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FF- MaNan- TuMeraArmaanHai/U R My Desire-LinkThread2 Pg1/151(7/8/15) (Page 93)

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BANNER is on page 93, don't forget to check it out<3

Thank you wonderful, my super awesome reader, you make my day, trust me. 

Please watch, like, comment and subscribe to my channel there, guys, you can make my life easier by doing this.

MOM se dant parh gayi mujhe Cry but anyways I didn't back off<3.

My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClBF*L7cv8baXrXM7-HHZrw

Please, please, please, do watch it as much times as you can, see the ads and help me out, since I want to keep writing.

So guys, here is the chapter 17. And this mainly because you guys are awesome, you make my day. My expectations from my super MaNan readers have increased a lot, let's say 7 pages of comment and 100 likes on this chapter, at least, and I will do my best to update the next chapter on tonight itself.
I know you guys can do folds more than this. Don't disappoint me please.

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Days keep passing like that and it has been two months since university started, Manik and Nandini were now friends in true meaning, as they were able to talk with each for more than a sentence but it wasn't like as once they used to be.

Manik talked with Soha once a week and that too because she called. 

The only thing which Manik didn't like was to see someone else on his place, beside Nandini, he didn't like it a bit but he thought 'dude it's your fault, if only you would have talked with Nandini, sorted out matter with her and didn't let her go from Delhi then you would have been in Abhimanyu's place, which used to be your place'.

Mukti has become a very good friend of them. Manik couldn't deny but agree she had the same sweetness, innocence as Nandini. Mukti too joined them in their plans. And they had loads of fun.

Manik was in his room getting ready for university, as his mobile rang he picked the phone in his hand and looked at the number. He sighed in helpless "Soha", he didn't know what to do but he didn't want to talk with her, he felt something missing, he wasn't feeling connected, well thinking about the connection made him think 'Did I ever felt any connection to Soha?'. As the bell rang again he came our from his thought. As He just felt this wasn't right so he cut the call.

As he came out he saw, Abhimanyu and Nandini there. He kind of guessed that Navya left with Cabir. He greeted them and got a warm welcome. Abha and Anurag were already gone to their work.

"come on guys, we should also leave now, it's getting late" said Nandini; all agreed and made their way out.

The three came out and made their way toward Abhimanyu's car expect Manik, he was making his way toward the other car "hey Manik, aren't you coming with us?" asked Abhimanyu. Since sometime, Manik used to go with them.

"No Abhimanyu, I have some work before, so I'll catch you in university" said Manik with a smile

"Ok man" they hi-fived and Manik Nandini said by to each other and left.

Manik made his way toward the mall. He entered in mobile card chip shop. "Hi, can I have a new mobile card chip?"

"Of course sir..." the salesman proposed few different mobile chip and Manik purchased the same as before, the number was different only.

"Thank you" said Manik talking hold of the little bag and left toward the car. Sitting in his car, he changed the chip and he was relieved that Soha wouldn't call him now. Although he was confused as why he didn't won't talk with Soha. He fought for her with Nandu. He thought "maybe there was never love between us but I should come clean with her..." he raked his hand through his hairs, "maybe I just need a break, some distance from her and she would not understand if I tell her this," he shrugged his shoulder and drove to the university.

Reaching there, he saw all his gang outside the gate. He joined them.

After a few seconds Cabir asked "by the way Manik, how come you came by yourself and you are like 15 minutes late than usual?"

"Actually my mobile chip was creating some problem, so I had to buy a new...by the way here is my new number" All saved his number in their cells.

After that they made their way in the college.

As their gang entered in the university, they saw an announce on the board 'Magical Dance'

"Magical dance?" asked Manik with frown, looking at the other

"Yeah, Magical Dance, it's a dance competition held every year and the Magical Dance couple will win the challenge" said Nandini

"Oh that's great" said Manik excitedly

Dhruv-Alia and Cabir-Navya weren't interested in dancing.

"So Nandi, you are going to be my partner right?" asked Abhimanyu


All turned to look from where the 'no' came as it wasn't Nandini's voice. And it was none other than Manik "why what happened?" asked Cabir

"come on guys, how can she dance? she would feel uncomfortable" said Manik, he actually wouldn't be able to see her dance with Abhimanyu, only thinking about that pierced his heart, he didn't know how he'd be able to see them dance.

"Don't worry I won't feel uncomfortable but Abhimanyu there is a little change this year, see" she pointed toward the announcement and read it "All the participantsdo tell your name to the dance assistant and by tomorrow evening the couple will be decided"

"But that's so not right" said Dhruv

"Yeah but it's gonna be fun, imagine you'll dance with a stranger and it will show how much you are good at dance, with someone you don't know for long time" said Nandini excitedly

"Ok who else are going to participate?" asked Navya

Mukti looked at them, she wanted to join but she was feeling shy. Abhimanyu looked at her and he understood as her face was really expressive. "Mukti is also participating" said Abhimanyu

Mukti was shocked, she was left aghast, she wasn't able to believe Abhimanyu said that "no Abhimanyu I can't" she tried to protest

"Please Mukti for our friendship" said Abhimanyu with a pout which Mukti couldn't resist, she accepted.

She had started liking him more than a friend "but I am scared of dancing in front of so much crowd and with an unknown person" she admitted her fear

"what if I am your partner?" asked Abhimanyu confidently

She looked at him and looked down while blushing. Abhimanyu took it as yes, he smiled and then all went in the inscription room. Manik, Abhimanyu wrote their name in respective sheets and put the chit in guys box on the other side Nandini and Mukti wrote their name in respective sheets and put it in girls box.


