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Monday April20, 2015

Start with Reva and Dhinesh in the room Reva room, Suba trying to hear through the window  of what they are talking. Dinesh showing books to reva and Reva smiling and talking.

Chids coem and tease Suba for trying to over hear. He tells to concentrate on herself and her family.

Back in room Revathi praise Dinesh and his books tells him he will be able to pass the exam thsi time with the books. He tells this is for her. Reva surprised. he asks her to study and take teh exam. Reva happy.

Out side Dinesh meets Sakthi tells him he did as he asked and gave all the books. He asks why he did not do that himself atleast Reva can think good of him. Sakthi tells it is not for her to forgive him but he is doing it as pryachittam.

Sakthi takes him in bike.

At Azhagar house Andal getting Azhagar ready and tells him about the bet. She tells him she is going to talk to his mother about goign to hospital.

Az warns her that she does not know about his mother.

Exactly vadivu comes out scolds Andal to do the dishes. Andal speechless, he tells her to wash the idli pathiram. Andal cry and start washing. Azhagar tells she will never change of his mother. 

Azhagar ather who sees this scolds Andal to do the work she studied for. Vadivu tries to argue. She tells Andal will die in this house being servant and he should not interfere. He gets anmgry slaps her to control herself. Threatens Andal to go to hospital. Andal hesitates, but he tells every moinute she hesitates he will beat Vadivu. Andal has no opthion but gets ready to elave. In the room Azhagar romances her. 

Once she is ready Andal asks for blessing from Vadivu but she scolds her.

Azhagar father takes them to pooja room and bless them, tells her to bring fame for the family. As people scaed of them but no respect. So he tells her to work good and bring fame. He also gives gold thali kodi telling his mothers and asks Azhagar to get the thali from manja kayiru to chain.
Azhagar takes her and leave. Vadivu,Anni and Kanagu look on un happy. Azhagar fahther happy.


precap - Azhagar working in mechanic shop, andal calls him on phone and tells him to study well.


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Tuesday Apr 21 - 2015
vadivu sitting sulking. Her husband sitting next to her and reading paper

A lady comes and asks for money, Vadivu tells I have no right askj this manushan.

Az father gets angry tells her to think. vadivu says you hot me etc. he tells have I ever went beyond your words. Always I listen to you not because I was scared of you or you came away with me. It was because what ever you do is right and you were just. But in this case you are not even thinking that - you are simply wring - you act like typical mil. think about it and goes. First marmagal comes ask vadivu i she thinking. vadivu shakes hear head saying Andal pulled everyone to her side, s

Hospital - Az brings coffee looks Andal 

 Az tells Andal saree not good. Very simple. Onr lady mitakes her for Nurse maid.

Andal feels bad asks Az to buy her some goon sarees. Azhagar shakes his head.

Reva studying Sakthi rasiching. reva scolds him says I am goign tot give it bak to you dad he teased me last time now  will prove and I will give adi to him

Sakthi worries.

Andal calls Az from hospital whos is working in mechanic shed.


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Wednesday Apr 22nd Updates

Episode 153

Andal calls Az. Az lies that he is all time studying. Andal misses Az and wants to hug him. She blows a kiss and hangs up.

Az comes home and gifts Andal loads of sarees. Andal questions the source of money. Az says my hard earned money. Andal is touched. She wants wear one and go to temple with Az. Az agrees. Andal feels they are very costly. Az says dress very important. Andal notices that Az's vest is torn. Az mazhupufies. She gets emotional and hugs him saying I love you.

Reva spots Az working and slaps him. Az updates all matters - Vadivu illtreating Az-Andal, forcing Az to earn for his living. Reva offers to talk to Vadivu. Az stops and says Andal doesn't want them to walk out and believes that Vadivu will accept them soon. Reva is proud of Andal. She is upset that Az hid this from her. Az says you are living in a hell and the only happiness you have is that I am happy with Andal. I didn't want to spoil that. Reva says don't worry about me. I will walk out whenever I feel my stay there is enough. I shall pay you. You don't work. Az refuses saying I enjoy the pleasure of buying things for Andal from my hard earned money.  Please don't share this matter with anyone.

