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# MY WORLD'S KING # MaNan FF (UPDATED PART 23) Pg131 29/8 (Page 91)

neeharika__ Goldie

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Posted: 11 August 2015 at 12:59am | IP Logged
Plz update na
Plzz :) n pm me whn u update
Plz update soon

neeharika__ Goldie

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Posted: 11 August 2015 at 10:33pm | IP Logged
Plz update part 19
Its been so ling
Waiting for it
Plz update it soon
Cutebaby9889 Groupbie

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Posted: 12 August 2015 at 12:27pm | IP Logged
pls post the nxt prt jaldi
in this update manik was in full mischevious mood n wht will happen in nxt update waiting eagerly fr ur next update n pls don't make us wait more
lots of love
24SONIgal Groupbie

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Posted: 12 August 2015 at 12:36pm | IP Logged
U r answering also of the comment but not updating pls finish the story which u have started telling us in bits and parts.but your part update duration is very much longer and that wait is killing usu We all r wating like hawk.pls yaar update.pls pls

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himateja249 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 August 2015 at 3:18pm | IP Logged
Awesome updateClapClapClap

Loved it

Continue soon. Waiting for the next part eagerlySmile
Partholic_Girl Goldie

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Posted: 12 August 2015 at 6:35pm | IP Logged
Hey myself Anuky Smile. ye mera pehla post hai IF parr toh aap already guess karsakte ho ki mein aapki kitni badi deewani hogaii hoo..plzz do pm me whenver u post ii.Ek aur baat kyaa aap mujhse dosti karogii...plzz naa mat kehna Wink

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update plzzzCry
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" I want you to pay me back tonight itself.  So Don't be late as I am waiting for you. To punish you Hard.  "

Manik's message made Nandini froze at her place.  She was shocked. she was stunned . she was confused. She was scared. She was yet happy.  All feelings together overpowered her mind.

" Nandu chale ?? " Shreya's pull pulled her back from her trances and they walked out of the mall to the exit where Abhi was waiting with his car for the girls.

She was about to step in the car when she got another msg from Him.

" Dare not go with them. You are coming with me.  Unless I will... you know it very well.  "

She read the msg and whispered " unless you will land up to my place. "    Her heart completed his left over statement. 

" God !! What I am gonna do with this stubborn monster king ? !!! "    She sighed a frustrating breath .


" Don't you think something is very fishy with Nandu?  "  Shreya asked Abhi looking outside the window.

Abhi didn't hear her as he himself was engrossed with own his thoughts.

" Abhi !!! " Shreya patted his arm a little.

" hmmm ??? " he shook his thoughts away and asked " kuch kahan tumne?  "

" yaa actually I was talking about Nandu.  I mean I don't know but I have some strong feelings of something very fishy with her.  Kuch hai jo she is hiding from us . Yah toh fir she's trying to share but couldn't . But the fact is what and why?  "  Shreya said narrowing her gaze just like she was trying to figure out the puzzle.

 " bingo.  Even I am thinking the same.  Humari soch kitni milti julti hai hain na? ? " Abhi replied sheepishly.

" shut up " Shreya slapped his arm and then said " we should concentrate on this not on your same bulshit soch theory.

Abhi sighed a defeat. And sherya continued " what do you think?  "

" I think you're right.  Aaj kal she is behaving so strange.  college me late akshar aarahi hai.  After college kahin chali jati hai. Pucho toh excuse deti hai.  Jaise Aaj kia. "


--- flashback---

" guys you push ahead. I have some work.  Will see you tomorrow.  " Nandini said in trembling voice. 

" what ? " both of them stared at her with questing eyes. 

" but till now you are so quite.  You didn't tell us anything.  And suddenly ???? " shreya asked.

" ohhh Srii... ohh actually just now I got the msg. " Nandini replied strumming trying hard to make them believe her.

" message?  Whom ? " Abhi asked. 

