice cream stall and says,


"What??!!" he asked.

"I need to buy ice-cream for the kids!!" she replied and gets out of the car.

Siddharth hits his face with his hands and says, "Yeh ladki ek din mereko Ranchi bhijwa ke hi choregi!" He parks the car nearby and goes to the ice cream stall. (This girl will send me to mental asylum)

"Bhaiyya, 2 blocks of chocolate ice cream and 1 of strawberry!! Give fast, I am in a bit of hurry!" she persisted.

"Madam abh do hi haath hai mere.. main jitna jaldi de sakta hu de dunga aapko lena hai toh lo warna koi aur ice cream wala dhund lijiye!" he said. (I have only 2 hands, i am doing my best, if u want then take from me or else find some other vendor)

"Arre !! Yeh kya batameezi hai - " she gets cut off by Siddharth.

"Arre bhai saab aap kyu apna band bajwana chahte hai inke haatho se-" indicating towards Roshni who was glaring at him. "Aap dijiye na aaram se.. yeh toh hamesha hi jaldi mein rehti hai!" (Why are you so interested in getting beaten up by her? You do your work calmly, she is toh always in a hurry)

"Are you on my side or his?" she glowered.

"Leave him na, let's have ice-cream! What do you want?" he asks her excitedly.

"We will get late and -"

"It's only 11 right now, we will reach before 12! I promise! Now, C'mon?" he insists.

"Uhh..ok.. I'll have a cornetto and you?" she asks.

"Two in one, ek cheez mein do ka maza is heaven" he winks at her.

The ice-cream vendor gives them their respective ice-creams as they bicker away. He packs the block of ice creams and Roshni suddenly remembers that she did not have any money with her. Siddharth notices it,

"Chill. Consider this as my treat!" he takes out his wallet from his back pocket and gives a thousand rupee note to the vendor.

"I don't have change!" said the vendor.

"Arre, even I have all thousand rupee notes.. dekhiye na kahi se mil jaye toh?" he asks scratching his forehead.

"Itni raat ko kaha se change lau main?" asks the vendor. (From where will i get change at this hour)

"Agar mujhe pata hota toh main aapse puchta kya!! Aapka adda hai aapko pata hoga na?" said Siddharth sarcastically. (If i knew that would have i asked you!?)

The vendor leaves in search of change. Roshni looks at Siddharth who was happily licking away his ice-cream, he catches her staring at him.

"What?" he asked.

"Uhh.. I will pay you back for this."

"No, I will not accept it."

"You have to take it!!"

"Ok, you can pay me back but not with money." he said with a mischievous grin on his face.

"Then?" she asked innocently.

"How about you buy me dinner tomorrow night?" he asked casually.

"Very smart, huh!" she retorted.

"Thank you, bachpan se!" he winked.

"No, something else!!" she said.

"Babe, I can think of hundred different ways and trust me this is the most decent one" he teased while the ice-cream leaves a round mark on his nose.

She gasps in astonishment and looks up at him to snap back, but when she sees him like that she bursts out in fits of laughter. He looks at her questiongly raising his eyebrows unknown to the fact that he was looking like a clown.

"Abh, kya hua?" he couldn't help but smile hearing her sweet laugh.

After what it looked like ages to him, she finally stops laughing.

"Will you say, what happened? Main bhi toh hass lu zara!" he asked irritably.

She smiles at him; taking her ice-cream close up to her face she gently presses it on the tip of her nose. He looked at her confused; so with her eyes she indicated to him that there was ice-cream on his nose. Instantly his hands rose up to his nose and he rubs it, which makes her laugh again. He joins her this time. By that time, the vendor had returned with the change. Roshni's phone buzzed she walks towards the car taking the call,

"Yes, Muniya I bought the ice-cream. I will reach in another 15 minutes! Cool!"

The vendor hands over the change to Siddharth,

"Bhaiyya you keep it for yourself!"

"Arre how can I keep it?"

"Aise" he folds his hands so that he was grasping the notes.

"If you wanted me to keep the change then why did you fuss about it that time?"

"Aapke wajah se maine itna waqt bitaya unke saath akele, toh reward dena toh banta hai na, boss?" he replied playfully while saluting and walks back to his car. (Because of you i could spend so much of my time with her, so you should be rewarded)

"Chale?" he asks her as he approached her.

