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Asya SS: Our journey to love chapter eleven updated pg77 19th oct (Page 43)

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Originally posted by shailu123

Originally posted by -simmi-

Originally posted by shailu123

Simmi tu update kab degiUnhappy
kal pakka!! Embarrassed
Big smile

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Thank you so much guys for all the love and support. Because of all of you I made half century of likes see 53 likes i've got on my last update a big thank you to all Hug

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                   Chapter Nine

Banner credit #StarryPhoenix

She get in her home closing the doors behind her, her heart is thudding like it will sweep off her chest she placed her hand on her chest trying to calm it down she saw him smiling from the corner of her eye she closed her eyes reminiscing that moment and a smile appear on her face in reflex

She don't know how and why she said that to him but after what he confess in the car she knew she has to, she never been kissed like that hell she never been kissed even junaid was her bestfriend he was handsome,charming,fun loving and every girl has a crush for him in school and college and she was no different when he propose her she said yes but she couldn't felt what she is feeling now its not that junaid never tried but whenever they were close she felt a pull in her heart as if somebody stopping her then why asad?? When he kissed her she felt like several butterflies were juggling in her stomach and kissed was so refreshing as if she has awake from long sleep, it made her feel alive...

On the other hand Asad is also in same situation his smile is like never ending 'she doesn't regret it, she doesn't regret it asad' he said repeatedly and happiness has no bound, he glance upward as if thanking allah and looked down smiling shyly ruffling his hair itself then he started his car ready to go back to his home..today he is feeling like he got a new life, like he born again he smiled when the rain got started again, he never loved rain for him rain always come with flue, impurities and dirt but now he can see the other side like they show in movies or songs, he can too feel the romance through this weather, the little sweet breeze when brush his hair and behind his ear as if want to tell him a secret he smiled at his thoughts and turn on the radio and song they
played suits his situation perfectly

Ik teekhi teekhi si uff karaari si ladki,
Mere dil mein dil mein ek bijli jaise ho kadki
(a tangy and crispy girl,
She has struck to my heart like a lightening-2)

He sang along with the song imagining zoya with him doing all the things he loves in her

Thodi behkati huyi, thodi chehkati huyi,
Gumsum sehmati hui,
kaise jaal bichhati hai pagli
( A little intoxicated, and in a playful mood,
She is silent and little apprehensive,
She lays her traps very cautiously)

He envisage her dancing in the rain, playing with the rain drops with her hand and then she turned to him gesturing him with her hands as if telling him to join her, he unbuckle his seat belt and get off the car trying to touch her but she disappears and he gave a chuckle

Ek tedha medha sa ladkhadaata sa ladka,
Mere dil mein dil mein ek shola jaisa hai bhadka x2
( One not so straight and intoxicated guy,
Has strike my heart like a fireball)

On the other side zoya too switch on the radio and she too experiencing the feelings what asad is feeling now. She too started singing along with the song while dancing..

Kabhi hichkichhaata huva, kabhi khul ke gaata huva,
Baate banaata huva, phir bhi humko woh bhaata hai pagla
( Sometimes hesitant, sometimes singing,
making talks, still I like that mad guy)

She sing and laugh remembering asad's hesitence when she ask him about her appearance and his "woh and actually's" and then his talks all she started liking by now

Hosh le ke udd gaya, usaki kaisi hai jaadugari,
Dekhati hi reh gayi main toh khadi ki khadi
( He has taken away my sense, how a wonderful magician he is,
I just kept looking by standing there)

Now she is balcony playing with the rain splashing little water droplets here and there while singing she again remince that kiss which took her saneness and his care towards her and caress her lips with her fingers softly

Chatpati, chulbuli usaki baate sharaarat bhari,
Par pichhe pad jaane ki aadat badi hai buri
(savoury, frolicking her talks were mischievous,
But her habit of not giving up is very bad)

Asad is now with some children dancing and singing he sing the lyrics as if telling them about her antics he ruffles ones hair and then cuddle him remembering all the time he spend with her and smiling like a lovestruck teenager

