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KY2 - Immense Potential. Lack Of Execution!

fia21 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 2:35am | IP Logged
"Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth"

I've been following Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan for quite some time now, although this is my first post on the forum, but lately whenever I watch it, I think of this idiom in relation to the current progress of the show. And I finally gave in to the need to write something about it. Now before everybody starts thinking that this is a negative post, let me make it easier for you, it's not. Well not entirely.

As my topic clearly states, I am of the opinion that this show has immense potential but the storytelling lacks proper execution. We have seen some great tracks being introduced on this show which I enjoyed thoroughly, but they seemed to have been completely wiped out from the show amid all the excessive melodrama these days, which is certainly not required in a youth based show. When I first started watching the show, I knew I couldn't stop. The characters and story had me hooked and it had been a while since I last saw a good Indian show, without all that saas bahu crap.

KY2 was light and refreshing, just like a youth show is supposed to be. But lately, and this is just my opinion, I feel as if the show is becoming much more serious than it was intended to be. Yes the story is supposed to get there someday, but I just feel it's still too soon. This is probably happening due to all the new characters being introduced every other day and the makers just throwing one storyline after the other in order to accommodate them.

This show has an amazing lineup of characters and their respective stories which are being wrongly overshadowed by all these new characters which I believe the show could do without. Not that I haven't enjoyed watching them as well, but only to a certain extent. After that, they just leave a bad taste in your mouth like an over chewed piece of gum.

Major issues like homosexuality and teenage pregnancy are being so lightly handled when the complete opposite should have taken place. Instead, stale tracks like kidnapping and never ending misunderstandings is what is ruling the storyline these days. If the CVs found handling homosexuality and teenage pregnancy in this show so difficult, they should never have introduced these issues in the first place.

I adore Manik and Nandini, but they are not what KY2 is all about. We have some great characters which aren't being utilized, like they were in the initial months of this show. And only KY2 is one such show that has such a strong team of supporting characters that their presence alone could manage to light up your television screens even if the protagonists of the show are missing. I feel as if they are being sidelined to make room for more unnecessary characters being introduced every now and then, when the show could do much better with what they already have but are choosing to ignore it.

For Example:

- Dhruv and Aliya's storyline.
- Cabir's homosexuality.
- Mukti and Harshad's storyline.
- Navya and Cabir's growing bond.
- Dhruv and Rishabh's connection.
- Manik, Dhruv and Harshad's back story.
- Navya learning to handle how to be a single mother.
- Nandini's newly formed friendship with the Fab5
- Nyonika and Harshad's storyline.

All these tracks, even though were introduced, have either not been executed properly, or have been left midway due to all the new tracks overflowing the show. There is so much we still have to see about Dhruv and Aliya's relationship and how they are dealing with the fact that they are no more a secret. Except for a few kisses and a one night stand, their storyline was never fully developed. So much could be done, like Manik Dhruv and Aliya finally sitting together and talking about all this, it would be interesting to watch since we haven't really seen either of them interacting much with Manik ever since his breakup with Aliya. Cabir's homosexuality seems to have been shunned somewhere in a corner ever since Raghav's exit. I can't understand whether Cabir has forgotten he's gay or the writers have and are hoping that the audience does too. Mukti and Harshad's story has a lot to offer. I badly want to know what goes around in Harshad's twisted brain. Every time I see the two of them together, it seems as if Harshad still has feelings for her but is too egoistical to show it.
Manik, Dhruv and Harshad's story from friends to foes could be a major plus point for the story, if only the CVs ever decide to actually tell it. Navya dealing with her pregnancy, Nandini having a proper bonding time with the entire Fab5, just hanging out, why Nyonika is Nyonika and why she hates Manik so much that at times I feel she might not be his real mother after all.

Too much negativity in a show spoils the fun. This is one of the main reasons I had started avoiding Indian shows. The makers can't seem to understand that the audience does not want to see an entire team of villains on just one show. One negative character after the other and then another, and the cycle continues on and on until we are forced to give up on the show altogether. Repetitiveness always kills a story. The same seems to be happening with KY2. Nyonika and Harshad were enough to fill the slot of villains, but the CVs had to bring Soha and Pandit to the mix as well. And I am sure there are more to come. I don't understand the point behind their fascination with villains and their assumption that the audience prefers to watch that kind of melodrama in a youth oriented show. I for one do not. Absolutely not. Especially when these tracks get dragged so much and eventually end up on a similar track to one another. Antagonists can be much more interesting to watch than protagonists if they have something different to offer and not the same old boring story being told with a different name and face.

I think I might have gone a little overboard with my rants, but oh well, just thought I'd share my concerns. The "Yaariyaan" part has been lost somewhere in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan. I hope the CVs wake up and smell the coffee before it's too late and bring back the real essence of KY2. They don't need new faces to capture our interest. They already have a series of some amazing potential story lines with their old characters that could prove worthwhile for the show with proper execution and development. I'm not saying that new characters should not be introduced at all. They definitely should. Characters like Abhimanyu which are like a breath of fresh air. Even Soha to some extent was interesting to watch, but those moments should only be a one off thing. Like I said, we already have Harshad and Nyonika essaying negative roles which is more than enough for shows like KY2.

