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# MY WORLD'S KING # MaNan FF (UPDATED PART 23) Pg131 29/8 (Page 14)

jesse93 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 June 2015 at 2:41am | IP Logged
Wow that was an awesome update ,waiting for their first face to face meeting .
Update the next part soon and take care of yourself .

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Blue__Moon IF-Rockerz

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beautiful update
loved it
musicialtie Goldie

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                                          MY WORLD'S KING


"I am in love it's a beautiful day... I am in love in a beautiful way... it's a beautiful day... "
Nandini  was humming while getting ready for college. She was super happy and excited.

" so.. ready ? " Sreeya her best friend asked coming out of the washroom after doing morning human needs.

Nandini didn't answer for some another few minutes and kept doing her works and sreeya just sat on the bed opposite to her and watching her friend keenly.

After some couples of times she finally turned around and stood in front of her friend and asked  " kaisi lag rahi Hu?  How am I looking ? ".
Her eyes were full of hope and  glow.. glow of meeting HIM.

" Mesmeriszing " Sreeya replied. Yes Nandini was looking ethereal in her white Red churider kurti. 

Nandini 's face lit up gathering appreciations from her best friend and after fighting with her doubts   a while finally she was ready ... ready to meet her world's king. 

" thank you.  Bye  " she bade good bye to her and lift her bag up. She was about to step up from room suddenly sreeya stopped her.  " Nandu stop. "

She  turned back with questioning eyes.

" wait.  Some thing is missing.  "  sreeya said and opened the cupboard and started searching something.

Nandini was standing full confused.

" got it " sreeya exclaimed and turned to her with a pair of beautiful red earrings.

She made her wear them and said " now perfect.  You're ready for your first date my angel. " 
Nandini was very much happy and she hugged her lovingly.  After final bye session she left for college with Abhi who came to pick her up. 

" bhagwan jii plzz aaj kuch miracle karna.  Please do some miracles today  and fulfill her wish to meet her world's king. She have faced a lot in her life . She left her house  father everything just to love Him.   Please God show your magic today. she worth it . " 
Sreeya prayed silently for her.


Malhotra Mansion 

Manik was sleeping on his stomach.  Aman entered into his room on his usual manner and started his job to wake him up with his day schedule.

" sir at 11 you have an appointment to attend the fashion show as a guest. " Aman informed.

Manik didn't reply anything but laid down lazily.

" Then at  2pm  you  have to visit SPACE for the fresher welcome event.  " Aman further informed.

Listening the word SPACE Manik opened his eyes promptly and that blurred face of that girl flushed in front of him. And a soft smile crept on his face. It was the First morning he woke up with a little but smile.

Aman was totally surprised to find his boss like this like no tantrums no taunts but smile.

"Hmmm " he got up and took the juice glass from the side table as a habitual manner.

" sir then you have a flight to catch for Hong Kong around 5pm."

"So little time in SPACE !!! " he murmured and walked to the loo to get freshen up  leaving a hell shocked Aman his manager.


SPACE morning 12:30. 

" Yaar aur kitna der?  I am so restless ?? " Nandini was blubbering as she was getting impatient to meet Manik.

" jab Manik will come na I will hug him. "
" I toh will kiss him directly. "
" only kiss? ? If I will get him na toh I will just throw myself on him.  He is so hot.  " 
The other girls were  ranting their desires and fantasies about their favorite rockstar  Manik Malhotra.  But little they were aware about that girl standing behind them fuming in anger like a volcano.

" ohhh hello. " Nandini could not hold herself and came started shouting at them.  " he is mine.  Only mine.  So keep your ghandi thoughts away from him. Get straight in your mind that he is only My world's king " saying she left just to get some taunting

" Mine? My world's king? ? Huhh !!! Neither she is pretty nor she has that attractive figure to impress Manik and yet she is thinking of being with The Manik Malhotra.   How dare she is ??? Day dreaming aur kyaa. .. " 

But these all taunts were clearly heard by  upset Nandini . She started thinking of their words.  "Yes I am not pretty much to deserve him.  But I don't want him but I want to praise love admire Him rest of my life. " and then she remembered her mother's last words " If we wish something from our heart truly and with full of hope and love then nothing can stop us to get it. The dream of your must be full filled by God then  "

And Manik was her one and only wish pray love of her life.  And her loyalty her dedication her pure flawless love will definitely show it's effect.   " and today is the D day of her life ..The first step towards her dream.  " that thought brought a smile on her upset face and it turned on.  

The arrangements were almost done.  SPACE was tremendously happy not for the fresher's welcome event but the surprise arrival of The Rock star Manik Malhotra.   Every one was waiting for him holding their breaths.


And finally the time had arrived.  The black shining Audi 8 car had arrived honking and knocking it's arrival to everyone. 

The guards facilities volunteers press rushed to the entrance to welcome the chief guest.

