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Vani Rani Monday May 11th Written Updates

Gautham and Pooja check in at Kodaikanal, call up and update Vani about their safe arrival, cootchi-coo for a brief moment, freshen up and stroll around Kodaikanal. Pooja wants to pluck fresh strawberries. Gautham agrees and the duo set out to farm 10 kms away from the city. En-route their car is stopped by rougues with huge aruvals. Pooja and Gautham get out of their car.

Vani is worried that neither gautham nor Pooja's phone is reachable. Surya says he too tried reaching Gau for opening a file which was password protected and Gau wasn't reachable. Dimple stands away and watches this. Bhoomi calls the hotel and gets to know that Gau-Poo are yet not back to hotel. Vani says fine let them enjoy and the sabai disperses. Dimple scolds Surya for not hacking Gau's system but calling Gau for the password. Surya says only bad boys hack and I called out of genuine concern too. Dimple is irked.

Muthu polambing about her son being sent to chennai and doesn't want her bro-sis relationship to spoil. Muthu hubby says my son will come back with Valli as our DIL. Ins calls and updates that pattu kutty is jailed, will be summoned in court the next day, hurry up and reach us to save him. Muthu jumps sky earth. The couple pack and hurry to Chennai.

Vani is worried about Gau-Poo.


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!* Vani Rani May 2015 Written Updates Archives *!
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Tuesday May 12, 2015

Written Update and Discussions


Vani looking tense - Bhoomi tells her to sleep - they will be ok and he called the hotel ask the manager to pass message - she tells him we are going to Ooty in the morning- he says they are kids maybe they are staying with friends Pooja used to study there - Vani says no she would return my calls and how come both of their phone not reachable


They go in the morning - she asked the manager he says he tried to calling too but no answer - Vani called Police - Bhoomi asking her do we have to inform police I feel they are ok somewhere - we are rushing it - Vani says it's not like them - then they are driving and we see Police standing beside GP car


Rani opening ceremony for her restaurant - they all having good time - Thenu pulling all their legs - Sura and Kali  come with 6face - love 6face comedy - he is good


Village party coming there started her usual tantrum calling names and cursing Rani for what she did to her precious paddukutty - house owner tried to calm her but she and her husband keep going and ruining the moment for all of them - house owner drags them from there he says he will withdraw his compliant - in a way they win their creep son is going to be free


Rani tells Savithri that they should speed the marriage otherwise creep keep on going to bother Valli

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Vani Rani Wednesday 13th May Updates

Poojai at New hotel in joint venture of Rani & HO.. All in happy mood. Mr& mrs Muthu come and create ruckus.. All sabams, mani vari thothals happens.. HO agrees to withdraw the complaint against Velu and drags them. Savi apoligizes to Rani and the function happens..

Stationla again one high end drama by Mr & Mrs Muthu. Ins gets irked.. HO pacifies Ins and withdraws the complaint. vel is sent put with a warning. Muthu vows to HO - will never step into your home. Will get my son married to a much more beautiful girl.

Vani, Bhoomi and Police spot Gautham's car. They wonder where Gau - Poo are.

Surya and Angu are worried abt Gau. But Dimple enjoys Gau missing and celebrates by making payasam. She declares that openly to Surya and Patti too..

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Vani Rani Thursday 16th May Updates

Bhoomi calls up Sara and checks if Gau-Sara has any friends in Kodai. Sara says no. Bhoomi updates him about Gau-Poo missing and Vani-he landing in Kodai. Rani & others too hear this and are worried. Sara cheers Bhoomi and assures to check with all his friends. Rani is disturbed. All others try their best to calm her.

Dimple summons her mama at a hotel and announces that this is the right time to take over the Granites empire. She decides to take over Gau's role and asks mama help her out. Mama hesitates wondering if vani will approve. Dimple says Vani has no say here. If at all Bhoomi asks, I will reply. Mama nods to come to the office and help Dimple. Dimple beams in joy.

Dimple announces her decision to take over production to Surya and Angu. Surya doesn't agree. But Dimple usual doesn't bother and overrules him. Surya asks what will you do when Gau returns. Dimple says if at all he returns, I will co-rule with Gau. Angu supports Dimple. Surya is speechless.

Vani summons Kathir at Kodai and updates all progress. She requests Kathir to use his contacts and search Gau- Poo. Kathir agrees and gets into action.

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Vani Rani Friday 15th May 2015 Updates and Discussions
Episode 651

Bhoomi and Vani continue to discuss about finding Gautham and Pooja. Vani decides there had to be something causing the problem before the pair reached Kodaikanal and suggests checking the video footage at the checkpoints which may give them a clue about Gautham and Pooja.

