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SidNi TS : Love is our true Destiny *COMPLETED*

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Hi SidNians,

I had written this OS for the OS contest, i thought to publish it here since i have another shot in mind to continue this. ONE more shot. I don't plan to make this a FF or SS. So, should i write it down and continue? Basically i wanted to keep that in this part only but it would have increased the length hence i did not write it down. Not one of my best works but still you can read it.. LOL    

[Note: In this OS there will be no angle of Khurana's trying to build a hotel where the NGO is. So, Roshni does not hate Siddharth Khurana. But she has a dislike towards the Rich.]

First Shot

"Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone we find it with another."

DD's Pent House

"Sexxy Please do something Yaar!! I don't want to go to any New Year's Party!! Just tell your daughter Durga Devi that she cannot force me to go to that stupid party which will be filled with high class cheap minded people! I want to celebrate New Year's with my NGO kids!" said Roshni furiously and crossed her hands.

"Roshni beta, Please! Zidd nahi karte hai! Listen to your Nani once! Please, just for today, go na beta! You can leave the party if you don't like it but thoda der ke liye maan jao? It is very important for her! Celebrate with the kids later on! Tujhe meri kasam!" she pleaded.

"NANI!! Kar diya na emotional blackmail? FINE. I will go. But I will leave as soon as possible." she said determinedly and goes to her room to get ready.

Khurana Mansion

Siddharth was staring outside the window with a smile on his face. Raj comes from behind and shakes him by his shoulders.

"What happened Puttar Ji? Whom are you dreaming about this time of the day?" he asked teasingly.

"Arre Papaji, when you know the answer then why are you asking me these questions! Dad, I cannot take my mind off her! I need to find her Dad! But how? I don't even know her name!!" he pouts and looks at his Dad for some help.

"Kisko dhundne ki baat ho rahi hai?" asks Simran and enters.

Siddharth and Raj look at each other thinking what to answer. They didn't want her involved in this as it was a guy thing and she would surely make a big deal out of it.

"Woh.. Nothing Mrs. Khurana! We were.. we were just talking about the Party! How.. how guests will find the...the restroom! It will be so crowded na? You have invited so many people!!" he fumbled.

Siddharth hits his face listening to his father's answer. Simran looks at Raj raising her eyebrows.

"Mom!! You have so much work to do! So many guests will be coming! Did you have any work with me?" he asks politely.

"Haan woh.. Sid, get ready on time! And wear the tux that I bought for you from Paris! You will be introduced here the first time to our friend circle today; I want you to look your best! Kya pata issi bahane mujhe meri bahu mil jaye iss party mein!" she says excitedly to herself and leaves.

Raj pats on Siddharth's back and leaves too. Siddharth rolls his eyes, leans on the wall and continues staring outside thinking about her - 

"Bhagyashree! Kaha dhundu tumhe?" he thought.

DD's Pent House

Bablu, Kesar, Resham and Nani were standing in the hall. They were all ready to go. It was a big day for DD. As Khurana's was the most influential family in the city. This party would help her to find more clients. She had made exclusive Jewellery for this day which everyone was wearing. This was her latest creations. She comes down the stairs with an aura of perfection and confidence surrounding her.

"I hope all of you are wearing the jewels which I had given earlier." she said flatly.

"Yes..DD ke ashirwaad se we all are wearing what you gave us" said Kesar happily.

"It's a...it's a beautiful DD!!" said Resham. Kesar tells her to keep quiet because DD was now staring at her.

"It is 7' o clock already. She is late again. Kaha hai aapki ladli naatin? If she starts with her tantrums today I will not spare her anymore!" she said looking at Nani.

"She is saying as if she has spared me the other times as well."

All turn to look at Roshni. She was wearing a long, one shoulder black dress. She was looking elegant and beautiful. She wore a metallic necklace with small diamonds all over it, along with a matching bracelet and long beautiful earrings.

DD admires her daughter and gets caught by Roshni who raises her eyebrows looking questiongly at her. She immediately changes her stance and says,

"We are already behind schedule. We should leave now." 

She leaves with Kesar, Resham and Bablu following her. Roshni comes and stands beside Nani.

