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Akdha FF-You And I - chappy 6 updated on pg-98 (Page 53)

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Posted: 17 June 2015 at 6:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by deepa_chauhan

plzzz guyz update soon...
h thnkew fa asking ...will update soon

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Posted: 17 June 2015 at 6:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by .ArshiHamesha.

First of all I hate SharifAngry getting on my nerve.
Joja in the same room , ahhhEmbarrassed how sweet

Really cute updateClap
thnkew...n yeah I hate shariff tooLOL
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Posted: 17 June 2015 at 6:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sweet_sonai

aloo nd meeru :))
lovely update behnas :))
I hate Sharif... Kbhi sudhar nhi skte ye banda!!
wow ja jo moment was awesome :))
ja bit Jo's ear lobe and kissed her! Wow!
ja jo locked together in same room!
update soon! I'll be waiting for your pm :))
I hate Sharif too... Han kabhi bhi nhiOuch
Ys.. ja jo r awesome na so y not
LOL waiting fa ursLOL
harini1482002 Goldie

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Posted: 17 June 2015 at 6:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by harshu27

wow really wonderful chaptr...jalal is so funny doin break dance LOL gd one...its interesting 2 knw aage kya hoga Wink LOL btw here also shariff is nt at all shariff Dead plzzz update soon dnt delay...
thnkew... ja is funny like me naLOLy so ?...yeah very soon... but I want u to make a new thread in return LOL
.GreekPrincess. IF-Sizzlerz

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nice chappy
aliya looked like jalal's girlfriend cum chamchiLOLLOLLOLn jalal also treat her like uff ..!

Jalal is smitten by hot kitten JodhaWink

he was observing her every move Embarrassed wow

shariif is cheap thank god his plan  faliedLOL

JJ hugged n jalal was jodha's saviour

JJ is one room aww bit as always liked their cute banter

update soon n plz long chapter dont forget to pm e plz

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harini1482002 Goldie

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Posted: 21 June 2015 at 1:32am | IP Logged

Happy Ramzan frnds... fasting Is hard na ? I wish all the best to my biriyani  aka barnali di for her exams in july ... n congo riya for completing her xams successfully ya girls ...


n belated happy b'day ishi aka ishikarocks ... it was her b'day a week ago... last Monday... n here is ur gift ... This is dedicated to her ! love ya <3 she was the one who is the reason for the update n being so understanding she said a short update is enough but I recharged in mts fa updating frm lappy for ur long update coz this is going to be my first gift for you na ;)


Chappy 4:



The room was looking royal and was decorated so well . Jodha was awe struck seeing the perfection of the room. She was admiring the photos that were hanging on the beautiful walls of the room and Jalal followed her . " every photos are of F4 only " she thought . she turned back unknown to the fact that jalal was standing behind her and Jalal too didn't expect her to turn suddenly . They both collided with each other so Jalal lost his balance  Jo closed her eyes and hugged Jalal tightly in the fear of falling down  they both fell down hugging each other, Jo was on Jalal's top . They both looked at each other ...into their eyes... Both were lost in looking at each other but this was broken by a intruder . wasn't a human but a cute little cat ( ab don't ask me billi kaha se ayiLOL ) . Jalal smirked at Jo who wa trying to get up but wasn't able to because Jalal still didn't leave her . " let go of me !" Jo almost shouted at him. " I didn't do anything, it's you who's not moving any chance you want me to be with you always ?" Jalal said with a naughty tone which went unnoticed by Jo who was still struggling under his strong arms." no , never in your dreams I want you to be with you " She said . "then go , let me get up ma'am , if your wishing to sleep over me all night I'm sorry I can't help go sleep there in sofa " He said while he was trying hard to suppress his laughter . " what ?! sleeping with you will be the greatest punishment of my life but sleeping above you ? I'd rather die than wishing to sleep over you !" said Jo in one go and her face was red all the while . Jalal wasn't  able to understand if she was blushing or angry . He was confused but laughed out loud seeing her red face . He removed one of his hand from her waist and brought it near her face and pulled her cheeks saying " you look more hot when your face is red my hot kitten " and winked at her . Jo almost forgot who he was , He looked like an  innocent child when he laughed . This was the first time she saw him laughing ... a genuine one ... automatically she had a smile plastered in her face and again she looked into his eyes which was child like ... it had a lot hidden in it ...the unspoken words... The seemed to be deeper than ocean ... His blue eyes was trying to hide something...from her ...from the world , but the question is what is it trying to hide ? Jalal saw that she was smiling and was looking at him and he looked at her again , they were still in that position . Jalal's hand started snaking around Jo's waist again . He looked into her eyes ... Her sea green eyes were looking innocent ... but wasn't able to understand ... It was saying that she loved being with him but she said that she'll rather die than being him ! both didn't have words to say but their eyes were speaking to each other ... Jo kept her hand over Jalal's chest . They did feel nothing except for themselves. She mattered to him and he mattered to her ... Nothing in their surroundings bothered em !  They didn't knew why but it felt so nice in each other's arms but they never accept it ... they felt being home in each other's arms.. that feeling is un describable . Their faces was inches away . The cat which was the intruder came near em and started licking Jalal's ear and started  rubbing itself against both of em which made em come back to the reality from their own world .Jalal of course had a smirk plastered on his face . " get up" Jo said . " hey mr. kitten ...see miss.  Hot kitten is saying me to get up when she's not letting me go " he said looking at the cat which made em come out of their world. " I can get up only if you left me !" she shouted . Jalal let go of her and Jo got up adjusting her clothes .