" ermmm... msg... " she was finding excuses when they saw Manik was coming out of the mall with the keen protection of the security guards. And the fan girls were running behind her. 
Manik looked at her and winked naughtily and then got into his car. 
She saw him leaving and get another msg  " don't think to fly away . I will be waiting at the next exit of the mall.  Be fast baby.  "

" look at his car. It's damm awesome.  That girl will be the luckiest who can seat beside him in that car.  " Abhi said praising that imaginary girl of Manik Malhotra little that poor soul could know that The lucky girl was standing just beside him.

A smile of satisfaction spread on her face listening Abhi. 

" I still can't believe that we met him.  " Shreya joined him.

" hmm yaar.  And banda itna v arrogant nehi hai jitna all used to say about him . " Abhi said.

" exactly.  Balki he is really a gentleman.  " Shreya  praised him and it was Nandini and Abhi's turn to get surprised.

" you're praising him? You toh don't like him that much ? "  Nandini asked.

"  yaahh  I don't  so much but it's the truth that he is indeed a very good person.  Warna koun apne fans ko itna patiently time deta?  And I am too much happy for you Nandu.  At last teri wish puri ho gayi.  " Shreya replied happily and Nandini hugged her.  Abhi also joined them to share a group hug.

Nandini was feeling top of the world .  Though they were praising him but she was feeling that pride inside her.  After all He is her world's king.

" Guys Chale ?? " Abhi said breaking the hug.  And Nandini realised Manik was waiting for her.

" Okay guys you go. I have to go to meet dad.  " Nandini have a very lame yet strong excuse as they were not gonna crossed check about that as they both hate her dad. 

" but why Nandu?  Don't you think aaj kaal kuch jyada hi you're meeting him?  " Shreya asked narrowing her gaze.

" ermm actually he has some work with me.  So  I have to.  But don't worry guys I will be fine.  " she assured her two very caring friends and bade them good bye. 

She sighed for telling them another lie and waited for few minutes then slowly walked towards the next exit where Manik's  brand new black BMW was waiting for her . 

----flashback end----

" She is for sure is hiding something from us  nehi toh Manik Malhotra ko dekh ke v how Could she be so normal?  Aree she toh would definitely got mad or fainted in happiness  but hua otherwise.  " Shreya was in deep thought. 


" hello !! What's up?  " Manik asked her as soon as she hipped into the car .

" hii and there's sky. " she sheepishly replied while busy trying to tie the seat belt which always troubled her. 

" smart haan? ? " Manik smirked with her reply and leaned closed to her.

" Mmaaannikk " her heart beat started beating fast with his close proximity.

" what?  Just helping you with the seat belt.  Tum bhi naa... so gutter minded... chi man.  " Manik mischievously said going back to his seat leaving her all flushed. 

" Manik.. you !!! Seriously a monster.  " she replied trying hard to hide her crimson red cheeks with her fake anger.

" Monster !!!! " Manik frowned.  Then said " kya yaar Nandini tumne toh mera demotion hi kar dia from king to a monster.  "  he shed a sad pout. 

That was the thing Nandini just couldn't resist as how an infamous  arrogant Rockstar could behave like so innocent lovable child. She just couldn't believe in her own eyes witnessing Manik so caring so loving so childish without any ego of being so famous. She just loved that man- child.

" Awwwaa " she awed him pulling his cheek.

" come on Nandini.  Am not a kid.  Stop doing all this.  " an unbelievably blushing Manik said rubbing his lips. 

They then drove to his studio apartment which then became their apartment.


" Manik what you wanna have for dinner ? "  Nandini asked after getting freshen up. 

" you tell me.  I Wi order.  " he replied tuning his guitar strings. 

" No.. I am fed up with outside foods.  Today I wanna have some ghar ka khana. "  She said.

" okay.  Then  call the Butler and order him jo bhi tumhe khana  hai.  He will get it here.  " He replied casually.

Yes there was no one allowed in his studio not even any Butler.  There were three four caretakers who visit at the day time once and do all the cleaning things and left after their respective works. 

