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# MY WORLD'S KING # MaNan FF (UPDATED PART 23) Pg131 29/8 (Page 79)

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aww...just loved it when manik sang for her infront of everyone for her...n cleared all her doubts...nice part...waiting for abhi n shriya's reaction on coming to know about manan...hope they come to knoe=w from her only n not from somewhere else...n waiting for manik to realise his feelings...n finally the confession...continue soon...n please pm me if possible...

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After some day

Nandini woke up earlier and as per habit her hand was searching for her cell at her side . She opened it and found only 6 am of that morning . It was Sunday so she had no hurry to get ready for college . She lazily stretches her hands and her hands reached to him.  She smilingly turned his side.

He was sleeping on his stomach . Though his face was in the other side but making sure of his one  protective possessive hand on her to ensure her presence in his life. 
A content smile crept on her face.  She softly moved his hand off her without disturbing his slumber and stepped out of the bed to use loo. 

After some time she opened the washroom gate and scared like hell as she had seen a ghost at this early morning hour. 

Manik was seating at the edge of the bed holding his knees with red half sleepy eyes.

" you scared me  !!!! " she softly said calming her increasing heartbeats down.

" I scared you ? You scared me.  Bolke nehi ja sakti thi " he slightly retorted.

" How could I ?  You're sleeping only na ? And wasevi I was just going to washroom  not abroad.  " she mocked.

" Very smart ? " he replied in same mocking tone.

" don't you know that Nandini Moorthy is already smart ? " she  mischievously said raising her brows.

" And don't you know how I used to shut your smartness ?? " he mischievously smirked and her eyes popped up thinking of the coming consequences.

" Nnnooo " she strummed.

" Try me. " he winked and in no time pulled her to him in a soft safe swift move and captured her already swallowing lips due to his umpteenth number of kisses. 

It was a good start for both of them. After being satisfied with their passionate kiss they again drift in to a good slumber  cuddling onto each other with happiness full on their hearts .

It was being a casual for them now a days  as whenever Nandini sneaked out of the bed he used to get up without knock for no reason in spite of having a deep sound sleep.  It always amazed her.  She had also asked him about that but he just ignored every single time.


That night when Manik made her greeted a part of his life and swiped away all her doubts about him , he had taken a silent vow to protect and give tender care love to her . And obviously making sure of her presence beside him all possible times dismissing her daily basis of void pleads.

She had became his addiction, his need , his oxygen ,  his star, the indeed strongest part of his life. She unknowingly had captured his surroundings in that manner that without wishing her morning with a kiss he thought something was missing throughout the whole day. 
Just her mere presence could calm his ever anger mood.  He was basically not remain that arrogant rock star any more but a sweet musician. But all these transformations were only for her and in front of her.


" So, what's the plan ? " Manik asked her still playing with her fingers who is sleeping keeping her head on his board chest.

" What plan ? " Nandini re asked opening her eyes and tilted her head up.
" I mean it's Sunday . And thankfully I have no need to go through your morning raga with ' Manik I am getting late.  Manik for you hamesha I have to miss classes.  Manik Yeh... Manik wohh... '  " he mimicked her and she rolled her eyes and angrily pout. 

He promptly kissed her pout and continued " Toh as it's Sunday and me too free then let's do something.  "

" And what to do?  " she asked still faking anger.

" Wase I want to do bohot kuch " he mischievously said leaning closer to her and her heart started bouncing like ping pong ball . 

Enjoying her nervousness he smirked and said further  " But I will wait till you're okay with it.  " 
He lovingly said pecking her temple.  A satisfactory smile crept on her face.

It was true that they used to sleep together from last one month very often.  But they hadn't crossed the line till then. It was as not that they didn't want to.  It was normal that when you were  very close to the person you loved then desires were shaping up with passion.  Same happened with Manik.  Each night her proximity started havoc inside him but he controlled himself for her.  Because being a pure innocence soul Nandini needed time to open herself  up and Manik happily had given her that time. That was one of the additional reason why she loved and respected him very much.