Hearing his arrival the students also started running towards the entrance so as Nandini.  But on her bad luck suddenly one girl slipped due to the push and fell down on the stairs and got hurt badly.  No one heed any attention to that injured girl but Nandini approached to her with help.  And took her to the  medical room. Though he heart mind were wanting badly to run to him but her humanity was advising her to help that needy. 


Meanwhile Manik was greeted and was taken to the luxurious rest cum changing room  especially made for  him in SPACE as it belongs to his property.  But yet he was greeted like a celebrity as he was that famous.

Resting in the changing room his thoughts were continuously poking him to see the girl.  He was literally cursing hard to his that sudden attractions but yet couldn't help his mind to think about that girl. Since he had entered into SPACE he was looking looking for her.  But he got only disappointment.

" Why the hell I am becoming so restless to see that unknown commoner girl ? What is the bloody wrong with me? "  he retorted himself for that sudden immature acts.  And in frustration he consumed more than three beer bottles.  

Meanwhile he was taken to the stage for his performance. Manik came to the stage with his usual carefree rude attitude for what he was infamously famous. 

Every one just started jumping on joy and excitement just for his one glimpse but yet his uncontrollable eyes were searching for that particular face. But she was in  no mood to show her face up.

He started performing on PaNi da rang...

PaNi da rang vekh ke
PaNi da rang vekh ke
PaNi da rang vekh ke

Ankhiyan jo hanju rul de
Ankhiyan jo hanju rul de

Manik was singing but his heart was continuously looking for that girl among those excited crazy faces. 

Mahiya naa aaya mera
Mahiya naa aaya
Mahiya naa aaya mera
Maahiya na aaya

but she was  no where...

Ranjhna na aaya mera
Mahiya naa aaya
Mahiya naa aaya mera
Ranjhna na aaya

Ankhaan daa noor vekh ke
Ankhaan daa.. noor vekh ke
Akhiyan cho hanju rul de
Akhiyan cho hanju rul de
Akhiyan cho hanju rul de

Kamli ho gayi tere bina
Aaja raanjhan mere
Kamli ho gayi tere bina
Aaja raanjhan mere
Baarish barkha sab kuch beh gayi
Aaya ni jind mere
Baarish barkha sab kuch beh gayi
Aaya ni jind mere

On the other hand

Nandini was busy in nursing that injured girl when her phone rang.

" hello. . Nandu where are you? ? " Abhi asked her.

" ohh Abhi. ... " she didn't complete as Abhi further added  " listen come fast to the stage... He has arrived.  Woh aagaya hai Nandu.  Manik Malhotra has arrived .. It is the time you are waiting for so long and now you are no where around ..Come here Jaldi  se.. Your dream man is here Nandini but where are you ? "

Hearing the news of His arrival Nandini couldn't held her emotions more . Then she heard him singing and her heart started beating fast in excitement . She just wanted to run and hug him tight but she couldn't.  She was totally messed up between her dream and humanity. Tears of failure starts flowing from her eyes.  She was helpless.  He was so so near of her but yet she couldn't able to meet him.

Ankhaan da noor vekh ke
Ankhaan da.. noor vekh ke
Ankhiyan cho hanju rul de
Ankhiyan cho hanju rul de
Ankhiyan cho hanju rul de

Kothe utte behke ankhiyan milounde
Na jaana hume tu kabhi chhod
Tere utte mar da
Pyaar tenu kar da
Milega tujhe na koi aur

His restlessness not to came across that girl started ignited anger inside him. He desperately wanted her around him then  but she had no sign to show up.  He was angry on himself as well as at that girl who  didn't think any importance of Him . If she would consider his importance then she would definitely attend him.  But she was no where. 

Tu bhi aa sabko chhod ke
Tu bhi aa sabko chhod ke
Meri ankhiyan cho anju rul de
Ankhiyan cho anju rul de

Paani da rang vekh ke
Paani da rang vekh ke
Paani da rang vekh ke

Ankhiyan cho anju rul de

Frustration anger started giving him mix feelings and he stopped performing with a jerk suddenly.

Most obviously all of his fans of SPACE were not happy with his sudden desperate behavior.  But they had no choice but accept as it was HIS persona. HIS signature. He was the king of his world and none had that right to Rule over him.  It was his life his rule.

After a while the injured girl's condition came to normal and being assure of her wellness Nandini rushed to the stage but on  her bad fate she missed Manik's performance . She had lost Her very first chance to see him performing. She was heartbroken. She started crying bitterly.  Abhi saw her vulnerable state but was helpless too. 

After performance  Manik  came to the changing room and started  throwing the goods vehemently in frustration. 
The volunteers were trying their hard to stop him but he started beating them blue and black .
The other organizers jumped on to control the situation but the aggressive Manik Malhotra was some one couldn't be controlled.  After a while Niyonika came with Aman  and did the damage control.

