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# MY WORLD'S KING # MaNan FF (UPDATED PART 23) Pg131 29/8 (Page 83)

crazydreamer Senior Member

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Posted: 05 August 2015 at 9:40am | IP Logged
hehehe lol LOL
continue the shoking part hehe...
ty for pm

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u write so gud n ur storyEmbarrassed
plz pm me whever u upadate ur further capters

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neeharika__ Goldie

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Posted: 08 August 2015 at 3:00am | IP Logged
plz update soon n pm me whenever u do so :)

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sweetheart999 Groupbie

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Posted: 08 August 2015 at 5:02am | IP Logged
Hey am a silent reader of this forum
I am in love wid your story as soon as i read it
Rwad all the chapters in a go
Awesome update...!!Smile
Plzz update soon n pm me

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sweetheart999 Groupbie

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Posted: 08 August 2015 at 5:03am | IP Logged
Hey am a silent reader of this forum
I am in love wid your story as soon as i read it
Read all the chapters in a go
Awesome update...!!Smile
Plzz update soon n pm me

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sunila11 Newbie

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Posted: 08 August 2015 at 5:40am | IP Logged
Pl update soon 

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neeharika__ Goldie

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Posted: 08 August 2015 at 6:27am | IP Logged

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musicialtie Goldie

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" Maaanik " Nandini was surprised seeing him there. He was wearing a ash colored vest and faded blue jeans with speakers on snaked around his neck . With those messy hair and little stubble  he was looking none other than a replica of Greek God.
Her heart again skipped its few beats  and she again fell in love with him like she always  do.

" What's up " Manik said in his ever known unbelievably famous husky voice  to the gathered fans. 

And  as never breaking custom one the girl got fainted over there in happiness not resisting his aura. 

Manik smirk with the effects if his mere presence to his crazy fans but got tensed too.  He then asked one of his body guard to take  care of the girl who got fainted seeing the rock star so close when he himself got busy finding his own star. 

And there He got a slight glimpse of her . She was Standing little far from him  separated by huge crowd who were just dying to get his glimpse and he was dying to get her.

Manik saw her and smirked. He was very much acquainted with her anger that time.  But he was also a player  so he just thought to be mischievous with his angry bird. 


" People " Manik's voice captured her attention. 
" my dear fans I am very much happy and feeling blessed to have such a terrific support and love of you guys . So I just thought to pay little bit back to you that love. Though I know it's totally impossible to reach the level of love and support you guys have for me. But yet I am taking this step to wish ' thank you' from my side.  That's the reason of my sudden visit to here  .  " 
He stopped but his eyes were stealthily glued with  her. 

Nandini 's six sense of Manik was saying her that he was definitely up to something.  But yet she was feeling proud of him for his that sweet gesture towards his fans. 

" so today I am gonna give all of you a simple token of love as my autographs.  I am gonna give you each my autographs. "  as soon as he announced that the crowd started hooting clapping in happiness.  It was really a blissful moment of getting autograph of your favorite celeb.

"So how many of you want this little token of mine ? " Manik asked in his irresistible tone and all started cheering even more louder. 

It was the moment , but a celeb was dying for to witness the madness over his or her presence on their fans.  
Manik was also feeling the same . Happiness proud were overwhelming his heart with that cheers. He mentally thanked Nandini for that. As he had never been so humble in public but that day only for His Girl he Could feel that unmatchable happiness.  As to make a  mere person celebrity there was a lot of support of the fans.  Celebrities were famously for the unconditional love of the fans. 

And for the first time Manik was going through the feelings and it made his heart proud. 

That time he just wanted nothing but hug that soul reason for whom he came across this happiness.  He wanted to kiss him saying " thank you".

He closed his eyes to compose his desires and brought back his that smirk on his face. 


The guards were face palming themselves to manage the huge gathering of fans.  It was really a huge crowd to handle with. 

Manik was giving autographs and taking selfies with the fan's demands.  Though he was tired and getting irritated with those thing but he never let it came on his face . As he was doing all these for her.


Nandini was standing and trying to figure out the puzzle.  Firstly Manik' s sudden visit then so much of crowd and then the over flowing guards.

