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Asya SS: Our journey to love chapter eleven updated pg77 19th oct (Page 71)

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Originally posted by shailu123

hey simmuHug
awesome update yaarThumbs Up
awww najma is so cute usse tho apni break fast ki padi haiROFL
chalo dilshad ne haan bol di Wink
aur yeh kya hogaya asad ko tho bolne ka mauka hi nei mila Ouch
zoya bhi itni gussa hai Ouch
continue soon Smile
Thanks shail Big smile
Hehe tamatar aur food ka bhut purana relation h ROFL
Mission mummy patao succesful LOL
Yeah bechara asad

-simmi- Goldie

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Originally posted by halima_zaka

Thanks Embarrassed
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Originally posted by Linsie

Nice update
thanks for the pms...

Originally posted by Linsie

thank u linsie Big smile
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Originally posted by Splash-ASYA

yup soon!!
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Originally posted by suearmaniac

Next page pe update
yep hope fully
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Chapter eleven

Banner Credits #starryphoenix ^_^

Next Morning

"May i come in sir??"asad heard her at his cabin door and massaged his temple in irritation

"come in"he command and there she enters clothed with white sleeveless kurti and blue jeans her raven hair was as usual liberated from any band flowing on their own rhythm, she was looking mesmerising he thought but when she didn't look like mesmerizing to him, he countered for him every time he laid his eyes on her, she grows more and more beautiful and he can't help but enraptured by her beauty, he knows that he have to apologize and he tried for it many times at last night but her phone was constantly going on voice msg, and when he couldn't reach her he left a message for her that he is guilty and wants her to talk to him just once, he too waited for her call but it never came and finally he resolved in morning to have a talk with her in office itself but when he reached here the news he got angered and shocked him which caused him to call her in his cabin

"Zoya u don't need to call me that"he said as to her eyes shot up to meet his.. "God she is still mad at me"he thought scrutinizing her eyes which still filled with anger and a bit swallowed too "did she cried ya allah what have i done"he ask himself

"why asad sir won't everyone here call u by that name"she taunted emphasizing on 'sir' looking squarely in his eyes, he flinched at her curt answer

"zoya see.."he started but interrupted by her "its Ms. Farooqui to you" he glanced at her incredulously he want to yell at her for being so stubborn and childish but she was always like this wasn't she?? he breathed and calming himself down its very rare for him to control his temper when his employees very well aware of his pique which took place quite easily, he pinched the bridge of his nose and sigh keeping himself in check

"fine Ms. Farooqui but would you like to tell me whats this??"he ask sliding a paper infront of her raising his eyebrow "what do you think i won't found about this its my company zoya and here no one join and resign it without my permission and signature on the document!!"he stated to which she rolled her eyes he closed his eyes calming him, he was at fault he agree but can't she give him a chance to explain or defend but no she chooses to ignore him instead

Zoya was so angry when she got back home "how can he lied to me??"she breath, she now realised whenever she asked him about their boss he always switch the topic, the way her colleague and other staff always whisper behind her whenever she pass near them but she always ignored them thinking that she is here to work not for some office gossip unknown to her that they were gossiping about her only god knows what??, she was hell angry that in her anger she get her laptop and typing a resignation letter while angry tears making thier way from her doe like eyes she send it to the HR head, sighing she looked for her mobile phone and soon found it, getting it switched on she found a voice msg from him but not in mood to listen any of his talk she delete his msg and tossed it on her bed. When he enter the office premises she felt that everyone is looking at her like they know something that she doesn't, soon she got a call from his cabin and the walk from her workstation to his cabin made it more difficult she was feeling as if everyone is following her move and some of them smirking at them, she can't handle that she is Gaffur Farooqui's daughter she can handle anything but any allegation on her self respect is not acceptable

"stop being childish zoya...you can't resign like that you are mixing personal and professional.."he tried breaking her trance but she cut him off second time that day

"being childish is better than being a liar i guess and by the way thanks for telling me again that you own this place asad sir and don't lecture me about personal & professional when u urself don't know what it really means"she said her eyes spitting daggers at him, he knows if he argue then it will make her more firm on her decision knowing how stubborn she can be, "so now he have to try something else"he thought

"okkay i never want to this Ms. Farooqui but u forced me into this..."he said whilst scrambling out of chair which define authority and power & and walked towards the drawers which were behind him opening one of the drawers he retrieved a blue coloured file from it on which "Ms. Zoya Farooqui" is written on the labell annexed to it, he clutched it in his hand and brought it to his desk placing it infront of her, gesturing her with his head to read it..