"Tujhe kisi ki nazar na lage! Aaj toh tu mere se bhi zyada Sexxy lag rahi hai!" she kisses her forehead. 

Roshni smiles and says,"No one can beat you nani! Let's go now!"

Khurana Mansion: Hall

Simran was giving last minute instructions to the caterers. She was much tensed. It was the first party that they were throwing since her son had returned and she wanted everything to be perfect.  Raj comes near her and tells her to calm down and enjoy the moment as after a long time the whole family was together. Siddharth was in London for the past 7 years. He had completed his college and MBA from there and after that he was taking care of the London clients for Khurana Industries. Simran relaxes and hugs Mr. Khurana.

Siddharth's Room

"Mr. Mehta? Did you find any information about that girl? Arre sir, I don't know anything else except her appearance and her red convertible! How will I remember her License Plate number? Main inn cheezo pe dhyan deta ya uspe!! Uff, nothing nothing! Ok, call me if you find something!" he cuts the phone irritably.

"Puttar thand rakh!! We will find her! Now wear the coat and come down stairs! All the guests have arrived and your mother is getting angry now! I promise kal se sang mein dhundenge usko!" 

Raj said and helps Siddharth to wear the coat. He ties the bow around the collar.

"I am proud of you son! Ekdum meri tarah handsome lag raha hai !" he said playfully.

"Nah.. Mere Dad se handsome koi nahi hai world pe! I love you dad." He hugs him.

They both leave the room. Outside in the corridor while Siddharth and Raj were pulling each other's leg, a waiter drops a drink on Siddharth. His white shirt gets stained with the red wine.

"Ohho.. laga diya na aapne nazar.. aap chaliye main aata hu!" he said and goes back to his room. Raj tells the waiter not to apologize for such a small mistake.


It had been more than an hour already since she entered this party. She hated it more and more with each passing second. She was still thinking of a way out from this boredom. "Khuranas" were the topic of discussion in everyone's mouth. She was tired of hearing it. Her family was talking to people and mixing at the other end of the hall. She saw a corridor at the side. It was empty and she was yearning for some silence. She immediately runs towards there. She calls up a number,

"Muniya! Everything is ready right? The kids are not aware of it na? Good!! I will come before Mid-night and we will surprise them!" she cuts the phone and looks at the time. It was 10pm. She had one more hour to find an escape route. She turns around and sees a door. Maybe she could jump off the window from that room; it must be facing the backside of the mansion. She opens the door discreetly and peeps in to find it empty. She enters the room and could smell the masculinity off the room.

"This must be that Siddharth Khurana's room! Another London-returned-rich-brat! Pata nahi aisa kya hai usme ki sab koi ussike bare mein baat kar rahe hai bahaar!" she sighed and walks towards the window.

She slides open the window panel and puts one foot over. Before she could put the other foot on top, her heels made her slip and she was about to fall on the ground. She closed her eyes and waited for pain to crash through her body. But nothing of that sort happened. Instead she could feel strong, wet hands holding her carefully. She opened her left eye to see who it was. She couldn't believe her eyes. It was HIM. Her eyes sprung open and she shouts, 



Siddharth still thinking about her, opens his shirt. The wine had seeped down onto his body too. He had to wash it before wearing something else. He goes inside the Bathroom and splashes water on the upper part of his body. He hears something outside in his room and immediately comes out to see that a girl was trying to jump off from his window.

"What is this?" he thought and runs to save her as he knew she would slip. He catches her and when he looked at her face all his tensions vanished into the thin air. "Bhagyashree?" he thought and grinned cheerfully.


First Meeting (Like in the show)

It was her birthday and she was sitting in her car unhappily. Siddharth gets into the car and asks her to drive. She tells him to get off her car but he insists that his luggage has been stolen and he had to catch the taxi which was carrying his luggage. She starts driving and after a long drive of chasing, Siddharth asks her to stop mid-way. He buys two candyfloss from the vendor on the road. Roshni understood that Siddharth was scamming her and she asks him to get out of the car. Siddharth gives her the candyfloss, wishes her a happy birthday and leaves happily. She stood stunned seeing the weird behavior of the guy.