Nandini was crying  and cursing her fate and walking towards the exit when she heard some guys were talking bad about Manik. They were talking like " yaar how aggressive he is.  So rude.  So mean.  So arrogant.  Kitna mara bechare ko.. So much of arrogance.  Don't know kitne ke sath sota hoga but yet attitude toh dekho... such a mean person. "

Nandini couldn't held her anger more and came straight to that guys and started scolding them as peak as she could.


Manik was fuming so he decided to leave SPACE as soon a he could as his real reason behind visiting SPACE remain undone.

He wore his hooded jacket to avoid the crowd and press and stared walking towards the parking when he heard someone shouting on top of her voice on some other people's.  He then and there halt as that voice though it wasn't that same mellifluous like previous time due to her Barking but the petite figure was same like that girl.  He hide himself behind the pillar and started listening their conversation.


" how dare you're taking so ill about him haan ? "  Nandini was shouting at them 
 " who gave you that right to abuse him?  Tum khud kya ho that you're pointing finger on him. ? Listen first you have need to reach the place he is now. But alas you can't as it's fully impossible for you to reach that position.  Areee you toh even  could not touch his shadow ... status toh bohot dur ki baat hai.  " she retorted in one breath. She then turned around to leave but stopped and turned back and said " And about His character toh let me clear you one thing that he is the most purest soul of the universe.   And the most lovable person of this earth.  And no one has that right to say ill about My world's king.  My Manik . " she literally emphasized the last four words as she only owns Him.  And she left like a tigress after fighting for her own tiger.  

Manik was superbly impressed with her. He was so overwhelmed as  it was for the very first time someone had fought for him.  Someone had raised voice for him not against of him. Though he was least interested about the world like who loved or cared or hated him but yet he was feeling like the top of the world with Nandini's courage to fight with those guys who were far much stronger than her. And she had fought that too for Him. He knew about his popularity and crazy fans but ' someone stood up for him ' was really something very new and unusual for him.  But the most he liked the tag that girl used for him  ' My world's king.  My Manik.  ' . It really poured a good impact on his heart.  And first time he himself started feeling of " World's king.  ".

Manik was drowning on his thoughts when he finally realized that the girl had left.  He then ran to the exit to find him.  But she was no where.  Again disappointment captured him. And after that few minutes ago incident his that unknown attraction to meet her grew up vigorously.


 " Sir  "  his driver opened the back seat door of his car for him. 

Firstly he did not acted as he was lost in his thoughts.  But them seeing the press and fans approach towards his car he quickly got in the car and asked the driver to start the engine. 

Manik was still thinking of the incident and her fight back for Him.  And with every second of that thought made his dark heart enlightened. He was in his trances when the car stopped with a jerk. 

" What the hell is this ? Can't you drive properly ? "  He rebuked his driver.

" sirr...woh one girl..she suddenly came from in front of the car.  So I had to tap the break.  " his driver answered with fear as he was well aware of the anger of his master. 

" sirr...r I think I should check on her. Accident pe agar kuch Ho gaya Ho toh jhamela Ho jayega. " he further added.

" haan toh go and check na.  Why are you asking me ?  Control the damage soon.  " Manik replied in his signature attitude but he was also worried about that person. But he could not show his good side to the world.  So he stood still in the car and his driver came our of the car to Check on.

" sirr ohhh larki ...she  has fainted.  Behosh ho gayi ...kya karo ?" His driver started panicking. 

Manik didn't like these dramas.  If Aman was there then he would look after these matters. But he couldn't also left any one like this in the middle of the street.  So he unwillingly said his driver to take her to the car then they would drop her to any hospital.Soon his driver  carried that girl and was struggling to make her seat in the front passenger seat. 

Manik was busy with his phone so he didn't see her face and wasn't interested too but while adjusting her on the seat her one hand accidentally touched his hand and he felt something strong connection with it. He then and there lifted his face to check on the girl and become stunned..


so its for now. i wish its not so bad.  keep liking and commenting... stay tunedSmile

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N_Niya IF-Rockerz

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wow music wow..
intriguing update babu..
I liked it a lot..
did Manik understood dat Nandini was d girl for whom Manik had come to space?
continue soon..
Hasi-Pani1 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 June 2015 at 4:55am | IP Logged
wowww...amazing update i jus loved it ur such an amazing writer...u penned it very beautifully...plsss try to update regularly pls pls pls pls its a request m eagerly waiting fo next part...cant wait soo long plsssa update soon dea...n tnqu soo much fo this wonderful story...love u
Fatema-Cutlery Senior Member

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Awsome loved it continues soon Clap
PrettyAaShuu IF-Rockerz

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Amazinggg update..!!!
Just loved it..!!!
Cont soonnn...!!
Mawara_Ejaz IF-Dazzler

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Amazing :D
loved it..!!
Manik dkho Nandini tmhry kitny pass aa gai :D 
update soon :)

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