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# MY WORLD'S KING # MaNan FF (UPDATED PART 23) Pg131 29/8 (Page 28)

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" I am sorry Manik ". Nandini said and stood up from Manik's lap.

" sorry for what ? " he asked in confusion.

" sorry for wasting your precious time. And thanks to save my life today. And again  Sorry.. for me you had to suffer a lot. " she said lowering her gaze from him and tears rolled down from her eyes.  She didn't know were that tears for making him suffer for a commoner like her or that was the time she had to wake up from her dream.

" ohh that's like this? ?? " Manik said and adjusted himself on the bed half seated resting his heads back to the headboard. 

" then you can make it up for me " he smirked and Nandini gave her a blank confused look.

" didn't you get it Nandu ?" Manik mischievously asked sensing her confusion.

Nandini shook her head as a 'no'.

" ohhkk then let me say you clearly that  you  can make it up for me by staying here tonight with me.  If only you want to pay me back for saving your life . "

Nandini was surprised with him.  He was so confused head.  But how could he said her to stay with him at night.  Though she was dying for this day but what would she gonna tell sreeya and others if they would find her with him. 
She was in her trains of thoughts when Manik again called her  " what's up Nandu ? Agreed or not ? "

He very well knew her answer but he really found it strange that he actually started loving her teasing. Her frowns really started giving him cute happiness.  It was like someone had started  Lighting lights in his dark life.  It was like his stars came down to earth to shine upon him.  
" so tell me Nandu? Are you in game or not ?"

Nandini didn't understand what to do ' listen to her heart or mind. '

" But Shree... " she paused.  And looked down " Sree will be waiting " she murdered as she was giving excuse to herself.

" who's sree ? " Manik inquired and sat on the edge of the bed.

" ohh she is my best friend and flat mate too. " she replied looking at him.

" haan toh ?" He was still not getting her connection with his demand.

" areee if I will not return na she will be worried.  " she answered.

" ohh in that case I have an option.  " he said and pulled her closer to him and made her stand between his legs and held her waist.  " call her and inform her that you are not coming tonight. And not to worry.  "

" hawww " she said and he looked to her . " And what will I say why I am not coming and where I am ? " she cutely asked and pout.

" ohhhkkk then I ve some awesome answer for this.  Just tell her you are with me.  " he winked and kissed her waist " And will be with me whole night.  "

Nandini clutched his tee shirt to composed her desires and said " then she will definitely get an attack.  "

She kept thinking of the consequences while Manik kept himself busy resting his head on her belle hugging her tight. 

"No no no I have to go.  " suddenly she jumped on pushing him little away .

" what?  " Manik was annoyed as he was actually felt asleep getting peace over her warmth.  " You are so annoying.  " he rubbed his eyes. 

" sorry sorry but I have to go.  " saying without wasting little second she grabbed her bag along with her dupatta and cell. And walked out of the room.

Manik was firstly taken aback with her sudden stormy behavior.  Then rushed behind her. 

" listen where are you going ? Wait.  " he came and held her hand.

" please let me go Manik.  " she almost cried.

" Aree wait.  Let me  drop you.  " he said and unlocked his car.

" no no no I can go by myself.  " she hesitated.

" ufff Nandini... " he sounded serious.  " do you really think I will Let you go alone at this hour ?"

Nandini scared with his sudden anger mode about what she was very much aware of  and all thanks to media gossips. 

" now stop looking at me and get in " he ordered as he himself got settled in the driving seat.  Finding no sign of run away she finally hopped into the passenger seat. 


The journey was quite silent only sreeya's continue call were disturbing their silent fights.

Nandini could sense Manik's anger.  But she wasn't figure out of the reasons. 
Firstly she thought it was of her not fulfilling his wish to stay with him tonight  . But she promptly swipe the thought away as ' how Could a famous rockstar wanted to be with a stranger commoner? '

Nandini was in her trains of thought when the car stopped with a jerk.  
Nandini was shocked to see her apartment building.

" h...how could you knew about my address. ? "

Manik was not in a mood to answer back so he just said  " Out. "

Nandini was shocked whilst heartbroken as sometimes back he was so adamant to be with her and now he just said no no no  ordered her to ' get out !!!! ' 

Tears started forming in hers eyes but she didn't want to show her vulnerability to him.  So she stepped out of the car without uttering a single word 
But when she was out of the car holding the car gate she felt something again loosing her side.  Something very much important part of her was leaving her.  And she knew it was her Dream who would go far from her again making her life a dark zone craving for his one sight. 

She released the gate and about to go one voice stopped her way.    

" Nandini " Manik called her. 

She in no time turned as she was waiting for it.  " hmm "

" your cell.  " he forwarded her cell out of the car window.

She frowned as she didn't find out when he took her cell out her bag.  But she asked nothing as that tine she was desperately wanted him to stop her. 

But he won't. And drove back without bidding a last bye.

Taking a bunch of heartbroken pieces she  pressed the door bell. 

" Nandu. .. " Sree opened the gate and jumped on and hugged her. She was worried.  " where were you?  I was so tensed.  Ek call ka v answer nehi dia.  I was worried dear " 

Nandini said nothing but freed herself and entered into her room.  Throwing her stuffs away she walked into the washroom and stood underneath the water. The whole day scenario were started flushing in front of her like a slide show. 

