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Asya SS: Our journey to love chapter eleven updated pg77 19th oct (Page 34)

-simmi- Goldie

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Posted: 11 June 2015 at 1:11am | IP Logged
warning: pls don't throw chappal and jutas on me after reading this update but if someone has gucci then most welcome but pls throw both pairs haan i would love to catch them LOL srry bad joke right?? anyway i'll hope you all enjoy the update Smile

              Chapter Eight

Banner credit #StarryPhoenix

Asad stopped his car infront of zoya's building waiting for her to come out..he came out of his car looking upward towards her apartment and then his watch tapping his foot ceaselessly impatient to see her... After the shifting they plan to have dinner together it was zoya's idea she wanted to celebrate this with him..he was so happy that he instantly said yes to her offer.. Ofcourse how can he missed this opportunity to have dinner with the love of his life he looked at the entrance of the building again and this time she came out looking breathtaking he is daze with his beauty 'how can someone look so beautiful like an angle'he thought

She put on a white knee length dress looking elegant and gorgeous she matched the dress with golden heals ..she make her way towards asad walking as a model walk on ramp

(zoya's outfit)

She came infront of him and smiled at him but getting no response from him she wave her hand infront of his face making him jerk out his oneirism

He scrunched his nose cutely castigating itself for getting lost like that 'God what she'll think about me ??'he told himself in his mind

'hey'he said

'hey' she reply

'hows m looking??'she ask

'Mashallah'the words escaped from his mouth ,she chuckled

'woh actually you'he started trying to cover up

'thank you asad..so shall we leave??'she said interrupting him

He nod and open the passenger door for her to sit she smiled again at his chivalry and take her seat he closed the door and head to the driver seat ,he too sat and started the engine after wearing his seatbelt

'Asad??'she called

'hmm'he hummed eyes on the road

'Is that bouquet for me??'she ask pointing at the back seat he looked at the bouquet he bought in the way for her but forget to give because he was so mesmerized by her beauty

'uh woh actually ah yes' he said hesitating and sighed when the word yes came out of his mouth, he don't know she'll like it or not ..he bought bouquet for the first time that too roses on top of that for a girl he love but she doesn't even has a hint of it ,he stopped the car and give her the bouquet before igniting it again

She looked at red roses in her hands 'its beautiful' she thought and caressed each and every rose with her fingers and then smelled it sighing in pure pleasure, Asad smiled at her looking this small gesture of her

'you know what's it mean to give red roses to a girl'she smirked while asking him

'No'he said biting his lips to fight back the raring smile

'NO.. U mean you really don't know what it means??'she said incredulously

'ofcourse not m not florist who knows everything about flowers are you zoya??' he ask turning the tables

'no m not but everyone knows about it' she said turning to his side

'i don't know tell me'he said with a poker face

'you are so stupid'she said and turn towards the window, he chuckled and shook his head at her childish behavior

Finally they halt at the diner he get off his seat and make his way towards her door to open it for her ..she ignore him and turn to go he grinned before following her

'Sir..Bill'waiter came to them with their bill they've finished their dinner talking about random things with some jokes which obviously zoya cracks

'Here..'zoya said taking the bill but he snatch it from her

'hey it supposed to be my treat'she exclaimed

'whatever m not allowing you that' he said firmed

'why??oh hello mister its me who won house not you and you did said that u want a treat didn't you??'she accused

'Are i was just jesting zoya you are not paying'he said

'if m not paying then m going now u decide'she threaten him

'that's not fair zoya its cheating'he said losing the argument

'yippie..'she squeal like a child and asad laugh at her behavior but their moment got interrupted by asad's phone ringing

'srry but its important'he said looking his phone going out to talk in privacy

Zoya is tapping her foot constantly her hand is under her chin her gaze was fix on the entrance waiting for him she had paid the bill around 10 minutes ago but his call haven't finished yet, she get up to look for him.. She is walking towards the entrance when she bump with someone she thought it to be asad but when she looked at the person her eyes went wide after those years why he is here?? she gulp looking at him

'jj..junaid'she stammer after standing on her feet

'Oh zoya you still remember me.. Ofcourse its not that easy to forget me right?? Waise what are you doing here??'he ask surprised

'i came here for dinner'she replied the obvious her face hardened

'ofcourse.. But alone zoya i can't believe you came here to dine dressing like that all alone.. Tch tch kya hua couldn't found someone better than me i told you to not break up, that deal was perfect but you...'he said looking her up and down

'see junaid..'before zoya could complete her word

'hey baby what are doing here i told you m coming in a minute it just a stupid call otherwise i wouldn't have leave you'asad said coming to her and tucked the hair strand which is going to fall

