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FF- MaNan- TuMeraArmaanHai/U R My Desire-LinkThread2 Pg1/151(7/8/15) (Page 59)

Asha_25 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 June 2015 at 1:40pm | IP Logged
Very nice teaser.
Continue soon.

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kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 June 2015 at 2:37pm | IP Logged

Hello guys, sorry for being late but was caught up.

I feeling so good by the response, thank a loads guys, it really means a lot to me. I hope more people join us on this adventure and please, it is a hearty request, please promote the FF to your friends and people around (The direct Link: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=4376187)

I will update the next soon, tonight, in few minutes hopefully.

Keep loving MaNan and my work. Please send in comments and do like, as it means a lot to me. For a writer, your guys comments are their feed, so don't forget about the feedback my superb MaNan lovers <3 

PS: For PMs in future, buddy me by clicking on the following link : KashishkManan

Loads of love<333

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apps33 Goldie

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Posted: 16 June 2015 at 2:42pm | IP Logged
Waiting fo update dear plz update soon 

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sizzysehrish IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 June 2015 at 2:53pm | IP Logged
loved this bold nandu
hope manik get back to his sense and realize tht he was wrong

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kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 June 2015 at 2:56pm | IP Logged
Teaser Page 62

Hello guys, here is the chapter 12. And this mainly because you guys are awesome, you make my day. My expectations from my super MaNan readers have increased a lot, let's say 8 pages of comment and 95 likes on this chapter, at least, and I will do my best to update the next chapter on Thursday.
I know you guys can do folds more than this. Don't disappoint me please.

PS: For PMs in future, buddy me by clicking on the following link : KashishkManan 


It was evening time, The bell rang into the house, Manik thought that some servant will open it but then as he heard the bell ringing constantly; he sighed angrily and stood up "pata nahi kiya musibat hai?"

He made his way downstairs, thinking on the same time with a frown 'I haven't seen Anurag the whole day', but he just put the thought on a side and opened the door only to get another shock.

On the other side of the door were standing, Navya, Nandini and AJ. He wondered 'Navya is Shashank uncle's niece but what are Nandini and AJ doing here?, maybe Navya invited them.'

As the door opened, Nandini saw Manik and her face fall down "oh god that was the last thing that I wanted to see" she muttered with a disgusted face. 

Manik was numbed to see Nandini's expression and hearing what she said. He really felt hurt, he didn't knew that his presence irked her so much.

She looked at AJ and asked him with her eyes 'is he the guy who is going to live at our house?' to which Anurag nodded and Nandini rolled her eyes, pouting and pleading to say no, Anurag rose his brow warning her to behave, she twitched her lip upset. That was really the last thing she wanted.

"will you move aside so we can enter?" said Nandini with attitude

Manik just looked at Nandini and silently moved aside. All the three entered. AJ and Navya greeted Manik normally but Nandini didn't bothered to even say hello. AJ made his way to his room while, Navya and Nandini went to their room.

Manik raised a brow in frustration and mumbled "what the hell? She didn't even bother to say hello to me?", he shook his head as his brain told him 'why do you care she is also a stranger for you'. His brain was convinced but his heart was aching to see the love of his life ignoring him. He went to sleep in his room still in Nandini's thought.

As the sun reached her peak and peeped throw the curtain into the room, the girl sleeping peacefully got irritated and she covered her head with the blanket 'why can't the sun let me sleep?' she muttered in the sleep.

Now as she wasn't able to sleep so she woke up and looked at the clock which showed '7am', she has still two hours to sleep but she wasn't able to so she stood up and went to take a shower. She came out wearing a half white shirt with straps and a short. She made her way down and laid on the sofa with a jump. She didn't know when but she felt asleep.

Mainwhile, Manik woke up around 8am, he couldn't help but ask himself 'why I get to sleep even without having alcohol, I understand that the first day I was tired but yesterday I wasn't so how come I didn't drank and still fall asleep' it was his second day well second night here and he actually got to sleep without drinking, that happened after two and half years which was really surprising for Manik. He was really confused.

He took a warm shower and made his way down in the hall, only to see a beautiful angel sleeping on the couch, her stomach against the couch and her face on the opposite side, her legs were hanging out of the couch. She was looking beautiful and so innocent like the Nandini he knew, who needed someone to protect her. He couldn't help but admire her innocence.

Manik came out from his trail of thought when he heard the bell, he went to open the door. Nandini too wake up because of the bell, she rubbed her eyes and stood up then she made her way toward the door.