Suddenly something clicked on her mind and she checked on her cell.   " yes it is.  That means !!! Ohh God !! That mad guy !! " 

She told herself.  She sighed and re read the tweet again

" Catch me if you can today @inorbit mall "

She shook her head in disbelief whilst her heart was poking her saying
" that is for you Nandini.  He is doing all this for you. You are the luckiest girl of this world.  "

" Manik !!! " a prayer, a satisfaction, escaped from her heart .


" Haan wohi hai.  Nandu it's Manik. The Manik Malhorta " Shreya shook her friend to bring her back to the reality.

" hmmm ???? " Nandini confusingly looked at her. 

Shreya found it so unbelievable and waved a hard click in front of her . And said
" Are you okay?  Your behaviour !!!! Nandu what's wrong with you ? Your dream man is standing so near of you and you are lost in your own thoughts?  Pagal toh nehi Ho gayi hai na tu?  What's wrong?  "

" Aree of course I am fine.  Woh bus Manik ko dekh k thora lost ho gayi thi.  " Nandini replied to hide her mental hustle bustle state from her best friend. 

" It's okay.  I can understand.  " Shreya said patting her back and she  smiled as a reply. 

" areee now what are we waiting for?  Let's go and meet him.  It's the golden chance for you Nandu to meet him. Pata nehi fir kavi mile yaa nehi.   Let's not waste it.  " 

Shreya , the innocence soul  said lovingly knowing her friend's madness over THE MANIK MALHORTA. But unknown of the fact that her friend was the very first person who knew that Manik in and out.

" but where is Abhi?  " Nandini asked her to overcome her guilt of hiding.

"  Idiot he is in queue taki you will not loose the opportunity to meet your World's King.   Samjhi? Now chal.  "   she literally dragged her towards the queue  .


On the other side Manik was getting restless and impatient to meet Nandini.  He was getting irritated with that crazy wishes of fans. He was getting frustrated and taking a vow to himself to make it up from her only. 

" Nandini Moorthy get ready for paying all these hard works back. You're really going to pay hard.  Like really hard. "

He said to himself and soon his tired eyes lit up thinking of the further consequences.  He then started waiting for her.


" Nandu... " Abhi jumped on her.  " Nandu your Manik.  Finally Teri wish puri hone ko hai.  You will meet him.  You will get his autograph . "  He exclaimed in joy holding her hands.

Then suddenly he whispered in her ears " If you want tohhh you can also show him your tattoo.  "  

" Abhiii... " she rolled her eyes to shut him up.

" okay okay baby doll. . Am just joking. " he accepted his defeat and side hugged her.

Her two friends were tremendously excited for her but she couldn't  and how could she? ? She couldn't fake them as they were the most important part of her life.  And if it was not Manik then she would had definitely shared with them her secret.  But it include Manik.  Actually The Manik.  So she needed to be careful.  And definitely would shared a talk with Him regarding this.


Soon the crowd getting decreased and it was finally the time of her to face him.

" hey one by one.. " the guard locked their way.

" we are together.  " Shreya replied smartly. And pulled them beside her.


" your Name please ? "  Manik asked without looking upward as he was became really very tired that time.  He hardly had that energy. He was having a nightmare oh sorry evening mare to collapse there only.

" Name please  " he again asked tired getting no reply. 

" Nandini " Abhi said on behalf of her finding her lost. 

Listening her name he got his lost energy back.  He within no time looked upwards and there she was standing in front of her . He then and there wanted to hug her but he was stopped by two reasons firstly the table between them and secondly because of the surroundings. 

" It is not the time for that. But for that what he wanted to do. " Manik controlled his excitement and gave a mischievous look to Nandini.

" Nandini " he smirked and said " Nice name "

Nandini's heart started beating very fast seeing his intense gaze on her.  She could sense what was waiting for her.

" I am Abhi and she's Shreya " Abhi introduced  themselves.

Hearing the name Shreya he looked at her in a jealous eyes as like he was looking at one of his foe.

" So, that's you.  Hey girl you just chewing my head with your random calls to Nandini and interrupted my passionate kisses.  I just wish I could vanish your cell phone from the world so that I could get some interrupt free time with my girl.  " he was mentally cursing her. 

" hello " he simply bade them and again  concentrated on Nandini. 

" So Nandini... " he called her but as expected she was standing like a statue.

He just loved her that pounding face.  He wanted to play more . So he asked to Abhi " Is she dumb ? "

As soon as Nandini heard that anger started raising inside her and thought " how dare he?  Jaise isse kuch pata hi nehi ? "

" No.  She isn't " Abhi and Shreya protested in unison. 

