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# MY WORLD'S KING # MaNan FF (UPDATED PART 23) Pg131 29/8 (Page 68)


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Hey sweaty the promo was awsome. Just cant wait for the next part.
Update soon

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Oh goossshhh sohaaa oh fissshhh
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Originally posted by Natashaaa

Originally posted by musicialtie

Originally posted by Natashaaa


Natsss my pooor soul i dont have any Aliya here in ths story...LOL

u mean soha?? omg she is worst

I HATE SOHA THE MOST...AngryAngryAngry
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plzzz yrrr update it fsttt ...
eagerly waiting
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Nice promo ,
continue soon .
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Originally posted by Natashaaa

Originally posted by musicialtie

Originally posted by Natashaaa


Natsss my pooor soul i dont have any Aliya here in ths story...LOL

u mean soha?? omg she is worst

natuuu ye story v gayi Cry mujhse aur kuch v karwao but soha Angry ko tolerate krna is out of my limitCry

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" Manik where are  you going ? Stop " Nandini shouted and  asked him to stop the car.

" kyun bhul gayi ? College ! !  " he replied casually and taking a second pause turned to her side and said mischievously " or else you wanna go somewhere else.  Will you ? "

" Maaanik " Nandini  sighed understanding his smirk. 
" you one track mind !!!  College piche rah gaya.  We have just crossed it.  Stop the car.   " she frustratingly said and Manik understood his mistake.

" okay okay chill.  I will take a turn.  " he was about to turn the stirring wheel Nandini stopped him . " Manik no... "

He looked at her with questioning eyes . 
"No need to take U turn.  I will step out here only.  " she said and about to unlock the door but  he worried and asked " but why?  Whats the need to walk? I will drop you at the college gate only. Relax "

" Manik .. why don't you understand ? If I will get out of this expensive car na toh everyone will start ogling me at college.   And sabse bari baat what if someone would  recognise you tab?  So just to avoid these I want you to drop me here.  Please. "  she said he nodded as her points were justified.

" okk baba... I understand. But at least let me drop you near the campus . You just cant walk Itni dur. It's hot outside Nandini.  " a concerned Manik said. 

" Manik..  " she took his hands on her and replied in assurance " Its okay.  Mujhe aadat hai.  Don't worry . "

He unwillingly nodded and she turned to unlock the gate but before she could do so again she was stopped.  

" aee listen" Manik abruptly stopped her.

" now what Manik ? " she asked.

" how could you leave like this ? " he asked.

Nandini became confused.  She asked " what do you mean by that ? Mujhe kuch samajh me nehi aaraha.   Listen Manik , I am getting late.  Jo bolna hai please say fast "

" what do you mean by samajh me nehi aaraha ? " Manik dramatically asked

Then seeing her one of the angry frown he decided not to irritate her more and said  "Aree tum ayese kaise ja sakti ho without giving me my living dose.  I need it you know to survive next 5 hours.  It's a looonnnggg time gap you know. " 
He smirked and she sighed in disbelief with his melodramatic words.

It was just tends to Impossible to think that the famous rockstar was actually doing these pampered tendering things with one mere common crazy fan. 

Manik then pulled her towards him and started moving his long exquisite fingers around her bare arms to send shiver in her spine.  His touch giving her goosebumps.  His intense gaze making her loose her weight in knees.  Manik then slow yet seductively leaned closer to her and slightly touched his lips with her earlobe to tease her.  Then kissed her neck.  Nandini was loosing.  For support she clasped his vest stripe.  He smiled with the effect he had on her and  brushed his lips on her collar bone to jaw line.

" Maaanik "she softly moaned printing her nail marks on his shoulder.  It turned him on he smacked his lips with her. He started kissing like madly and Nandini reciprocated with equal fervor.  They were kissing like it was actually their need to survive for some  next hours without each other.  The kiss became their oxygen  but they forced to stop their passionate kiss to inhale some real bio metric oxygen. 

They were gasping hard resting their forehead  on each other and after composing Nandini said " I need to go Manik.  " 

He hummed and she step out of the car. 

" ohh hello listen "  Manik called her .   She leaned to the car and asked " what ? "

" I will come to pick u up after college . so don't move. Stay here till I will reach okay. " He said in ordered tone. 
Before she could reject his car flew away.  She sighed and started walking towards college.