'uh woh asad'she said confused with the situation

'yes.. Oh who are you?? Do you know him baby??'he said turning to junaid although he know him very well but pretended as if he didn't recognize him

'oh but zoya didn't tell me about you anyway m asad zoya's boyfriend'he said giving him a tight smile while zoya looked at him shocked

'we had our dinner so we should leave may be we'll meet again right sweetheart??'he said praying never to meet him otherwise he don't know what he'll do and then turn to zoya giving her his sweetest smile ,she nodded at him while he held her hand tightly giving junaid a look they came out of the restaurant

Asad looked at zoya whose eyes are glitz with tears she doesn't utter a single word to him they are walking towards the parking lot but he can feel that her mind is somewhere else

(Background music)

Kuch is tarah teri palkein meri palkon se mila de
Aansu tere saare meri palkon pe saja de
Kuchh is tarah teri palkein meri palkon se mila de
(Unite your eyelashes with mine in such a way
That all your tears get placed on my lashes instead)

He opened the door for her she sat down quitely not even looking at him once he sat down too and ignited the engine

Tu har ghadi har waqt mere saath raha hain,
Haan ye jism kabhi door kabhi paas raha hain..
Jo bhi ghum hain ye tere unhe tu mera pata de
(Every second every time you have been with me
Though,sometimes this body has been far and near from you
Whatever sorrows you have give them my address)

He thought about their first meeting at college and then when she bump into him at his office, their moments together he is thinking that she always remain with him though they are not together physically but she is always in his mind he looked at the side mirror where he can see her crying silently wanting those tears that pain for him

Mujhko ko to tere chehare pe ye ghum nahi jhachta
Jaayiz nahi lagta mujhe ghum se tera rishta
Sun meri guzarish ise chehare se hata de
(I don't like seeing this grief on you face
Your relation with grief doesn't seem just justice
Heed to my plea and take the the sad look off your face)

He looked at her and remember the time he dropped her at orphanage still don't know from what she has been through he want to wipe her tears he can feel the severe pain in his heart seeing her like that

Kuch is tarah teri palkein meri palkon se mila de
Aansu tere saare meri palkon pe saja de
(Unite your eyelashes with mine in such a way
That all your tears get placed on my lashes instead)

All he want her now to give all her worries, sorrow and tears to him and be happy always

He stopped the car infront of a park he get off from car and opened door for zoya, she looked at him then are surrounding confuse why they are here??

'why you take me here asad??' she ask conscious of her surrounding

'we need to talk zoya its now or never.. I can't wait more zoya'he stated looking in her eyes

'but asad i need to go home its late'she said avoiding the matter

'zoya pls i promise i'll drop you home safely trust me plsss'he plead, she nod having no other way

They sat on a empty bench zoya is fidgeting with her fingers not knowing what he wants to talk about

'so what is it asad??'she ask finally

'uh woh actually zoya i..i want to talk about you and junaid that uh what happen between you two??'he ask hesitating

'asad i think we should go home this doesn't concern you'she said looking straight

'it concern me zoya because it concern you because i love..'he almost going to say those words but when she looked at him he quickly changed them 'my friend.. I love my friend zoya and you are the only friend i have, it pain me looking you like this pls tell me pls'he completed

'asad woh main'she tried to protest

'pls zoya its first time am asking you something please tell me zoya please'he beseeched and she has to agree

'okkay i'll tell you what do you want to know?? 'she ask

'about you and junaid ..you guys were engaged na then what happened??'he ask while she nod gulping the lump formed in her throat

'yes after we completed our graduation abbu want us to get engaged we set a date after my sister's exams eveything is fine and we got engaged everyone is happy especially abbu he has decided to handover his empire to junaid but destiny have other plans its been almost 3 months since we got engaged junaid want a marriage soon but i don't.. I wanted time we just got graduate and i thought i was not ready and thank God for that.. 'she said

'what do you mean?? 'he ask

'one day i thought to surprise him i got breakfast for him i alredy have the spare key of his home.. I enter his house and heading towards his room when i heard some voices from his room, the door was ajar so i peek in..'she breath heavily controlling her emotions 'there was a girl with him in his bed they were in each other's arm i was shocked i never thought that junaid will cheat on me i turn to go from there i can't stand that sight when i heard them talking'she finished

'what they were talking about??'asad ask impatiently

'the girl ask him to marry her and leave me but he said that he can't because m the elder daughter of Gaffur Farooqui and by marrying me he'll get the half of the empire of my abbu i couldn't believe what i heard we know each other from years he was my best friend in high school I don't know how he became like this.. I was so angry i opened the door he was horrified seeing me there he tried to explain but i told him i already heard everything and that he is a disgusting person.. But he did something else he said if i marry him i can live my life as i want he won't stop me he said he won't object if i sleep around with anybody i felt so disgusted that i slapped him how can he say like that about me i felt so suffocated being there in the same room with him that i walked out of his room, his house and his life leaving him'she told him everything about her and junaid