"what rubbish its my appointment letter and other details"she said reading the top of the first sheet and then closing it giving him a furious look as to which he return a smirk

"may be u are forgetting Ms. Farooqui but its not just your appointment letter its a one year contract you signed with us!"he put forth calmly, realisation drawn in her she knew that she signed the contract but she was so furious with him that it flew out of her mind, but when he remind her of that her anger grew more

"are u threatening me that if i leave this job u'll take me to court???"she asked with ire

"i might"he retort "well in that case Mr. Khan i give a damn"she countered her nose and cheeks turning red, she blew claming her nerves "Aww she looks cute.."he thought a smile forming on his lips but he covered it up on time shaking his head straightening himself he continued

"okkay but first think about your sister she is coming back right?? And u didn't tell her about what happened on top that if u'll tell her abt this court case which obviously m going to win and after that i can claim huge amount from you think about it miss farooqui or there is one more solution to it i can give your termination letter but after that i doubt any company will appoint you!! M sure after knowing this she'll get tense do you want that??"he put forward clamly and hoping that zoya will leave her stubborn decision "its just about one year & its for the better!! And moreover if m not professional prove that you are" there he said it, he is sure it will work, he saw her brooding about it

"okkay but... m still angry"zoya said after giving it a thought "whatever he did doesn't mean i m doing right.. abbu bhi toh kehte the that two wrongs can never be a right also humeira is more important to me ...already i have to tell her about that issue and he is right zoya its just about one year"she muse

"done"he said giving her a faint smile "you may leave now"he said while gesturing towards the door though in his heart he never wants her to go, zoya nodded whilst scrambling off the seat, she flitted towards the door but a source of sound stopped her in her tracks

"aanchhee... "asad sneeze again and rubbed his red nose with handkerchief, "this stupid cold i wonder when it'll leave me, upar se yeah headache"he utter scrunching his nose and massaging his forehead, zoya turned and walk past his seat she started searching something in the drawers behind him

"hey what are u..."asad exclaim but soon he saw her with a first aid box and his face crunch in confusion

When she heard him sneezing she doesn't know what got into her all of sudden she rush towards drawers behind his seat and started searching for first aid box, luckily she found it there only. She turned to him and placing the box on his desk she questioned sternly "dawai li??" to which he just shook his head making her rolled her eyes at him coz she expected this from him only, she looked for the medicine and soon found it, she took his hand and placed the tablet on his palm gesturing towards the glass filled with water which is already placed on his desk, asking him to pick it up. Follwing her instruction asad gulped the tablet she gave him with the help of the water ofcourse and gave her a sheepish look, she shook her head at him before moving out of his cabin mumbling something like "idiot" to which asad grinned

"you don't want my help zoya so i won't help u hmm lets see Ms. Farooqui how much you gonna miss me!!"he utter an amusing smile playing on his lips at his own thoughts,he looked up closing his eyes giving rest to his still aching head

Tera Banega Woh Jo, Tera Nahi Hai
Aye Dil Bata Kyun Tujko, Itna Yakeen Hai
Mere Dil-E-Beqaraar
Haan Dil-E-Beqaraar
Yahi Hota Pyaar Hai Kya
Mere dil-e-bekaraar
(My heart,why are you so confident
That the one who is not your's
Will become your's?,
My restless heart,
Is this love?)

