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kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 June 2015 at 2:42pm | IP Logged
Hello guys, here is the chapter 7. And I have some expectations from my super MaNan readers, who didn't come up to my expectation, let's say 5-6 ages of comment for the chapter and 65 likes on each chapter, at least, I know you guys can do folds more than this. Don't disappoint me please.

PS: For PMs in future, buddy me by clicking on the following link : KashishkManan 


'You went away Manik and left me,
with a broken heart,
I cried in pain, I drooped,
I felt too much hurt...(thanks Nidhi)' Thought Nandini with more tears started streaming down. 

She suddenly jumped and wiped her tears feeling someone's hand on her shoulders. She turned to look it was Mitisha. Nandini wiped her tears "Aunty you?"

Mitisha sat on the chair next to her "Nandini what happened?"

"nothing" Nandini looked away

Mitisha hold Nandini's chin and made her look at her "Nandini, you can't lie to me"

"I love him Aunty" she broke down and hugged her tightly "but he loves Soha"

"No he doesn't love her, he is misunderstanding, He is taking this attraction as love. I know he loves you, I just hope he realizes soon."

Nandini looked at Mitisha who smiled at her reassuringly and wiped Nandini's tears. Little did they knew what was going to happen in few hours.

"Nandu, you have to fight to win your love" Mitisha said softly

"But Aunty, he believes he loves Soha and I only want to see him happy, I don't want to come between them."

Mitisha sighed, she knew sometimes Nandini could be very stubborn "then you have to promise something?"

Nandini nodded "I know one day he'll realize, I just hope it'll be soon, but if it's not soon than please don't be angry with him, he is just not able to see the reality. He is blindly following Soha."

"Aunty, I promise, I won't be angry with him" said Nandini

"Now stop crying, we have to do the preparations of Manik's birthday, like usually we will wish him at midnight" Mitisha changed the topic as she didn't want to discuss about Soha.

Nandini smiled and then both left in the living room. They had ordered everything so once Manik will be off to sleep, they would start decorating.

Manik came home by 9 PM. Entering in the house, he greeted his parents and Nandini "Nandini, come I'll drop you at your home" Manik asked like he usually did.

"No Manik, you go to sleep, I am staying here tonight" Nandini tried to be as natural possible as she didn't wanted him to suspect that they are up to something.

After discussing an hour with his family and Nandini, Manik retired to his room to sleep. On the other hand, the others started doing the preparations in no time Padma too joined them.

5 minutes before midnight, everything was ready including the cake, which was baked by Nandini and Karan as they didn't want Manik to bake his own surprise birthday's cake.

They all entered in Manik's room who was sleeping peacefully. Manik was in deep sleep, dreaming about his and Nandini's moments.

Everybody looked at each other, they whispered "3...2...1..." Now they said in loud voice "Happy Birthday Manik/Mani"

Listening the voice Manik woke, he had heard them saying 'happy birthday Manik', it caused him to have a smile. He had completely forgot about his birthday. Now he understood why Nandini said she would stay here.

He cut the cake and fed Nandini on the first and then everybody else.

"Now my gift?" he held his hand out in front of Nandini, the gift he loved the most were from Nandini, even though they were simple, he doesn't know why but they held a big importance in his life.

Nandini took out a wrapped gift from his bag and gave him. Manik opened it it was silver bracelet with Manik engraved on it with a heart next to K. Manik loved it the gift, while he was looking at it, it felt that it wasn't only a bracelet but a lot more.

Yes it was a lot more, although Nandini knows Manik loves Soha but she can't stop loving him in the form of this gift she gave him, her heart. The heart which is engraved on it isn't just a design but it's Nandini's heart.

Manik hugged her and pecked her forehead friendly. All looked at them, they admire them. They really want to see Nandini with Manik and not Soha with Manik. Then everybody gave him their gifts. They celebrated all the night as it was Sunday tomorrow so they had no worries. And then they slept in their rooms, Nandini has a separate room in the house as well as Padma.

Manik woke up at 1PM because of his mobile. He quickly picked up the call in a sleepy tone "hello"

"hello birthday boy, a very very happy birthday" wished Soha.

"Thank you" Said Manik with a smile

"So where are you give us a party"

"At my home, at 9PM" said Manik

"Manik why not in a disc?" asked Soha, she was used to celebrate her birthday in disc

"Actually Nandu doen't like to go in disc" replied Manik

'Nandini, Nandini, Nandini' 'even though I became his girlfriend but still the only person he talks about is Nandini, gosh I so hate her, but don't very Soha wait till Monday then It will be only your name on Manik lips, heart, soul and mind' she thought with a smirk and and said to Manik "Manik, you are doing great to celebrate your birthday at your house as I also don't want Nandini to feel uncomfortable in the disc" Soha said with a honest tone.

