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Arshi FF- The Destiny Game [REPOSTING!!]2/12 (Page 39)

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Awesome update 
Can't wait for the next part
Thnku for the pm

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Hello Friends, I am here with the next part of this fiction, hope you will enjoy this too. I am really very sorry for not sending PMs or sending Double and triple PMs for some of my buddies notifying of last chapter, there was some Wi-Fy connectivity problem due to rains!I am really sorry from next time I will PM notify everyone who comment on this chapter. Let me know your reviews after reading the chapter

          CHAPTER 5

"Khushi..Lots of time is left for you to go for the interview!..", Payal said who was not the least surprised seeing Khushi ready before time
"I know, but I don't want my usual last moment mess", Khushi said with a soft giggle
Khushi was very happy that day as it was a chance for her dreams to come true, from childhood itself she had a deep interest in fashion designing but due to her typical middle-class thinking of her dad she couldn't pursue her true passion and had to complete normal graduation like her elder sister Payal, it was after her college she used to work part-time making an excuse for extra lectures and manage fees for her fashion designing diploma. It wasn't an easy task but her sister and mother would always make up an excuse for her when she was on the verge of getting caught, but though she had a certificate in her hands nor she or her sister or mother could gather enough courage to talk to her dad and now she herself had completely forgotten about her passion as she did get busy in mending her family from the financial crisis they were facing after her dad's sudden death, but now after few years when she saw the board of group recruitment done by various companies who had international scope the dust gathered over her passion went wiped off suddenly by the wind of hope that she could complete her dream, though she isn't aware about the things that future has concealed for her , the only thing she want to do is enjoy her present to her content!
"Hey Devi mayya...I hope everything is good today, please be with me throughout!", Khushi said in front of the idol of the goddess shutting her eyes tight
"Khushi!", it was Payal who touched her shoulder that made Khushi turn, Payal was stunned to see her eyes moist, turning back Khushi hugged her immediately before Payal utters another word
"Dii, I am nervous", Khushi whispered
"Everything will be fine Khushi...CHILL!", Payal tried to comfort her, she made her sit on the couch and gave her a glass full of water which Khushi drank like she had spent last few days in a Sahara Desert
"Dii I think I should take some designs to show them as a sample!...but now I don't have enough time and material!...Why didn't I get this earlier?", she blamed herself
Payal smiled and went to the cupboard, Khushi's eyes of course were following the path traced by Payal, Payal opened the cupboard and took out a card-board file and came to Khushi
"What's this?", the question came out of Khushi's mouth in a reflex
"See it yourself!", Payal replied
Khushi opened and all of a sudden hugged Payal, Payal wasn't prepared for this sudden hug and lost her balance that made a the m fall on the bags of grocery behind them, making a voice enough audible for other's to hear but to their good luck there was nobody in the house!
"KHUSHIII...", Payal yelled out her voice concentrated more on the sound of I', as they fell
"I am sorry, but I am slim then you thus you should have balanced!", Khushi said getting up but Payal's raged look stopped her to utter another sentence of dry humour.
"Khushi, this kind of suddenness will kill me some-day!", Payal said
"Humari aisi Kismat kaha!", Khushi added with her typical humour to which Payal gave  dry reaction like it's a PJ, enough signal for Khushi to change the topic so she began, "How did you get these?", she said collecting the scattered designs
"I had stored them from the time you had been hiding them from dad!", Payal replied and continued, "People of Kaliyug don't even say a simple thanks!", she taunted like a typical elder sibling
"Why Thankyou?", Khushi raised her eyebrows and after a pause of few seconds continued, "For a person who don't even have a simple common sense about filing!"
"So you want to get your designs punched?", Payal said, "Won't that holes spoil your designs?..just check the alignment of your sketches!", Payal said
"I think I should leave now!", Khushi said adjusting her side-bag on her shoulders
"Khushi there is lot of time left!", Payal reminded her
"Don't you know the early bird get's it's food first!...", Khushi said and went out after a while

