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Asya SS: Our journey to love chapter eleven updated pg77 19th oct (Page 58)

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Thank you so much guys for liking my previous update. It means to me alot Hug

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the chapter iss dedicated to my dear sum, tehs aapi, sue and especially nayab pls keep pestering me for updates so that i couldn't distract LOL

Chapter Ten


Eveyone is present at the breakfast table when asad made his way from his room to the kitchen area while rubbing his nose with his handkerchief which turned scarlet due to the sneezing he is doing from morning, "that's why i hate rain why i drenched into rain m such a fool aaachiii"and he again sternutate while reprimanding himself, cleaning his nose with is absolute white handkerchief he flitted towards the dining area for the first meal of the day.

"Good morning everyone aaachhii"he greet everyone then rubbed his nose after his sneezing session

"good morning asad beta what happen to you??"dilshad ask concern while touching his forhead for the tempreture

"m okk ammi its just i got drench in rain last night so...but u don't worry i'll be okk"asad reasons whilts taking his seat at the breakfast table

"but u don't like rain right?? then why and how'd you drenched in rain"dilshad questioned with a raised brow

"ammi plss stop interrogating bhaijaan we are hungry plss take ur seat"najma said and pout at the end, dilshad nodded and took her seat on the right side of asad and beside najma

"not we are tamatar you are hungry!!"ayaan voiced who was sitting on the left side of asad

"ammi bhaijaan ko breakfast mat dena becoz he is not hungry"She retorted whilst poking her tongue to him and he did the same

"By the way ammi, bhaijaan wants to talk you about something"ayaan stated simply pointing towards asad

"main nahi toh...mujhe kya baat krni hai??"asad ask confounded and ayaan kicked his leg under the table glaring at him
"what"[/B]asad whispered and ayaan mouthed something like deal to him to which asad nodded and turn to dilshad "haan woh ammi haan karni hai mujhe baat"asad said and dilshad turn to him

"haan bolo asad what is it??she ask raising her eyebrow at him and asad gulped hesitated to broke the news to her and afraid of her reactions afterwards

"ammi umm haan woh actually baat ye hai ki ayaan.."he glance to her side and again gulp when her eyes went wide before he can continue dilshad interrupt him

"ayaan kya kiya ab tumne ya allah ab iss ladke ne kya kiya kahi apni uss tufaani bike se kisi ka accident toh ni kar diya allah ye ladka kabhi meri nahi sunta kitni baar kaha hai uss tufaan ko thoda dheere chalaye par nahi upar se helmet bhi ni pehnta yeh ladka uff main..."she panicked and started blabbring the things whilst ayaan shake his head and rolled his eyes to his ammi who always repeat things like this to him whenever he goes out on his bike or in dilshad's words tufaan Wink

"ammi ammi chill nothing is like that just listen to bhaijaan for once okkay"ayaan said disrupting her ranting to which dilshad nodded in affirmation and turn to asad expectantly, asad leer between ayaan to dilshad and clear his throat while correcting his tie

"haan woh ammi ayaan is...umm ayaan is"he tried but nothing came out as if words refused to come out his mouth, ayaan looked at him expectedly but when he halt again ayaan lose his forbearance and yell scrambling out of his seat "bhaijaan just say it will you??"asad closed his eyes and said in a breath "ayaan is in love and he wants to marry her"he opened a eye to peek at dilshad who was looking like she just saw a ghost

"WHAT??"dilshad shrieked getting up her face radiate with shock and anger "ye sab kya hai asad ayaan whats all this haan sh..shadi, pyaar..."she started but najma interupted her "ammi pehle pyaar baad me shadi aap bhi kya ulta bol rahe ho"she giggled to which asad and ayaan rolled their eyes at her weird timing of jesting "shut up najma!! Its not a joke tum chup raho..aur tum log kya hai ye sab aur ayaan kyu ni bataya mujhe aur shadi koi shadi wadi nahi hogi tumhari pehle asad ka nikaah hoga bas!!"she glared at first her daughter and then her sons whilts spilling her words loud and clear
"par ammi ek baar bhaijaan ki baat toh sun lijiye"ayaan plead which return by a furious look from dilshad making him mum

"ammi pls calm down come sit here"asad precede and pulled her to her seat while he himself kneel down holding her hands, she tried pulling her hands but asad clutch them tightly but in a gentle squeeze, she sighed to which asad smile and continued "ammi see you gave me one year right?? Toh iss ek saal baad mera nikaah toh hona hi hai then why not first ayaan can marry first ab aisa toh hai nahi ki iske nikaah nhi ho skta?? Aisa hai kya ammi??"he said gently as possible

