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# MY WORLD'S KING # MaNan FF (UPDATED PART 23) Pg131 29/8 (Page 59)

kiaraMaNanholic Senior Member

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Posted: 06 July 2015 at 2:21pm | IP Logged
Love is a carefully designed lie...
Ur mantra for life is really good..
Hope that is accepted by ppl...
I wish life could be like fairytale..
Life is just letting it go...

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musicialtie Goldie

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Posted: 06 July 2015 at 3:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kiaraMaNanholic

Love is a carefully designed lie...
Ur mantra for life is really good..
Hope that is accepted by ppl...
I wish life could be like fairytale..
Life is just letting it go...

Life is accepting a lie and living that  as truth. 

ArSha_ManNan Goldie

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Posted: 06 July 2015 at 10:57pm | IP Logged
A very sweet cute wala update... 

I loved the part about life n the way nandu told him to get rid of darkness n accept happiness... 
That was awesome... 

Thnkz 4 the pm...

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apps33 Goldie

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Posted: 06 July 2015 at 11:19pm | IP Logged
Awesome... Manik finally found his solace...
I loved d way nandu managed to calm him down... N d way he let his walls downin frnt of her...
He let himself loose n weak just b4 her.  .. 

He nly shows his vulnerable side 2 her n nly her...

Such an amazing update... Really 
Loved it
Cont soon

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Chocolava14 Senior Member

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Posted: 07 July 2015 at 3:20am | IP Logged
Awesome..finally manik found his soulmate..just luv them both ..so good it wasSmile...nandu handled manik  so well..made him calmEmbarrassed
"Then love me" ...d luv as so good..loving nanduSmileClap
Luvd it 
Always keep writingSmile

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PrettyAaShuu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 July 2015 at 4:40am | IP Logged
Amazing..!! Superb..!!
Just love it Ashu...!! Clap

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parthadmirer IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 July 2015 at 10:53am | IP Logged
The thoughts were so beautifully penned down...ClapClap
loved this update...Smile
and good to read that two individual souls which are hurt by their own reason are now together to each other the much required solace and welcome the new bright world which is waiting for both of them...SmileSmile

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musicialtie Goldie

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Posted: 08 July 2015 at 8:34am | IP Logged

Manik and Nandini were hugging each other under the moonlight. It was a perfect late evening for both of them. Both of them were feeling safe and sound on each other embrace. The stars were blessing their new path shinning for them.  

After a while they broke the hug. Nandini asked him " Manik are you okay now ? "

He smiled and tucking the errant strands behind her ear replied " better than ever.  "

Suddenly she had realized the time.  " Ayioo .. I am so late.  Kinta late ho gaya.  Shree will kill me. "  saying she rushed to the room to fetch her belongings leaving a irritated Manik behind.

" Nandini itna worked up kyun ho rahi ho ? " Manik asked coming behind her.

" Manik... time.. It's 9:30 . I am so late.  I have to return.  " saying she took her bag and turned to the exit but before she could step out one strong grip stopped her. 

" Manik what ? Leave me na.   Der ho gaya hai.  " she turned back and said pleading.

But without saying anything he just pulled her towards him and grabbed her waist.  She was asking to let her go 
But Manik was in no mood to leave her .  The more she was requesting to leave the more his clasped getting tight around her waist. 

" Manik ... " Nandini took another attempt.

" please... don't go na. "  he spoke finally.  His request made her startled.  Made her numb.  Made her think twice about her decision.

" But Manik... how could I stay here ?  And apart from this shreeya will be waiting for me." " please mujhe jane do.  Let me Go please.  "

" Nandini ... Please don't.  I need you tonight by my side.  Stay na. Mere liye.  "  Manik pleaded. The rude  arrogant spoilt brat  Manik Malhotra was pleading.

Now that was something very rare and unexpected. Manik Malhotra.  The Manik Malhotra. The Tremendously Famous Rock Star was pleading for something that too from a commoner fan. 

Then how could someone ignore that  most rare request? No one. 
So How could she refused that plead.  That need of that eyes.  It's totally impossible for her to deny the fact that even she didn't want to leave him alone in his that vulnerable time.

She stared at him.  His eyes were weak.  They were looking pale.  They really needed their solace to shine.  Nandini sighed a defeat against his need and stayed back.

" okay . " she smiled.

" Really ? " he happily asked and she nodded.  Being too happy he hugged her.  That hug was the proof of his happiness.

After an hour

" Manik... I am hungry. " she said holding her tummy. 

" Achcha ? So what's you like to have ?tell me I will order.  " Manik replied. 

" ummm... I like Chinese.  " she happily replied.

" achcha? ? " he raised his brows.  "  Okay then let me order.  " he picked his phone to call.

" but... what's you like?  I mean we will order which you like to eat.  " she stopped him calling as she was feeling guilty to order on his choice as it was looking odd for her to  have her favorite foods ignoring his likes. 