Yehi hota pyaar hai kya
Mere dil-e-bekaraar haye
Yehi hota pyaar hai kya

Next morning after parking his car asad was walking his way to the office premises when he saw zoya walking ahead of him, zoya as if sensing his presence turned around but finding none her face fell & turning back she started walking again unknown to her that asad had hide himself behine a wall near...a smile appear on his face seeing her and knowing that she can sense him

Asad was heading towards the finance department when she bump into him, he tried to catch her by holding her waist they both looked into each other eyes but soon realising their position sprang apart zoya noticed that the files she was carrying got scattered on the floor asad too noticed but didn't made any effort to help her and left from there...zoya looked at his back in disbelief and cursing him started picking up the files herself, he looked at her from distance and chuckle at her antics

Khawaabon mein koi kyun hai yun rehta
Aye dil tu kyun mujhe hain yeh kehta
Woh mera rasta bhi hai
Aur woh hi manzil
Woh mera sagar bhi hai
Aur woh hi saahil
(Why does somebody live in my dreams?
My heart,why do you say this to me that
He is my path
As well as destination
She is my ocean
As well as shore)

Yehi hota pyaar hai kya
Mere dil-e-bekaraar

Yehi hota pyaar hai kya
Mere dil-e-bekaraar
Yehi hota pyaar hai kya

"zoya its lunch time we are going out are u coming??"one colleague of her ask her whilts she was busy in some files and with the computer

"no shreya actually i have to complete this, pankaj sir wants this tomorrow itself i don't think i'll be available for lunch or any meal may be coffee"she answered and started typing furiously on the keyboard at the same time asad passes from there and got heard her saying that

After some time shreya came with a pizza box and said "u know zoe today boss announce lunch from his side for our hard work see, so here you go pls have it"she placed the pizza box on her desk and left, zoya glance at the pizza and bite her lower lip contemplating whether to eat it or not..but she gave into the temptation, picking up slice she started munching on it. Asad is watching her from a distance and soon hide himself sensing her turning. She again felt him as if he is watching her but again she got disappointed whilts asad smiled to himself placing one hand on his heart to calm his racing heart and soon made his leave from there.

Sunta hoon main teri yeh daastaan
Simtegi ek din to yeh dooriyaan
Ummeed tumne aye dil khoi nahin hai
Teri zidd mere aye dil
Kyun yeh junoon hai
Kya justaju hai
Aakhir tujhe kyun yeh aarzoo hai
( am listening to your tale
That some day the distances will finish
My heart,you haven't lost hope
Your stubbornness is worth praise
Why are you so mad?
What is this search?
Why do you have such desire)

He was sipping his black coffee from his mug sitting infront of his computer watching zoya's pictures on slide show in his cabin when he felt her there, she came & slowly took the mug from his hand & placed it on the desk maintaining the eye lock and lean towards him on his chair caressing his face, he started tucking the few strands of her which are coming in his view caressing her cheeks with is knuckles he cupped her face, looking in her almond shaped eyes he started leaning towards her face closer & closer but as soon as he could placed his manly lips on her soft ones he felt a jerk and she disappears. He found himself in his cabin with no zoya but prasad who is talking about something showing him the a file..and he face palmed himself getting aware of his day dreaming

Yehi hota pyaar hai kya
Mere dil-e-bekaraar

Yehi hota pyaar hai kya
Mere dil-e-bekaraar
Yehi hota pyaar hai kya

Zoya was standing on bus stop waiting for a bus unaware that asad is watching her sitting in his car from a distance as soon as bus came and zoya get on it he ignited the engine of his car leaving from there too


A beautiful girl in her early twenties walking out of the Bhopal airport clad in a black T-Shot and a red legging jeans, wearing black shades whilts in one hand she is holding her clutch and with the other she is trailing her blue coloured skybag case. Her walk is defining the elegence and confidence she carries and at the time she can be naughty, bubbly and chirpy like her older sister thats right this is Humeira Farooqui now in India.

That's it for now thanks in advance and now m going to update after my exams i'll hope that u guys will me as well as the story
And for bonus i've written a TS for you guys i hope u'll like Embarrassed


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Me first  again Wink
Kya bat hai totally cold war ha
Asya fight loved it  but both caring for each other 

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Nice update
Zoya was angry & asad tried to pacify her. She didn't listen so asad used his power. He was feeling cold & she can't ignore it in her anger. She felt him but he hide himself every time. So humeira is here now. Update plz. Thanks for pm

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