Asad clinched his hand in attempt to control his anger, his knuckles are turning white his jaw is clenched he so want to punch that bas***d now he hold the bench tightly to cool down himself breathing heavily he gaze at zoya who was on verge of crying he turned and wipe her tears caressing her cheeks she closed her eyes leaning in his touch

'zoya..'he breathed 'can i ask something else?? 'he ask her and she nodded knowing she can now share her pain with someone

'where is your abbu and your sister and why were you living in that orphanage??'he ask

'woh after junaid abbu wants me to pursue masters to divert my mind and my sister she got admission in an university in newyork everything is turning back to normal its been a year and half since i started my masters I don't know but i can feel that abbu is in some tension i ask him too i said i want to share his problems i asked him is he wants me to join business but he denied he said he is ok but one day he was in is study i made coffee for him but when i reached him i saw him sleeping in his chair i shake him a little but he didn't respond abbu always get awake with a little shake i was worried this time i shook him vigorously but still no response i started shivering with fear my hand was sweating i take my hand and placed it under his nose and he..'she didn't complete

'he what zoya??'he ask praying that what he is thinking didn't happened

'he was not breathing.. He leave me asad he died doctor said he died because of blood clotting in his brain we did his funeral me and my sis ..after that i send her back i don't want her studies to get affect when she left i found about my uncle he was cheating my abbu he make him signed o some papers knowing how much my abbu trust him and tranfer all our property in his account abbu was worried but he didn't share it with me why asad does he think m not capable enough to share his pain just because m his daughter not a son?? why he always give us happiness treat us like his princess but when it came to share his sorrow he turned his back hiding his tears ?? first time i wished in my life that kash ammi humare sath hoti abbu never let us miss our ammi he was our ammi and abbu both but what about him he has no one to share his pain ,he didn't even marry again after ammi's death because he was afraid that some other woman can never give us love like he and ammi'she sniffed

'zoya...hush m here'he said hugging her from side caressing her back to calm her down

'after abbu's death my uncle throw me out of my house saying he owned that place i can't believe, abbu trust him so much he was just not his little brother but his son ..i cried told him that m his elder brother's daughter how can he do this to me but he ignored my plea..'she gulp 'that night i was all alone I don't know where to go when i remember about Mother Stella ..me and abbu often visit that orphanage where you dropped me Mother Stella is a compassionate woman she love me and i love her too we spend time with each other whenever i visit the orphanage with abbu ...i go to her and she accepts me with open arms i want to do a job but its not easy in a country like India to get a job soon.. So i started teaching the children who live in orphanage the time was passing quickly when one day Mishra who supply food and other necessities told me about this job ..i didn't have time to gather information so i just thought to give the interview and luckily i got selected may be allah too wants to give me a chance' she said looking upward thanking god for his benignancy

'i can understand what you have been through zoya'he said holding her hand

'no u can't asad, how can you when someone close to you never leave you for the sake of money.. you can't understand my grief because you are perfect your life is perfect'she said looking at him

'no it's not'he stated 'kitni asani se hum kisi shakhs ki zindagi ko perfect karar kar dete hai ye jane bina ki shayad woh bhi kisi dard se guzra hoga shayad use bhi koi takleef rahi hogi kyu karte hai hum aisa zoya kyu??'he ask his eyes speaking volumes and first time zoya can see his grief, his sorrow and his pain through his eyes

'asad??'she wishpered

'my father he leave us my ammi, me and my little brother and sister for what?? because he couldn't take his responsibility he wants a luxurious life and he agreed to leave us for that, i was ten years old when i saw my ammi crying at night in her room alone but she never told us what she was feeling protecting us from sadness.. i saw her working hard whole day at school and then taking extra tution so that she can pay our school fees, to give us food at time, fulfilling our every need ek baar ke liye woh bhale khud ko bhul jaye par humein kabhi nahi par woh shakhs usne kya kiya humein chod kr chala gya apni zimmedariyon se muh mod liya usne budzil'asad said while his eyes were red due to anger and the tears making their way out from his eyes

'm sorry asad'zoya said caressing his hand 'i didn't know about that m so sorry'she sniffed

'its okk zoya its not ur fault aksar hum logo ki hasi ko hi unka sach samajh lete hai it's not ur fault'he said controlling his emotions and suddenly rain starting pouring on them they looked up together and then at each other chuckling at the timing