" So , I was thinking then let's have some fun.  Wasevi it's very difficult to get your valuable time now a days.  So when I luckily have it now toh I will fully use it.  What's say ? "  he said playing with  her bangs. 

" Manik are you teasing me? " she asked  pouting as his words were sounding little dramatic to her ears as The famous Manik was giving speech of  being busy to a mare commoner. 

" Nope,,, I am not. Its true k aaj kaal I have to litteraly take appointment to spend time with you.  " Manik replied carssing her face  with a sad tone then suddenly changing the expression  again continued with a naughty smrik  "  And you know na how much I want YOU and why!!!!" .  

"   Mr. Malhotra please give a break to your thoughts.  And sorry I can't as I have to return as I have already promised Shreya and Abhi for shopping. " she guiltily said. 

 Saying him ' No ' was the most difficult thing to her.  But she had to do it as she was bounded by friendship. 

" Again  them... God !!! " he frustratingly stated and freeing her got up. 

" Manik... Please samjho.  Now a days I can give very less time to them. And upar se most of the time I have to hide and said lies to them to be with you.  So, when they have said me their plan to hang out I couldn't denied.  Try to understand na please. " she sat in front of him and said softly  entwining their fingers. It was something that he couldn't resist and gave up.

He looked at her and sighed like a sulking baby saying " Do I have any choice?  "

" Wow.  That's amazing. That's superb.  Manik Malhotra.  I mean the Manik Malhotra has no other choices.  It's something unbelievable.  " She mocked him.   
Then snaking her arms around his neck said " I must be very special.  Hain na? "

He didn't replied anything with words but movement.  He kissed her forehead lovingly then and there . And she got her answer.  


at Mall

The three friends were seating at the food court.   Actually Nandini was seating rounded by them and they were encountering.

" Nandu sach sach bata what's cooking in your life ? " Shreya asked like typical cop.

" yes Nandu,  today toh you have to say us k chal kya raha hai in your life?  "  Abhi joined.

Then the two friends started bombarding with their questions.

Shreya -   ghar pe kaam rahti ho. 

Abhi - and college me rah k v rahti nehi ?

Shreya - kab aati ho kab jati ho 

Abhi- kahan rahti ho kya karti ho

Shreya- kisiko kuch pata v nehi.  

Abhi - If there is something then tell us. We will help you. 

Shreya - you can share with us Nandu.  And you know that.  We are best friends. 

Abhi - haan.  Exactly.  If some thing is troubling you then say na.  

Shreya - we will tackle this together.  But don't hide. 

Nandini felt really helpless.  She was feeling guilty.  She just wanted to pour her heart out in front of them sharing her biggest secret. But she couldn't.  But seeing their pale caring faces she decided to discuss about that with Manik as she couldn't hide anymore.  It were approx  30 days she was sharing a secret relationship with Manik and continuously fooling her friends.  But no  its high time.  She thought. She  had needed to talk with Manik. 

Her trance of thoughts hot a pause when Abhi waved a click in front her.

" Again you're lost ? " he asked.

She sighed to compose herself and replied " Guys jayesa tum log soch rahe ho it's nothing like that.  "

" then what's it like ? "  the mother hen and most mature among of them Shreya asked rasing her brows.

Nandini knew she couldn't fool shreya's keen eyes.   So she was helplessly looking for a suitable reason.  And it was like God was also with her and some of the people suddenly started rushing towards a particular direction.

They became curious to know about the maniac reasons of all shouting crowd. . They also got up from their seats and followed the crowd.  
But before they could reach to them there ways were blocked by huge uncontrollable gatherings. 

Nandini  tried to peep into the extreme reason.  And with lots of difficulties she came across it. And it made her froze at her place stunned. 

**** Flashback****

" Where are you ? Why were you not responding my calls haan ? " Manik asked as soon as he heard her mellifluous voice over cell. 

" Manik what's this ? I told you na that I am with my friends  then call kyun kar rahe ho ? "  Nandini replied in irritation and love both were together playing in her voice.

