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Asya SS: Our journey to love chapter eleven updated pg77 19th oct (Page 25)

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Originally posted by -simmi-

Originally posted by Sanjhari

When are you updating next part
right now Big smile

tera right now abhi tak nahi hua?

-simmi- Goldie

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              Chapter Seven

Banner credit #StarryPhoenix

After three weeks
Morning (Khan Mansion)

'Ammi ' no response 'aaammmiii...' this time i shout u know why because my dear ammi is busy in some stupid article on some stupid actor ..she is reading it as if Prime Minister Narendra Modi has nominated her for Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan in that newspaper ..ahhh

'what asad why are you yelling like that?? U know this actor has dumbed her third girlfriend.. logo ko kya ho gya hai yahaan mere bechare bete ko ek bahu ni mil rhi aur isne...tch tch'she said dramatically

'ammi pls stop it...where is my tie??'i ask her

'yeh kya hai hath me??' she ask back gesturing towards my hand where m clutching some of my ties

'not these ammi the blue one mil hi nhi rhi'i told about my lost tie pouting

'aise kaise nhi mil rhi come let me see'she flitted towards my room and i too follow her

'what's this asad yhi toh thi!!' she said opening the cupboard after 2 or 3 seconds showing me my blue tie

'oh thanks ammi'i smiled sheepishly taking my tie from her

'if you've married then mjhe yeh sab nhi karna padta'she complained

'ammi..'i said looking at her incredulously ...how she relate every little thing to my marriage

'what ammi... I gave you one year that doesn't mean i can't talk about your marriage aisi koi deal nhi hui thi'she said no actually warn me

'achha baba now can you pls give me my coffee??'i ask politely

I shook my head at my mother

Well i forgot to tell you my little sis tamatar she LOVE cooking and wants to be a chef she makes dishes and we have to taste them... Some of them were really bad i make face remembering one of her dishes.. Hey don't tell her okkay...she make good food too but now i really don't know what is waiting at dinning table a good or bad dish..allah give me some courage. I prayed and make my way to the living room

'Bhaijaan..come today i made an especial dish of mine.. Come have it and give me your reviews'tamatar said cheerfully

'yep coming'i said

'hey m here too, nobody noticed me'ayaan said standing behind me sulking like a kid

'haan haan.. Apko invite karne ki kya zarurat hai.. Jahan khana wahan aap'tamatar teased him

And he make funny faces mimicking her while i chuckled. We all sat down on are respective place and she started serving us

'hows it??'she ask anxiously after i swallow my first bite

'its yummy tamatar'I said smiling at her.. And hey i was not lying its really yummy as i told you she experiments new dishes some turned into yummy like this one and some a mess

'apko kaisa laga ayaan bhaijaan??' she ask turning to ayaan

'hmm its okkay'he said while i shook my head at him knowing very well whats going to start now..i heave a sigh and concentrate on my food

'okkay..what do you mean by okkay apko pta hai pura one and a half hour laga hai mujhe and you are saying its just okkay.. U know what bhaijaan apko meri kadar hi nhi hai'she finished looking at him angrily

'Are kya kadar nhi hai ab dish okkay hai toh okkay hi bolunga na..'he said nonchalantly

'aap dekhna bhaijaan jis din mujhe world's best chef ki trophy milegi na dekhna aap..apni thank you speech me apka naam nhi bolungi main'she said folding her hands

'hahaha world's best chef trophy woh toh mil hi jayegi kyuki judges toh aisa khana khake kharch jo jayenge toh trophy tumhari..'he said giggling irritating her

'ayaaan don't' i warned

'rehne dijiye bhaijaan ammi is talking to afreen khala main unke paas jati hun mujhe bhi baat karni hai khala se 'she said pacing towards ammi after poking her tongue at ayaan

'Ayaan why you tease her so much ..she is our sister 'i said to him

'yes a trash bin sister..'he said hinting towards the incident which happened some months ago