Manik chuckled at her innocence and called some of the renowned five star restaurant and ordered their dinner. 

" Manik I am sorry woh for me you have ignored your own food habit.  " she was feeling very guilty.

" Nandini. .. " Manik shook his head a little and replied biting his lower lip " you're so naive.  And listen you have no need to feel guilty as Chinese is my favorite too.  So relax.  "

"  tumhara v ? " she childishly jumped on bed smiling.

" do you know Manik when I was little na toh one day... " she started blabbering her stories like a typical kid.  And 
Manik adored her all over again.  He didn't know why but he just getting attracted towards Her  with each passing second.  He never thought himself like that.  It was very new Him.  For a change He was smiling. Although it was a modified Manik but he himself started liking that new Him. 

She was blabbering like she was saying all these to the giant poster of her world' s king. Though yes she was sharing her ranting with her world's king but the difference was that was not the poster but Him, the real bloody-fleshy HIM. 

Manik was listening her random talks like a true listener .

" phir na... " suddenly she realized Manik was looking at her without blinking his eye lashes.

" Are you even listening  Manik?? "  she  asked. But getting no reply from his side  she shook him through his shoulder . Manik came back from his trances and she angrily pout complaining " tumne kuch v suna nehi na... Your poster is better than you. At least it listened me. " she murmured and started checking her social media replies. 

Manik heard her murmuring complaints and chuckled . He also started checking out his social sites to get through his last one weeks  pending notifications. 

Nandini was reading the replies of her that day  tweet . 
"Some time you just have to open your eyes to see your craziest dreams came true " 

" It's better you realize the difference between dream and reality.  " she read the comment from Shreeya.  

She knew she was upset on her.  As she was ignoring her talks and moreover when she informed her about her not arrival. Shreeya became angry on her. And her that anger was justified because as a friend she cared and loved Nandini very much . Thats the reason Nandini was feeling guilty for hiding the greatest truth of her life.  But she needed time to share about her dream came true with her as it was not only about her but Manik also.   So she was waiting for a appropriate time to score the things.

She sighed reading the comment. And tweeted again

" It's not that I am hiding but seeking the  lovely time to disclose. "  


On Other side

 Manik was laying on her lap and checking his insta tweeter snap chat accounts.  He was going through the notifications when he received another follow request and snaps from some ' musical tie ' .

" ufff... crazy heads " he sighed in irritation reading the tweets of his crazy female fans.

" kya hua Manik ? " Nandini heard his irritation and tried to peep into his cell .

" nothing yaar.. that crazy fans.  Tch." he chuckled.

Nandini smiled on him and said sheepishly " Maanikk... If you have forgotten then let me remind you that I am also your crazy fan. "

Manik looked upwards to see her face which had a naughty smile. 
" off course you are.  But you are my star  cranky fan.  "   He gave a mischievous wink.

" very funny " she pout. 


After a while Manik asked " achcha Nandu.. I was wondering something like you said that you are my fan but then why didn't you contact me  in any social networks? "

" haww " Nandini popped her eyes up. " why didn't I ? " she repeated.  

" do you even know how many times I have tried to contact you.? I have tweeted you so many times.  Sent you several messages in your snap chat  and Instagram id.  You toh even don't realize how much efforts I have given to fetch your snap chat id.  But you didn't reply. Ek ka v nehi.  Daily night ko soti thi yeh soch kar k at morning I will get a notification that ' Manik Malhotra accepted your friend request. ' but my bad luck I didn't receive any till now.  "

For some couple of minutes she had forgotten the fact that she was pouring her  heart out about that person who was laying on her lap. There were so much disappointments on her voice.  Tears rolled down from her big doe eyes describing her broken heart.  She was literally hurt.  Deeply hurt.

Manik was just dumbstruck.  He did not understand what to say or how to console her.  She was so hurt.  And unknowingly he was the reason.

" Nandini ... Please don't cry na. .. " he said when her tears drops fell on his cheek.  He  immediately got  up and sat straight cupping her face.

" shhh ... Please don't cry na. I am not good enough in these consoling . So please.  Stop crying.  " he wiped her tears out with his thumb. 

" Manik... you have no idea how much I love you.  You have no idea how much you are loved by your countless fans. I know you're celeb.  You can't just add  random  numbers of requests on your social sites. You need privacy.  And its absolutely correct.  And we do understand that.  And respect too.  But you have no idea how much we the crazy fans just awaited for your one reply or one glimpse.  Manik that would make our day.  Your one post just made us go mad in happiness.  Jab we  sent you gifts  edits  and cards na , we just did not only send artificial things but true shipper love and respect for you with hope in our hearts k chalo agar usne ek baar v ishe just thora sa  touch v karlia na toh it would be more than enough for us.  Sari mehenat safal.  We are  fans Manik.  We have nothing but only hope that some day ' he will definitely reply to me.  And that day will be the best day of my existence. ' .