"Hello!...I am here for the job interview!", Khushi said to a well dressed man at the place she was called in for an interview
"Mam you are too early!", the person replied
"Err...Yes..Actually I live far away from this", Khushi made an excuse to hide her over-excitement
"Ok but you won't be able to go inside until the time you are allotted!", the man answered
"That would be fine", Khushi held herself extremely forcefully from banging the person's head for not allowing her inside, to her own surprise she even managed to give him a smile!
Khushi turned back cursing herself and her over excitement for not listening to Payal, she had hardly reached few step when the person at the reception called her mam
"Excuse me...", he called out and said, "May I know your ID and Application number please?", when Khushi came to his table
"Yeah sure.", Khushi said and dictated her the numbers
"You will have to go to room 45 that is in the building no. 5 located exactly back of this building...please go and wait there!", The person said
"Thanks a lot!", Khushi said
"You are most welcomed!", the person replied her gesture
Khushi stood outside the office building confirmed the building number and then went inside the waiting longue her boredom was engulfing her but before she could yawn 15th time she went outside to free her legs and wave her dullness away, she was mesmerized by the professional look of the building, her eyes couldn't believe that it is the same without renovation from past 60 years, she touched the outer surface of the building she could sense that it had lead coating that not only made it strong but also water resistant, "If we give lead and aluminium thin coat to the cloth fibre it would be durable, lubricant and long-lasting", she whispered just then she heard the announcement. She immediately rushed into the building.
Though she was over-excited just before, now she was extremely nervous, her eyes ice-chilled and legs shaking with nervousness she prayed to her dearest Devi Mayya  as she was waiting for her chance
"Miss Khushi Gupta", the peon called up and Khushi raised her hand and stood up to go inside
"Hello ", the middle person spoke out to which Khushi smiled as a gesture and out of respect in front of marvellous achievers in field of Fashion
"Please have a seat", spoke up the man to the right of the middle man, Khushi took a seat  and thanked the authorities in front of her, she looked at the name board kept in front of the and came to know that the middle person was Harsh Kulkarni, the people  at the right and left  were Sameer Singh and Dipesh Banerjee respectively
"So Miss Khushi Gupta How did your interest grow in Fashion?", Dipesh started with the questionnaire
"Sir actually I have no background in fashion but I grew an exceptional interest in embroidery that my Grandma use to work on zari sarees she used to get from the colony  ladies, I started experimenting with the designs thats what I believe to be starting point for my interest!"
"You did take a quite long gap after your diploma in Fashion Designing,  What was the reason?", Sameer asked
"Actually I was completing my Graduation as well as diploma at the same time both have quite difference with respect to the years required to complete it, and after my graduation I preferred looking after our sweet shop as my Dad passed away", Khushi s tone softened when she talked about her father's death but yet she managed not to lose her confidence
The third person was about to question but just then their attention was diverted by the knock at the door!
"I am sorry guys!", it was Arnav
Khushi was stuck as she recognized the voice accurately and her confidence evaporated as the gun scene danced in front of her eyes, the three other men immediately stood up to welcome him but Khushi couldn't even stand with her shivering legs. Arnav noticed it and smirked which did not go unnoticed from Khushi as a result her eyes widened with shock, as he took his seat left vacant for him and picked up his name board drowning Khushi more into the river of shock!
"ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA!", she shouted in an inaudible voice, Arnav looked at her designs  and Resume, checked the score the other people had given her, he got up from his chair and sat on the client chair next to Khushi...he rotated her chair to face him leaving her  and other authorities stunned
"Miss Khushi hmm surname??", he said in a questioning voice
"Gupta!", she replied
"Okay so Khushi Gupta we come across various types of clients rigid, bad-looking as well as good looking, the ones with double intention as well as few straight forward...Tell me how will you deal with them?", Arnav asked
"Hmm...rigid people can be toned out with the same rigidity, looks don't matter in work as far as bad looking people are good, Double intention deserve a police custody and straightforward people are much easy to handle if they get their requirements well done", Khushi replied
"What about the good-looking, handsome guys?", Arnav asked looking straight into her eyes
"Hmmm...they can be dealt in a good way!", she said, he was sitting just in front of her, her eyes couldn't miss his clean ,well shave , handsome face. Hair cut short suiting him the most, the slight curve in his lips which can send any girl into her dream world
"So looks matter for a girl?", he asked
"Yes, err No...actually  I mean it's okay to get attracted to a handsome face but it doesn't matter if a person doesn't look good", she replied sweating in a situation where the AC was set up to the full power.
"Miss Gupta make some sense!", Arnav said moving away from her, "This is where we check your confidence...and look you are sweating sitting in the AC", Arnav replied turning to her
"Sir...I am a girl and I know girls do have a bend towards good-looking guys it's normal but that doesn't mean that they can't work with bad-looking people", she gathered courage to look at him straight, he moved forward and again sat beside her
"Which category do I fall?", he again asked to make her courage take a negative graph just then they heard another knock at the door it was Mr. Agnihotri's PA
"Sir media is interested in asking you all few questions!", she said
"We are taking important interviews!", Arnav responded
"We were supposed to give a press conference now Arnav! The time for interviews is over  the rest will be conducted after two hours", Sameer reminded him
"Miss Khushi Thanks for the cooperation we will get to you soon with the results", she was sent out formally, she came out cursing that PA for not coming before and herself to make a fool of herself in front of reputed people
**To Be Continued**
Ignore my typos Did no proof reading
Do read the writer's Note below this post


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Please note that henceforth PMs will be sent only to the people who comment on this chapter so if you want PMs comment on the chapter


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What was Arnav even trying to get to ? So annoying to KHushi , was he trying to scare away ?
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Awesome. ...
hmm dis was quite interesting chpt..
really loved it..
thnxx fr pm
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Nice update 
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Awesome update dear please update soon
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Awesome update
Thnku for the pm

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