Second Meeting

Roshni was furious as her mother had again given an ultimatum to her to return home. She wanted to spend the day with her NGO kids.  Cursing her mother all the way she reached where her car was parked. The driver said that he was instructed to take her home when she told him to take her to the NGO. She asked the driver to give him the keys if he wouldn't take her where she wanted to go, she could drive herself. But he refused to do so as DD had instructed and paid him well. Frustrated Roshni gets out of the car and starts walking. The driver keeps on shouting her name but she doesn't give heed to his calls. After half an hour of walking and searching for an auto or taxi, she was tired. She took out her scarf from her bag and was trying to tie it around her head as it was very hot. The wind blew the scarf off in the air and it landed on the face of a bystander who was driving by in his cycle. He slowly, breathing in the perfume from the scarf took it off from his face and was slightly surprised to see her.

"Bhagyashree, what a co-incidence!" he said happily.

"Tum? Are you following me?" she asked rudely.

"Tumhari itni achi kismat kaha?" he raised his eyebrows and smirked.

"Listen! I don't want to hear anything from you! You are a liar! Give back my scarf!"she replied impolitely.

"Finders are keepers! Yeh urh ke mere paas aayi hai toh yeh meri huyi!" he said playfully.

Roshni tried to snatch her scarf from his grasp but he swayed it to and fro and then CRASH! Siddharth was on the ground with the cycle on top of him and Roshni was on top of the cycle.

"I am getting so late today and upar se yeh pata nahi kaha se aa tapak para!" she murmured.

"Bhagyashree, if you don't mind can you please get up!! I will die with so many burdens on top of me!" he said jokingly.

She shot up angrily at him.

"Did you just call me fat?" she asked.

"I did not even utter the word fat! I think you are perfect in every sense." he replied and winked at her.

"Nevermind!" she snatched her scarf and started walking leaving him on the ground.

"Arre Bhagyashree, atleast help me to get up!" he shouted.

She looked back, waved a goodbye to him and walked in the opposite direction.

After few minutes

"Oh God! I need to reach NGO ASAP! Joker ka birthday hai aaj! Please help me!" she prayed with her eyes closed.

"Bhagwan ke ghar mein der hai andher nahi, balike main tumhari pareshaani ko dur karunga!" he said.

"Tum!! Phirse!! Listen stop following me! Wait I will just call the police!" she takes out her phone.

"Arre, aap police ko bulaengi who mujhe pakad ke le jaegi aur main kisi ko muh dikhane ke layak nahi bachunga! Aapka itna time waste hoga and aapko jaha jaana hai waha par bhi nahi ja paengi isse better hai aap mere cycle mein baeth jaeye main aapko waha chod dunga!" he said playfully.

Roshni looked at him unbelievingly. But she knew that he was correct. She was not getting a ride and she was getting late.

"Last time you gave me a lift in your car, let me give you a lift in my cycle this time! Fir hisaab baraabar ho jaega!" he smirked.

"Fine!" she said and climbed onto the back seat of the cycle.

They bickered all their way when Roshni made him stop mid-way.

"I can walk from here.. it is nearby only!" she said.

"Okay, as you wish Bhagyashree!" he said.

"Thank you!" she replied and smiled genuinely.

"You're welcome" and he extended his hand to shake.

Roshni noticed that he had bruised his palm and little blood was coming out.

"Oh my god! You are hurt! Pehle nahi bata sakte the!" she looked furiously at him.

He was surprised by her reaction and he grinned with pleasure seeing her concern towards him. She immediately cleans the blood with her handkerchief and ties it in his hand.

"First-aid karwana mat bhulna! Warna infection hone ka chance hai!" she ordered. Her phone rang. She looked at the screen and said,

"Oh shit!" She immediately turns and starts running. She stops mid-way looks back and waves a bye to him. He stood there speechless completely smitten by her. ]

"Hello!! Will you leave me? My clothes are getting wet!" she said.

He comes out of his trance and leaves her. She flushed looking at his bare body, turns her back towards him and stands. He looks down to see what made her blush and grins broadly. He wipes the wetness off his chest and takes out a shirt from the cupboard.

