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# MY WORLD'S KING # MaNan FF (UPDATED PART 23) Pg131 29/8 (Page 122)

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Posted: 27 August 2015 at 1:30am | IP Logged
Like WOWBig smile
This is definately on of best strt I hv come across!
U r an amazing writer:)
Update soon n do pm m!

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Update sooonnn plzzz plzzz Cry

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Plz update mworlds king n its complicate
Plz update n pm me whn u update :)

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rupmanan1 Senior Member

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update na dear sweetheart pliz pliz

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Cute_Inaya Goldie

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Ur update is awesome as always...plz dear update soonEmbarrassed

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PART  23

" I am sorry Nandini " Manik's sudden step shocked Nandini.  She wasn't ready for that and that too after that long passionate 'missing you' kiss. She was confused in that same time with that abrupt sorry.   She looked at him with her big doe eyes.

Manik took a step backward and held her both bare arms.  He inhaled some  air then without any eye contact said   " because I   " he stopped.

It was so uncertain that The Manik Malhotra was mumbling.  He gathered another moment to confess and said in one go "  because I fascinated about you that too in 'That' manner "

Nandini was startled.  She was stunned.  She couldn't believe what she had just heard.  She re asked herself. Just a simple " What ?? "   she could say at that time. 

---- flashback ----

After that passionate night 
Manik woke up at the early of the morning.  Still last night's hangover of Her didn't left him.  He moved to the other side to touch her just to relish the previous night.  But as he stretched his hand ,  he found none.  He opened his eyes in shock that how was that possible when she was with him last night. She should be there.   His mind was blabbering those when suddenly reality stroke his mind.   

He was dreaming.  He was dreaming of Her.   He was fascinating Nandini.

It really moved him.  How was that even possible   as Manik Malhotra had never fascinated about any girl that too about  intimately.    No , he just didn't ready to accept that. 

He again closed his eyes ruffling his hair with his two hands .  
Then the moment flushed in front of him.   He could clearly saw himself with Her.  So close with so much love. 

He opened his eyes in a jerk and understood ' he was actually dreaming of Nandini. '

He started feeling so restless after that. It was like he couldn't breath.

He just called his PA Aman then and there and asked him to arrange his tickets to Mumbai.   He literally left everything halfway without caring anyone anything but only Her.   It was like if he wouldn't then he would have been dead. 

After boarding the flight he admired her through her photo.  And a smile crept on his million dollar face.  

" Nandini look what have you done to me !!! "    he murmured and kissed her photo and started waiting to end that flying just to flung on her.   

-----  flashback end ----

 "  that's why I am sorry " he confessed and described her everything.

She was typically shocked. She couldn't know what to say but blush hard.   She just blushing like hell.  She moved her face to the other side just to hide her red hot blushed cheeks.

" Are you mad at me ? look I am sorry if I hurt you but it was not intentionally . You know.  "  he said as he saw her moving other side of him.

" Nandu... please look at me " he pleaded.   But how could she?  She had to hide her flushed face from him. 

" Nandini "  now Manik was getting restless and turned her to face him.

" what are you thinking ? "  he asked but with his attitude as Manik Malhotra had miles to go to learn to carry pleading mode on.  " look at me " he again said.

Nandini tilted her face with great difficulty as someone had placed hundred killos over her eyelids.

Their eyes finally met.  They shared silent talks.  And suddenly after few minutes she started laughing startled him.

" what? ? What so funny ? " he asked being so surprised as he expected some heavy moralistic drama from her side but she was laughing like an idiot.    It really irritated him.   And he grabbed her arm and flipped their position and pinned her to the door .

"  Nandini !!! I was so tensed thinking about your action after knowing my crazy thoughts and you are smiling ? Like seriously ? Do you even know I have left everything unfinished there just to meet you as I felt guilty and yahan toh you're laughing at me ? " he retorted.

Nandini stopped smiling knowing about his anger.  So she just kept numb.

"  speak up dammit.  What are you thinking ? " That time hos anger raised a little as he digged his nails on her bare arms.  It hurt her. But she ignored. 

" Manik " Nandini softly kept her hand over his heart. And said looking into his eyes   " today my respect for my world's king reached to its extent. "

Just her that mare confess and changed the atmosphere. Manik just pulled her in his embrace and hugged her as tight as he could.  It was like he got back his breath.   He inhaled relaxation and exhaled all his guilts. 

"  thank you for understanding me " he said without breaking the hug.