As he opened the door, he got another shock, he didn't know how but seeing the person a tear came out from his eyes. 'Aunty' thought Manik, he was so happy to see her but she too like Nandini didn't acknowledge him.

"Manik meet my wife Padma and Padma he is Manik my friend Karan's son" Shashank introduced them. 

Manik was shocked to hear that Padma is Shashank's wife, he wasn't able to believe it. He wasn't able to believe Nandini is the daughter of the house. The woman he slapped.

He wanted to run away but... he had promised his father. Did they know Nandini was living here? He was still in thought when Padma spoke.

Padma smiled and touched both her hand "namastey, how are you Manik? I hope you didn't get any problem here" she asked him, the same way she would have asked any other guest.

Manik was hurt listening what Padma said, he has thought that she would hug him or something but nothing of that sort happened. He couldn't help himself but touch her feet "I am fine Aunty, how are you?"

He would stay, he had to.

Before Padma could say anything, they were interrupted by Nandini "mom, dad", she hugged her mom and her dad with happiness "I missed you loads, how are you? where is Abha di?" asked Nandini

"we are fine and she just forgot something in the car so she went to take it" said Shashank and continued teasingly "by the way how came my princess is awake that early?"

"nothing dad, I wasn't able to sleep...Arre see Abha di is coming" Nandini excitedly went to Abha and hugged her "Oh di I missed you so much, how are you? and you know jeej was also missing you" hearing that Abha blushed

"Nandi I am fine and why are always teasing me?" asked Abha with a pout

"It's so much fun" replied Nandini and then they entered in the house. By the time they entered Anurag too was downstairs, he instantly hugged Abha and asked her "how are you? Did you take rest? Did you enjoy? Did you miss me..."

"Anurag relax, ask one question a time. And I am fine, I did take rest, I enjoyed but not that much as you weren't with me and I missed you a lot" said Abha

At this moment, Manik realized 'AJ is Anurag, Anurag Joshi, Shashank uncle's son in law but who was Nanhi?', he got his answer the next second.

"Nanhi bacha where is Navya?" asked Shashank

"she is sleeping dad"

"why do you call her Nanhi?" asked Manik confusingly

A voice came from the entrance door "we call her Nanhi with love". 

As the turned they saw Abhimanyu. He came and touched Shashank's feet and he hugged Padma and Padma too hugged him back "how is my son?" asked Padma with love, patting his cheek.

Manik was really hurt to see it wasn't him but Abhimanyu now Nandini's bestfriend and Padma's son.

"I am fine Aunty, we missed you a lot." he hugged Abha and said "we missed you too bhabhi but it was brother who was missing you the most" hearing that Anurag and Abha smiled with a sly blush.

Then he went to Nandini and hugged her, he said 'hi'. "hey Manik you are also here?" asked Abhimanyu

"Yeah I am going to stay here till I complete my studies."

 All sat down and discussed for a while. "Aunty, please make parantha for me" said Abhimanyu like a baby. This made Manik realize he hadn't eaten Padma's made parantha's, he was craving for them.

"Ok you guys carry on, I'll make parantha's for everybody"

Abhimanyu jumped in joy and said "you are the best" saying that he hugged her and kissed her cheek. Padma ruffled his hairs.

Manik who was sitting next to Abhimanyu, felt his eyes moistening. He was realizing how much he had missed them, but his ego still stopped him to accept that Nandini wasn't wrong.

In not time, Padma came back with hot Parantha's. She served to everybody including Manik. As Manik eat it a gulp form in his throat, he was happy to eat them after a long time, it contains all the love in the world. He didn't know why but he was feeling like crying today.

"Hmmm they are so tasty, just yummy. Aunty, you are the best chef in the world, love you"

As Manik listen that he remembered something "hmmm yummy aunty, I just loved it. You made the best paranthas, love you" . He couldn't help but just smiled by the compliments Abhimanyu gave to Padma. He wasn't surprised to hear praising about Padma Aunty's cooking.

"Nanhi, now go and get ready, we have to leave for college" Nandini nodded and left to get ready. Then Abhimanyu turned  toward Anurag and said "Bro, you too go and get ready"

Listening that Anurag whined he didn't wanted to go, he just wanted to spend some time with his wife. Seeing Anurag whining, all chuckled including Manik.

Apart Nandini, all behaved normally with Manik including Padma who treated him like a guest. Manik too left to his room to pick his bag. He took his stuff and started making his way downstairs in his thought 'Had Padma Aunty got married to Shashank uncle recently?' he believed that Padma got married to Shashank like a year or two years ago as he had never heard about Shashank in his life before, expect maybe the project they had done.