"nhi par asad tum bade bete ho iss ghar ke!!"dilshad reasoned making him chortle "Ammi tab bhi toh bada beta main hi rahunga haina?? Isse nikaah ka kya lena dena??"he tried again, dilshad rolled her eyes and said "but asad log kya kahenge??" "par ammi aap kab se logo ki fikr kar ne lag gayi, ammi aapne teen bacho ko akele pala hai tab log nahi the apki humari madat karne k liye ..toh ab kiska nikaah pehle hona chahiye iska faisla log kyu karenge pls ammi bas ek baar uss ladki se mil lijiye phir aap jaisa kahengi waisa hoga"asad finished and looked at her contemplatingly hoping for a positive reaction, dilshad glance at her younger son to elder son then again to her younger son and breath "naam kya uska??"

"jjji?? Ji humeira"he stuttered and dilshad nod in response "okkay i'll meet her then i'll decide"she said firmly making her children smile widely "yippie... Ammmi"ayaan squealed and hug dilshad tightly, dilshad too response to his hug and asad grinned

"ab breakfast kare kya??"najma pout breaking them in fits of laughter "haan meri pyaari tamatar lets start breakfast now"he chirp and pulled her both cheeks and she slapped his hands in annoyance asad shake his head at this and started sipping his black-bitter coffee and the breakfast continues..

Asad' Office

Asad parked his car and scramble out of his car before making his way to his office building, today is a special day for him after yesterday incident and zoya's avowal about the moment they shared he wants to confess about himself to her as soon as possible, fingering his sparkling black SUV Mercedes keys he entered in the building grabbing the attention of his employees mostly females was looking well-favoured in his grey tux matched with a silver-black combination tie and his shinning black shoes, hands are in his pants pockets the man himself is a beau ideal. He took his private elevator as usual punching his floor number which is obviously top floor of this highly elite building. After he reach his floor he give a to the girl at reception who wished her good morning, his PA is waiting for him just outside his cabin as if he knew about the timing of arrival ofcouse he knew it afterall Asad Ahmed Khan never gets late, he glance at his classy Roger one of the most expensive brand of watches and smirk patting his own back in his mind. "Prasad get me my schedule!!"he ordered to his PA after exchanging greetings "yes sir!!!"he nodded taking out the palm top he carry with him everytime and henceforth busy hours of The Asad Ahmed Khan MD of Dilshad Constructions begins.

It was lunch time when asad is standing near the big glass window of his cabin glancing to the scenarios surrounding his workplace he is trying to think how he'll break the news to the girl whom he wants and love more than anything "what if something goes wrong??, what if she misjudge me?? What if... Asad stop with this what ifs nothing is going to be wrong just be positive"he chastise himself and resolves to call her and ask her out so that he can tell her face to face. He pulled out his cell phone and punched her no. After two or three ring she picked up "hey asad srry can't talk now m very busy becoz of this stupid software"she said hurried "but i want to talk something important can we meet now??"he ask "i don't think so due to this i have to postpone my lunch too, lets to one thing we'll meet after work at the nearby cafe then we can talk and u can drop me home after that whats say??"she proposed, asad pinched the bridge of his nose "umm haan okkay i'll meet you there at 6??"he ask "yeah okkay achha bye haan"she cut the call before he could reply "b..bye"he mumble to himself and prepared his mind for todays showdown.

Cafe Continental

She is glancing at her watch in every 10 seconds there is only 5 minutes left before 6 he'll be coming anytime now, she bit her lower lip in nervousness, what yesterday is still in her nous and she can never forget this how can anyone forget his/her first kiss and that kiss which gave goose skin, she hope that he doesnt want to talk about that.."allah miyaan that'll be so embarrassing"she thought whilst her cheeks turned into cerise. She is tapping her foot out of habbit when she heard someone called her.

