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# MY WORLD'S KING # MaNan FF (UPDATED PART 23) Pg131 29/8 (Page 108)

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Posted: 19 August 2015 at 10:34pm | IP Logged
Nuce update next part soon

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awwwEmbarrassed dt desert was sweet to d extentEmbarrassed really it was hot n sizzlingBlushing bt really really loved d way he stopped as a gentleman not to hurt her feelingsSmile really their bond is specialSmile bt wht abt her bracelet? i think her mom has given to herSmile tukaa haBig smile dtx y she wears it! plzz update itx nxt chp soon will b eagerly w8ting for nxt oneBig smile

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Time flows like river without halt but flow.   It was like a fairy tale of a girl who was dying to meet her world 's king just for once.  And finally accidentally it happened. She met with Him. She all over fell in love with him.  Unknowingly she became his lifeline. He became the reason of he existence.   They didn't yet name their feelings as Love but it was the uniqueness of their relationship.  Without bounded by any name but only on the basis of true feelings , respect and love they had made their relationship an unique.  
That three months of their unique relationship helped them to grow and glow with each other.  


It was a dizzy morning.  Nandini unwillingly opened the shutters of her big eyelashes.  She woke up and shut down her alarm.  Then wishing Him good morning seeing His wallpaper  and messaged him the same , started the day with a big smile. 

It was raining outside.  So she did not feel to go to college.  But she was not that kind of girl to miss out any class.

She got ready and went for college with Abhi . 

They reached the college premises when her phone buzzed . She took out her cell and her face turned on seeing a message from Manik

" it's good to know that my star is now up to starlit my night. " 

She smiled and replied  " your star is always there to enlighten you.  Take care.  " 

She sent the message and her face fell down with the reality of Manik's absence.

Manik went to London for his next album shoot ten days back. and supposed to return after two more days . 

But as they said distance is good to scale the depth of your love.  And that separation of  12 days seemed a blessing for both of them as it was proving their rate of need of each other. 

For Nandini it was so obvious to miss him madly as first of all He was her first and last dream which blissfully came  true and apart from that she was in madly love with the real Manik Malhotra not the reel Rockstar of the nation. 

But it was fully an impossible scene was happening from Manik's side.  Manik Malhotra.  I meant The Manik Malhotra was actually missing his girl badly especially on  the bed time as cuddling her while sleeping had became his Habit.  He couldn't breath  properly without inhaling her  seductive essence. She became his drug of happiness. 

It was so unbelievable to think that Manik Malhotra was actually sending msgs to his girl so randomly like here and there just to keep updated about her each second keenly. 

It was so strange for the all cast and crew to witness Manik Malhotra  so behaved without showing any tantrums and moreover that smiling. Even his friends were also noticed that drastic change in that rude arrogance prince's behaviour but knowing Manik bad temper they just decided to keep quite.  Without his PA Aman Mathur no one knew about the secret behind that modified Manik Malhotra.  And he was genuinely happy for his master because after all his dear master got someone in his life. 


The shoot was just wrapped up for that day when Manik received Nandini's good morning msg. He replied and that crept a smile on his tired face. 



Nandini was attending a class with less attention as her full attention was captured by her world's king's thoughts. 

After that two hours boring class she moved towards canteen with Abhi. As soon as they entered their friends started ogling them with jealousy as Abhi had already posted their selfies with Manik Malhotra tagging all their college friends as for that had made them jelo to them.  But the girls were especially jelo with Nandini as Manik clicked photo with her posing so close that could made any of other girl go all jealous oh her. 

They  entered and ordered some snacks  and having their tiffin talking about random topics  .  After that Abhi left  for his instruments class which was optional for Nandini   so she decided to sit there only till he returned .  She was going through her syllabus when suddenly her attention was grabbed by the girls discussion who were seated behind her table . 

" aree I am damm sure.  She is his girlfriend.  Dekha nehi how close she is clinging to him "  one girl stated while the others supported her. 

" but who's this girl?  " another girl asked.

" stupid don't you know it's model Mukti Vardhan , his next album heroine. Isn't she hot?  "

" obviously she Is dude.  And they looked so perfect together.  Look both have smoking hot bodies , perfect curve and height too.  She is indeed a best match for him.  After all He is The Manik Malhotra.  "

" god kash he would be mine. !!! "

" idiot stop dreaming about moon.  He is just like the moon whom we can admire not achieve.  And to match him there is that kind of girl who can complement him . "

They said and started laughing unknown of the fact that their random gossip were actually thrusting someone's heart with millions of sharp needles.  

That someone was none other than Nandini Moorthy,  The Manik Malhotra's little secret. 
Tears started forming I'm her eyes.  So just to control them she rushed from them to the washroom. 


