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Wednesday April 1st Updates

Episode 139

Az decides to walk off the home. Muruges scolds Vadivu for all time thinking about her annan and asks her to pack off. Vadivu in tears.  Andal convinces Az to be calm till he completes his studies, earns a job and proves himself. She doesn't want to walk out of that home as a loser. Az vows to study, become a lawyer and then start his life with Andal. The duo hug each other.

Kanaka is hit on the road by a biker. Vinod helps her relax, cleans her wounds and gives her TT injection. Vinod says I am Dr working in US and parents are looking out for a bride for me. Post marriage will take my wife also to US. You are the only beautiful girl I have met in this village. Kanaka is flattered. He offers to drop her. Kanka hops on his bike and takes his phone number to contact him if her wounds don't heal. Vinod has an evil smile that pachhi sikkiduchu. 

Subha is worried that Shakthi isn't back home and if he comes home drunk his wife will throw him on the road. Chids asks Tasildhar to call Shakthi and ask him to stay some where out if he drinks. Shakthi's phone is switched off. Shakthi walks in drunk.


Precap: Az buys sarees for Andal. Store owner gives another costly saree and says this too for you, bill paid by the lady who was talking to you. Az and Andal look puzzled.

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Thursday - April 2, written update
AA at the saree store - Algar asking Andal you only have few selection why taking so much time - she says it doesn't matter still she needs time they both having good time - both trying to make other happy Clap

Revathy same store buying sarees - she came to talk them - she ask how are they doing - Alagar trying tell her the truth but Andal trying to cover up - Revathy advising Andal to work and Algar to study - they are married need to act responsibly persons - Revathy ask them to show their selection Algar show her the expensive sarees

AA paid for the sarees the manager gave them another package - they say they didn't buy that but the manager says Revathy paid for them Algar  says my sister know the truth 

Sakthi eating breakfast - his family telling him to eat but he refuses - he says that he told Revathy not going to eat at home so he won't - whole family sad for him

At school Revathy's former groom telling her that he can't forget her  - he will marry her- why she is staying with Sakthi who forced her to marry

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Andal Azhagar Friday 3rd April 2015
Episode 141

Sorry for the late update! Cry Happy Panguni Uthiram Clap

Revathi meets Dinesh who says he can't understand why Reva is still with Shakthi. He says he will still accept her and says by punishing Shakthi she is ruining her own life. Reva says she understands what he is saying but she still have some plans of her own and torturing Shakthi and advises Dinesh to marry another girl. Dinesh says he doesn't have plans for marriage and is going to concentrate on his studies. Reva wishes him all the best. Dinesh prepares to leave when Reva sees Shakthi standing there. On purpose she asks Dinesh to drop her off. Shakthi remains silent. 

Azhagar wakes up when alarm rings at 4.00 - Andal comes over and asks him to study like he promised. Azhagar is tired but agrees. Andal is amused seeing him. Anni is annoyed seeing Andal konjufying Azhagar. Andal sees Azhagar is not studying English properly and beats his hand with a stick strictly like a teacher. LOL Vadivu sees this and is annoyed but she leaves. 

Azhagar studies late into the night. Andal encourages him lovingly. Azhagar says its true that there is a woman behind every successful man LOL Andal laughs. Big smile

Anni drawing out kolam patterns in pooja room. Vadivu scolds her for ignoring what happened in the house and asks if she is interested in marrying her sister to Azhagar. Anni says of course and discusses her family. Vadivu says she was hopeful that she would chase out Andal and bring Anni's sister in. Now she says Azhagar is studying and waking up early and not listening to anyone when he and studies were supposed to be Ezhaam porutham. Anni says that's good. Vadivu says Azhagar is listening too much to Andal and didn't even care that much for Reva. She says now he won't throw away Andal and Anni's younger sister cannot be her marumagal. Anni asks how else to chase Andal out. 

Vadivu says Azhagar shouldn't pass the exam and tells Anni secretly how to make sure. Phone rings. Anni goes to answer the call. Vadivu turns around and sees an angry Andal. Both morachufy. Andal says she never expected Vadivu to be so evil towards her son. Vadivu asks her not to be arrogant. Andal says she tolerated when they spoke ill of her but she won't allow them ill treating her husband. She says no Andal without Azhagar and Azhagar gave her this life and she doesn't need anyone who hates Azhagar. Vadivu asks her how much thimiru she has. Andal accepts it and says as an educated doctor who has been in US and has met lots of people she would definitely have lots of thimiru.


Next week - Murugesan and Azhagar visit Reva in Chids house. Viji tells them to leave. Murugesan says he is here to see Reva. Viji asks Subha to call Chids. As Murugesan and Azhagar leave they meet Chids and Sakthi.

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Tuesday Episode 143

Andal and Azhagar sitting and Andal asking Azhagar better study as she challenged all.

Then Kanagu phone rings (Phone i n charge - she inside)with Chillunnu oru Mazhaithuli song, Az tease saying siste rin love.

he forces Andal to piclk the phone when Andal piks up it says I love you chella kutti. Vinod on the phone. She is shocked and puts the phone down. Informs Az tha tsome one said I love to Kanagu.

kanagu comes out next time answer the phone saying she wil lcall i n10 mts.

Azhagar tease her, tells her he will marry her to the guy of her choice, she tells I will not run away and marry but will marry only with parent permission. Az further tease her.

After she leaves Andal tells Azhagar she does not have a good feeling and the voice sounds familiar.

