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# MY WORLD'S KING # MaNan FF (UPDATED PART 23) Pg131 29/8 (Page 12)

Addrita.Jesin IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 June 2015 at 7:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by musicialtie

Originally posted by adita

First of all so sorry for not reading this super awesome story before...
Have much to say..

Chapter 1 : Nandini is sooo much obsessed with Manik ! Itna jyada ki ghar parivar chod diya..!!! And doing puja of Manik..!!ROFL The best part is "ALL THE MANIK"..Thumbs Up

Chapter 2 : Entry of Manik was awesome..u described it superblyEmbarrassed
Plus ekta bepar tomar, harika and amar kichu school frnd der dekhe nischito holam je IPKKND voot karor mathai ekbar chorle sohoje nambe na..Anrav as Maniks PAROFL
And your way is the best way to describe our dark infamous rockstar...

Chapter 3 : First of all why u changed PA s nameQuestion But the problem is it wil b Arnav only in my mind when i wil read any convo of PAROFL
And then na chaitei paowa...Manik was mesmerized by her voice..

Want to read more...nw m in a dilliema...it is becoming my 1st fav ff...if u keep describing superbly na..then i would need to say sorry to bff and add dat bff s place has been taken over by MWK...

.onek boro hoye gelo...ekta last kotha boli...love u apu eto osthir 3 ta storyer jonno...valo thako...All the Manik...get well soon..

ohhh allaahh I am so touched with ur words.
very very much.
baby thanks.
Thanks a lot.
And it's the best comment I ever get.
Thanks eto tym dhore lekhar jonno.

and Arnav was sabka fav tai ok PA koear por sobai khub bokte laglo amai so I very changed him.

jetakei bst koro but I am glad j that's mine.

keep loving.

Aree eto embarassed koro na apu...

musicialtie Goldie

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                           ~~~  MY WORLD'SKING  ~~~


It was a very tiring week for SPACE . Six days. . Six long days just flew like in six minutes due to preparations of The fresher's welcome event . As it was India's most reputed music college SPACE 's event so it had to be a cracker one. 
So the eleventh hours arrangements were going with the swing to make it  a very successful event of the town as next day was the event day. 

But their was a girl whose excitement, happiness had no bound. She was desperately waiting for the day of her long 18 years.  The day she would going to meet the person for whom she was born... who depicted her existence according to her craziest dreams.

The day before the event day. 

Nandini came to college earlier to give a keen look to the arrangements as she was one  the  volunteer  with the seniors and also the topper of the batch. So she was instructed to perform on the event as well.

She was in her instruments period but not attentive at all as she was swinging on her dreams of meeting HIM.

" Abhi... jab woh ayega toh what I will gonna say??  If I couldn't utter anything toh?  And if I couldn't meet him toh ?? "  Nandini was blabbering continuously and the poor Abhi just was seating beside her holding his head as his that crazy best friend was chewing his head up with her rantings. 

" what if I will faint toh? ? then I would not able to meet him? and if he..."

" Nan...du shut up.  " Abhi retorted and cut her rantings off in middle. 

" Nandu...shut up.  Are you gone mad?  Why are you blabbering like a maniac ? " Abhi shook her to bring her back from her dream lands.

Nandini gave a blank look to her friend .

" what the hell is this Nandini? Stop your nonsensical talks " Abhi shouted at her.

" nonsense ?? Maniac? ? " She blinked her eyes twice then continued  "  I am in no sense and bcm maniac in Manik's love "

" Nandu... " Abhi sighed a deep breath saying " please get out of your dreams.  "

Nandini frowned listening Abhi and pout. Abhi smiled and said accepting his defeat from his friend's craziness
" okk leave it.  Now  ghar Chale? Or  you want to stay here till tomorrow and then give a stingy welcome to your world's king  ? "

Nandini blushed with the thought that ' next day is the day she is gonna meet HIM. "

" chalo.  " she held Abhi's hand and left the college just to return with a big  floral smelly heart.

Manik's Office

" sir tomorrow you have two visits only at town then you have to fly for Hong Kong for the business deal. " Aman, Manik's PA informed him about his schedule.