" May I coming sir ? "She asked politely as the class had already started and Raghav sir started with his music history lecture.

" Nandini. Is it a time to attend the class ? You're half an hour late my dear.  You better wait for next period.  "  Raghav sir curtly said.

It was the first time she was getting scolded by any professor that too in front of whole class.  She was felling disgusted.  She was mentally giving her piece of mind to Manik.  Her eyes became moist.  Raghav sir noticed her wiping.  As she was the topper of that batch and a very sincere student too so he had decided to give her a last chance.

" okay okay. I am giving you last chance. But next time I won't . Now go and take your sit " Raghav sir said and her face lit up  . Thanking him she took her sit beside Abhi.

" where were you ? " Abhi asked as soon as she settled down beside him.

" just got stuck some where.  "  she replied .

" I was calling you several times but you didn't answer back . Nandini what's all this ? " Abhi ,a genuine concerned friend asked her.

Before she could defend herself Raghav sir scolded them " guys if you don't want to listen then you can happily go out of my class and continue with your chit chat session.  I won't mind.  " 

They asked for forgiveness and put a pause in their  talks.

Throughout the class Nandini was thinking of Manik . And how her life had changed in a blink and Abhi was observing her .

After one hour of long period they headed towards the canteen . 

Abhi and Nandini were sitting together . Abhi was munching his burger where as she was just stirring her cold coffee. 

" you want me to say something ? " Abhi suddenly asked cleaning his lips with the tissue.

" uhhh??? Sorry "  she was lost in her  'Manik' thoughts.

" that exactly you should be.  " he said firmly. It was the first time he had spoke such a rude. 
Abhi was a very dear friend of her from last 3 years. They had completed their graduation together.  After their graduation Shreeya grabbed a job to support her family financially and Abhi and Nandini joined SPACE for their masters in music .

 " Nandu if there is something bothering you, then you can share with me right ? " Abhi said.  Worry concern were clearly visible in his eyes.

Nandini felt bad for him.  Wanted to share but bounded to.  So she just replied " I am okay Abhi.  Ayesa kuch v nehi hai.  Sab thik hai  " 

" I wish. " he sighed and she gave a soft smile and they headed for their  next class. 

She while walking took out her phone from her bag and saw few notifications.  She opened then and her lips curved escaping a shy yet bliss full happiness.  She read notification 

" Manik Malhotra has accepted your friend request. "
" Manik Malhotra liked your status.  "

She just wanted to jump in happiness as at last she had received those notifications she was waiting for ages.  She blushed recalling their moments and murmured  " Manik. "


After three more hectic classes finally it was the time for their last period which was library.   Nandini went to the library where Abhi excused himself to fetch some cold drinks from canteen. 

Nandini entered into the library and grabbing some books she sat on a desk to make some notes for the coming semester.  From last few days she did not gave little time to her study as she was busy with her world's king.  Not the poster one but the real HIM.

She started reading but her concentration again broke down because of the little sound of giggles and whispers.  She turned to the sound and found some girls were giggling looking over something on their phones.
She ignored them and moved her concentrations to the books.  But again it was disturbed but that time it was evident as she had heard something attracting.  She moved little closer to them to hear their talks.  
And the gossips she had heard started boiling lava inside her. 

" ohh my God..Manik Malhotra.  He is so hot.  " 
"So handsome yaar" 
" But who is she ?  his girlfriend?  " 
"Ohh damm  look at her dress, she's so sexy " 
" so closely she is holding him "
" lucky girl "
" I wish I could be at her place" 

The girls were randomly drooling over their phones  Nandini heard his name and her heart pounced.  She became curious and asked about their discussions.  
" Excuse me.  What are you guys talking about? 

" look " one girl forwarded her cell to Nandini.  And her eyes just popped up . She saw one girl was clinging over Manik . And he was holding  shot glass .

" It's that girl's insta update.   He is looking so handsome na?  And that girl man. . She is so lucky.  " that girl said.

Nandini heart sank watching the photo.  It was thrusting her chest  . But controlling her emotions she said " may be it's just his random fan or friend. "

" Are you mad?  Look at him. He is The Manik Malhotra not a random guy . Koi apne random fans k sath ayese pic nehi khichate?  He has a class after all.  And look at her. She has some class. "  the other girl said. 

She didn't know why everything in front of her became blurred.  She was feeling week.  She stood up from her place and walked out of the library.  She ran to the washroom and cried her heart out.  She did not even know why she was crying.