She nods a yes and sits in the car. Before he could start driving he grins and says,

"Mere saath rehkar tum mere jaise hoti ja rahi ho, Bhagyashree!!" he teased. (You are becoming just like me)

"Matlab??" (Meaning)

"Matlab.. pehle main joker bana para tha aur abh tum bani pari ho!" he said and wipes off the ice-cream from her nose. (First i was looking like a clown and now you are)

She raises her hands to touch her nose and looks at him innocently. He ignites the engine and starts driving.

This time there was total silence in the car till they reached the NGO. Roshni was lost in her thoughts and was looking outside the window. She was replaying the entire scene when he touched her nose, a hundred times in her head. At first it was with annoyance, but then she started getting thrilled with the thought of his hands touching her. She wanted to feel that again and again. She wanted to feel his touch over her skin, her hair, her cheeks, her neck, her lips...

"OH MY GOD. Stop thinking. Stop it. STOP IT RIGHT NOW" - she thought and closed her eyes in frustration.

On the other hand Siddharth was still pondering over the fact that Roshni had not replied yet about the dinner. She never denied it nor did she agree with it. So, he was thinking how to ask her again. They reached the NGO and finally Roshni's reverie gets broken.

"Thank you, Siddharth." she replied genuinely.

"You're welcome!" he said instantly.

She gets down and walks around the car without looking at him, to the main entrance of the NGO. Siddharth rolls down the window and looks at her admiringly, still thinking how to spend more time with her.

Finally she looks back at him and raises her eyebrows,

"Aren't you coming in?" she asked.

"You want me to?" he replied slightly surprised.

"I don't mind... I mean the kids should know who brought the ice-cream for them, right?" she fumbled.

"Yea.. yea right..." he said in an unsure tone.

"I'm sorry, you must return to your party na? I shouldn't have-" she started.

"No!! No!! Nothing like that! I was thinking something else. I'll just park the car and join you inside!" he said with a smile. She goes inside.

He parks the car and calls up his dad.

"Puttar where are you?? I am dodging your mother from the past hour!! Why did you leave?"

"Dad, Dad!! Calm down, aapka BP high ho jaega!"

"Ek toh tu bhaag gaya upar se calm down?! High hoga na toh sab teri wajah se!" (You ran away from home and you are asking me to calm down? If my BP gets high it will be because of you)

"Arre dad! You can curse me later on, but listen to this first!" he said excitedly.

"Bhagyashree mil gayi mujhko Dadd!! She was in the party and then . . " he narrates the entire incident to him.

"Kya baat hai puttar ji! I had told you not to worry you will find her someday!" he replied happily.

"Daaddd!! Should I tell her how I feel about her?" he asked.

"Are you mad? You don't even know what she feels about you! First try to understand her feelings then only say something!" he replied.

"Ok..Ok.. Dad! I love you, thank you so much!"

"Thank you ke bacche! What am I supposed to tell your mother and the hundreds of guests that are roaming in our house?" he said playfully.

"You are Mr. Khurana, itna bada business hai aapka aap itna chota sa kaam nahi kar sakte hai!" he teased. (You are such a big businessman can't you do this?)

"Chal ja! Stop buttering me! Bring chocolates for me in return for this! Good luck!" he said happily.

"Chocolate kya Dad, puri factory khareed dunga aapke liye! Bye!!" he cuts the call and walks to the NGO cheerfully. (I will buy an entire chocolate factory for you Dad)


The entire hall was decorated with streamers and balloons, tiny bulbs and flowers; a cake was kept at the table in the middle of the room and Roshni was trying to stick a balloon on the further corner of the room. The tool was tilting as she lifts up on her toes, before she could fall; Siddharth catches her in his arms. She closes her eyes, he stares at her; looking at her flawless beauty. He could keep admiring her all day long forever if he got the chance. She opens her eyes slowly when he tucks her stray strands of hair behind her ears. She was clutching his shirt around his well built arms while his arms were around her waist. They were lost in their own little dream world when Muniya comes and says,


Immediately Roshni removes her hands, and he makes her stand up.

"Yeah.. everything is perfect here.. let us go wake up the kids?" she asked him.

He looked at Siddharth and then her and nods a yes.

"Uhh this is Siddharth, he is my friend." she introduced. Siddharth gives a smile to him and they walk inside the dark room where all the kids were sleeping. All three of them wore the party hat, and with whistles and party props they switch on the light and screamed,


The kids wake up in astonishment and a big broad smile takes place instead of their sleepy face. They jump in excitement and hug Roshni and Muniya. Both make them wear the party hats and take them outside in the hall.

