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# MY WORLD'S KING # MaNan FF (UPDATED PART 23) Pg131 29/8 (Page 103)

kitkat5756 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 August 2015 at 8:45am | IP Logged
Please don't quit and end ur chapter..ur stories are awesome ..we are huge fan of ky2 and now we r also fan of ur writing please please it's a request big Wala please continue ..if u also quit how can we fan will survive... U r r8 we can atleast cherish our manan in stories so please continue writing ..u have to complete 100 chapters ok !!! So no quiting

Samanf3 Groupbie

Joined: 12 June 2015
Posts: 121

Posted: 15 August 2015 at 2:30pm | IP Logged
I want uh 2 continue... Plzz donot end it...as its da only way left for us to cherish MANAN...ur ffs r ma daily doses after ma hectic lyf...so plzzz...if uh cud donot end it..
Hasi-Pani1 Senior Member

Joined: 08 June 2015
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Posted: 15 August 2015 at 11:09pm | IP Logged
hey plsss update dea...desperately waiting for ur update..
KaShforever06 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 26 August 2010
Posts: 4017

Posted: 16 August 2015 at 12:26am | IP Logged
Please don't end it..
Ff-sis-OS are the only things that keep a show alive..
Keep it going or at least give it a complete ending for the fans of the show..
xian Newbie

Joined: 16 July 2015
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Posted: 16 August 2015 at 1:46am | IP Logged
plzzz continue... I love u r these ff's
Ashmita18 Senior Member

Joined: 06 May 2015
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Posted: 16 August 2015 at 4:54am | IP Logged
It was really great... really interesting it is... having sooo much fun in reading this ff... I enjoyed completely... LOVELY update... great going... thank uh soo much for the pm... really appreciate it... please continue soon... waiting eagerly... keep it up... best wishes... :) :D
musicialtie Goldie

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Posted: 16 August 2015 at 1:17pm | IP Logged

PART  20

" Can we have the dessert before the dinner please?  " he asked in his  husky voice .

She replied nothing but sucked his luscious lips softly which turn him on and he turned the soft kiss into a wild passionate one sucking biting licking each corner of her mouth gaining moans of her.

They were kissing madly until they were short of breath. They pulled apart to inhale oxygen.

And Manik said " you taste too good Nandini . I don't think I could have enough of you.  " saying in no time peck her lips once again passionately.

After giving a break to her lips his lips slammed on her neck then collarbone then shoulders. 
While kissing he slightly moved the fabric off her shoulder to dominate her milky skin more him.  

Nandini was loosing.  The havoc he had ignited inside her was burning her desires. Butterflies on her stomach were literally pushing her hard to clutch his neck and pulled towards her more and more.  
Nandini's that bold step made Manik go all mad and he sealed his lips with her for another wild kiss. 
Satisfied with the kiss he moved down and again kissed her neck madly leaving his mark of passion.  

Both of them were aroused enough to take loose themselves and as a wild result Manik striped off her top in one swift move. 
He then left a wet kiss on her belly bottom which radiated an unknown yet blissful shiver through her spinal.  Her body arched in anticipation when he again gave a wet kiss on her that sensitive point with a soft bite. 

" Mmmaaanik"     she called out his name like a prayer of wanting more.  

She dig her nails on his well toned masculine frame firmly which were helping their desires to increase. 
Manik was fully engrossed giving more few kisses with soft tease biting on her belly to waist curve line .  Nandini could not held more his sweet tortures when he started moving upwards . His hand were then on her inner straps to receive her beauty.

But suddenly something Stroke on her mind and she promptly held his hands to stop moving further. 

" What?  " Manik asked in confusion.

"  The note is too high.  " An innocent soul Nandini uttered with very difficult still drowning in his heavenly touches.

Manik gaped on her for some times and then got up from her chuckling.  Nandini got scared thinking of might be he became angry. 

" Mmmanik  ohh I am... I thought the note is too high of your song.  " she was finding words.

" So that 's  it.  " Manik smiled and she looked at him surprised.