How in one night her life had changed.  Her dream man's magical entry to heartbreaking exit made her weak.  She then let her tears flow from her eyes. The unstoppable tears were giving her the support she was wanting that time.

After a while she came out and directly off to her bed.

All these were observed by her best friend. But the things surprised her more were her wound in her forehead and she slept without blabbering her daily gossip with the king of her world. 

But as they said don't hit the heated iron. So Sreeya thought to wait till morning.  And went to her room to sleep. 


Malhotra mansion

" what is wrong with me?  What was I doing ? Why the hell I was behaving like a road sick romeo ? " he threw the car key to the couch.  

" what was I doing with that commoner? Many girls are ready to throw themselves to me with just my one signal. But Who's she ? No one.  But then who gave her the right to disobey my wish ???  " he was frustrated.  He came in front of the mirror and pulled her tee shirt off.  He noticed the blood marks in it.  And unknowingly he smiled with the thought of Her.  All the scenes he had shared with her started flushing and an unknown happiness covered his anger to sooth it. 

But suddenly her last encounter haunted him . " what the hell she think of herself that she had not looked back at me to wish bye ?" Again anger and ego overpowered his mind and he threw the shirt and shouted  " he is a commoner Manik. Just a commoner.  Forget her.  She is just a nobody.  "

He tossed on the bed and closed his eyes  though he had utter those words with determination but  his heart was continuously recalling their moments.  And without his attention his heart pushed him to grab the pillow she had used and hugging tightly he fell asleep with her peaceful thoughts. 


Three days had passed.

Nandini neither shared her unplanned fatal encounter with Manik with her best friend Sreeya nor Abhi . 

She was literally in a shock with his behavior.  Some moments he was so lovable to adore and some other next moments so rude to bear with.

Though she was too much happy to  get a chance to walk through her dreams and came across HIM but sad too with the think of not being able to relish and relive the dream again.  But she could live and cherish her entire life with that few hours memory with her World's king. 

She was getting ready for college when shreeya again asked her for the thousands times  " do you want to share something? "

But as expected her answer was " No.  What am I supposed to share?  Nothing. " 

" Really ? Okey " saying she let her friend go for the day like another days. 

Nandini sighed a relief and wore her earrings and his words started echoing in her ears " your earrings they twinkled like star " 
She smiled and looked at the poster of him.  

" look at my earrings.. are they twinkling? "  she paused and said again " I am missing you Manik.  Kash I will again see you touch you... kiss you.  " she sighed deep frustrating breadth.  


Nandini reached to college with Abhi and they headed towards their class.  But she was least interested in the lectures rather His thoughts.

After one hour of boring class she was going to library when a sudden pull pulled her to an empty room.

Before she could resist or shouted for help her mouth was occupied by a pair of luscious lips.  
Though she was taken aback with that fatal attraction but reciprocated promptly recognizing the touch.

They were kissing senseless like they were dying to kiss each other for a long age.  And after a while they pulled apart due to inhale some oxygen. 

" Manik " she uttered softly still closing her eyes gasping hard.

" wha...t a...re y..ou do...ing her...e ? " she managed to ask him as they rested their foreheads on each other.

But without giving her a reply he whispered
"what have you done to me Nandu ? Look kya halat bana dia mera.  I don't think I can stay away from you for a second.  " he was breathing hard.

" then don't.  Please don't.  " Nandini said with equal hunger tone like him. 
And smacked her lips again with him. They  started kissing hungrily like their lives depended on it.


I know  I am late like super late but don't blame me but my idiot net connection and my maha idiot laziness. but promise i wont b late anymore..
keep commenting... liking.. Stay tunedSmile

PS- Guys just now heard about " my world's king" PARTH 's sickness. please pray for his well beings. Get well  soon Parth,Cry

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epicangel Senior Member

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Posted: 26 June 2015 at 2:14am | IP Logged
God..i loved it ..i want Manik and nandini to get. ..in secret relationship I am in love with your story..
Plzz nxt time pm
manya_189 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 June 2015 at 2:25am | IP Logged
This was so Intense..
The fights were pretty good and the ending was hot :D !!
n3gn Senior Member

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Posted: 26 June 2015 at 2:31am | IP Logged
Awesome update yaar and if possible toh try to update the next part today itself , try to make daily update and also pm me
Dhariya_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 June 2015 at 2:33am | IP Logged
loved it...
cont soon
suv-kriyaansh Senior Member

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Posted: 26 June 2015 at 2:37am | IP Logged
iam in luv with ur stry... Day Dreaming its amazing 
the ending was super hot... Blushing

update soon nd pls dnt be late nxt time Smile
apps33 Goldie

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Posted: 26 June 2015 at 3:21am | IP Logged
Wat an amazin update...
Totally loved it...
Deir chemistry and romance gosh... It was too good...! 

Plz cont soon... Plz pl Plz update ASAP...
Mawara_Ejaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 June 2015 at 3:22am | IP Logged
Finally you updated :)
thnk u so much for a wonderful story..
and the kiss hyeee..!! So dreamy :p
plzzz update soon will be waiting for your update :)

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