"WOW Didi, kya jhakaas planning kiya tune?!" said Fatka. (Wow. What plans u made!)

"Haan Didi, I love you so much!" said Lily and hugs her.

"Not only me but Muniya also helped me." she replied modestly.

The kids hug Muniya too and thank him.

"Arre Didi, yeh kaun hai?" asked Joker pointing to Siddharth. (Who is this?)

"Waah Didi, aap toh chupe rustam nikle, yeh aapka woh hai na?" teased Fatka. (Wow you never told us he is your that..)

Roshni looks at the kids with her mouth open and then at Siddharth who was laughing away seeing the kids reactions.

"Where did you learn all this?" asked Roshni surprisingly.

"Apun log ko sab malum hai didi, ek jhalak mein pata chal jata hai!" winked Joker. (We understand everything just looking at it)

"Acha, come here, ek jhalak mein jab thappad paregi na toh sab dikhna bandh ho jaega!" retorted Roshni sarcastically. (Come here, when you will get a slap from me then you will stop understanding)

"Wow, you kids are so intelligent!!" said Siddharth and yanks Fatka's hair.

"Di, woh candles?" asked Muniya amidst all this. Roshni goes inside the kitchen to bring the candles.

Siddharth introduces himself to the kids, and they like him immediately. He whispers to them,

"I wish jo tumlogo ko dikh raha hai woh tumhari didi ko bhi jaldi dikh jaye" he winked which made them laugh. (I wish whatever you can see, your didi can see too)

Roshni enters and sees the kids having a gala time with Siddharth; they were playing and running behind him and he looked happy too.

She stood there, her heart was filled with happiness that she never felt before. There was a satisfaction in her face, she gazed at him as he spoke and laughed with the kids. Who would have thought that a rich guy like him knows how to enjoy life like this? She remembers all her meetings with him, all the things he said to her, all his teasings, his charm, his touch when she slipped, him touching her nose, his bare wet body, his perfect physique, the smell of his room... she was in her own fantasy land.. and there was a sudden urge to touch him and to feel him.. but her dreams get broken when Lily pulls her towards the middle of the room asking her to join them.

Siddharth now looked at her in a flabbergasted state, thinking of what she is thinking. He was trying to read her mind, whether it was safe to tell his feelings or not?

"C'mon now let's cut the cake!!" screamed Joker.

Both their trance gets broken and they gather around the table. Roshni puts the candles on the cake and lightens them up. Only 10 seconds were left for the clock to strike midnight. They started their countdown and..


"Happy New Year!!" screamed everyone; the kids were jumping with excitement. Finally everyone holds the knife, Siddharth kept staring at them when Roshni asks him,

"Do you need a special invitation?"

He too holds the knife, and keeps his hands on top of hers. They look at each other intently while they cut the cake. They could feel a tension building between them, something enthralling and unknown to both. Her attention gets distracted when she sees the kids fighting over the piece of the cake.

"No fighting!! Wait, I'll feed you all!!" she yelled at them.

She feeds them the cake and then cuts the cake serving everyone.

"Thanks" said Siddharth as she holds out one to him.

Roshni serves others the cake and returns to where Siddharth was standing. Meanwhile in his own dream world Mr. Siddharth Khurana was enjoying the cake looking at the most beautiful girl. Roshni sees him and her eyes ponder over his lips which were covered with the cream of the cake, he was eating like a kid - she thought and smiled. He notices her staring at his face and then says,

"Do you want to taste?"

"I would love to" said Roshni instantly staring at his lips.

"Toh jao na, apna piece kaat ke lao main apne mein se kyu du?" he teased. (Go, bring your own piece of cake)

"What?" she looks at him bewildered.

"What kya. Go bring your own piece of cake." he replied.

Roshni turns and walks away smacking her head.

"OH GOSH. This guy will make me crazy, what was I thinking? I thought he was asking about the.. what is happening to me? I don't even know him. Not true! I do know him, he is sweet and helpful, caring and lovable, he is just like the person I want to spend my entire life with. Shit. I think I like him. What will he think of me if he gets to know this? Three meetings and I am falling in lo-" Fatka had switched on the music player and pulls her to the middle of the room asking her to join them in dancing.

From the other side, Joker had brought Siddharth too. The kids and Muniya start enjoying while dancing to one of the peppy numbers of Bollywood. Roshni looks at Siddharth and her cheeks redden up because of what she was thinking a while back. Siddharth beamed with happiness seeing her like that. Lily takes his hand and makes him dance with her, while Joker makes Roshni dance.