She was embarrassed and was red again . Jalal got up taking the cat in his hand while grinning. Jo went towards the sofa and sat on it . Jalal did the same . He was caressing the cat which now found a place in his lap. Jo again looked around the room and then asked " I never knew a room like this is here in this school ?! " " Only F4 members come here !" He said still no looking at her but at the cat with no expression in face .  " then why did you take me here ?" asked Jo looking at him waiting for an answer but Jalal didn't answer her... He himself didn't have an answer. " why did I bring her here ? she's a complete stranger for me and my friends...may not be a stranger but... nor does she belong to F4 ...then why her ? I never even brought Aaliya over here...why does, no it's just that like her...maybe as a friend ? her beauty attracts me ? am I attracted towards her ?, I've met a lot of beauties in my life... yeah, but not like her...stop it Jalal ...whatever it I you like her and being with her that's it ...stop thinking too much...but then why does she affect me ? ... stop it Jalal ! enough !" LOLHe said himself searching for an answer. " ahem ...ahem! " Jo coughed making him look at her . Jalal took a glass of water and gave it to her. Jodha quietly took it and drank he water.

" From  my childhood I never smiled or laughed genuinely like I did today " Jalal said smiling looking at the cat. " you look more good when you laugh  or smile genuinely " Jo complimented him smiling at him ." but I never got a chance to smile or laugh  but today " now he said looking deep into her eyes . Jo too stared into his ocean like blue eyes . She understood that he is hiding a lot of pain. " what's the matter Jalal? Sharing your pain makes you feel better " she said him with a low tone . " can you believe that I never meet my parents ? " he asked with tears in his eyes . " What ?" she asked unable to believe that he never meet with his parents . " yes , I never meet them... only meet them like once in a year or two . " He said. "  for your b'day ?" she asked having tears in her eyes for him . " no, I celebrate my b'day , ramzan , Ramadan  n  everything only with servants n speak to my parents in IMO  ( an app used for making video calls ) ... I never celebrated anything with my parents " he said this and started crying like a child . Jo went and sat near him and kept her hand over his shoulder , he hugged  her tight and cried like a child crying his heart out to a mother . she cried with him for everything he went through . " and they didn't ...come...and even ...when...i ...was ...saved by...police from... Kidnapers" He said stammering and cried even more thinking the events that happened . " shush...Jalal don't cry " She said while he herself was crying for him . " I don't know swimming you know ?... when I was kidnapped I fell into a lake ... And would've died that day if the police didn't come on time ...i was merely  5 when I was kidnapped  but still my parents didn't come to meet me ... "Cry He said crying bitterly hugging her even tight... This was the first time he was sharing his pain with someone and crying... he never cried in the past 10 years but today he was hugging someone and crying his heart out . " enough Jalal ! don't cry...crying don't suit you ... I'll teach you swimming ... and you hafta learn it !" She said wiping his tears. Then he wiped her tears off . " friends? " He asked her forwarding his hands to her  and she accepted it without a second thought . Jo made Jalal have his head in her lap and Jalal curled into her like a little kid. he hugged her waist tightly like if he left her she'll also move out of his life. Jo caressed his long shinny hairs with her slender beautiful fingers . Soon he slept with marks of tears in his eyes , n the cat he had long before in his hand slept peacefully in the other sofa . Jalal had a content smile in his face while sleeping as it was the first time someone made him sleep . " he so innocent while he's sleeping also " She thought and kissed on his forehead being careful enough not to disturb him  . She slept in the same position while caressing Jalal's hair. Both had the content smile in their faces .

 Big smile

But somewhere Someone was  freaking out... " how did she go out of the school very soon ?" He banged his hand against the wall ... n He had a evil smile back in his face .

And few others too was restless... " where did he go ?" asked a one and others didn't answer as they themselves don't know the same thing... " he must come back by tomorrow morning ...if not we can take care of this... anyway this isn't the first time this happens right ? so we shall not worry " said a one giving solution which is temporary  to the problem .then, everyone went to sleep .

There back at school two souls where sleeping peacefully unknown to the happenings outside but enjoying the ecstacy of being with each other .Embarrassed

precap : they were hugging and kissing each other ...

 " Jodha you'll be mine tonight ... i'll make you mine anyhow "

hope you liked it, hit likes and leave your precious comments 

regards , 

          the most craziest grl harini 

           and my pretty doll meera sisBig smile



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hey twinkle & minne..amazing chapter guys..good they both fell on the ground hugging eachother..Day Dreamingand their have beautifuly discribed their unspoken words..and poor jalalCryjodha felt his pain as her..i realy loved itEmbarrassedand jodha kissed jalal's you soo much for this lovely chappy and pm dr..update soon..eagerly waiting for the next chappy..
oh god i think this is the longest commet i ever postedShockedLOL

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Originally posted by hely

nice chappy thnkewEmbarrassed
aliya looked like jalal's girlfriend cum chamchiLOLLOLLOLn jalal also treat her like uff ..! hehe yeah !

Jalal is smitten by hot kitten JodhaWink ys...he is LOL

he was observing her every move Embarrassed wow... evrymoveShocked

shariif is cheap thank god his plan  faliedLOL  i'm happy for tht 

JJ hugged n jalal was jodha's saviour yep ! jaEmbarrassed

JJ is one room aww bit as always liked their cute banter i liked it tooLOL

update soon n plz long chapter dont forget to pm e plz ys..updated

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