'i think we should leave'he said while she nod in agreement

they gor up to leave but zoya loose her balance due to her heals and mud but asad caught her on time by holding her waist, he make her stand her hand on his chest his hand still clutching her waist she was flushed due to their close proximity asad tucked her hair and looked at her from top to bottom her white dress became translucent showing her perfect curve due to the heavy pouring of rain he gulp and his eyes fall on a rain drop which travel from her eyelashes making its way through her cheek and finally settling on her plump lips all of sudden asad felt the urge to suck that rain drop from her petal like lips he closed the distance between their faces zoya closed her eyes anticipating his next move her breathing was uneven she clutch the lapels of his coat breathing heavily she didn't stop him and he placed his lips on her capturing her lips he sucked that little drop who was teasing him and started sucking her lower lip gently and leisurely his one hand caressing her waist up and down and other cupping her face gently it take time for zoya to respond but slowly she ease herself in that kiss sucking at his upper lip their kiss was gentle and soft as if they want to cherise that moment for forever but every sweet thing has to end and their kiss also end with a thunderclap breaking their sweet moment

Asas pulled out of the kiss realising what he did 'shit i ruined everything how am going to face her now'he thought, zoya was looking down shy from her behavior earlier when asad cleared his throat

'i think we should leave'he said not meeting her eyes guilty of what he did he head towards the car while zoya follow him thinking about the moment they share a while before

He sat in the car and turned on the heater after giving her a small towel he has in his car she smiled at his care he turned on the engine move his car towards her home not even glancing at her once afraid to see regret in her eyes for the moment they shared 'that was best moment in my life zoya but i can't see regret and disgust for me in your eyes after what we shared m sorry but m not sorry for kissing you'he thought rather he know what the girl beside him thinking

Zoya turned her face towards window a smile adoring her face she closed her eyes when the cool breeze caresses her face she was relishing the breeze smelling the sweet fragrance of soil after rain she is feeling free after sharing all these with asad 'i don't know why i didn't stopped him kissing me, it felt so natural'she touched her lips relishing the kiss again 'but why he is not looking at me?? is he regret what happen?? Is that so??but why i don't regret it ??'she opened her eyes and peer at him but his full focus on the road ahead she tried to search any emotion on his face but his face is devoid of any emotions she turned around to wipe her tears which escape from her eyes unknowingly

He killed the engine finally reaching the building of her home zoya gaze at him and turn to open the door when she heard him say 'zoya..i know what happened before it shouldn't have happened i know you regret it and may be you are thinking that i took advantage of the situation m sorry zoya i know i hurt you with that kiss but pls don't hate me don't break our friendship' he finally said what he was thinking in the car she nod at him and get off from the car making her way towards the building

Asad looked down thinking that he lost her friendship and her trust when she turned 'asad.'she called but he didn't gazed up still guilty

'asad i don't regret the kiss'she said smiling to herself and asad just nod not registering her words, she turned again giving him time to think about what she said

Asad looked up when her words strike into him he glance at her retreating figure he grinned showing his dimples and scratch his head still grinning

Precap: Ayaan and Humeira's love story.. whats say??

thank you guys hope u'll like it
Pls hit like and comment if you like it and if you don't then definitely comment so that i can improve my writing

PS: buddy me for pms

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awesome update simmi that junaidAngry how can he do that hate him n asad came on time zoya's past is so sadCry  n their kissDay Dreaming zoya don't regret doing thatHeart plzzz continue soonSmile

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sweet_tehs IF-Sizzlerz

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Hi it's a very very nice story.
N I liked it very much.
So Asad was a silent lover all these years.
N there is some past where Zoya has suffered.
Want them together soon.

Pls pm me next part.

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sweet_tehs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 June 2015 at 1:30am | IP Logged
Oh maybe when I'm reading till chapter 7 u already updated chapter 8..
Will read it n comment on it soon.

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sweet_tehs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 June 2015 at 1:31am | IP Logged

The part was amazing.
Their revelations of the past.
How easily they shared their pains and sorrows with each other.
I'm happy Junaid cheated Zoya or else she would have married him.
N my Asad would be Cry..
Loved the kiss part.
It was written so naturally n beautifully.
Not at all forced in the part.

Looking forward for Asya love story to begin.

How can I say update soon when u just did thatLOL

Still update soon.

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muskaan17rocks Goldie

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Awesome chapter
finally they shared their past with each other
the kiss was surely unexpected 
loved it
comtinue soon
will be waiting impatiently Smile

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sasir IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 June 2015 at 1:49am | IP Logged
Felt bad for zoya
I hate junaid...how can he..
But I am glad he is out of her life now
Plz update soon

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Tunailuvsahil Goldie

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Poor girl how much she suffer

Junid!!!thanks god he out of her life

I m scared if he comeback zoya's life now I'm relaxed

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