Everyone enjoy themselves for a while dancing and eating ice cream when Roshni looks up at the watch, it was 1.30a.m and way beyond the kids bed time. She switches off the music and instructs strictly that it was bed time. Reluctantly all the kids agree to her, they kiss Siddharth's cheeks and asks him to visit them soon. Roshni goes in the room with them while Siddharth stays behind, he walks upto the music system and an idea strucks him.

"Muniya, you should sleep too now. I will clean this up and lock up everything. I will stay here tonight, it's very late now." she said as she came out of the room. Muniya leaves.

Siddharth plays a soft music and walks up to her. He raises his hands and says,

"Will you dance with me?" as sweetly as possible.

"But aren't you getting late?" she asked.

"No I am not."

"What about that party in your house? Weren't you supposed to be there by now?" she asked.

"I am exactly where I am supposed to be." he replied instantly gazing at her.

She gives her hand into his and he pulls her towards him. As their bodies collide she breathes in heavily, he wraps his hands around her waist and starts moving along with the rhythm of the music. She joins him and raises her hands to encircle his neck.

"You're a good dancer." she commented.

"You're not bad yourself" he replied.

"Thank you, Siddharth." she said.

"Thank you for what?" he asked.

"For bringing me here on time and for the ice-cream.."

"Please don't insult me with your thanks, Roshni."

"You stayed and the kids loved you. Thank you."

"I stayed because I wanted to. I wanted to spend time with the kids..and..." he whispered.

He twirls her around and pulls her closer again.

"And?" she asked wanting to hear him say it out loud.

He understood her intentions,

"And make them happy...and.."

He dips her and leans towards her. Not even for a second in their entire dance did they break their eye contact. Their heart beats were rising as the song was nearing its end. Both wanted the other to say something and so they waited.

"And?" she persists.

"And... I wanted to run from my party.. you helped me too... and.."

"And?" she asked in an annoyed tone now which made him smile.

"And.. I am running out of excuses now.." he whispered back.

"Then why don't you say the real one." she said.

"And.. I wanted to spend time with YOU..and only You." he replied.

She flushes red and asks, "Why?"

"I am asking the same question myself ki why you?" he teased.

She immediately leaves his hold and glowers at him, "WHAT?"

He pulls her towards him and says, "Because..." he leans towards her ears  "I want to spend every second of my life with you from the moment I laid my eyes on you."

He kisses her forehead as she closes her eyes and then leans on to her other ear, "Because I can't stop thinking about you." he gives a peck on her ears and smiles.

He cups her face and looks at her enthralled with his presence, with their close proximity,

"Because you are the only girl who has made my heart skip a beat.." he kisses her cheeks.

"Because you are the most remarkable, challenging and frustrating person I have ever met.." he rubs his nose against hers. Her eyes shoot up with fury in them, and he chuckles.

Before she could snap at him he continued,

"Because I like you.. and I would want to know you more" he said out loud and closes his eyes anticipating her reply. She looks at his innocent face, scared of being rejected by her, the wrinkles on his forehead and the stillness of his body. She leans in forward and kisses him on his lips taking him by surprise. She could sense his astonishment at first but then he responds to her kiss and deepens it further. They break apart and Roshni says,

"I like you too, Siddharth.. more than like.."

"Me too." he replied.

"Happy New Year, Roshni.. This is going to be the best year of my life and do you want to know why?" he asked.

"Why?" she asked innocently.

"Because it started with you" he whispered making her grin.

"Happy New Year, Siddharth. I am looking forward to it." she said and hugs him tightly. He embraces her in his arms and they stood there in each other's comfort as long as they wanted to.

So this is the end of the story, and this is how they celebrate their new year's and they find their destiny of love together Wink


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Aww u updated Dancing

Oh God!! U r great writer pallavi...Tongue U knw I'm eagerly waiting for this update,the day u said ll update one more shot in it..Wink This is beyond my expectations..Thumbs Up It was lovely, awesome,cute...Embarrassed ice-cream part was so cute...NGO part was amazing and my fav one is sidni danceDay Dreaming I loved the way she asked "and and"and the way he kissed herTongueand each kiss with his dialogues were so cute...Cool So finally they confessed and i'll say this is sidni best love confession w/o those three magical wordsHeart oh ho i forget sid-raj sweet chocolate convo..Cool

P.s: where is E.T??Angry 

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