Kadhir searching everywhere in Kodaikanal with friends... Through the rain, shops and jungle. Cry

Anaconda bringing out two food carriers. Surya asks how come two for him. Anaconda says one for Dimple too. Surya is shocked that Dimple is coming to the office to work. He says Bhoomi Granites belong to his father and that he is not in a position to make any decision since his father gave him a job there. He says wait until Vani and Bhoomi returns. A impatient Dimple starts yelling at Surya that she didn't marry Surya and come to live here to serve food for her parents in law but to achieve too. Shocked She Is saying indirectly that she married Surya for his money?? LOL

Anaconda backs Dimple up by saying she is coming there to help since Gautham isnt here. Surya asks doesn't he look paavam. Dimple is snobbish and asks him not to talk. Dimple bades Anaconda goodbye and blows a kiss. Surya is worried and follows her.

Bhoomi and Vani go to the Kodaikanal Police Station where they receive a picture of Gautham in the driver's seat with another guy in the passenger seat. At that moment the guy Mahesh's mother comes lodging a missing person's report about him. Vani asks the officer to help identify the guy in the photo and whether he came with Gautham and Pooja intentionally or not, saying something is wrong. She also asks if they can keep the picture should they see him anywhere. They leave and as Vani walks out Mahesh's photo falls on the ground. Vani helps to pick it up and gives it back to the officer with Mahesh's mother but doesn't see the person in the photo . Disapprove Officer says don't worry Gautham will surely return.

Dimple and Surya arrive at Bhoomi Granites. Manager welcomes them and says he is thankful to Bhoomi Sir. There they see Dimple's uncle Mayil also there. Surya is surprised that Dimple asked him to come. They go into the office and stop at Surya's cabin. Dimple admires it then asks the manager to bring her to Gautham's cabin to work. Dimple tells Surya she cares a lot for the office like him. 

She goes into Gautham's cabin and says it is hers now she is taking care of the productions and tells the Manager to go and do his work. Manager wonders what she is going to do next. Dimple kal mela kal vaithu sits down like Neelambari in Padayappa ShockedROFL and asks Mayil yeppadi?? Mayil says fantastic and he wished Alamelu could see this. Dimple is irritated and says Alamelu will side Vani and ask why she came here without Vani's permission. Dimple asks what did Vani do so great for her parents to worship her?! Shocked Such an ungrateful girl.. Like saving your life Dimple?? Confused 

Mayil agrees with her and says he also thought she did something great by freeing Dimple from prison but that is a small matter now. Angry Dimple laughs and says watch what will happen now..

Vani, Bhoomi, Kadhir and his friend Durai discussing that there was no fight evident and Gautham and Pooja weren't kidnapped for money since there are no calls. Vani becomes emotional and wonders what happened. Kadhir calms her down. Vani insists she is not upset but they cannot be normal in this situation. Kadhir says he depends on Durai to find them

Durai says Kadhir has done much for him and now that his daughter and son in law are missing its like his own family is missing and tells them not to worry. He has contacts everywhere and promises to find them by tomorrow. He leaves. A worried Vani, Bhoomi and Kadhir remain there, thinking..


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Vani Rani Monday May 18th Updates

Missing guy's lover Srimathi's father calls Srimathi and hands over the phone to Vani. That girl says I don't love that guy anymore coz he is a baddie. We broke up. I informed him and moved out to Mumbai to do higher studies. Sri hangs and her father waives a bye to Vani & Co.

Dimple decides to give the contract of stone supply to some wrong guy. Manager warns that this guy supplies cheap quality and company will suffer heavy loss. Dimple and her mama abuse him and say they have decided on this guy after thorough verification. Surya tries to drill some sense and says without appa's consent we cannot proceed legally. But Dimple over powers and says my decision final. Manager nods and prays to God to save the company.

Sara meets Angu accidentally at a market place. He inquires about her health but she accuses Sara and Rani for all problems happening.. Getting gau married to a rowdy family and hence his life is at stake now.. Sara gives it back and walks off. Angu huffs and puffs..

Vani and Bhoomi feel Srimathi has definitely got some connection in Gau-Poo and that guy missing. Hotel Manager calls Bhoomi and requests them to vacate Gau-Poo room so that they can give it to others. Bhoomi gets hyper but Vani agrees and convinces Bhoomi. The duo walk to Gau-Poo's room to shift the things to their room.

Sara comes back home and polambufies. Selvi cheers him.

Rani at a temple, fights with God to better bring back Gau-Poo safe and sound. She offers to do annadanam.


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