She entered into the loo and started sprinkling water on her face to wash that weird thoughts off her mind. 

After  counselling herself a little she took a deep breath and said herself " I trust you Manik.  I trust us.  "

She smiled and updated her status

" Trust is what I had for you then. Trust is what I am feeling for us now.  "

London  night 11 pm  ,  Lexaer Disk.

Manik was in a disk with all the members of their album shoot.

"Manik let's dance " a girl with  perfect shape and height approached to him for a dance. 

Firstly he rejected but after that girls constant pleads he finally accepted and they both started burning the dance floor with their perfectly matched moves. 

After having a good fun with lots of photos to shots to dance  the all crew members of their shoot returned back to hotel for rest to be fresh for the next day as all of them were fully drunk. 
He entered into his hotel room and about to lock it when he heard a thud .

He narrowed his gaze questioning " what are you doing here Mukti?  Do you want something?  "

Mukti pushed the door a little and stepped into his room with her shaking steps due to the extra boozing  and replied " yes I want something " 

She sat on the bed seductively and continued forwarding her upper body towards him "  I want you Manik. " she then got up and leaning on him pulling his collar  said "  I want you to eat me Manik.  "

Manik was shocked with her so boldness.  But he was used to with those scenes as they were kind of normal to him when girls were throwing themselves to him. 

He expertly removed her hands of him and said  " you're drunk . You need rest "

Bit being so stubborn she again pulled him closer with more force . It was too sudden that they lost their balance and fell on bed with Manik on the tip of Mukti.

" Come on Manik.  Show me some animal like you do while kissing not like so boring type.  It's not you.  You're the Manik Malhotra.  That passionate one.  " Mukti said tracing her fingers seductively over his face. 

Manik was seriously not liking her words.  But it was the truth that he had kissed Mukti before but then why didn't he then don't like that coziness with her ?  Why his mind was knocking him about something badly ? Why his heart was poking him about the same thing but someone else.  Someone who was very much special to him.  His subconsciousness was literally pushing him for that touch of his special one. And then his all confusion vanished as soon as his cell beeped.  

He promptly got up from Mukti and ruffled his hairs to control his anger.   " get out " he sternly said.

" but why?  Abhi toh raat baki hai.  Let's do it.  "  Mukti sheepishly said.

" I said get out right now.  "  He retorted but softly.

" but avi tak toh you'll not even  kiss me ! ! " she  stated .

" because I don't want to.  Not before I lose my calm leave . " saying he himself made  her leave  the room.

Locking the door behind he inhaled some deep breaths to calm him down and rook out his cell from his pocket.

" I think you're busy in parting in the dim disk neon lights but don't forget to admire the stars for once at least as ever they are missing their  shines.  "

" Nandini !!!! " a prayer escaped from his heart as soon as he read her msg.  And he got his answer . Answer of her all odds.   And the answer was very simple yet enhancing

" Nandini.  " 

He smiled and fell on bed with his phone on his chest . He looked once again the screen saver of his phone and it was their pic . He caressed Nandini's face over the cell and closed his eyes hugging the cell tightly as if he was hugging her.  

After sometime

Manik was sleeping holding his cell close to his heart when suddenly he felt one soft touch on his chest.  He opened his eyes and found her.

" what are you doing here? tum andar kaise aayi? " he asked half sleepy.

" relax.. i am  here to relax your hectic day . " she replied sheepishly.

" really ?? " he smirked in sleep and she took his cell and throw it at the other side of the bed.

" tonight I want you  to show me the ever passionate side of yours.  " she whispered in his ears and suck his earlobe.

Manik's subconscious sleepy hands pulled her top of him as he was then started loosing his calm. 

His that gesture gave a knock to her and she placed her lips on his.  Firstly it was a slow kiss but soon turned into a very wild one with her moan and his grin on their mouths.

They were kissing wildly while their hands were busy ripping off each other clothes.

Manik flipped their position and hopped on top of her.  He in one swift ripped her top off her body.
And she did the same with his shirt which he himself helped her to rip as he so wanted to feel her skin with his.

Soon their upper body were free of fabric but covered with their features .

Her body was responding his warm kisses and love bites while his bare back was getting her nail marks harshly. 

They both were relishing their bodies flipping kissing biting  like mad couple.  And the room filled with their moans and pleads of wanting more.

After a good wild  time they met finally. They made love and collapsed due to harsh yet lovable night.


Mumbai  4 pm.

Nandini was going through all the new posts on social networks  of Manik and his friends.  She was really sometime getting jealous of that girls who posed so closely with him.  Even she became angry on him for some
snaps where he was encircling his hand on the small of the back of some girls.  They were  his fans might be.  She was consoling herself sometime like a typical girlfriend. 