Nandini just kissed his heart as a reply.    And her heart whispered to herself  "  thank you my world's king for the Trust. I love you even more from now. " 


After a while they broke the hug feeling each other completely.  Manik kissed her forehead and said  " I don't know what spell you have crust on me "

She smiled and abruptly she realised that Manik was actually in her apartment.

"  Manik what the hell are you doing here?  Agar koi dekh leta toh.  What if shreeya hoti toh? thank god she is out off station. nehi tohh .. aaj i will b dead only.. but what if koi aajaye ? " she shouted at his back when he started ogling her small apartment.

" Manik are you even listening?  " she started walking behind him when he was giving his famous visit to her small living area to small bedroom.

" what is ths ? " he stopped in front of his that giant poster on her wall.


 Nandini promptly came in front of him and tried to hide the poster with her small frame . But that poster was even taller than her. So Manik could clearly noticed his image.

" Ms.  Moorthy !!! Stop pretending that you're tall.  And move " sating he pushed her side ways and started ogling his own photo.

" I didn't know k I am that handsome.  Hain naa ,? " it was Manik's first reaction seeing the poster.

Nandini  was startled with his self obsession. She then saw the smirk on his face which was indicating her sixth sence about some mischief. 'Experience says' after all.

" ummm... yaah that indeed I am but I didn't know k my lips are so reddish !!!! "

And that was it. Manik's keen eyes noticed the dry lipstick marks on his poster which Nandini used to give before going out or in morning or night or randomly.

Nandini was feeling too embarrassed.  She just wanted a place to dig her face and never came out.  

"  Haan Nandu? ? " he turned towards her  with a naughty mischievous smirk and tilted her face with his index finger.  He was amazed with her crimson cheeks.  He smirked and said in a quite serious tone
"  wase I want you to find something for me. " 

She stared at him and questioned.  " what?  "

He smirked and replied " I want you to find out Are my lips  really reddish?  "

Nandini blushed and looked down.  Manik enjoyed her  blush and within no time fussed his lips with her. 
She was confused first but in a second replied with equal fervour. 

 " now my lips are red. wase this red  "  he licked his lips then said  " It looks good on me"  he said in his husky voice after breaking their another long passionate kiss and Nandini hugged him.


After some few hours

" Manik I think now you should go.  It's too late and you're tired too after the long flight.  " Nandini said washing the dishes after their dinner.

" yes I am tired.  So ishliye I will sleep here only.  And wasevi how Could you even think that I will sleep without you?  It's 11 days Nandu.  Only I know how I had slept those days. " he said so lovingly. 

" heyyy ek second ek second.  You want me to go.  That's mean you didn't miss me. " he complained. 

Nandini chuckled as it was Really The famous Rock star Manik Malhotra or a random guy !!!

" Manik you na... its just that kahan soyoge tum? ?  My apartment is small. Even your master bathroom is bigger than my flat.  And your bed us fourth time bigger than my this chotu sa bed.  "  she pointed out the fact.

" haan toh. . You're so chotu sa toh your bed v toh ut nahi hoga na ?? " he tried to cheer up her. 

" and yes Ms.  Moorthy !! You just can't skip the topic raising this things.  I am gonna stay here tonight.  And that's final. " he declared and laid down on her bed. 

She sighed and said  " okay you sleep here.  I Will sleep in Shree's bed.  "

She was about to go when he grabbed her wrist and pulled her . She fell on top of him.

He then remove the errant strands of her face and said  "  kya Nandu.  I wanted to cuddle you and you just want to sleep alone ? It's not fair haan.  And I don't mind sleeping like this. "

He said pointing their sleeping position and Nandini rolled her eyes.  Suddenly his master mind in mischievous came up with another mischievous thought and he said in his husky tone

" wase I have another option.  If you Don't want to sleep over me then how's I will sleep on top of you . I mean I won't mind as though but loveee to. " 
He winked and she blushed. 

" Manik... you're such a monster.  "  she hit his chest playfully and he laughed happily hugging her from her bare waist protectively.   Manik kissed his head and they slept in each others embrace after so many days. And it was the time for the poster to admire them lovingly.


Next morning

Nandini woke up with the sound of her alarm.  It was 6 of that morning.   She tried to get up but couldn't as Manik was sleeping hugging her very tight.  He was literally sleeping on her keeping his head in the crook of her neck and one  hand around her waist and another one was then using as her pillow.  His legs were tangled with her legs.  He was fully crawled in her.  