Dhruv, Alia, Cabir and Navya are sitting on chairs calmly while, Mukti was eating her nail with tension. Manik, Nandini and Abhimanyu are pacing "guys please stop pacing and sit down" said Alia

They looked at them and shook their head and kept pacing. All the other four sighed and then Cabir said "come yaar it's just your dance couple result not an chemical exam."

Listening that Nandini got hyper and held him by his collar, Abhimanyu tried to hold her back but she glared at him and he moved silently in a side. She looked back toward Cabir "Shut up, what you said we are being nervous for nothing, what about you? When you were going to propose Navya, you were sweating badly and that too when AC was on" she let out all her anger and frustration on Cabir

"but Nandi, that was more difficult than an exams" he said cutely. Nandini sighed helplessly and took her hand back

"Sorry I am just nervous"

"don't worry baby, everything will be alright" Cabir hugged her; she was like his younger sister, in few minutes the administation stuck the result on the board.

All rushed there along other participants but they were in the front. Nandini scrolled down from her side while Manik from his side. Both stopped at the same time, she looked next to her name it was Manik's name, Manik looked at the next behind his, it was Nandini's name. Both looked at each other for different reason: Nandini didn't wanted to dance with him while Manik was happy and excited, moreover he never had been that excited on his and Soha's first dance. They quietly moved out of the crowed and then here and there they kept glancing at each other.

On the other side, Mukti wasn't having the gut to look who was her partner, she stayed out of the crowed and told Navya and Alia too look for her. Navya and Alia came from the crowd and hugged Mukti "what happened?" asled Mukti a bit confused

"you are paired up with Abhimanyu" listening that a different sparkle was in her eyes, then she saw Abhimanyu too coming out of the crowd along Cabir and Dhruv. She looked toward him and went to him.

"Abhimanyu how did all this happened?" she was really confused

"Because Anurag is my brother so I requested him and then he has done his magic" he said with a wide smile. Listening that Mukti too smiled from her heart. She found him so sweet.

The silence was getting over the board now for Manik, he wondered 'isn't she happy with this?' although he was sad at this thought but he asked her "Nandini aren't you happy with the results?" he was scared to hear yes. He didn't get any reply, he got his answer, he was heart broken "ok if you don't want to dance with me I'll back out" said Manik and started moving toward the dance assistant

Nandini held his hand and said "no Manik you didn't need to back out, we will dance together, anyways I had to dance with someone randomly, so be it you.." Manik looked at her found her smiling,he too smiled slightly.

He was like any random partner for the dance, it hurt.

"So you guys have two weeks before the competition" said Dhruv

"Yeah" said the four participant

The next day, after their classes, Abhimanyu and Mukti too joined them. "Guys were are we going to practice?" asked Manik, who was sitting comfortably on the couch.

"Here" said Nandini

Manik was shocked beyond words, "here, you mean in the hall"

"Yeah here in the hall" replied Abhimanyu calmly 

"but there is going to be a problem, we guys are going to dance on different songs, so how we'll dance together?" Asked Mukti innocently

"Don't worry, you guys practice here, Me and Manik will go in the gym room" said Nandini and then Manik followed Nandini

While walking toward the gym room he asked "Gym room???"

"Yeah we have a gym room" said Nandini, opening the door, it was whole room with gym equipment and in the middle there was a lot of free space. "this is going to be the place where we are going to practice"

The bag which was in her hand, she placed it on the table where music system was placed. She took the CD out and asked "Manik on which song do you want to dance?"

"Hmmm, I don't know" he admitted

"what do you want to dance on western or Indian?" asked Nandini

"whatever you like" said Manik

Nandini nodded and scratched her head as she was thinking something "hmmm I guess Indian will do, a fast one" 

"Ok as you wish"

She looked at him wide her jaw open, she was getting irritated by this "Manik, I have enough of your 'whatever you like' 'as you wish', can't you tell me your opinion."

He looked at her and then on the other, he didn't know but he has something else in his heart and mind.

"Are you going to say something are sit here like a dumbo"

He looked at her and actually he didn't mind when she said 'dumbo' it sounded so cute "you won't get angry on my suggestions" he said like a baby

"No Manik, tell your opinion, in a group with need all partners opinion, suggestions" she said politely

"I was thinking to do on slow romantic song" as he finished, he looked toward her face and frowned.

to be continued...

So here is the chapter 17, what is ur take?

Just for reminder, I know some feel the story is going slow but the thing is, now, Manik doesn't really judge her action as bad, as he himself feel like punching Abhimanyu. In his mind, he is just able to justify Nandini. He doesn't know anything what happened that day. He would find it out steadily, slowly.
You have to keep trusting me.

About Natasha, if you ever find this name, please let me know which chapter, the character Soha was named Natasha first so you may find that name by mistake. Thanks.

If any typo or name mistake please let me know.
Are you liking the story?
Please leave your comments, do like and pretty please share the link with your friends.

PS: For PMs in future, buddy me by clicking on the following link : KashishkManan

Love u all<333

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The chapter was good but was too chottuuu :((((((((((((((((

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Lovely update
Nicely written
Cont soon

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Nice things are getting hotter between manik and nandini. U know first i did not like that story is going slow but eventually now i thing that its fun. I just hope nandini say yes to the slow dance.

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Nice update
They r cute 
N mukbhi 
Are just so sweet
Cont soon

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Superb marvellous wonderful update

So now they are in talking terms and wow he changed his number so that soha won't call him that was too good. He is so excited to dance with his Nandu finally but when she wasn't seem so happy being his partner he was hurt but when she said yes he was super happy

I just hope she agrees to do dance on a slow romantic song coz may be then he will realize that she is the one for him his true love

Continue asap can't wait long and thanks for pm

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Nc update ..
Thngs r getting good bw thm
nd mukti is so swt...
Nd haa cabir collar.. LOL
Embarrassed Big smile

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Nice update
Waiting for some
sweet and romantic
moments between MaNan

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