He made his way down and saw Nandini ready in a white dress till her knee and Navya was wearing the same dress but in pink. Both were looking cute. "Navya, will you come with me or Cabir?" asked Abhimanyu

"Of course Cabir" said Navya

"Ok" saying that Abhimanyu and Nandini said bye to everybody and left for university. Manik too said bye and left.

Their day passed really quickly, Manik was jealous seeing Nandini and Abhimanyu together. He wanted to be at Abhimanyu's place, the place where he was few years ago, the place which belonged to him, only him. He didn't know why but he just wanted to be with Nandini. He wanted to be by Nandini's side.

His heart knew and told him Nandini hadn't done anything wrong but his brain always dismissed his heart's feeling.

In the last two days, Manik haven't called Soha, he actually forgot to call her. Being away from Soha wasn't hurting Manik, he wasn't thinking of her but when Nandini left him, he only thought about her even when he was with Soha he only thought about Nandini. All he did was thinking about Nandini. 

As their classes were over, Manik went home and entered in his room. His eyes fall on the calendar. Seeing the date he was shocked, he couldn't believe that in the past two years and half he hadn't wishes her mom's birthday. 'what am I doing, I can't believe I haven't wished my mom and dad in the last few years?.'

From the time he arrived here, he was changing, changing in better, he had started to become the same Manik, it would take time till he realized his fault but he would do a day.

He took the phone and dialed his home number, his mother picked up "Mom" said Manik

Mitisha knew it was Manik "yeah Manik"

Manik's heart was pierced today, he was sad to hear her mom talking with him with no interest. "Mom happy birthday" said Manik with moist eyes

"Thank you" Mitisha was really happy, since the last few years, it was the fist time he was wishing her. She has a little hope that Manik will change in better.

They said bye and Manik wasn't able to stop but cry remembering all the event of the day. He realized how much he has lost.

On the other side, Mitisha smiled and thought 'karan we have done a brilliant work by sending Manik there'

After a while, he wiped his tears and freshen up. He went into the hall and saw everybody having lunch. As he looked at the dishes, all were Manik's favorite he was happy to know that they remembered what he liked.

"wow, that's brilliant, you are my mom but you made Abhimanyu's favorite dishes" said Nandini pouting and then she looked away angrily.

As Manik heard that food is cooked because of Abhimanyu's choice and not his, he was hurt, deeply pained. Before it used to be him, for whom Padma cooked food.

"well because, he is the bestest son in the world" said Padma teasingly

"you see she loves me more"

Nandini looked at them and pouted more widely and crossed her arms against his arms, making everybody chuckle. 

Padma smiled and brought Nandini's favorite dish which made Nandini happy "I love you both equally" said Padma. Nandini and Abhimanyu hugged her.

"we too love you"

They jumped in horror when they heard Anurag fainting and falling from the chair.

...To be continued.

So here is the chapter 12, what is ur take?

Guys this is a story and people do change with circumstances, what is to see here, what will be the consequences. You have to keep trusting me.

Are you liking the story?
Please leave your comments, do like and pretty please share the link with your friends.

PS: For PMs in future, buddy me by clicking on the following link : KashishkManan

Love u all<333

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blah_blah13 Groupbie

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Posted: 16 June 2015 at 3:01pm | IP Logged
Damn I'm such a softie
I already feel bad for Manik nowCry...haha so diabolical I tell you
Lovely update
I hope he tries to apologize soon enough!!

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apps33 Goldie

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Posted: 16 June 2015 at 3:15pm | IP Logged
Wat happend to aj? 
Hope ntg serious 
Bt leave him aside n cum 2 d update 

IT WAS AWESOME...SUPERB... Fantastic... MARVELLOUS. And wat not
I just loved it
Manik deserves being guilty..hurt and pained...fo wat he did
I hope uh torture him more n mke him realise such a moron he hs been

I lvd d way uh shwed deir ignorance towards him...
Cnt s9on
Wpll b waiting fo ua lovely updates

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tasnimanika7 Groupbie

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Posted: 16 June 2015 at 3:20pm | IP Logged
Oh it was awesome ! Manik deserves all this! Loved the way Padma behaved with him!! And m loving abhimanyu s charachter!! Make Manik more jealous lol ! Hope he says sorry to nandu and understand his mistakes!!! Waiting for the next update LOL LOL

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