Ending this post I would just say that KY2 has been an interesting visual experience for me and I agree to it being the best Indian youth show currently airing. Even with all the misgivings I have about the current storyline and direction of the show, I still can't help watching it because the CVs of KY2 have a knack of surprising me when I least expect them to by taking a complete 180 turn to the story when it's needed the most. I'm hoping for the same to happen now because this show does not need the saas bahu style melodrama of kidnapping, over the top action, misunderstandings and manipulations, and a never ending chain of makeups-breakups-makeups-breakups-makeups-breakups. This exact same thing is what got me bored of some previous youth shows and I'm not looking forward to a repeat.

P.S: This post was not intended to offend any person or fan group, so if I did, I apologize in advance. That was never my intention.

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BeyondHorizon IF-Stunnerz

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@TM - I really applaud you for making this much needed post Clap I agree with every point you mentioned. I have watched many Indian TV shows but except for two shows I have given up on all of them mid way, thanks to the cliched tracks they bring in. 
I for one was not watching KY2 until recently when everyone were raving about it. When I decided to start it, my friends warned me that I will get fed up and give up like my other shows but I still went ahead. I started watching and boy was I hooked or what? I caught up with 70 episodes in less than 10 days though I spend most of my time in office since I am a working professional and I spent all my free time watching them when I got back home. I even told my friends that I loved it and I will watch it regularly after catching up with all the episodes but they only told me to watch till episode 100 and then decide. Well I didn't have to go even that far. I saw till epi 70 and after that I saw only in bits n pieces since hardly anything made sense Confused

U had a wonderful line up of actors and their characterization was fab too. Then where did it go wrong? Confused I agree Manik Nandini are the USP of the show. So what? Take any international show. The lead couple are always the USP but the shows are a hit because the supporting actors have a prominent footage and they are not treated like side kicks. Parth and Niti are fabulous actors but so are Ayaz, Charlie, Veebha and Kishwer among many others. Their characterization was so interesting. But the show lately revolves around conspiracies to break up MaNan and efforts by their friends and loved ones to bring them together Confused I mean like seriously? Both are such mature individuals who can handle their issues but you need the entire universe to focus on them alone? And what sense does it make sense when they decide to stay apart for reasons even they do not understand or agree with? Confused The show could have still centered around them focusing on other issues and how they handle them with their friends. First they break up coz Manik wants to sacrifice her for Dhruv and OK, I get it why Manik did it though it was wrong. But then Soha came in, then Pandit comes and next God knows who all Wacko

But we blame the CVs everytime. Have we tried to retrospect our own words or actions? Social media is the IN thing unlike in previous days. Its been a curse of sorts in the disguise of a blessing if I say and this is strictly my opinion alone. We had such wonderful shows much before our time, much before this saas bahu crap started coz the makers would take the story in their route rather than let audience dictate terms to them. We are saying youth shows are a breath of fresh air? Then take the shows from 80's and early 90's. They were much much progressive than even all the youth shows of today put together. 

Its good to hear out what audience has to say but lately the makers are so blind in their pursuit to be numero uno in the TRP game that they blindly give in to what audience wants. I know I will probably get a lot of flak for saying this but I don't care. Go to any media, be it twitter, or public forums like India Forums. All audience want to see is romance. Give us MaNan kiss, MaNan romance, MaNan make out sessions, MaNan eye locks, an episode full of MaNan. Where is the space to give other tracks prominence? You think the creatives don't visit these forums? Or don't get influenced by them? These are the very same people who came up with a wonderful concept. Then is it so difficult to maintain the standards by them? Have we ever given it a thought? Every other post here or maybe majority of them are made only on MaNan. How many posts are made to appreciate other tracks? Say we get one episode where majority of the chunk of it is given to another couple or a character, people start cribbing. For ex, Mukti's track. It was important to highlight it but many of them were cribbing that instead of focusing on MaNan issues, Mukti is hogging the limelight. Mukti Abhimanyu track was so soulful but how many of them appreciated it even? Instead they grumble saying enough of footage given to her, move on with the story by which they mean give us MaNan overdose. 

I wholeheartedly agree that the tracks you mentioned need to be given importance but they are killing the essence of the show with an overdose of romance between the leads rather than maintaining the balance. I don't care if I sound blunt but when I saw your post I wanted to speak my mind too. I just wish now that CVs have finally made MaNan acknowledge their feelings they get on with the story than just drag it around them. I love MaNan and PaNi but I love other characters n the story as a whole. I hope that the show gets back to its initial days of glory.