" ohh I see then why she is not uttering anything ? "  he asked with a mischievous smile playing on his face.

" ohhh actually sir " Abhi said  " Sir she is very found of you. " 

" Yes... she admires you a lot. She is crazy about your songs.  She is one of the biggest fan of you.  She has almost sacrificed everything for you. Not only that she toh even considers you as  her God.  Pagal hai bilkul aapke liye. And today you are in front of her. She is happily shocked I guess.  Isshi liye sayed kuch bol nehi paa rahi hai.  " Shreya said taking her friend's side as they were too happy to witness their best friend's dream came true  to meet her world's king.

Manik was superbly happy with Shreya's words.  He started excusing her mentally for disturbing his sound sleep peaceful slumber with his Nandini. 

" ohhh I am so pleased. So honoured.   Seriously. "  he gave a genuine smile.

But then something stroke his mind and he questioned " But what's about the sacrifice ? Will you please put some light on it.  "

" ermmm.. woh sir... she.. ermm.. she left    " Shreya was about to blurt nut Nandini stopped her in middle saying 
" It's just nothing . It's a random one. "

Manik stared at her quenching his brows.  He was not satisfied with her excuse  but he had his own trick to make her open up.

" okay " he said looking straight into her eyes which were giving jitters to her sensing the mischievous Manik's next move.

" sir can we have your autographs?  " Abhi childishly asked and Manik smilingly gave his autographs. 

When it comes to Nandini's turn Manik signed

   " Always shine like a star. 
             Loads of love   Manik.  "

She smiled reading that and he lovingly winked at her which made her blush. 

" Sir ... One more request. " Abhi said . Manik nodded.

" one snap with u please.  " he requested and Manik happily agreed saying  " Aree why only one?  I will give you three individual snaps.  So go ahead.  "

He then stood up and turn to took pictures with Abhi and Shreya. 

" Nandu go.  " Shreya pushed her when it was her turn. 

She slowly went near Manik and Manik pulled her to him and slightly wrapped  his hand on her small back.   Her heart started pouncing heavily with his touch. 

" Nandu thora sa smile " Abhi asked her to smile while clicking the pic as she was having hard time controlling her desires and Manik's naughty fingers which were running sensuously on her back. 

" haan Nanduuu .. Smile na !!  " Manik mischievously said just to receive her anger look which made him go all mad for her.

Abhi took their picture.  And then Shreya suggested for a group selfie with him which he again agreed as it would give bit more time to him to hold her close and also if her friends would be happy then she would also be happy.

When clicking the pic they stood like first Abhi then Nandini then Manik and then Shreya.  Abhi was clicking the snap.

While clicking the picture Manik abruptly poked Nandini's back and she shockingly turned  her face towards him.  And unfortunately it was clicked. 

" Nandu kya yaar. .. you have spoiled the pic " Abhi complained like a baby. 

" what I did?  It's not my fault.  woh toh Manik... " she mentality slapped her for uttering much.  And also patted herself for stopping in the right time. 

" kuch nehi let's go.  " she said 

" okay but don't you want to bid him good bye ? " Shreya was literally very surprised seeing that cold changed behavior that too in front of that man for whom she could even die.  

" Strange !!! " she thought.


" Thank you.  " Abhi wished him and continued " It really means a lot for us especially for Nandini. You have no idea how much she is into you. To meet you at least for once is her only wish. Thank you.  Thanks a ton. " Abhi said with a teary eye as a true friend.

Manik felt really very happy with her friends genuine love for her. 

They were about to leave when Manik pulled Nandini stealthily and whispered in her ears  " You are going to pay back hard for making me do this frustrating things.  " she looked at him confusingly.

He drank her confusion whole heartily and whispered seductively  " mark my words. hard .  Like really Hard.  "

He winked and let her to go with her friends so innocently as like there was nothing happened between them.


Her heart started doing  hip hop inside her chest listening his words but the most was troubling her was his passionate intense gaze on her. 

She was in her verge of thought when she received a message

" I want you to pay me back tonight itself.  So Don't be late as I am waiting for you. To punish you Hard.  "


Enjoy the update but if u din't then plzz don't throw chaappals. pardon.

keep supporting..commenting. stay tunedSmile

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