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# MY WORLD'S KING # MaNan FF (UPDATED PART 23) Pg131 29/8 (Page 35)

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Originally posted by Natashaaa

oyeee dukhi atmaaa
update fast naaa
we all people r waiting mostly me and mej.
and yeahhh don't forget hot one ...m

Natsss tu aur tere ulte fulte khwaisheen...D'oh

wasehi weather  kitna hot hai... fir v tujhe aur hot chahiye...Wacko

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"what have you done to me Nandu ? Look kya halat bana dia mera.  I don't think I can stay away from you for a second.  " he was breathing hard.

" then don't.  Please don't.  " Nandini said with equal hunger tone like him. 
And smacked her lips again with him. They  started kissing hungrily like their lives depended on it.

They were kissing senseless.  Soon passion turned their desires into wild one.  Manik was kissing her while his hands were busy imprinting nail marks on her bare back due to her halterneck kurti.  And Nandini's one hand pulling his hairs while another one was clutching and digging her nails on his neck. Their body was pressing themselves. 

They broke their passionate kiss out of breadth.  But still not wanting to get apart Manik started kissing her neck collarbone shoulder wildly pulling her petite body towards him as to hide her delicate body inside his well toned masculine torso.  

Nandini was enjoying his wild touch on her and she started moaning his name slowly entwined their hands which he had already pinned to the wall.  Her continue pleasure moans were turning the monster up inside him and suddenly he flipped her and pinned her to the wall.  He started kissing biting her bare back senseless moving her hairs to her left shoulder. 

 He was kissing her wildly as he was trying to forgot the pain of past three days sleepless nights and his fights with his own dilemmas towards her. Same was going with her.  She was enjoying his sweetest tortures .as she had missed him too much in these past three days.  Though she had that craziness love for him from the starting but there was something very enhancing in his touch which made her go all crazy and she became greedy of his touch and love. 

Manik was kissing her and soon reached his peak but suddenly Nandini stopped him when  his teeth reached on the knot of the kurti what he was about to untie.  
" Manik please no.  " she held his hands.

Manik was so much engraved with that passion that he didn't reliaze his deeds.  But Nandini's words brought him back to his senses. 

He sighed deeply to calm himself down.  And rested his head on her shoulder.  Nandini turned around to see him and called his name lovingly " Manik "

" hmmm" he hummed against her back.  His hot breadth made her shiver.  
" Manik I am at college.  " she softly whispered.

" hmmm " he turned her and rested his forehead with her.

" it's totally impossible for me to control myself around you.  What have you done to me Nandini ?" he murmured.  She felt so happy with his words and hugged him.  He hugged her back with same intensity.

After a while they broke the hug and Nandini said " I need to go. I have class.  Abhi will be searching for me "

Manik then said " that Abhi.. " Nandini looked at him . " He takes too much worry about you.  " he said.

"But how do you know him ? " she was confused.

" Ms Moorthy let me remind you I am 'The Manik Malhotra'.  So nothing is hidden from me.  got it ? " he smirked. But Nandini was still not convinced with him.

" but... " her eyebrows crunched . " choro let it go.  I am going.  " saying she turned and Manik held her hand to stop her

" Manik aub kya ?? " she asked as he pinned her to the wall.

" Nothing.  " he whispered and removed the errant strands from her face.

" toh fir roka kyun? " she uttered very hardly as his fingers had started pacing on her bare arms waking her butterflies in her stomach.

" Manik class... " she whispered as he leaned close to kiss her.

He freed her and left adjusting his hood . But before leaving he spoke " get ready at 4 I will come to pick you after college.  "

" but college !!! No... what I would say to Abhi. .. " she thought. But he hadn't gave her little time to protest.

She sighed and came to the classroom. 


" Nandu Nandu Nandu " Abhi came running to her as soon as she reached the class compound.

" kya hua ?" She asked seeing him so excited .

" suna? tune suna? Did you hear ? " Abhi was too excited.

" what Abhi ?" Nandini became worried.

" areee woh aaya tha aaj " Abhi was gasping.

" who woh ?? Say it clearly " Nandini was impatience now.

Abhi took a deep breath to control his excitement and said " Manik... Manik aaya tha aaj SPACE me.  Some boys. they have seen him coming out of the college.  "

Listening Manik's name  Nandini 's heart skipped it's few beats. She immediately blushed recalling their moment. But she controlled herself and replied
" ohh... nice "

Abhi became surprised as he had never expected that kind of cold behavior from her that too about Manik Malhotra. He was full confused with her last few days off behaviour.  So he asked " are you okay ?" 

" yeaaahhh I am.  Mmuuujhe kya hua hai ?" She stammered.

" don't know but you are behaving so strange.  " Abhi replied and after a quick scrutiny he continued " And you also looking different Nandini. "

" looking different? ??? " she feared. She thought of Their secret encounter and Manik's wildness.