In temple, Kanagu and Vadivu praying, Vinod coems and acts like good guy.

Vadivu enquire about him and he tells his weddign story the girl ran away before wedding puttign blame on him etc. When Vadivu asks he says Andal. He says he is here lokking for another good girl.

Vadivu smiles saying you are   in right place.

In Sakthi house, revathi coems and blasts Sakthi for asking Dinesh to marry her and she tells how can you ask that first you find a mapplillai for other two married woman in the family before you find a mappillai, she blasts him further and leaves.

Everyone shock, Chids walks away saying no explanation.

Sakthi upset.


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Wednesday Update

Arusami wife try to act nice to him and potukuduthufies to him that Andal trying to change Azhagar manasu about Sothu..

Arusami scolds her saying he is Raman and thambi lakshmanan and Azhagar like a son to him scolds her and leaves.

Reva at home bored, calls Azhagar and talks saying feeling lonely.

Immediately Azhagar and her dad come there. ladies at home scold her but they say they came to see daughter and brings Panchayat people.

They could not do anything go outside calling Sakthi and father.

Azhagar and dad talkig nto Reva nicely.

Chids and Sakth icome and ladies plus karthi inform them about the visit.

Sakthi gets angry but Chids stop him saying Revathi has equal rights.

Az and fatehr coem out and meet chids and Sakth ithey challenge the house belongs to Thatha patti their mother has urimai too and tell they will come many time.

Chids angry and says go to any court we will see


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Thursday - April 9, 2015

Written Update


I really busy so can't write too much


Sakthi and the girl going to marry in front of the temple - she wants Sakthi to buy flowers to God - he bought and gave it to her


Algar show that and misunderstand the situation he accuse Sakthi that he is having illegal affair with the girl


At night the girl call Sakthi  didn't want to talk to her while his wife looking at him - he talk to her like talking to a man  and cut the phone - the girl didn't get the indirect message she call back again he is talking to her like some other man and cut the phone - she call 3rd time Revathy picks it up and put it on speaker the girl bashing Revathy and Revathy gave her back and cut the phone - she warned Sakthi if he talk to her then she will create more problems for him


Algar home they all eating he is talking funnly but his brother took it wrong way and stomped out - his mother and Anni blame Algar and Andal - Andal as usual cry


Sorry if I missed anything

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Pallanguzhi Goldie

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Andal Azhagar April 10th 2015 Friday Update

Azhagar getting dressed. Andal helps to button his shirt and comb his hair. She asks him to stop talking. He says he has a feeling when Andal comes near to help him. Andal says romance only after studies completed. Azhagar starts to joke. Andal is worried that he might not take the exam seriously and says she placed a lot of hope on him when she challenged Vadivu. Azhagar assures her he will pass and asks her to serve food. Andal asks if she must feed. She places thiruneer on his forehead and says this is an important turning point for Azhagar and advises him to use this to win in life. She says everyone thinks he will fail except her and asks him to do this for her. Azhagar agrees. Andal kisses his hand and hands him his bag. She tells him to eat properly and to return home promptly. He rides off in his motorbike. Andal watches him fondly.

Chids reading papers. Viji and Mangai heading off to temple for pooja. Subha announces she is cooking. Chids decide to go to temple too. LOL Mangai and Viji laugh and ask if Chids cannot tolerate Subha's cooking. Subha feels sad and defends her. Viji asks Chids to eat Subha's food. As they leave they see Revathy carrying a huge load of vegetables. Mangai mutters that Reva is giving buildup as though she is cooking. Chids ask her to be silent. Viji says her heart aches when she sees half the vegetables wasted.  Revathy says she is not going to gobble up their food and that  she is not Sakthi's personal chef. She says if she complained about Sakthi he would be eating jail food now and leaves. Chids ask them to remember to keep quiet. Subha asks whether to prepare fish curry. Chids ask her to prepare something which she has never cooked before. Subha shocked.

Subha serves food and keeps talking. Chids ask her to leave and asks Karthigeyan how he manages. He says he has gotten used to it. Tongue Chids asks about one of the food on the table. Karthigeyan says that was cooked by Revathy and asks whether to serve him some. Chids say no. Shakthi and Revathy come and have their lunch and Chids leaves. Reva asks Shakthi if the food is horrible and says she only can cook like this. Shakthi says her food is the best he has ever had. Big smile Both keep staring at each other silently. LOL

Andal and Thenu praying at the temple. Thenu is surprised that Vadivu sent Andal to temple and that Andal is defending Vadivu. Both are surprised that Azhagar is helping at home and changing a lot and more responsible. Both happy when they realise Kthi and Azhagar attending college regularly. Thenu decides to call them but Andal says there is class now and decides not to interrupt them. Both of them decide to break coconuts for their husbands. They go out to the courtyard when they see Kathi and Azhagar laughing and taking the coconut they broke in the entrance. All are shocked. Andal says she is disappointed seeing that he has never changed even for her effort. Kathi says they came here since college was crowded. Andal doesn't believe them and decides to leave. Kathi gets angry and says he wants to tell the truth. Azhagar stops her. Andal tries to listen to what is going on. Thenu guesses that fees are unpaid. Azhagar says that's why he didn't go. Andal apologizes for misunderstanding and says she will take care of the money and asks him to study. She remembers her challenge to Vadivu.


Next Week - Azhagar upset. Andal says she is always his Andal who will share his troubles and his life and says his studies are her first priority.

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