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FF- MaNan- TuMeraArmaanHai/U R My Desire-LinkThread2 Pg1/151(7/8/15) (Page 81)

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nice updates
cont soon

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Guys, I was at get together for Aftari and so yeah, I can't be on lappy since mom will get angry, I will update  the chapter when I wake up for sehri and when in the evening, Inshallah.
Sorry for you wait<3

Loads of luv<333

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Wonderful awesome as always it's perfect
Frankly this is slow but
Ik u hav something very awesome things to show after all this
But this is also gng fine only continue soon

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kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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I feeling so good by the response, thank a loads guys for being with me and so supportive, it really means a lot to me. I hope more people join us on this adventure and please, it is a hearty request, please promote the FF to your friends and people around (The direct Link: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=4376187)

I will update the next chapter soon, in few minutes hopefully.

Keep loving MaNan and my work. Please send in comments and do like, as it means a lot to me. For a writer, your guys comments are their feed, so don't forget about the feedback my superb MaNan lovers <3 

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Loads of love<333

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Thank you wonderful, my super awesome reader, you make my day, trust me. 
Please watch, like, comment and subscribe to my channel there, guys, you can make my life easier by doing this.

My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClBF*L7cv8baXrXM7-HHZrw

Please, please, please, do watch it as much times as you can, see the ads and help me out, since I want to keep writing.

So guys, here is the chapter 15. And this mainly because you guys are awesome, you make my day. My expectations from my super MaNan readers have increased a lot, let's say 8 pages of comment and 100 likes on this chapter, at least, and I will do my best to update the next chapter on tonight itself.
I know you guys can do folds more than this. Don't disappoint me please.

PS: For PMs in future, buddy me by clicking on the following link : KashishkManan 


Nandini looked at it, it was a deary 'special moment's', that's the name she had given to it. All her good and bad moments are hidden in the diary. She opened it and turned the pages till she reached on a blank page. She wrote the date and started writing all days events. 

Today, mom wanted number of an old teacher and she had lost all her data and contacts from her phone so she asked me and thus I checked my phone.

I saw missed calls by Manik and thus heard my answering machine, which held last two weeks messages, all before his arrival here. And what surprised me, he was calling me in each night, as he mentioned in his last message that it was his 912 message to me, asking forgiveness, even though in inebriated state.

Diary, I still hate him, not only for slapping me but insulting my mom... He has not even apologized in conscious state about the main subject, which means he is still unaware of the truth and even if I try to tell him it would all be in vain, he didn't listen to me back then, so why would he now? 

To be honest, I am afraid to be insulted again. He was my bestfriend since childhood and he refused to believe me and now that we don't share the same relation, the equation is even more crucial.

 If he wants to know the truth, he would have to find on its own. I don't know how but he would have to, I am not going to put my heart in line of fire again.

But why do I feel my heart mellowing? Why did I have to talk to him so politely over the movie night we had? 

I am not forgiven him, far from it, but I can be cordial to him, right?

Once she was done, she closed the diary and put it back in the drawer. It was one entry from many others that only she knew.

She stood up and went in the bathroom to take a shower. As she came out, she was in her nighty, shorts Pajama and her top was sleeveless. Laying on her bed she closed her eyes and soon fall asleep.

The next two weeks passed really quickly, they had a lots of fun. Manik called Soha once or twice and that's all, he really wasn't missing her. Manik was happy to see that Nandini was speaking to him politely.

It was Saturday, they didn't know what to do. All the younger, non married, were sitting there, in the hall. Anurag and Abha were still at hospital as Anurag was to pick her up.

"Arre yaar, kiya karein bore ho rahe hain sab?" said Navya, who was sitting on the couch and and caressing Cabir's head as he has placed his head on her lap.

"Yeah guys, let's do something exciting" suggested Nandini

"like what?" asked Manik, interested.

"Hmmm, how about going for bowling, it will be fun"?" suggested Abhimanyu, thrilled at his idea.

"Not a bad idea" said Dhruv, all agreed and they left for bowling, it was near their house.

As they entered, they decided to do something different, they said only about four person. So they'll make two teams and each team will have two turns. And the teams who would score more counting the both turns would win.

"so what about the teams?" asked Alia

"I was thinking, it will be fun Boys Vs Girls" said Manik

"Actually not a bad Idea" Nandini too agreed then she continued "how about makingit a bit more interesting?" asked Nandini with a smile, the devilish smile?

"And how is that?" Abhimanyu asked back, he was sure she was upto some mischievous.

"whoever loose will have to do what the opposite team will tell" Said Nandini

All looked at each other and said in unison "done."

They started playing and both team were scoring equally. But soon Boys were winning.