Nandini said in one go. She was sobbing very hard.  Her uncontrollable tears were not in mood to stop but flow pouring all the hidden sadness she had stored inside her heart. Manik just froze on his place.  Her words were shaken up his heart.  A fan was complaining about something to a celeb.  That time it was not Nandini who said all these but a fan.  A crazy genuine fan of Manik Malhotra. 

Manik then  realized that yes his fans were putting so much effort to connect with him.  He was feeling really blessed with her those words.

Her words made him think that if he wouldn't be a famous celeb but a normal human being then he also would have been doing such crazy stuffs for his favorite celeb. 

"  Nandini ... " Manik softly called her name.

She  then realized what blunder she had done.  She blurted out her sorrow unknowingly.  She was feeling hell embarrassed.  She panicked that what Manik would thought about her like a desperate one.  She was just feel digging herself into a grave for her deed. 

" Manik.. Manik I... I am sorry.  I don't know how like how I have just said all these nonsense these craps. Please pardon me.  I really don't know Yeh sab main ne kaise kaha.  It is so embarrassing. I didn't mean to hurt you trust me. You must be mad at me.  I am sorry like super sorry. " 
She started her pleadings. 

Manik was touched, overwhelmed with her sweet gesture.  He cupped her face between his palms and said 
" shhh... okay baba... ho gaya.  Aur kitna royogi.  It's okay Nandini.  It's fine.  I really  felt touched by your words.  I am not mad at you.  Balki.. Thank you that you have made me understood the devotion of a fan. thank you for that.  Thanks a lot for being there.  "

"  that means you are not mad at me ?" She asked like a cute kid in between her sobbing.

" No I am not.  " he replied stroking his thumb on her cheeks wiping her tears. 

Manik knew that of that touchy topic would not be  stopped then she would cry more and the the actual thing was he himself feeling guilty for making her cry.  So to flip the topic he said mischievously 
" Wasee Nandu... " he started caressing her face hairs 
"  tum toh bohot bari bari baat kar rahi thi then tell me one thing that if you have sent me request then why didn't I get it.  I mean I don't remember receiving any notification with your name. "

" ohhh actually... I have sent many but in disguise.  " she replied softly

" disguise ? Like ? " Manik questioned.

" wohhh... ermm... I used to sent you gifts edits cards and all social activities disguising myself behind 'musical tie' code name " she accepted finally.

" WHAT ? " Manik shockingly shouted. " What did you just said ? Musical tie right. ? " he was surprised.

She shook her head vertically .

" ohhh my god. . It's was you? Tum thi woh pagal ? God !!! " Manik ruffled his hairs in disbelieve.

Nandini pout with that 'pagal' mentioned of him about her.  She then grabbed her little courage and asked 
" Why ? What's that pagal thing ? "

" ohhh Nandu... I became fed up with your tweets and all message things.  You're mad.  You are crazy man.  Though I know that  you are a mad  when I came across your cell and seeing those edits wallpaper and all things  but that kinda mad... its unbelievable man.  " Manik was saying all these in excitement when Nandini's heart started sinking deep into a upset ocean.  Her face became dark with his mentioned that ' he had became fed up with her madness ' .

Manik was so engrossed in relishing the moment that finally he came to know about that craziest fan of him with whose gifts edits even  messages filled his gift room to cell inbox.

" Manik I am sorry for torturing you so much " 
Abruptly his smile  got vanished with her those sudden  words. He didn't figure out why she was saying all these.  He blankly gazed at her.

" I know my madness has suffered you so much.  I couldn't take those back but promise you I won't do that again.  " she whispered with a heavy teary heart.

Manik then and there understood the situation and face palming himself he replied " Nandini what are you saying?  What are you talking about?  " he tilted her face to look at him
" look at me. " she opened her big eyelashes and he continued 
" I didn't mean that in a negative way but the fact is I am actually happy trust me.  I am happy to know that it was you whom I have considered as my craziest fan.  And look now I have you with me.. A cranky one.  It's my reward. "

Nandini was touched by his generosity and hugged him.  He hugged her back. 
" thank you " they said in unison.  And smiled wider. They broke their hug and looked into each other eyes.  

" Thank you for that tortures.  And promise me you will keep those tortures.  " Manik said lovingly.

" I don't know about the torture but love.  And don't worry I will keep doing those even more "  Nandini replied with same intensity like him and smacked her lips with him. Firstly he was taken aback for her as leading but quickly responded by pouring his all desires. 


After more one and  half hours teasing leg pulling session then had done with their dinner and slept cuddling each other after sharing a very passionate yet enhancing good night kiss.  

That was the first time Nandini didn't waved a good night kiss to Manik's poster but a real Manik... The king of her world. 

What an irony..., the girl who  used to dream and pray for her dream man.. her favorite celebrity.. her king's one glimpse at the next day , was actually sleeping so close snuggling on to that person peacefully.  


This part is very close to my heart and the reason I guess you all are aware of it...Embarrassed

keep liking. commenting. stay tunedSmile

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