Suddenly she saw one post of Mukti where she was standing in front of a room door and took that selfie pointing the door

" sari night besharmi ki height " written as a status.

Her breath hitched .  Her heart stopped it's functions for a second. 

" what if it is Manik room ??  What if she is gonna be spend that night with him? ? " these thoughts blew  up a sudden cyclone in her heart.

She felt that she just could not breath more.  Her room was started suffocating her.  The ventilation was not helping her. 

She was breathing heavily and suddenly her eyes fell on Manik's giant poster. She quickly stood in front of it and started starring it without blinking her eyes. 

After some couple of time she was feeling her palpitation gone.  And she was having normal pulse rate.  It was like that poster had worked as an inhaler for her.  It was like through that photograph Manik was himself assuring her. 

She then took her cell in her hand and looking Mukti's snap said  " you have to do your all besharmi s standing outside only as inside it is and will be only my right to do that. Bcz I trust Him  "

She winked as a content smile and then turning around Manik's pic said " Thank you once again My world's king to save us.  "


sorry thora crap  ho gaya... !!! but I knw you guys r too good to digest my craps. Big smile

My internals are just a day  away. so its " ratta maar" tym.. so next update after 29th. 
If you want then I will continue coz as per d heartbreaking news 27th is last kyy.
so do me inform your wishes.. and THREE FFs UPDATE as a compensate of this long gap.Embarrassed

Ignore errors. keep liking . commenting. Stay tuned Smile

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21July2014 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 August 2015 at 2:58am | IP Logged
Am i first???!!!!! Yayyyieee...i am first!!! Yippieee...so enough of my victory dance...lol
lovely update aashu!! So 10 days leap..manik shooting fr his nxt album..nice..:)..MaNan's msging session is sooo sweeettt n cutee!! I love d way u show nandini's love fr manik malhotra..nt fr rockstar manik malhotra..i remember myself sayin in my 1st cmnt on this ff dat m somewhat connected to this story..am in love nt wid d actor yuvraj thakur..am in love wid d human being named yuvraj thakur...this thing u show na..nandu's love fr manik..like othrs say they love manik..bt they dont..they love d rockstar manik..only d "rockstar" manik..nt d real one...i will always keep lovin this!! Just love it so much!!
Abhi forgot abt his n shreya's question to nandu...bach gyi yeh ladki...hehe...canteen scene ws nice..abhi had posted their pics wid manik n tagged his college fellows..hahah..evry1 jealous..spclly those bimbos=gals!!...huhh...seriously crazy ppl!! Manik belongs to nandini n nandini to manik...bt these poor souls know nothin abt their little secret na...nhi toh i guess they wud nt throw daggers at nandu bt bring d real daggers!! Impossible though!! Heheee...gals were speaking utter shit...mukti is hot..i agree..bt manik has reserved d words "beautiful" n "pretty" only fr nandu...haina??
Nandu's status ws just so pure...d base fr manan relation...trust...:)..love it!!
Manik n mukti...like seriously!!! Gosh! I hav never read manik n mukti!! Bro-sis to this!!..bt only one sided..dat too obsession nt love...bt cud visualize..thanks to parth's entry wala epi in BFF..i remember ela(charlie) flirting wid him..lol...wat crap ws she sayin..huhh...manik's thoughts were penned vry nicely:))...somethin poking pricking..good good...mukti went out..manik had to put her out...nandu's msg...awww...so sweet that was!! She knows him vry well:)))...manik's prayer..nandini...i love it!! I love it tooo much!! I didnt get this...who came inside manik's room?? Was that his dream?? What was that?? I just couldnt get it!! Plzz say it clearly!! Was she nandu?? Or mukti??...
One more thing which i loved a lott!! Nandu gaining her breath agn just standing infrnt of manik's poster...gaining her pulse rate normal...i soo love it!! I feel exactly the same wen i c yuvi's pic!! I just calm down if m sad or stressed...love the line too...i trust u..i trust us..
Loved it..
Update aftr ur internals get over...all the vry best aashu:))...
I'll be havin my internals in 3 days..hahah...u cant update n i cant comment...
Love u gal!! Hug

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Mawara_Ejaz IF-Dazzler

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Oh God now that was something i never expected...

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bhuvanachinni Groupbie

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Posted: 22 August 2015 at 3:28am | IP Logged
so now wt next 
s she mukthi 
 u dnt do this 
pls Cry

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S.h.e.e.t.a.l Senior Member

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Posted: 22 August 2015 at 3:36am | IP Logged
Now this was unexpected did he really slept with mukti?

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jesse93 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 August 2015 at 3:38am | IP Logged
Who was that with Manik?
Suspense suspense,
continue soon.

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