"Nandini, it's our last turn, please Nandini shoot all in once" said Navya pleadingly

"Navya, I'll try my best, now please don't make me nervous" said Nandini, she was getting nervous as everything was on her now, she was feel pressure on her.

But two person even being on the other team were praying for Nandini to win. And those two persons were Abhimanyu and Manik. 'Please god make her win' both prayed in their heart, they couldn't see her loose

As Nandini made the strike, everyone's heartbeat was stopped, there was silence and only the balls rollings voice was echoing in the place. Nandini closed her eyes and prayed.

Manik looked at her and completely admired she looked an angel like this. Even tough, she had changed, she had become a stronger personality but still his Nandu lived in Nandini. The innocent and sweet Nandini. 'Have I done right to chose Soha over Nandini?' he asked himself but then he shook his head 'yeah Manik you did right, you love Soha even tough all that happened wasn't right but Nandini shouldn't have said all that, she was at least fault on that day slapping Soha but I should have called a truce with her back then and now, I think we should forget that and start a new' he came out from his thought as he heard someone yelling in joy.

All the girls hugged Nandini as the ball hit all the bottles fall down. Nandini opened her eyes as she found herself hugged, she looked in front of her and all the bottles have fall down. She jumped and yelled in joy. She hugged Navya and Alia.

Guys too congratulated them and then asked "what we have to do?" asked Cabir

The girls discussed with each other then Nandini said with a wicked smile, rubbing her hand in glee, "Hmm, I guess some suspense won't be that bad, we'll tell you at home" after that all the girls left and the guys looked at each other, fear the consequences of the bet.

"I don't know what punishment we are going to get, but all the best guys" said Abhimanyu, he knew how naughty Nandini was.

"Thanks we really need, all the best to you too" said Cabir, who was being Nandini's punishment's victim very often, as he made bets to her, losing all of tem.

All left to their house, once they reached all the guys stood next to each other, in a line like cadets, facing the girls. "You have to do two things" announced Navya, pacing in front of them.

"As you see, it will be dinner time in an hour and half" said Alia paced to the other corner.

"we want you to prepare for dinner and let me remind you, we will keep an eye on you" said Nandini with a smirk. 

The guys looked at each other and shouted "no way."

"Our way or highway there is no 'no way'" said Nandini and then all the girls giggled looking at guys' condition.

"So your time starts now, get back on work guys and then we'll tell you your other punishment" said Nandini and then all the girls went in Nandini's room.

Guys lowered their head and entered in the kitchen "now guys, what will we do?" asked Dhruv

"don't worry man, I know a bit how to cook and moreover thank to God they haven't give as any list to prepare the food so we can make what we want to or rather what we know..." said Manik

"So what should we prepare?" Asked Cabir

The guys discussed a bit, Manik said what they had to do and he would prepare dhal and chaawal in the mean time, Nandini's favorite dish was dhal chaawal, she loved it. And then they started preparing. Manik was a bit experience in this as before, when he was with Nandini, he used to see her preparing the food and sometimes he too prepared especially to apology Nandini when she was angry with him.

Cabir and Dhruv were making the flour ready for making pakode and Abhimanyu was getting the salad ready.

The dhal was put on the stove and he was after every few minutes stirring it. On the same time he put the rice for boiling and as the flour was ready he told them how to do.

Abhimanyu joined Manik but Manik told him with a smile "don't worry, i'll do it" he paused then remembering something he said "why don't you prepare the chutney?"

"Good idea, but I am really bad in this thing and don't know how to do?" said Abhimanyu, Manik knew a bit so he told him whatever he knew

All the three girls came and saw from the door, them cooking and they were quite impressed with all the works they were doing, then they went back.

"Arre superb yaar, you are quite experienced in all this" Abhimanyu said with a smile once Manik was done explaining him how to do.

Manik smiled "I used to cook sometimes and saw a friend of mine preparing food. Ok now back to work"

Abhimanyu get on the task to make the chutney ready. As Manik turned toward Cabir and Dhruv, he hit his head seeing what they had done.

Cabir was standing their holding the big spoon with pakode almost black "Guys what have you done?" asked a worried Manik 

"Sorry yaar thoda zyada baan gaya" said Dhruv with a puppy look

"Todha zyada nahi ban gaya balki jal gaya" said Manik, he then told them how to do. Cabir and Dhruv followed what he said and they succeeded to make pakode.

Manik was ready with dhal and chaawal and Cabir, Abhimanyu, Dhruv too were done with their task. 

Then they all set the table and called everybody. Shashank and Padma weren't at home, they had gone to Delhi for a meeting and they'd come back after week and half. Abha and Anurag were still not there.

Nandini, Navya and Alia came down and saw the food ready and all set. Seeing the food their mouth was watering, they all sat down and started eating.

As Nandini put the first morsel in her mouth, she looked at Manik and said "nice food."