Ik teekhi teekhi si uff karaari si ladki,
Usake dil mein dil mein ek bijali jaise hai kadki,
Ek tedha medha sa ladkhadaata sa ladka,
Usake dil mein dil mein ek shola jaise bhadka
( A tangy and crispy girl,
A lightening has struck in her heart,
One not so straight and intoxicated guy,
A fireball has struck in his heart)

Asad dance and sing with the children and then make his way to his car and started to return his home. Zoya dance and sing loudly grabing her things and then make her way to bathroom closing the door with a thud

Khan Mansion

Asad entered his home trying to brush off the dirt from his shirt he don't know if someone see him like this how they react because he never ever intentionally drench in rain his full concentration is on his wet shirt when suddenly he bump into someone

'ouch'they both screech simultaneously 'ayaan what are doing here at this time??'he gritted irritation clear on his face

'bhaijaan you are home'ayaan said

'good observation ayaan now let me go i need a shower'[/B[he said sarcastically

[B]'but bhaijaan i want to talk to you now'
ayaan said

'ayaan look at the time its almost 12 we'll talk in the morning now go' he ordered

'bhaijaan please m waiting for you to talk its really important please bhaijaan'he plead clasping his hands infront of him

'okkay but you have to wait till I shower is that okkay??'he ask

'ofcourse and i'll make coffee for u'ayaan chirp

'o k 'he said slowly looking strangely at ayaan wondering 'is that really ayaan and he is offering me coffee this is something weird'he thought and jerk his head not understanding a bit he decide to shower first

'now tell me what it is??'he ask after he came out of bathroom in his usual white kurta and pajama, he sat on the bed beside ayaan

'bhaijaan u know na that i love you and u r best bhaijaan in the world'he said sweetly with a suger coated smile

'and ayaan do you know that m your brother not a slice of bread so stop buttering me'he said with a raised eyebrow and in a stern tone

'okkay'he said with sheepish smile

'good now get to the point'he said massaging his forehead

'woh..bhaijaan u remember i've been to newyork in a student exchange program from my college for one month??'ayaan ask while asad nod in response giving him cue to continue

'haan toh bhaijaan there i met a girl, she was the head of hospitality so she had took care of our stay there and bhai she is so gorgeous, smart, intelligent..'ayaan is going on about the girl meanwhile asad clear his throat disrupting his blabber

'basically u liked her so??'asad said less interested in his talk all he want now a much needed sleep and his brother is just an intruder between his and the slumber

'yes and then we started dating and its almost one and a half year now..'he said and looked at asad for a reaction getting none he decided to blast the bomb 'and she is coming this Friday and she wants to marry me'ayaan close his eyes saying it in a breath

'WHAT??'asad shriek while ayaan cover his ears, asad looked at him and draw a deep breath gulping the current scenario

'and you dont want to marry right??'asad ask the first thing which came into his mind

'no bhai i too want to marry her, i love her so much'ayaan said with a sigh and asad looked at him admiringly 'oh so ayaan miyaan is in love this is fun!!'he thought

'so whats the problem??'asad ask raising an eyebrow

'ammi..'ayaan said pouting

'have some shame ayaan u are referring ammi as a problem..'asad exclaim while suppressing his smile

'bhaijaan don't make fun of me okk?? I just want to say that i don't think ammi will agree'ayaan finished sadly

'and why so??'asad ask confound

'woh yesterday ammi was talking to Sakina mumani on the phone and i guess mumani adviced her to think about my marriage instead of yours because you are not ready yet but ammi turn her down and we all know apki nikah toh hone se raha'ayaan said and mumble the last part inaudibily so that asad could not listen but he was not that lucky

'what did u say?? Mera nikah hone se raha achha toh ye toh batao ayaan miyaan what will i get from all of this?? As you se nikah tumhara, girlfriend tumhari mera kya toh main kyu tumhari help karun?? Mujhe kya milega??'Asad countered while raising a eyebrow and a smirk forming on his face

'bhabhi apko apni khud ki personal one and only bhabhi milegi bhaijaan'ayaan replied hoping his bhaijaan would get agree