"Zoya?? U are zoya right??"a girl in her mid twenties clad in formal wears ask her while sitting across her

"yes am zoya but how do you know me??"she ask confounded

"am shruthi, we work in same office but different departments, actually everyone is talking about you in office so..its easy to recognize you, by the way you are waiting for Asad Sir right??"she ask while grinning

"yes m waiting for him but why everyone talking about me, I didn't do anything special"she mused

"you are dating The Asad Ahmed Khan ye special hi toh hai!!"she exclaimed
"first of all we are not dating and if we are then what's so special about him?? He is just a common guy"she said shrugged looking at her weirdly

"Don't be so innocent haan i heard shyaam sir was saying to someone on phone that asad sir told him to select you in interview, why would he do that?? Its not usual that owner of dilshad construction would select someone inexperienced for his company the man love perfection and.."her rant was interrupted by zoya

"what owner?? see aisa nhi hai asad nhi you have misunderstood may be"she said and shivered ran down her spine

"c'mon don't be naive haan everyone knows about u and asad sir, u know offices are just like school here gossip travels faster than light"she giggled

par..asad"zoya tried to protest again but then her eyes fall on a tall figure who just make an appearance, Asad glance between shruthi and zoya hoping that everything is fine that there is still some point for salvage but alas

"see asad sir is here, now I hope he can tell you about our big boss"she gave a laugh while making air quotes after she turned to asad. He ignored her and hastily make her way to the seat near zoya's

"zoya woh main actually.." "are you the possessor of Dilshad Constructions??"he started but she cut him in between and ask firmly her gaze fixated on him and her lips form in a thin line, "main wahi.."he tried to say "yes or no??"she ask again to which asad nod in positive and zoya picked her bag and rush to the exit leaving him dumbfounded. He too hurried behind her outside the parking area of the cafe.. She was moving fast but he is faster and in no time he is near her

[/B]"zoya wait listen...zoya pls just listen to me once zoya..."[/B]he plead

"what?? What do you want me to listen Mr. Asad Ahmed Khan?? Yahi ki kitna achha bewkoof banaya mujhe tumne haan?? You know what you are no better than junaid just a liar..what the hell did you think u were doing haan taras kha rahe mujhpar??"she yell. turning to him making him gulp

"nahi zoya aisa nahi hai jaisa tum soch rahi ho see..."he tried to speak again but she cut him off

"toh kaisa hai haan bolo?? Actually she is right no one would anything like this to someone unknown without any gain aur main lagti kya hun tumhari college main kitni meetings hui hogi humari?? Toh kyu kiya tumne, tumhe koi idea bhi hai tumhari iss harkat ke baad woh log kya soch rahe honge.. main btati hun woh soch rahe honge ki maine tumhe fasaya hai, trap kiya hai tumhe yaha tak woh log toh ye bhi soch rahe honge ki maine tumhare sath.." ZOYA..he shout breaking her trance cluching her shoulders he pulled her to him "aisa kuch nhi hai zoya koi aisa kuch nahi soch raha hoga maine aisa kiya kyuki...kyuki"words failed to come out from his mouth he wanted to yell that he love her but couldn't, she break his hold on her, wiping her tears she turned around leaving him standing in that road alone while vehicles passing by him..
(background shayari)
uske ashko main zaroor koi baat thi
Woh kabhi door toh kabhi paas thi,
Socha zara chhu kar dekhun use
Par woh toh mehez ek khwaab thi

He watch her going away from him, tears brimmed his eyes she is the love of her life but it is not the right moment to tell her that

Precap: humeira's entry

juta chappals are prohibited LOL
I believe every story has phase 2 interval ke baad ek naya twist so u can assume this is just an interval not a sharukh fan but still picture abhi baki hai mere dost
By the way the above shayari is written by me only i had wrote it when i was imagining this scene months ago, so pls tell me is it worth it??
And one more thing thoda paas aao yup like that
Muahhh love you guys Heart

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Omg u have dedicated me ?? Ar karti bi kyu nai itna naak me dum karke rakha tha.LOL ar aage bi karti rahungiWink
Now coming to update..
Ye toh hona hi tha wid asad's reality come out in front of zoya from someone else..and zoya is right by being angry and any will be at her place..lets see how asad will manaofy zoya..
And dinning table scene was awesome..
Ar ab jaldi se update karo ...
Love u moreHeart

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Congrats nayab Clap
Very nice update 
So dil decided to meet humaira 
Agree with asad 
But end is very sad 
Zoya know truth about aak 
Please update soon 
I want Asya romance 
Loved it not more than you 
Lol Embarrassed

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It's not a dream 
You are updating 

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hey simmuHug
awesome update yaarThumbs Up
awww najma is so cute usse tho apni break fast ki padi haiROFL
chalo dilshad ne haan bol di Wink
aur yeh kya hogaya asad ko tho bolne ka mauka hi nei mila Ouch
zoya bhi itni gussa hai Ouch
continue soon Smile

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Originally posted by azsumay

It's not a dream
You are updating
*pinching you* LOL
-simmi- Goldie

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Originally posted by azsumay

It's not a dream
You are updating
*pinching you* LOL

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