Manik was glad, his heart swelling in happiness, to know she still remembered the taste of the food made by him. But the next second he was disappointed.

"how do you know he cooked Dhal chaawal?" asked Dhruv with a frown.

"Well we guys were keeping an eye on you" said Nandini with a smirk.

Manik was disappointed to know, she said that because she had seen him making the food but then he said to himself 'Nandini if we can't be friend like before, I'll try to at least become your friend'. All the guys then joined them for dinner.

In not time, Abha and Anurag too joined them. All praised Manik for his culinary skills. Manik smiled and said "I wasn't alone all the guys were there to help me"

"No yaar we just did what you told us" said Cabir, Manik just smiled.

After the dinner they all sat in the lounge "Ok now your second punishment" said Alia

Listen that all the guys groaned, they were already tired making the food but they knew they have to whatever they say

"You have to go with us on shopping tomorrow" said the three girls

All guys cursed themselves thinking in what bad time they accepted Nandini's challenge. But at the end they agreed.

The next day all, including Abha and Anurag went on Shopping. All were shopping in couple and they made their way in different shops. Now only Manik, Abhimanyu and Nandini were left "I guess, I have two person to carry my bags" said Nandini with a smirk "follow me."

Manik and Abhimanyu looked at each other in horror and followed Nandini everywhere, they had ten bags in each hand and now they were in another clothing shop. On one side there were western dress and on the other traditional. Manik's eyes fall on a beautiful salwar kameez, his thought went on Nandini. Before he could think something else, Nandini came out were a red dress till her knee and it was sleeveless. The straps were tied from behind the neck. She was looking extremely gorgeous.

"What you think about it for the party?" asked Nandini

"Mind blowing" complimented Abhimanyu, Nandini looked at Manik, he nodded his head with smile but still his thought went on the dress, he would love to see her in that dress, more like her Nandu.

Nandini smiled and went back in the changing cabin. Manik was happy to know that she acknowledged his opinion.

Once they were shopping they went toward the car and saw Cabir, Anurag and Dhruv's car not there "I think they have already left for dinner" said Manik.

"same here" said Nandini opening the car door.

Abhimanyu and Manik put the bag in the trunk and then closed it. "Oh guys, I think I forgot my glasses in the shop, you guys wait here, I'll be back" said Manik and rushed in the mall. He went in the shop where he has seen the dress and purchased it.

Coming back in the parking area, he sat in the car "what's in your hand Manik?" asked Abhimanyu

"Nothing I was passing by a shop and saw dress so I thought to purchase it for my mom" he said, he was lying, he just on impulse bought it for Nandini. Then they went in the restaurant where they were going to do dinner.

Next day, all reached in the university and they were happy. As soon they entered they saw the bully Vicky bullying someone. All rushed their and asked "what are you doing vicky?" asked Abhimanyu

"can't you see I am ragging this behenji" said Vicky with a chuckle

"Vicky, stop it and go back to class or I'll complain to principal" said Nandini with anger.

Vicky made a bad face and then left. "hey are you ok" said Abhimanyu, seeing the girls with tears.

She simply nodded and wiped her tears "By the way I am Abhimanyu Joshi and you?" asked Abhimanyu

"I am Mukti Januja" said Mukti managing a smile. Abhimanyu smiled listening the name.

"nice to meet you Mukti, if you need any help you can always come to us" said Abhimanyu "by the way would like be our friend?" asked Abhimanyu, she simply nodded.

"So friends?" he brought his hand forward.

"friends" she said with a smile and shook his hand, then she met all his friends. She was happy to get nice friend on the very first day as she was scared to be at a new place.

All were walking toward their classroom, Manik was behind everybody and Nandini was just in front of him. He thought 'Manik this is the right time to talk to her'

He gathered some courage and called her name "Nandini"

Nandini turned and asked "Hmm?"

"I want to talk to you, please," Manik was bit nervous, he didn't know why.


So here is the chapter 15, what is ur take?

I know some feel the story is going slow but the thing is, now, Manik doesn't really judge her action as bad, as he himself feel like punching Abhimanyu. In his mind, he is just able to justify Nandini. He doesn't know anything what happened that night. He would find it out steadily, slowly.
You have to keep trusting me.

If any typo or name mistake please let me know.
Are you liking the story?
Please leave your comments, do like and pretty please share the link with your friends.

PS: For PMs in future, buddy me by clicking on the following link : KashishkManan

Love u all<333

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Wow the food cooking and shoping punishment was superb. And i hope that manik fnd ouut the truth as soon as possible. Babes u r simply awsome. Update soon.

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tasnimanika7 Groupbie

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Wow amazing thanks for the update

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Hopefully Manik finds out about Soha and his feelings toward Nandini!!

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