'and i have no interest in this apni khud ki personal one and only bhabhi'asad said in a same tone as his

'fine what do you want bhaijaan??'ayaan said sulking

'now u r talking about business okkay i want 3 things :
First, Stop stealing my clothes from my cupboard in my absense and Don't use my perfume and this jacket is also mine'
asad said pointing at his jacket smirking while ayaan know that he is helpless now

'Second don't sit on my bed when you put on these shoes'asad finished his second condition while dusting his bed eyeing his brother's oh so dirty shoes making a face

'and the last one you are joining the office from tomorrow and don't worry ayaan all field work haan'asad finished and pat his cheek at the end giving him his sweetest smile

'bhaijaan u r taking advantage of the situation na knowing very well that ammi love you more and she'll listen to you only'ayaan said making a puppy face

'yes that's exactly what am doing'he said while nodding his head

'fine but you'll talk to her tomorrow only deal??'ayaan ask streching his hand towards asad for a hand shake

'deal Mr. Ayaan ahmed khan now go and get some sleep'asad said gesturing towards the door with his head while doing a hand shake

'ok bhai good night'ayaan said and get up to leave 'and haan bhai pls have that coffee i made for you'he said standing near the bedroom door

'okkay i will good night ayaan'asad said and with that ayaan made his exit

'idiot'he said after he is gone shaking his head at his little brother's antics and take the sip of the beverage made by ayaan and the next second he spit it all out 'yuck..'the words escaped from his mouth while he make faces looking at the coffee

Zoya's residence

'What??humeira are
you serious?? u were dating this guy and never told me about and on top that u want to marry and who is this idiot??'
zoya exclaimed

'aapi pls don't call him an idiot his name is ayaan and we really love each other u know api he even conviced his family to visit newyork in her sister's vacations so that he can meet me, he is very nice guy aapi please meet him for once m sure you'll love him please bas ek baar mil lo na aapi'humeira plead to zoya

'do i have choice??'zoya ask rolling her eyes at her sister

'it's mean yes right??humeira ask while zoya nod 'yippe Yahoo u r best aapi thank you so much'humeira said enthusiastically

sirf milne ko bola h approval toh milne k baad hi milega'zoya replied giving her a small but soft smile

'm sure aapi woh bhut pasand ayega apko..'she chirp 'waise aapi did you changed your room's interior?? Its different from last time'humeira ask curiously while sudor appeared on zoya's face and her smile faltered

'um woh humeira i have to tell you something but when you come here'she said fidgeting with her fingers

'everything okkay aapi??humeira furrowed

'yeah humeira all good okkay its late here and m feeling drowsy will talk you later'zoya reassured her

'ji aapi good night and i love you'humeira said and giving her flying kiss through video chat

'i love you too chotu and take care of your self'zoya said and turn off the video chat

She rest her head on the head board thinking how she'll break this news to humeira 'allah miyaan please mujhe himmat dena humeira ko sab sach batane ki i hope woh mujhe samjhe'she said and then laid down on her bed closing her eyes after switching off the lights waiting for sleep to engulf her

Uske ashkon mein zarur koi baat thi
Woh KaBhi door toh KaBhi paas thi,
Socha zara choo kar dekhun use
Par woh to mehez ek khwab thi

that's it for now hope u'll like it and about precap 'samajhdaar ko ishara kafi hai' LOL and pls visit my ts on asya the girl who touched my heart

PS:same as before pls buddy me for pms Smile

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Read all chapters at one go and loved it.
Wish to know how Zoya will feel after knowing that the company belongs to A sad.

Pl. Update ASAP.

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Hey simmu so lovely update yaarHug love the song sequence they r acting like teenegersWink n love asad's conditions to ayaan lol n precap is interesting yaar continue soonSmile

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I am the 54th person to like your writing.LOL

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Read All The Parts In One Go And All R Amazing...Approve

Awesome Updates...Clap

Just Love It...Smile

Every Scene Is Mind-Blowing...Thumbs Up

Every Scene Was Portrait Beautifully...Star

Update Next Part Soon...Big smile

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Yaad a gaya ki update b karna h??

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