" So what ? Do I care ? "  he smirked and she sighed with his ever known attitude.

" Manik.  Kya hai bolo ? " she asked promptly to avoid the further discussion about that meaningless thing and much needed finishing the conversation as Abhi was gazing at her with curiosity.

" where are you?  " Manik asked.

" At Inorbit mall . " she casually replied .

" okk then cool.  I am coming.  " Manik said in his carefree tone and she became shocked

" I am coming?  Why you are coming ? No you won't come.  Never . Please.  Don't you dare haan " though she was scolding him to stop but her voice was trembling in fear thinking about his ' I don't care ' attitude. 

Manik understood her state and smirked with his next move.

" okay baba relax.  I won't come.  Okay. " he said suppressing his evil smile. " now happy?  "

" thank you Manik. I love you.  "  she said in excitement and his eyes were glowing up hearing her sudden unconscious confession.


" Maaanik " Nandini's eye popped up seeing him.

" Heyyy... what's up ? " He asked and she fainted.


Sorry guys for late update. but i am bounded by lots of studies works and all.  and sorry for the  crap update as I have written it in a rush . and will try to make it up in next part. Ignore mistakes
keep liking. commenting.. stay tuned

sorry for no pms. will pm next.Smile

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That was amazing really loved. But plz update next part soon plz preaty plz. AND ME FIRST YEHHHClap

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Hahahahaha wow Yaar alaaa

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angel2015 Goldie

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I came across your ff in morning..and now after finishing all the parts ..am going to comment. .

Well ! Firstly hats off for this wonderful idea..I just loved it to the core..it was amazing..every part of the story had some unique shapes..and I bowled out...trust me...it was way too amazing that I just can't help myself from not reading further...manan meeting...and Nandini being so innocent thought she had kissed him in dream..but it was reality..awww ..she blushed . when reality hit on her...wow! Manik smartly took her number and and she didn't even get know of it..must say smart move...and that college kissing scene...wohoo! It was hot ..and then nandini's dilemma..very well described by you..how cutely manik made her learn that she is his world now..his world's queen...wow...amazing...terrific. ...no words left...I just loved it ..you are a amazing writer. .great work..

Do continue soon..and pm me if possible...

Loads of love
Mahi :)

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god seruxly Big smile just got addicted with ur stories Embarrassed ur a magician seruxly Big smile loved ds fantancy to d core Embarrassed really cant resist manik Big smile LOL n wht shuld i say abt their bond it is pure Tongue bt dy r really insane dt i must say Wink as i cant stop smiling dt she fainted promplty seeing him LOL cant w8 for d nxt part plzz upload soon will b eagerly w8ting for it Tongue

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mairaallauddin IF-Dazzler

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Awesome update 
Loved it 
Update the next part soon 
Ashmita18 Senior Member

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Ohhh wooow... what an update yrrr... simply magnificent... it was just amazing...the morning when nandini woke up and then saw manik facing other side but holding her in hi embrace...that content smile on her face was just a bliss...and when she went to the loo and came out getting scared because manik got worried about her absence... Hehehe he is such a sweetheart... I mean her absence is felt by him even in his deepest slumber... now that's something really incredible... he is sooo addicted to her like she is the oxygen to him without which he can't live even for a moment... then manik complaining about nandini not giving him time... I mean seriously THE MANIK MALHOTRA says that he has to take appointment just to meet and spend time with a mere commoner...but for him she was everything... the rude arrogant rockstar is just the sweetest musician just for his nandini exclusively... all his good sides, be it being sweet, caring, loving, protective, possessive or romantic are reserved for nandini only... and how easily just by a simple gesture of nandini, THE MANIK MALHOTRA accepts his defeat and is left with no choice but to agree with her...and now at the mall, out of blue he appears and nandini faints...hahaha how funny... it was a brilliant update seriously...uh are an excellent writer...thank uh sooo much for the pm...really appreciate it...please it's a request please update this story quite often...will be waiting eagerly for an update...keep up the wonderful work... best wishes... :) :D

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