Subha summons her hubby home immediately and says we are going to get loads of money soon. No one else at home. 2 alla kai's of sand mafia Annachi, who happen to be Subha's relatives ask Thasildar to stop bugging them at the extraction site and in return they will bribe hefty amount. Thasildhar chases them out saying lot of complaints on Annachi. I will do nothing but my duty. Those guys give Subha 4L as initial amount, ask her to convince Tasildhar and walk off. Reva notices the cash in Subha's hands.


Precap:  Chids is arrested on charges of taking bribe.

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Thursday April 23, 2015

Written Update and Discussions

Police arrest Sakthi brother - all of them shocked


Alagar surprise Andal - he dragged her to the hall and show his handy work - he put  colour lights and new sheets - made special for her to sleep - she is so touched


They playfully talk and punching each other - Algar sis in law watching this with evil eyes


Algar brother comes there tells them that police arrested Andal brother for bribery - his mother and Andal crying - she tells he never do that - brother tells it's his wife actually who accepted the money but the police thinking they are working together - he is over the moon - collector family eating dust


Andal and mother in law crying - father in law goes his wife and says see both of you are crying - you marry your lover still pines for your family Andal is your side why treat her this harshly think -he says when I look at Andal I saw you what you went through she is going through now - he is right she should listen to him


Sakthi brother thinking in jail - he thinks people are going to talk bad about him and his family - he took the plate and cut his hand


Please add if I missed anything

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AA April 24th 2015 Friday - Reserved 

Shakthi goes to see a heartbroken Karthigeyan in jail and screams at the officer asking if he knows who they are. Officer says even though he is a Thasildar he is now in prison for bribery case and cannot be released. Shakthi insists on investigation to be held and comforts Karthigeyan and says nothing will happen and says he has had respect for so many years. Karthigeyan is very sad and silent. He asks Shakthi to return home. Cry 

Officers gossip about Karthigeyan and his real side and tarnished honour. Unable to bear their nasty comments Karthigeyan cuts the vein on his hand and faints. Shocked

At home Chids says the reason why Karthigeyan went off with the police silently is because of Subathra taking the bribe. Viji hits Subathra and cries saying she tarnished their good name. Mangai restrains her. Subathra cries in self defense and even Mangai scolds her for spoiling everything. Subathra talks about what honesty - Chids says she is in no position to talk about that and that she ruined her in laws name.

Shakthi returns home and says Karthigeyan cannot be released until court case is over. The elders keep scolding Subathra who cries loudly that Revathy is the one who lodged a complaint against them. Shakthi is shocked and asks Subathra not to lie to escape. Subathra swears on her daughter. Revathy hearing all the commotion comes out and admits to complaining about the bribery. Viji insults her and asks Chids if he will allow her to chase Reva out of the house. Mangai says she cannot stay here anymore. However Chids says Reva did the right thing by lodging a complaint and that is what he would have done. He asks them not to scold Reva instead of Subha. He says if he chased her out his life would have no meaning. He leaves. Reva stares at them and leaves. Subathra continues crying loudly.

AA plan to go for a movie. Andal advises a patient and talks to her friend Padma. Azhagar calls her impatiently. Just then Andal is informed that there is a suicide case. Padma promises to take care and asks Andal to go ahead. Police brings a wounded Karthigeyan to hospital. Andal passes by him and does not notice him until his hand lands on hers. She is shocked to see him on the stretcher and is emotional. She cries and asks what happened. Police says this is forgery case. Andal is sad seeing her brother. Cry

Chids and his family come running to Karthigeyan on a stretcher. Andal looks over at them in tears.
They ignore her and crowd over Karthigeyan.