" So it is it. The code.  Jab v tumhe lage that we are crossing the line just signal me with it.  As because you know na I can't control myself around you. And I can't even breath without your presence around me.  So whenever you will feel it excess you just use this code and I will stop.  " he said very lovingly which made her too lucky like  on the seventh heaven.

" Manik !! " she surprisingly gazed him.

" kya hua?  I really meant that  Nandini.  You're special to me. You're precious.  And I don't wanna Hurt you for my impulsiveness.  So the code . "
 he winked and smilingly stated which brought tears in her eyes.  The tears of happiness.  She just jumped on him and hugged him as tight as she could. 

Her tears wet his bare chest.  He understood she was crying.  
So to enlightened the atmosphere he said mischievously " Wase Nandu... your punishment is still pending haan !! And as I said you are gonna be punished  Hard. "

Nandini became stunned whilst blushed  hard with his words and broke the hug rolling  her big doe eyes.

" kya itne me hi bhul gayi?  You owe to me making me do that craziest  tiring stuff.  So get ready for that. " he naughtily said and pulled her  dangerously closer and whispered  seductively
" lets check how high the high note is.  "  and nuzzled his face on her hairs.

" Manik " she moaned softly then composing herself she pushed him little and  said " Wase you owe a thanks from me. "  She said and he looked at her .

" For behaving so gentle with my friends.  Do you know Manik my friends are my only family.  And mujhe bohot achcha laga when you talked with them so sweetly.  Thank you.  "

Manik smiled on her cuteness then getting back to his mischievous mood he said " achcha ? Toh when you want me to thanks then thanks me properly in my type.  " 
He winked and her mouth shaped as a perfect O remembering their very first 'thank you encounter'.

" haww Manik... you're such a monster " she smilied with him and he pulled her in his protective embrace.


"Nandini thanks " Manik suddenly said .

Nandini tilted her head from his chest looked at him for an explanation.
" thanks as because for the first time I interacted with my fans.  And it's really a very good feeling.  And it's all because of you. " he said.

" me ? " she asked.

" yes you. " he pecked her head and continued  " if you would not go the mall and I didn't thought to chase you toh fir yeh kaise hota?  " he replied and held her more closer. She  smiled and again rested  her head on his chest.

After some time

Nandini was in deep thought. She was continously moving her fingers on his chest absent minded when Manik was humming a tone. 

" Nandini where are you lost?  "  Manik asked .

She took a deep breath and replied " I am thinking of life.  Sab kuch ek dream jaisa laag raha hai.  Kal tak I could only admire you , love you , see you through your photos and an imaginative way.  And dekho today I am sleeping in your loving embrace being so protected.  You're in front of me.  My world' s king is actually with me.  Isn't a dream?  Yeh sapna nehi toh aur kya hai? I still can't believe in my stars.   "

Manik chuckled with her dilemmas.  He took her one hand and entwined their fingers and rubbed her other arm with his another hand. 

He then said " But you have to believe in your stars as your stars have given me My Star. " 

He then took a pause and Nandini got up so as he.  They sat in front of each other.  And he again entwined their fingers and further said kissing their hand 

" I don't know what impact you have on me.  What's the name of this feeling.  But I do like  it.  I don't know how like when you have become my lifeline.  I even can't breath properly when you're not around.  Yeh sab pahle kavi nehi tha. Pahele no one was important to me.  Kisiko meri parwa nehi thi nahi mujhe kisiki fikar.  I was free.  I was free from all emotional boundaries.  But now it's different.  Now ayesa lagta hai k koi hai.  Someone is there for you.  And yeh bohot achchi wali feelings hai.  "

Nandini eyes became moist hearing him so genuine.

" Is this The Manik? The famous Rock star? the infamous arrogant brat?  "  She questioned herself and her heart answered " It's Her Manik.  And before a rock star he is a human being.  And he also has a heart.  And this infamous arrogant brat is an owner of a very humble  pure heart. "

" Nandini. " he called out her name so lovingly . " hmm " she hummed drowning into his bewitching ever talkative eyes.