"You know what Bhagyashree I like the ways in which we are meeting!" he said teasingly.

"Who is this Bhagyashree!! Mera naam toh nahi hai!" she replied annoyed with that name.

"She is my soul-mate but she never tells her real name to me!" he said while buttoning his shirt.

Roshni smirks and says, "You did not answer my question! What are you doing here?"

"Well, this is my home.. main yaha nahi rahunga toh kya tumhare ghar mein rahu?" he said playfully and comes in front of her.

"This is your house? You are a Khurana? Siddharth Khurana?" she asks him.

"Yes, I am Siddharth Khurana and you are?" he leaned forward.

"Umm.. Roshni..Roshni Patel" she replied stepping backward.

"But if you are Siddharth Khurana then why were you riding a bicycle that day!?" she asked.

"Funny story.. actually I was getting late for a meeting and you know itni traffic thi.. gaadiya hil bhi nahi rahi thi, toh maine dekha ki jaha crorero ki gaadiya nahi ja sakti waha pe 1000 rupiye ki cycle jaati hai toh buss main ek cycle wale se uski cycle kharid li.. uska bhi profit mera bhi profit.." he said happily.

"Mujhe kya pata tha ki mera double profit hone wala tha uss din.." he said inaudibly to himself and smiled.

Roshni receives a text message.

"Oh no! I will be late again! I have to reach before 12! Hatto! Mujhe jana hai!" she said and again goes near the window.

"Whenever we meet you are always in a hurry! Is your boyfriend waiting for you?" he asked teasingly.

"I have no boyfriend" she starts climbing the window.

"Are you mad? Taange todni hai kya? Aisi baat hai toh main hi tod deta hu.. bechare window ko kyu pareshaan karna!"he said jokingly.

"Uff.. Shut up! Help karna hai toh mujhe yaha se bahaar nikalwao I need to reach my NGO! Mere bache wait kar rahe honge!"

"Tumhare BACHE? Kya baat hai..! Badi jaldi thi bacho ke liye huh?" he said playfully and raised his eyebrows.

"What!! I am not interested in your 3rd grade jokes right now!" she said irritably.

 She was really worried now. Siddharth got concerned looking at her like that.

"Wait. I will come with you. I will drop you.. Don't worry we will reach on time!" he said.

He climbs out of the window first and helps her to climb out of it too.

"Why are you behaving like a thief in your own house?" she asked while they ran across the back garden.

"If my mom comes to know that I want to leave this party she will kill me! After all this party was for me!" he said.

"Wow! My mom had brought me to this party forcibly." she said unhappily.

They get into the car. Before Siddharth throttles the car, he says

"This is going to be the best New Year's Eve!"

Roshni nods a yes and he starts driving.

Second Shot >>>>


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ResBig smile

Lovely os it was and I loved it alott... TongueEven I voted for it in the os context...LOL SidNi part was so cute..Embarrassed Are u planning to update one more shot na so pls update soon dr...Smile When i was reading this in os context whr i felt why its ended so soon w/o showing what happens next?Ouch

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Wow nice OS.are you planning to continue it? 

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Originally posted by afghangirl

Wow nice OS.are you planning to continue it? 

Thanks, I can write one more shot to show what happens next and how they celebrate new year. 
skinnypal IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by rachana10

ResBig smile

Lovely os it was and I loved it alott... TongueEven I voted for it in the os context...LOL SidNi part was so cute..Embarrassed Are u planning to update one more shot na so pls update soon dr...Smile When i was reading this in os context whr i felt why its ended so soon w/o showing what happens next?Ouch

I know u voted for it Tongue Thank you for your lovely comment Embarrassed
Arre when i wrote, i thought it has become too long so i submitted it in hurry as i wrote it down in an hour or two, i had planned not to write but Abi insisted so.. and when i saw the other OS' length i felt stupid to submit it hanging in the middle of the story LOL

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Awesome dear 
Continue soon

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awesome os dear
please continue it 

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Originally posted by amikool143

Awesome dear 
Continue soon

Thank you Smile

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