Next week - Karthigeyan has O- blood - very rare - none of his relatives have the same group - nurse asks to check blood bank. Viji says she will die if something happens to Karthigeyan. Chids stunned.

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Monday April 27

Start with Amdal rushing inside taking Karhi.

Outside whole family RKO. 

Nurse comes out tells they need blood immediately. Subadra tells Andal has o -ve and immdiately Nurse takes Andal away.

All praying. Little later Andal comes out tells Annan out of danger. She calls Appa, Chids tell Sakth ithat her appa is dead.

Andal cries and wal kaway.

All go inside and scold him left and right.  He says sory. Appa you brought me up with the value that manam than perisu, when there is some thing happens to that I didn't lt feel like living. Chids cries what ever Kadamai you are my sons - if some thig nhappens it hurts so much. He tells we have to fight and do not go down like this.

karthi says ok asks for Subatra who is standing by his head. She stats  crying asking if you do that then I cannot wear color saree then I need to go to Kovil kovila with Atahi etc. All laucgh hearing this. they further tease her and she also does not give lols so cute this scene.
(This lady really this dumb???)

Andal comes to check and karthik thanks her. She tells no need my blood belongs to the family.

Rest turn their face away.

Back home Andal coems back zhagar sema angry for Andal not showing up. She tries to explain but he truns away saying you could have atleast called me, I had to wait there. She did not get a chance to inform about her brother.

Andal looks sad.


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Tuesday Updates

AA sitting - Andal crying trying to give explanation about what happen but azhagar angry as she did not come for movie. Refuse to give andal a chance to explain. Andal is hurt.

Next morning azhagar SIL and mother - all things are not clean and both wonders what to do. MIL ask why cant ask andal do but DIL afraid FIL will slap her nu. She updates MIL about AA having problem nu. Andal comes and both stops talking. MIL  ask andal to nicely do what ever she wants now - soon she will get a chance to give andal nicely.

Next morning azhagar continues to carry face. Andal breaks down and tells him what happen to  her brother and how her entire family was suffering in pain. Azhagar feels bad and says sorry. 

Everyone at hospital. Some comedy on how subatra eating all the fruits instead of giving her husband lolz. Subadra says she needs the energy to take care of her husband adhan she eats everything. Lolz what a justification.

Doctor comes with andal. Everyone ignores her and greets the big doctor. Doctor checks and says he is fine and andal will tell them about all his medication. They thank doctor. Doctor ask them to thank andal cause she is the one who took care of him very well. Doctor leaves

Andal gives instruction on meds and others. Everyone just listen in silent. Andal cries asking if no one will talk to her. Finally her father stands and thanks her for saving his son life - nandri doctor he says. Andal cries in emotion.  Father walks out. Mother feels emotion but unable to say anything. Andal leaves crying. 


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Wednesday for Nithya
Continue from yesterday  Chids thanks Andal saying only as DR saved his son life. Andal leaves crying.

Chids house, revathi talks to Chidambaram saying basically she is not bad, but her life changing event made her like that .She wanted to take revenge on every one at Sakthi house that's why she complained. But she didn't expect karthi will do like that. If soem thing happened to him then she will feel terrible. Bue she tells she is not sorry but she will continue to take revenge whichever way possible. But she wanted to tell him because of the guilt

He tells her same blood as him running inside her body he is stubborn so til date he has not forgiven his sister and same way she will be. She is not saying anythign against her because of Sakthi mistake that does not mean the family enmity over.

Azhagar house, Az father consoling him and sks him to fal lon Andal feet to ask for forgiveness.

Andal comes inside Azhagar pretends sick, Andal melts immediately. They have a cute moment.

At Chids house corruption officers come to take karthi back, they say he has to be i njail for min 30 days. All are upset. He goes to change.

But Reva comes with file, sits in the sofa asks them who they are. Everyone tensed for her behavior.


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