That girls words were echoing in her ears.    " Koi aapne random fan k sath ayese pic nehi khichate"

Then the image of that girl with Manik flushed in front of her.  She saw her image through mirror.  It was laughing at her. 

" who are you? "  it asked her.

"Nandini" she replied

"Who are you of him?" it asked
" a fan. " she replied.

" no...  A random fan of Manik. " it corrected.

" kya soch  rahi Ho ? About that picture ? " it asked.   She nodded.

" It's normal. As he is not a random guy but a famous celeb. " it said again.

" then why am I not feeling it a normal ? Why I am feeling something hitting me inside?  "  she asked.  She cried.

" As because you can't Stand him with anyone.  You are  possessive about him. " it replied.

" I  am confused.  I have seen these kind of pics of him with his friends, band members, fans but today I don't know but It hurts me. It piercing my heart Seeing him in other's arm.  Though it is normal.  It's casual thing but yet I just  can't  take it easy. I am also his fan. I know how it is like. But yet it is killing me inside  " she shared her pain.

" because it's not a fan's love but a lover's.  " it replied to get her confused look.

" yes.  You love him not as a craziest fan but as Nandini. You have started loving not the Rockstar but him. You love Manik.  And that's why you are possessive about him and can't tolerate any one  close to him.  " it proudly stated.

She was startled. She was confused.   " but me ?? "

" Nandini accept it that you started feeling for him.   You love Him beyond Your adoration, craziness for Your World' s king.  " it bridged her confused thoughts and vanished away. 

" I love you " she murmured and smiled a little. 


" where are you Nandu? Come to the parking lot.  Am waiting.  " Abhi called her . She was walking through the corridor when she saw his king sized  poster  near the music room he had used in his college days.  As his family owned the college that's why the room was dedicated for him with his  posters all over the room and as per media news he used to visit that room secretly at night often to relax with his music.

She stopped in front of the poster.  His  naughty signatures smirk,  his talkative eyes , His tempting  torso and his guitar were making him irresistible.  And she herself was the great proof of that.  Her cheeks became red with that thought.  

She mesmerized him through the poster and said " listen stop smiling like that haan... I don't like you holding others. You got that.  You better stay away from all these sticky girls.  Samjhe ? " she caressed his face.

" look one more add in the queue. " a peon said to another when they  saw her mesmerizing his pic talking to herself.  

" pagal bachchiya. Agar aysehi yeh miljata in sabko toh woh itna famous thori hota? Photo dekh k time waste kar rahe hai sab.   Aur woh wahan pe kisi aur k sath maje kar raha hoga " they sighed and went.

 Nandini overheard them.  Again her heart sank in sadness.  She took out her cell and tweeted

" I am not possessive about you but US.  "

Giving one more look at his photo she walked away.


Nandini came to exit gate waiting for Abhi when her cell started ringing.  It was Manik. With a heavy chest she received the call.

" What's up "  he asked.

" nothing.  Just returning ? " she coldly replied as she heard the loud music coming from background.  That means that girls were right.  He was parting with other girls.

" Returning where ? Look I am little busy.   I am sending my driver to pick you up.  "  he said.

" that I know you're busy "  she said recalling that girls update. And frowned emphasized the word ' busy' .

" What ? " he was confused.

" I mean...Oh.. no need to send driver.  Abhi will drop me to my apartment. " she replied firmly. 

" but I told you na that you're gonna stay with me. " his anger radiated.

" Manik.. I need to go my own flat . Sorry but try to understand. "  she sternly said . Meanwhile Abhi car honked and he asked her 

"  come fast. Whom you are talking with ?"

" No One. " she replied  getting into the car and cut the call without bidding bye to Manik.  


" No  One   ????? " he was stunned with her cold behaviour.  " how dare she cut my call ? "

That ignorance made  Manik  go all mad.  Lava started boiling inside the sleepy volcano  which was in slumber due to her cool gentle presence. 

He came back to the party which was thrown for his massive hit album by the producers.  Though he didn't feel like parting but it was the daily life of him.  So he attended.
He came straight to the bar counter and started consuming alcohol which was giving company to his already burning chest. 

He didn't know why he was behaving so impulsive that too for a girl.  But the one thing he understood clearly was his obsession with Nandini Moorthy.  He did not know the name of that feelings but he felt content . He felt like home with her .  And that's the reason he desperately wanted her to be  around him forever.  