Without Nandini there was no one who was allowed in his studio 24*7 as he loved to live alone with his music and then most obviously Nandini. 

" no need to call anyone . I will prepare myself the dinner. " she announced just to receive Manik's frowns.

" Are you kidding me ? " he asked annoying

" No.  Why should I ? " she replied casually.

" seriously?  Did you forget uss din tumne kya kia tha ? " 
He said still keeping that annoying look which made her go to the past and relish the horrible moment.

--- flashback--

" Manik aaj na main khana banaungi ? " Nandini said  and entered into the kitchen.

" are you gone mad ? Listen I  have enough of cooks here. So you have no need to do this.  " he said dragging her out of the kitchen.

" but I want to.  Wasevi aaj you have given leave  all of them. So I just thought to do something.  Main bore ho rahi hu.  " she pout.

" achcha? ? You're getting Bored ??" He asked smirking emphasised the word Bore.

He came closer to her and wrapped his arms around her waist and said mischievously
" Mere rahte hue v you're getting bored?  " he leaned more closer and whispered " then let me erase your boredom.  " 
And in no time captured her lips.

" Manik.. stop distracting me.  " she softly yelled pushing him away from her after their passionate kiss.

Manik grin with her cuteness and let her enter the kitchen.

After some time

" aaahhh "

Manik was in the living area busy with his new tune when he heard a loud scream.

He rushed towards the kitchen and his eyes shot up seeing Nandini's finger drenched in blood. 

" what the hell is this Nandini " he shouted at her while quickly cleaning the blood with cold water.

" woh main woh I was chopping the onions and don't know kaise  ungli kat gayi.  " she was sobbing.

" you silly girl.  You're chopping onions or your fingers ? Kuch ho jata toh ? " he was worried for her. 

" Manik.. its a little cut. Why r you being so worked up.  Calm down.  I am fine.  " she tried to make him calm but he was really scared seeing her in blood.

" shut up. " he retorted and lifted her in his arms and came to the living room and made her seat at the couch and quickly brought the first aid kit for her dressing.
Though  she was cut but it seemed like he was bleeding.  

" don't you dare to enter in the kitchen from now on.  Get it?  " he ordered her while wiping his tears.  
She nodded as there was no point to argue with him and hugged him not because she was hurt but his care made her heart overwhelmed. 

----- end ---

" kuch yaad aaya ? " he asked.

" hmm.  " ed she shaking her head vertically.

" Good " he said and  continued his own work.

Nandini sighed as it would be of no use to argue with  The Manik Malhotra and sat on the bed.


After few minutes

Manik played the new tune he made in his ipad. And to get her approval he looked at her.

Manik's eyes fell on Nandini  who was busy writing something in her diary.  He became curious.  And silently walked towards her and stood behind her.

" ohhoo... toh Ms. Moorthy writes songs too ??  Interesting.  " Manik suddenly said and Nandini scared and promptly closed her diary.

" aree let me see na " he tried to snatch it from her hold.

" no.  Manik please no "  she tried her hard to hid it in her lap. 

But being more  stronger than her Manik jumped on her lap to fetch it from her tight fist. 

But Nandini suddenly pulled one of the  corner of the diary  when Manik was grabbing the other . Manik loosed his control and fell on top of her. 

They looked at each other passionately. That time the diary for  which they were fighting for became secondary in front of their intense eye lock. 

They were so lost in their eyes like they were finding their existence there.  Manik's left hand slowly reached to her right hand and freed the diary entwined them.  And his one hand were engrossed removing the bangs of her hair from her face.  She closed her eyes to feel his irresistible  touch on her. 

Nandini's heart started pacing it's beats .. Manik could feel pouncing of her  heart which made him loosing himself slowly.

" Nandini... " he whispered in her ears. She opened her eyes. He licked her earlobe  which made an escape a sweet moan from her side and asked

" Can we have the desert before the dinner please ? "


I will finish the ff soon guys . so will update the next part soon as now a days I am not feel writing more bcz of the heartbreaking surroundings.

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