Ayaan told her that she is not our real sister and we found her in a trash bin.. Najma take it so seriously that she started crying, me and ammi had to pacify her by showing her.. Her birth certificate but she was not satisfied at last ammi called the doctor who did her delivery and gave phone to tamatar.. I don't know what doctor told her but after talking to her ..she hugged us and finally stopped crying after that ammi punished ayaan with 50 sit ups.. Well he deserved it.. He always tease najma and najma always trust him they are like Tom and jerry of our house

'that was so mean of you ayaan'i said reminiscing that day

'hehe i didn't knew that she'll take it so seriously'he said grinning

'still it was your fault' i stated looking sternly at him vanishing his grin

'okkay sorry waise whats its name?? 'he ask pointing at the food prepared by najma

I shrugged that tells no idea and wiped my mouth with the napkin all ready for office

At Office

I am doing my work for almost three hours when someone knock at my cabin

'come in'i said loudly
'sir you ask for Mr. Khanna's file its here..'prasad said giving me the file i ask him for

'oh put it there, thanks' i said pointing at other files on my table

He placed the file and turn to go when i remember something

'umm Prasad.. 'i called

'yes sir??'he ask

'woh actually umm i need ur help ..its not work.. Its something umm personal'i said nervously clearing my throat in between

'Sir i work for you since this company formed..you can ask me any thing'he said sincerely.. Prasad is the most honest employee among all my employees i respect and trust him alot

'i know ..i trust you'i said and smiled at him

'woh i bought this house for her..and i don't know how to give her this..will you do it for me?? But i don't want her to know that m giving this to her you understand??' i ask taking the keys from my drawer passing to him

'her means zoya mam right??'he ask back

I nod ..he took the keys from my hand and smiled knowingly

'it'll be done sir'he said making his way to door

'Prasad..'i called again he turn and look at me as if asking what??

'thanx for everything'i said showing my gratitude he gave a small smile before exiting my cabin

These past three weeks are best days of my life although i couldn't found anything about zoya's past but my and zoya's relationship started grow from that day when i ask her to be my friend outside the orphanage. This time we became real friends..we hangout together,talk at night on whatsapp, phone calls in short m spending time with zoya as much as i can..last Saturday Prasad saw us at mall roaming around buying some things for ourselves note i hate shopping but for zoya i can do that too ...from that time he started addressing zoya as mam and i too didn't stop him actually i like it when he calls her that

'Shit..Oh damn' i swear when i turned around looking at the clock on the wall behind me 'how can i forgot about the lunch.. She is going to eat me alive 'i told myself and hurried towards the door after picking up my blazer from my chair

Outside the Restaurant

Tyres screeched infront of the restaurant before i get off from my car walking to the small restaurant's entrance where we decided to lunch.. I enter and started searching for her but she is nowhere i came out of it and saw her standing at the road opposite the restaurant i head towards her

'zoyaaa...' i shout she looked at me first and ignore me shouting for auto. I ran to her knowing her temper very well

'auto..'she shouted again

'zoya..srry srry m late lets have lunch'i said finally reaching her she glared at me angrily and again call for auto and this time one stupid auto stopped in front of us

'kahaan Jana hai madam??'he ask looking at her

'kahin nhi bhaiya aap jaaiye'i said before she can

'achha'he said

'kya achha auto maine roka hai aur mujhe jaana hai chaliye bhaiyaa'she said angrily

'thik hai' he said

'kya thik hai maine kha na nahi jana hai'i stated firmly

'aap kaun hote hai mana karne wale mujhe jana hai'she said looking at me directly

'sahab madam pehle soch lena tha na jana hai ya nahi bekaar me mera time kharaab kar rhe ho'he interjected

I glared him and gesture him to leave before zoya can protest more

'Allah miyaan whats wrong with you ek toh lunch ka plan bhi khud banaya late bhi khud aaye upar se attitude toh dekho mera auto bhejh diya'she exclaimed loudly

'zoya m really sorry.. But i was busy thats why i forgot'i reasoned not knowing whats going to came next

'BUSY..oh really toh apko kya lagta hai free hun main, velli hun aur koi kaam nhi hai mujhe.. Haan sara Kaam toh Mr. Asad Ahmed Khan ke nazuk kandho par hai na'she yell again