He was in his thoughts when one girl approached towards him.  She stood cozily beside him.  She stopped him drinking and seductively took him to the dance floor.  He was  drunk. He wasn't in a mood to think of anything as his full thinking power were captured by HER thoughts.  So he started moving his legs with the bit.  The girl was dancing very much cozily with him encircling her hands around his neck.  And  sligtly touched his jawbone with her lips.

" Nandini " he whispered unknowingly. 

And the next she was about  to kiss him lips . He promptly jerked her away.

" what the hell are you doing ? "  he shouted at her.

" just having fun. " she smirked and again leaned towards him.

" Get lost. You... !! "  he literally threw her from him.  And walked out of the  party. 

" leave him.  Stop trying on him.  He won't come around. You know na he is a very tough nut to crack. "  A man came from behind and held her waist. 

" hmm. That he is.  But I will keep trying.  " she said with a wicked smiled. 


Nandini apartment  ; Evening

Nandini was preparing dinner for her as Shreeya went her native place to visit her family. She was feeling alone.  She was upset.  At the morning she was tremendously happy experiencing the best morning of her life and the next her all dreams drown in the big ocean.  

She was crying talking with the giant poster of Manik.

" you don't love me na?  I am just your a pass time addiction.   Jab addiction chali  jayegi , you will leave me Hain na ?  But it's okay.  I have never kept any condition to love you. You are my dream, my family, my aim. And I love u with what you are. I won't judge you and it's your life. You have  full right to deal your life in your terms.  And rahi baat meri toh I have never been so happy.  These last few days were the best days of my life.  And I will live with these memories my entire life. I am happy to be the craziest fan of yours. Though I love you. I want you.  But I am not worthy of you. They were right I am only a random classless girl. So I  think I should accept the reality and stay away from you.   "  she was  sobbing madly.  She was too engrossed in her blabbering that she didn't hear the continuous buzz of her cell. 

After few minutes she realized it and without looking at the caller name she received.


" Where the hell are you ? I was calling you for zillion times but why didn't you answer haan ? " he shouted at his pick as soon as she  received.

" Manik?? "  she realised.

" ohh you remember ? ?  Very good  " he mocked over phone.  

She frowned and replied " I am not in a mood to fight. Kyun phone kia ? "

" ready hoke niche aao.  " he said firmly.

" Manik I can't it's too late. ." she replied.

"  Ms.  Moorthy.  Now come out in 2 mints . I am waiting outside of your building.  No more words bus come now.  " he ordered and hang up.

" ayiaappaa Yeh  kavi  v meri baat Kyun nehi samajhta?  I have to keep distance from him.  " she sighed in her helplessness.


" Manik kya hai ? What are you doing here ? Koi dekh lega tumhe . " she said hopping into the car.  He didn't replied but ignited the engine. 

After a while

" why are you ignoring me ? "
He stopped his car with a jerk  and  grabbed her arm and asked her . His eyes were red in anger. 

" I...I am not ignoring.  " she denied.

" Nandini stop irritating me.  Don't test my patience " he retorted at her making his grip more firm.

Nandini understood there was no place to run so she said " Manik we are from different zones.  Our belongings are different.  Our lifestyles are poles apart. "

" haan toh ? " he confusingly asked " listen your words are not making any sense.  " he frustratingly said. 

" you are a famous rock star Manik.  A celebrity whom we  the fans only could fascinate but nothing else.  I  am no difference.   I am Just a fan of your Manik. Just like I can't touch God  but praise like that I can't claim you mine.  As for me you are no less than my God "

Her words stunned him.  How much and how deep love this girl had for him. It just made him feel  the  most blessed one.

Her words were correct to each point.  Their belongings were different.  But he wanted to make her a part of his life and to bridge the gap he had to  let her meet his surrounding.  And he knew from where to start.

So without wasting further time he accelerated the car engine and the car joined the heavy traffic of  the city of dream Mumbai with their dreams.


Sorry for the crap update.. Pardon. 

I won't be able to update next few days due to Eid and family gatherings.. So bear this update for now and happily take a relax holiday from my crap thoughts..

Eid Mubarak in advance.. May Allah bless all.

Do commenting.. suggesting..Liking.. Stay tunedSmile

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