She smiled.  And  thought to give him more sleep as he might be tired because of the jet lag.  So she silently stayed there softly stroking his hairs and drawn to the pool of thoughts that how the  Manik Malhotra was coming out of the  shel he had built up around him. He was not that arrogant infamous dark Rock star in front of her. To her he was a fully different one about  whom the world even didn't know.  She smiled thinking how suddenly she bumped into her only dream in real and her crazy and only fascination was then fascinating about her.  

So strange !!! But enhancing.   But one thing she had  clear understood that she loved him and he respected her. That was the only thing one girl could expect from a guy as love is easy to give but respect you have to earn. 

She didn't know when slumber took her to the trip to another Manik dream land. 


" Mithi bolian sunloo asmanii rango seee  ... " 

Her alarm again started waking them up.  But that time it was Manik who got up first. 

" come on Nandini... change your alarm tone.  " 

Manik in sleep expressed his irritation over her alarm tone as because of that he had to sacrifice his peaceful slumber with his solace . So that's the cruel reason  he started hating his own song that too his first ever composing. 

Nandini woke up and realised it's 8 am. 
" Manik Manik get up.  It's 8 am.  I have to go to college . Please get up na " she started her morning raga which was the only thing he hated as his day start after the alarm tone. 

" please let me sleep na.  Don't go today " he murmured in sleep and held her more tighter.

" Manik please. . And look it's day light outside.  What if someone  would see you here ? Please get up. " she softly requested playing with his wrist bracelets.

Manik unwillingly opened his eyes and planted a good morning kiss on her neck and loosen
his grip over her. 

Nandini sneaked out of the bed and walked in to the kitchen saying " uth ke fresh Ho jao I will prepare some breakfast for you.   " 


After getting done with her morning chores to breakfast making she entered into her room just to found Manik sleeping on his stomach exploring his sexy tattoo . His one hand was hugging the pillow whereas other was just an inch away to hang from bed. 

Nandini sighed seeing the awestruck scene in front of her. But she became little upset too thinking how comfortably he was trying to adjust himself on that  uncomfortable bed.  Her king suddenly came down to his slave cottage but yet no complaints only love.

" Manik utho please " she sat beside him and whispered.

He got up and sat wishing her good morning.  She did the same and asked him to get freshen up.  He stepped out of the bed just after giving a quick peck on her swallow lips. 


At breakfast table

" I have decided something "  Manik suddenly said while munching his sandwich.

" what ? " she asked him pouring some coffee on his cup. 

" you are going to shift in my studio.  " he replied casually.

" what ? Are you gone nuts?  How could I ?  And what's about  Shreeya ?  No no I can't.  I can't leave her alone.  "   she blabbered her own.

" woh toh she is the problem.  Achcha Nandu if it's not shreeya toh you won't have any problem  to live with me right ? " he smirked. And as expected she blushed.

"I  didn't mean that haan  " she tried to hide her blush over her fake pout.

"  don't worry.  I got it.  Now let's get going. " he stood up and grabbed his car keys followed by Nandini.  


Manik at first came out of her building wearing his cap and literally ran from there to his car.  It was the only thing he hated about his famous celebrity tag as it had snatched his freedom of flying freely from him.  

He ignited his car and parked little away from her building.  Nandini then soon joined him and they drove back to SPACE.


" Manik ... Manik what are you doing stop.  "   she screamed as Manik didn't stop  and they reached the college gate .

" now what ? " he asked.

" college aa gaya ? " she was scared.

" haan toh. . College ja rahe toh college hi ayega na ? " he answered back.

" God this guy !!! "  Nandini face palmed and then said  " aree college me koi  humhe dekh liya toh ? "

" haan toh dekhne do. Kya darta hu main kya kisi se ? " he dramatically said  and Nandini sighed in his act.

" Chalo bye " she bade him and about to step out nut Manik pulled her and without giving her any chance just kissed her.

They shared a very passionate kiss.  and then Nandini got out of the car. 

" hello listen " Manik stopped her. She turned and he said  " About that Shreeya thing toh don't worry  I will manage that.  You just get ready with your packing tomorrow.  "

"  Manik " she rolled her eyes in disbelief. She was about to shout at him but he stopped her saying  "  okay now bye ".


i kept my promise..  its 29th and here i am wth update,.. pls ignore mistakes.   Keep liking..commenting.. stay tuned.  Smile

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Awww manik is such a gentleman...
Awesome updt...
Pls cont soon...

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Ahaaa,..nice one..Wink
The secrets out...lyk srsly fascinating...hee...too cuuteeEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Respect increased srslySmile
Lovely one
Always keep writingSmile

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