'zoya maine aisa kab kha.. 'i protest

'oh ye bhi meri hi galti hai ab toh main nasamajh bhi hun wow that's great...'she continued 'Dekhiye Mr. Khan apko aisa lagta hoga ki main free hun par aisa nahi hai samjhe aap'she finished poking her finger on my chest

'achha sorry pls it will not happen again lets go na m very hungry'i said

'kya lets go i leave office before lunch but look at the time in just 5 minutes lunch time will be over and I have to go back i told you its not right this job is important for me i don't want to loose it'she said sadly

'zoya nothing is going to happen lets go..'i said making our way to the restaurant

'how do you know??'she ask i looked at her don't know what to answer i gulp

'i just know it.. Trust me zoya pls'i said not knowing what more to say

She nodded finally i sighed in relief .. We reached again at the same restaurant she left sometime back in anger i open the door for her and she passed me a smile before getting inside the eatery finally she smiled thank you allah

scroll down for more Wink

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suearmaniac IF-Sizzlerz

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1st again LOL

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--Sumi-- IF-Rockerz

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Hey buddy 
Very nice story 
Pm me this story 

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-simmi- Goldie

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Sunday Morning (6 a.m)

I cover my ears from my cell phone constant sonorousness aghh who is calling at this time.. I want to sleep its sunday but the ringing did'nt end

Getting irritated i finally choosed to answer the stupid caller aghhh people these days can't even let anyone sleep

I picked up the phone still lying on my chest

'hello..'i answered in slumber

'what the hell? Why were you not picking your phone?'zoya's voice rang in my ears

'hmm..'i said my full concentration on my uncomplete sleep

' what hmm ? I want to give you a good news!! 'she said gleefully

'congrats'i said

'huh??pehle sun toh lo'she said

'good news toh good hi hogi.. Pls now i want to sleep'i told her

'yeh sone ka time get up asaaad!!'she shout

'zoya its sunday and normal people who work whole week like to sleep on sundays'i reasoned

'what do you mean normal nhi hun main??'she ask

'if you are normal then m Amitabh Bachhan'i said

'haww you are so mean.. But i waited whole night to tell you this news and i will.. so you better listen!!'she ordered

'okkay say then'i said having no other way

'i won a house.. Do u believe that..i won a house 'she said exicited

'WHAT??..i mean u won what??'i said horrified and then making myself a litte somber all slumber is gone

'H.O.U.S.E i won a house abi bola toh'she said spelling house

'Wow i thought prasad will take time but no he is fast 'i thought proudly

'how?? I mean how u won it??'i questioned wanting to know more

'oh woh you remember we bought a mobile for me last saturday from mall right??' she ask

'hmm ..'i mutter giving her cue to continue

'haan toh someone call me yesterday that my customer pin is got selected in a luckydraw and the first prize is a house and i won ..isn't it amazing'she told me sighing at the end

'yes it is..woh someone is calling me i catch you later okk'i said making excuse to call prasad

'okk but you are going to come with me to check the apartment and help me in shifting??she ask

'ofcourse'i said

'bye'she said

'bye'i said and hang up

After hanging up i called prasad he answer it on first ring as if he knew i'll call him

'thank you'i said after he said hello

'its my pleasure sir'he reply

'how'd you do that?? ' i ask amazed

'umm sources' he answered

'you won't tell me right??' i ask

'do you really want to know sir?? 'he ask back

'hmm.. Actually no leave it ..did she believe that she actually won it??'i confirmed

'it was tough.. U know when u told someone something he/she didn't expect a bit..but at the end she has to believe us!!'he said proud itself

'hmm good job'i said

'thank you..have a good day sir'he wished

'you too prasad'i wished back

Afternoon (at sunshine apartments)

'wow this is so beautiful'she said

I smiled thanking god that she liked it i choosed one of the luxurious apartment for her i don't want her to live in that orphange ..i want a comfortable place for her which provide comfort more than any place except my arms 'asad don't go there'my subconscious chastised