" Is Abhi doubting on me ? Did he noticed anything?  " she thought "but I won't let this happen.  Yaah I have to. "  

" Nahi toh.  I am looking as usual Abhi. And I am fine . Trust me. " she assured him.

" I hope so " he replied and started walking towards the class.

" hey one sec.  " Abhi abruptly stopped in the middle. 
" Nandu I forgot to ask you something" he turned to her and asked.

" what ?" She panicked.

" That guy Aman Mathur. How's he?  Did you thank him?  "  he asked.

" Aman Mathur !!!! " she was hell shocked.  " who is he ? "

Now it was Abhi's turn to get shocked.  " you don't know him?  " 
She nodded  'no'

"He was that guy who had not only saved but also dropped you home that event day. " Abhi said.

" are you mad?  that day it wasn't Aman and all. Us din toh Mujhe Man..." she stopped.  She had saved herself from that further blunder. 

" what?  Say na. " Abhi impatiently asked as she stopped in middle.

" I mean may be.  As I didn't ask his name " she lied. 
5 "ermm let's get going yaar.  We are getting late for class " she was successful of the damage control as Abhi didn't ask anything further.


The class was going as usual with its own swing.  But she was lost.  She was lost in His thoughts.   His sudden visit in her life like a storm and scattering her life. It was looking all a dream.  Like yesterday you were just admiring someone through his giant poster and today he was with you. Yesterday you could only kiss and adore him through his posters in your imagination and today he was in your arms kissing you senseless making you senseless.  It was reality or dream? ??
She was in her  villa of thoughts  when the bell rang indicating the end of the class for that day. 


" It was 3:30 pm.  I have to wait for half an hour more " Nandini  watched the time and thought standing at the exit gate of college.

Meanwhile Abhi came with his car " Come " he opened the passenger gate for her. 

Nandini didn't know what to say him.  But she had to make him leave now.  "Ohh Abhi.  You go. I have some work. I will come later.  "

" what work?  Ok then I am waiting.  You finish your work then we will leave together.  " Abhi said.

" NO " She literally shouted.  Then composing herself she said " I mean  No Abhi you go na.  I will come by myself.  I will be late thorasa"

But he was still not convinced so he asked " what kind of work you have?  "

" Ohh " she was finding something solid excuse . " Ohh I need to meet dad today."It was the topic she did not like to discuss with any of her two best friends.

Listening he decided  to give her some privacy as it was a sensitive matter.  But before leaving he asked " Are you sure you want to meet him?  I mean if you want then I can join you  "

" Abhi.. " she eyed him.   He sighed and left bidding her bye.

She sighed deep breath and sat on the nearby bench.
Her dad's topic switched off her mood.  Tears came out of her eyes thinking of her only family her dad.  But her dad had left her as she had chosen her dream ' Him'.

'Him' she jumped of the bench and took her phone to call him.  
" but I don't know his number only"  she remembered and started cursing her stupidity.  

She was fighting with herself when her cell beeped.  
She read the message from an unknown number. 
" come out now.  I am waiting outside of the gate. "

She  read the message and quickly started walking towards the exit.
  " but how he got my number when I haven't his  "  she thought " I have lots to ask " she prepared herself. 


She walked out of college and saw one red shining Audi R8 sports car was parked little far from the gate.  She thought for a while then started walking towards it. 

She was standing near the car and in dilemma whether to knock or not as she was still not sure it was of him or not. 

But before she could come to a solution the car gate flung opened and she was pulled inside it with a smooth sudden pull.

" What's up? "he asked her and ignition the engine

" what is this Manik? You just can't always pull me like this " she said rubbing her elbow which got hurt with the door due to his pull.

" did it  hurt ?" He asked her while driving.

" Nehi toh aur kya ?  " She pout angrily.

" ohh.. then let me heal it " saying in no time he grabbed her arm and kissed on the elbow then her pout.

" healed ??? " he winked.

" Manik... " she  sighed in disbelief and shook his head like a pendulum.


Warmly Thanks to cute_aly for this cute banner.. Thanks a ton dear for the gift.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

and sorry Nats you have to wait for your ajib wishes as i love to take things step by step. so dear thora wait karle.WinkWink

and Nahin as per promise I  updated today...Smile

Do commenting.. Keep liking.. Stay tunedSmile

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mind blowing update
loved it Big smile

manan r so cute and hot Embarrassed

cntinue sooonnn Smile

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cute update...
continue soon...

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Wao I just luved this wild update. ..
Now can't wait for manan moments
Thanx for the pm
Lots of love. .
Cont soon. .

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Supeerb Clap just loved itit Wink
Just loved manan's part
Abhi is too caring for her soo cutee Tongue
Waiting for next part
Continue sooon Big smile
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Cute..amazing...update soon
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Wow super hot mindboggling wonderful update

He is just going crazy about her can't control himself to kiss her or start making love to her if she dint stop him

She has to lie to her best friend for him

Where is he taking her maybe some place where he can be alone with her to spend some time with passion and desire

Continue soon eagerly waiting for more

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