" visit ?? " Manik asked tuning his guitar.

" yes sir two visits. One is as a chief guest of a fashion show and one is at SPACE.  " Aman replied with his only one word making out the whole meaning.   He had a very good nature of understanding his impulsive moody master.

" SPACE... hmm " ed  Manik and started strumming his favourite guitar.  He was in thought of something very deep.

" sir is everything okay ?" Aman inquired watching the unknown unusual glow on his master's face. 

But Manik was so engrossed in his thoughts that he didn't pay a heed to his quires and started playing with his guitar strings.

Aman understood Manik's silence that he wanted to stay alone . So without disturbing him more he just left leaving a very unlike softly smiled Manik the rock star who had never smiled from his heart.

Nandini's apartment

" so baby doll ready for tomorrow?? " Sriya returned from her work station and asked her best friend seeing the room a big mess with lots of cloths and accessories. 

" kahan ?? " Nandini came out with another dress wrapping herself messily up.

" Yeh kya haal banake rakhkha hai ? What's all this  mess?  " Sriya exclaimed.

" I did not understand what I am gonna wear tomorrow ? " Nandini started cring childishly.

" that's why you have picked up all the changes from cupboard ? " Sriya asked rolling her eye balls.

" wohi toh. ... " Nandini replied  "  I don't have any good dress to wear.   " she shed babyish tears. 

She then turned to the big poster of Rock star Manik Malhotra and cried
" sorry Manik you have to bear my old stingy cloths on our first date tomorrow.  Please baby sorry haan. But next time good cloths pakka  "  she then kissed the poster  exactly on  the mole of Manik which he had on the up left corner of his upper lips.

" Date ? " Sriya  was about to enter into the loo to freshen up but hearing Nandini she turned back and surprisingly asked.

" Yaah Date . " Nandini casually answered still struggling with the cloths.  
Then sensing her friend's arose tensed marks on forehead she  replied " Aree tomorrow first time I am going to see him  face to face so hua na it's my first date ? "

" ohh bhagwan ji.  !!!! "  Sriya, her best friend sighed in irritation seeing the increasing craziness of her friend day by day for that Infamous Rock star.

" Why are you just  standing and looking at me like this??? Help na  in selecting. " Nandini retorted. 

" haan haan. .. bus wohi toh baki  hai karne ko.  Only that important work I have in my life left na. " Sriya sarcastically said and dug herself busy selecting a suitable dress for her friends so called ' first date '.

After struggling for two long hours they finally selected a white kurti with blood red border and red churider and dupatta. 

" perfect.  " they both exclaimed in happiness.

" okk let's sleep now otherwise you have to go  tomorrow with big dark circles around your eyes. " Sriya stated.

" No no no... I can't go with those dirty circles. I am going to sleep . "  said a panicked Nandini and jumped on her bed. 

Sriya smiled and they both fell on bed for getting beauty sleep.

Same night  Tantra disco bar.

" hey guys look who is here The Rock star Manik Malhotra.  "  the dj announced and all started cheering their loudest to welcome their favorite rock star.

Manik was now very much aware of his famous status.  He knew very well what impact he had on his only  an little appearance.

He sat on the corner of the bar especially reserved for him . One brunch of fans girls of him came  and started wishing their loves and all.  But he was least interested.  He just plastered a fake smile. As he knew girls went gaga over him.  And he just enjoyed his stardom as it helped him to forget how lonely he was. Disco parties concerts drinks were the path of his  life . Then one girl requested him to dance and he just got up and  moved with the flow and started dancing.

On the  dance floor two three girls were approaching themselves towards him. Among them one crazy fan girl literally throwing herself to him with her over cozy dancing moves. 

At first he ignored and danced but when the girls started crossing their limits by touching and kissing him  cozily and before situation became uncontrolled he just stepped out of the bar pushing those girls aside from him .

Thats Him...Manik Malhotra. He was famous.. he was arrogant.. he was rude.. he was egoistic.. he was carefree but not character free.  He loved his stardom, madness of fans but he never allowed any of the girls towards his heart.  Though he kissed he flirted with lots of female fans Co stars but  that's it as he had never walked far with them crossing the line of controls. It was like some where down in the line he was still waiting for the appropriate person silently to cross the lines and made her his forever.