'achha hua na hum sab sath le aaye..'she said breaking my reverie

'yup!! But i want treat okkay' i told her

'done!! U know i still can't believe that its my house'she said startling me

'why.. Why can't u believe'i frown

'i got a house i mean just like that.. Isn't it unbelievable??'she said

'oh like that..yes it is but you are lucky u know you won a house maine toh aaj tak ek pen bhi nhi jeeta 'i pout sadly

'aww u look so cute when you pout'she said smiling

'achha then tell me what you do with a kid you found cute??'i ask while she scrunch her nose in confusion at my sudden question

'ye kaisa sawaal hai??'she ask

'tell me na'i beseeched

'okkay i'll pull his cheek and then kiss him'she said casually

I angled my face hinting that i want that kiss.. She looked at me bewildered

'asadd'she exclaimed

'what you found me cute right??'i ask

'i said you look cute when you pout i didn't said you are cute'she said smirking

'oh its mean m not cute fine.. No one want to kiss me and no one find me cute tch ya allah see m here helping someone in shifting and i don't even deserve a kiss'i said dramatically while she chuckle

'okkay Mr. Blackmailer you are cute happy??' she said kissing my cheek

'very much...come lets start shifting'i said smiling and turn to go but she held my hand

'asad i don't know but jabse tum aaye ho na sab kuch itna achha achha ho rha hai u know i feel that if you be my side na then i'll always be alright'she said looking at me lovingly

'and i'll always be with you zoya..lets go'i said holding her hand, she nodded at me finally we started shifting the stuff we carried along with us this building is construct by my company so it's easy for me to buy a apartament this apartament is already well furnished so we just need to adjust the bedroom and kitchen

{no one 's pov}

i'll be all right, i'll be all right
tu hai to tedhi medhi rahein, ulti pulti baatein seedhi lagti hai ,

tu hai to jhoothe muthe vaadein, dushman ke iraade sacche lagtein hain

( If you are there then crooked paths and ambigious talks look simple,
If you are there then false promises and enemy's plan look like good thing)

They started adjusting the house according to zoya 's choice and shifting her stuff in bedrooms, zoya picked up two boxes together startling herself from the weight asad hit the back of her head playfully taking the box from her..her mouth formed a O she turned around but he was already gone

jo dil mein taare vaare de jaga, woh tu hi hai, tu hi hai

jo roote roote de hasa tu hi hai wohi
jaane kyun dil jaanta hai, tu hai to i'll be all right - (2)

( It's only you who wakes up stars in the heart,
It's only you who makes me smile while crying,
Don't know why my heart konws that I will be right if you will be there)

They started unpacking the boxes drawing things out one by one when suddenly asad found zoya's childhood photograph in which she was eating ice cream making ice cream fall all over her face,
asad laughed at her showing her the photo zoya tried to snatch it from him but he was fast
He started running around the whole house while zoya chasing him

chhote chhote kuch palon ka dostana yeah ,

jaane kyun abb lag raha hai jaana maana yeah

( This is friendship of small moments,
Don't know why,it seems familiar)

Zoya tried to take the photo from him but he held it above his head she is still trying to take it but all her efforts going in vain she made a sad face looking at her face asad gave up and give the photograph to her earning a smile from her

cos when smile for me, world seems all right
yeah saare pal yehi yuhi tham se jaaye, jaane kyun

aane kyun dil jaanta hai tu hai to i'll be all right - (2)

( All these moments should stop here itself, don't know
Don't know why my heart konws that I will be right if you will be there)

Asad smiled himself looking at her smile and again they started their work playing and laughing
Finally they were lying on the bed finishing all the work tired, sighing they looked at each other at the same time and give a satisfied smile

Precap: Past revealation and.. How about a kiss?? Wink

That's it for now.. Thank you all for your lovely comments and appreciating my work love you all Heart
PS: pls buddy me for pms Hug

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Awesome and cute update sim..
This house thing remind me of gajini movie..
But u have written very well..and kiss was so cute like asad..
Waiting for past revelation..
Update soon

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Originally posted by suearmaniac

1st again LOL
haww r u stalking me sue LOL

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