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dushturain IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 3:48am | IP Logged

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Mimi2609 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 3:59am | IP Logged
ClapLovely post
truth be i'm more than fed up with the repetitive tracks, first Soha and this Pandit was even worst in terms of dragging
i can easily say that i'm no longer enthusiastic like before to watch the show, by default i do nothing around that time, so i'm just watching it for the sake of passing time! This Pandit track and yesterday's episode was seriously one of the worst episodes ever, and this has started a few weeks back!
once when Harshad's track was dealt in maximum 2 weeks, now a fusion concert or even album was dragged for monthsSleepySleepy
there are so many potential stories like you stated, but yet they prefer wasting time on cameo who turned out to be psychos!
what is so different regarding the track? Soha and Pandit are both psychosDead
Nandini has no personality in this story except Manik's love interestConfused
Cabir, like you said, people who just came wont even realise that the guy is gay
Navya, well she's worst, one really wonders if she's pregnant
and same with the other cast!
it's a shame, but once a show becomes top, CVs starts taking fans for granted and give us crap things, but the issue is that they always pushes fans to their limits, and we have many fans who have already quit this show because of the dragfest, and truth be there's a big chance i'm next on this line, because i dont find anything interesting nowadays on this showSleepy
i'd prefer to watch old episodes of KY2 now than these new episodesSleepy

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Cat. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 5:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by FieryHeart

For ex, Mukti's track. It was important to highlight it but many of them were cribbing that instead of focusing on MaNan issues, Mukti is hogging the limelight. Mukti Abhimanyu track was so soulful but how many of them appreciated it even? Instead they grumble saying enough of footage given to her, move on with the story by which they mean give us MaNan overdose. 

I honestly didnt like the Mukti Abhimanyu track, it made absolutely no sense that a guy lands up from god knows where and turns up to love and leave a person who uses love as an emotional crutch, causing even more problems for her.
Honestly I would have liked seeing Mukti sort out her problems on her own, without using love and sex as a crutch without the need of a "man" to heal Mukti, since love seems to be Mukti's choice of poison to numb pain.

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shibz IF-Stunnerz

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At least half the forum has been ranting the same for a while now.. so don't be scaredLOL You can voice your opinion here freelyEmbarrassed

Word to your Title! And very well said.

There was a time when I thought I would stick by this show till the end.. but now I'm doubtful about it! They've totally diverted tracks from the original storyline that I feel a disconnect between the current KY2 and the KY2 I was introduced to in the first place. It had interesting plots and characters to deal with that made the journey really exciting to begin with but now they've compromised with the original characters and their storylines in order to accommodate new external villains in MaNan's life. It isn't even the villains that are a problem but the monotony and
the extent of drag. They should know where to stop. For example Pandit track had potential to show real issues but they got Pandit to kidnap Nandini making it unnecessarily melodramatic. I could even understand an obsessed fan Soha to an extent but now with back to back psychos I don't even want to see a new positive character in the showSleepy I'm fed up of this lineup of new entries! Because of them Dhruv, Aliya & Mukti had half baked stories. Navya, God knows what the CVs are trying to say. Cabir is the only one to have had a better story apart from MaNan. But now the CaVya marriage drama was totally uncalled for.

I will be honest that although KY2 as a whole got me hooked on to this show, it was MaNan who got me addicted but that does not mean that I will take new faces in the show over the existing characters.

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BeyondHorizon IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 5:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by AnomanderRake

I honestly didnt like the Mukti Abhimanyu track, it made absolutely no sense that a guy lands up from god knows where and turns up to love and leave a person who uses love as an emotional crutch, causing even more problems for her.
Honestly I would have liked seeing Mukti sort out her problems on her own, without using love and sex as a crutch without the need of a "man" to heal Mukti, since love seems to be Mukti's choice of poison to numb pain.

I know using sex as a letout isn't the solution to your problems but its certainly not unheard of. U find love in the most unusual of situations. He landed up from nowhere but he did bring a smile on her face. A person who had lost faith in relations after a failed relation begins to open up to life and embrace it again. Mukti was always emotionally weak though she put up a strong front. She was the most vulnerable among fab 5 and in the true sense Abhimanyu made her realise she was wasting away her life when he was trying to make the most of it though his days were numbered. She is a different person now than the person she had been before Abhimanyu.

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A very good and very much needed post Fia!! And good continuation Fiery Heart.

It just not your rant, Fia. I am sure quite a few people feel that way and I am one amongst them. I have started watching this show, around mid- last week of March. And I've to admit, I was completely taken by surprise, watching the logic and maturity of the show. I remember discussing the same with my friends. 
In fact, though being a youth show, this show showed maturity beyond comprehension. 
I remember telling quite a lot of others, that this show is a MUST watch. That it has been focussing on the current issues in India. Premarital sex, gay relationships, love child, teenage pregnancies, drugs- abuse, addiction and rehabilitation, of course, teenage relationships, Nyo- Manik's relationship, Nyo- Harshad connection, ?asteroid connection bet Dhruv- Rishabh,  etc etc. Now, everything seemed to have been swept under the carpet. 

Just making a point on the show and what the audience want... all these MaNan scenes U were talking about, yes, of course, we all enjoy them- NO DOUBT! But the ones, who ONLY want scenes bet MaNan, and nothing else must be the younger group in the crowd. 

I hope this didnt sound repetitive. Anyway... good post!!


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