Late night...    Manik's Mansion

Manik reached home and threw himself on the super soft bed.  He was blankly looking at the ceiling without blinking his eyes.  Abruptly a lone tears came out of his over  arrogant eyes .

" who is me? What is my identity ? Why I couldn't take advantages of my star status ? "  he was asking himself.

For the entire world he was Manik Malhotra the dark infamously famous rock star...a monster a arrogant spoil brat. 

But when that monster entered into his den he became the real hidden vulnerable Manik just Manik who's life was full of pain loneliness and who was searching for his solace. He was famous.  Uncountable people loved him. Ready to throw themselves on his one signal but that love madness they had for that Rockstar not for the actual Manik.  So his eyes.. his heart were Searching for that person who would snatched away his all sorrow darkness loneliness and  gave him a life full of pure love he was craving for from long ago.

He closed his eyes and suddenly that girl's face flushed in front of him without knocking.  From last few days that face and her mellifluous voice were started haunting his subconscious mind. Unknowingly he started feeling an unknown but strong magnetic pull towards that girl.  So Tomorrow  it was the another reason of his SPACE  visit . He wanted to see that face clearly.  It was the very first time he was longing or craved of someone's face.

With that hope finally his eyebrows met and he went for a slumber. 

Same late night.

Nandini was tossing on her bed.  Sleep went far away from her eyes.  She was restless... restless to meet HIM. To see HIM for the very first time personally. 
She was thinking of him when one thought stroke her. She sneaked out of bed and stood in front of the giant poster of Manik in no time.

" pata hai Manik kuch Dino pahele na I felt your presence in our college.   As I informed you before that the feel that attraction were so strong na that I couldn't help myself but thinking of you.  You know that day a strong magnetic pull was pulling me towards the window door towards that 6 feet person.    And I didn't know why but I thought I felt it was YOU standing there.  
And you know the best part was the red cap.    It was exactly same of that one you had wore last year on your pune concert I have watched through TV.   Manik it was you kya ????   So mad I am na tum kaise Ho sakte ho? You won't be showing up in random place that too without  getting mobbed.  Hain na ?     But I don't know my heart still believes that it was you. But you know something,, I am really feeling k tomorrow kuch achcha hone wala hai.    Tomorrow something gonna be happen very good Manik.  I do feel it.   
  Jo v ho chalo good night as Tomorrow is the big day . And Mr Malhotra. ... intejar ki ghari khatam.  No more searching from tomorrow.  " 
She winked and kissed his poster and went for a peaceful sleep for welcoming that ' D day ' tomorrow. 



sorry for the late update as I am not well and randomly giving my precious time to hospital and doctors.. so bear with short updates as I have to give kind of equal times to my two other ffs too... AND sorry for no  MaNan and next is their meeting day...
Do commenting.. liking...   Stay tunedSmile.

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Addrita.Jesin IF-Dazzler

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Sorry for being this late..
Its awesome..though no Manan scene..but the way u described Maniks loneliness and thought about Nandini..its just beyond explanation..
Nandini is always a cutie mad fan of him..so cutely obsessed with Manik..
Cont soon

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Sidhaarthi IF-Dazzler

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oh nice episode so Nandini is all set ready to meet the World's King even we are waiting for them to meet...Wink
adyamananholic Groupbie

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Posted: 10 June 2015 at 5:37am | IP Logged
Wao it's awesome dear...
Thanx for letting me know. .
I just loved this ff..
Thanx for pm dear. .
Lots of love. .
Cont soon.
Roshni8 Senior Member

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Hey it's an awesome update
Nandini's craziness behind HIM
And Manik thinking aboutvher and her voice
Cont soon
And get well soon dear
PrettyAaShuu IF-Rockerz

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Its beautiful Ashu.!!!
Just wow..!!
Continue soon..!!

and get well soon...!!
TC dear..!!

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Lovely update... Pls continue soon

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