" you will not leave me alone hain naa ? " he asked.  He himself was confused ' was it a question or pray ? '

Her soft heart  couldn't held his intense feelings more and she hugged him with that much force that Manik loosed his control a bit and then composing himself he hugged her back. 

" I will never leave you alone.  And how could I ? If I am your life line then you are the soul reason of my life.  And without soul a life is void.  Nothing.  "  she said . And her words transfered the assurance to his heart and he hugged her even more tight .

" Manik I have left my house my dad my identity for you.  To love you.  You're my only pray and last wish.  Then how could you think that I Will leave you ? I won't.  I will never.  You are my heartbeat Manik.  without you there is no existence of me. " she thought and kissed his shoulder.  

" Nandu. Can I ask you something ? " Manik suddenly asked breaking the hug.

She nodded and he hesitantly asked  " Is there anything I don't know about you?  "

Her eyes popped up with his sudden encounter.  She couldn't lie to him  about her family but could not share too. 

" kyun?  Whyyy do you think so? You ... you know eeeverything about me.  " she somehow managed to say.

" Really ?? " Manik could sense of something seeing her so disturbed all of a sudden.  But he thought to wait till she herself opened up. 

So, to turn the topic in a light one he said " Like this?  The bracelet ."  He pointed out her left wrist thick band.

" You always wear this ? I have never seen you to open this. Humesha  kyun pahenti ho?  And it's unbelievably broad compare to your tiny hand.  Ayesa kyun ? "  he asked trying to open the band . He was about to untie it but she stopped him doing so.

" Manik no please.  " she pleaded and his mere curiosity got a hard push.

" why?  Is there any treasure is hidden kya ?" He mockingly asked but his six sense was pushing him towards the band more with each passing second.

" Manik why you're so stubborn ? Bola na it's  only a band." She said sneaking out of the bed and went downstairs escaping further interrogations.

" Ok as you say so.  " though he replied that to her but his mind was in his own game of  her treasure hunt.  And he knew how to play with her.  He smirked and picked up his guitar  and started playing the tune he had just cracked..

Aakhon k panno pe
Maine likha tha sau dafaa
Lafzon mein jo ishq tha
Hua naa hothon se bayaan

Khud se naraaz hoon
Kyun be-aawaaz hoon
Meri khamoshiyan hain sazaa
Dil hai yeh sochta
Phir bhi nahi pataa
Kis haq se kahun bataa

Ke Main Hoon Hero Tera

(Main hoon hero hero tera)

Manik  was remembering all the times he had spent with her from the very first day and how his dark life changed after her shining entry.. 

Raahon mein bhi, har kadam
Main tere saath chala
Haathon mein thhe ye haath magar
Phir bhi rahaa faasla
Seene mein hain chhupe
Ehsaas pyaar ke
Bin kahe tu sun le zaraa

Dil hai yeh sochta
Phir bhi nahi pataa
Kis haq se kahun pataa..

Ke main hoon hero tera
He was recalling and reliving those moments and words were itself started showing up and he was writing them down. It was the very first time he was singing for someone. 

Teri wajah se hai mili
Jeene ki sab khwahishein
Paa loon tere dil mein jagah
Hai yeh meri koshishein
Main bas tera banu
Bin tere naa rahun
Maine toh maangi hai yeh duaa

Dil hai yeh sochta
Phir bhi nahi pataa
Kis haq se kahun bata..

Ki Main Hoon Hero Tera 

It was not only a song but his true feelings for her as  he had written  the song for her , living each words of it .  He so wanted to mark her him clearing all the doubts she  was still stuck with regarding his presence in her life.  He so wanted to share her all pains. He so wanted her to feel him. But his longings had to wait a little long. And he would win her full trust someday and made her him. After all He is The King of Her World.


Hollaa guys as I promised I am here so early with an quick update... Keep liking.  supporting. Stay tuned.Smile

sorry for no pms.Embarrassed


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manya_189 IF-Dazzler

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This song is loveee :D obsessed with it!!
How perfectly they understand each other!!
Lovely update!

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