While in her mind she was thinking 'my foot if she feels uncomfortable, but I have to act like a good friend'

On the other side, Manik smiled, he was glad he loved such a girl who cared for his friends."Ok then see you in the evening, bye"

Manik placed his mobile on the bedside table and looked at the time, but he wasn't shocked to see the time as he would have slept more if he hadn't been disturbed by the call. Now as he was awake, he stood up and took a shower. Taking his shower he came out and made his way in the living room, where he saw Padma aunty and his parents wide awake.

"Good morning bacha, you wake up, early today" said Karan with a frown

"Yeah Soha called me to wish me so I woke up earlier" said Manik

After a while, all Manik's friend reached there. Nandini had still not joined them. Manik frowned 'why isn't Nandu awake till now?'

"Manik go and make Nandini wake up as we have decided to go to cinema" said Arjun

Manik nodded and went into Nandini's room, he took the jug and poured on her and instantly he felt a pleasure. He didn't know why but he liked it. And why not as it had been few weeks since he woke her up.

Nandini woke with a jerk, she looked at Manik and instead of being angry she was happy that Manik made her wake up but she became angry as she remembered she was drenched because of him "you are gone Manik" she stood up and run behind Manik who had already started running.

Nandini chased him for a while in the room, once she caught Manik, she beat him really softly on his chest. Then both laughed, it was like old days were back.

After few minutes, Manik and Nandini joined everybody they had their lunch and left to the cinema where Manik had already invited Soha. That hurt Nandini but she controlled herself from crying.

The movie they went to see a romantic movie, where most of the time Soha and Manik where kissing, smooching each other. Nandini felt disgusted and heartbroken, yet she thanked god that it was dark and here tears were not visible.

Once the film end, they made their way at Manik's house, they talked for sometime. Manik and Nandini excused them self and went in the kitchen to bake the cake. Once the cake was ready Manik led them in the living room where everything was decorated.

Manik cut the cake once again, Soha came too him and hugged him tightly and gave him a peck on his cheek "happy birthday jaan"

"Thank you" he kissed her back on her cheek.

Nobody liked seeing Soha with Manik but only because of Manik they had to bear her. All his friends and Soha gave him gifts but still they didn't have the same value that Nandini's gift has.

As the party end, everybody went to their house and Manik went to drop Nandini and Padma.

Soha entered in the house and sat on a couch and in front of her the chessboard is placed. And only two pawns are left. She made a move so that she won and with that she said "Now tomorrow will be my last move and then there will be no Manik and Nandini, no one will call them inseparable." she laughed loudly evilly, she was all set to destroy Manik Nandini's friendship.

Manik entered in the house with Padma and Nandini, after discussing a bit he left. After few minutes Nandini heard a knock, she shook her head thinking that Manik must have forgotten something.

So Nandini came running toward the door to open it. She opened the door and it wasn't Manik. There she saw a person standing there, she looked at the man carefully and said "Aap?".

"Who is it Nandini?" asked Nandini's mom from behind. In no time she was at the door. Seeing the man she was surprised and shocked.

The man looked at both women and he wasn't able to believe his eyes, he was surprised, happy.

"Aap yahan kiya kar rahe hain?" Padma said in a watery tone, she didn't wanted to break don, only she knew how she spend her life without him

"Padma" said the man also on the verge of crying

Nandini was confused seeing this man here, she knew him, well who didn't know him. She was also confused to see them so emotional, it seemed that they would start crying in a second and that was what happened. Padma broke down and hugged the man.

Nandini frowned 'why is mom hugging Mr Shashank Gupta?'

After few minutes, Padma and Shashank were sitting on the couch still hugging each other and sobbing. Nandini was really confused to see them.

Shashank looked at Nandini and gave her a smile.

"come here Nandini" Said Padma, Nandini silently went to her mom

"He is your dad" Nandini was shocked, she didn't know what to do, tears started streaming down but of happiness. She hugged her dad tightly and sobbed on his chest like a small kid.

Shashank too hugged her and he sobbed holding the two.

"Shashank you shouldn't have come there" said Padma suddenly and moved back; fear was clearly visible on her face. "If he got to know you was here, he'd kill her"

Nandini was again confused seeing her mom like this, a moment ago she was so happy to see her husband and now she moved back with a fear in her eyes

"He won't do anything Padma, he is no more" Shashank said with more tears, Padma too started crying more. She hugged Shashank again, she was happy to know he had left them alone in peace and now she would be able to go back to his family but sad too after listening he was no more.

"Mom, dad can you please tell me too what is happening?" Said Nandini coming out from his dad's embrace. She felt odd to say dad but on the same time she was so much happy, ecstatic, that her happiness has no boundaries.

Padma and Shashank looked at each other and they knew it was time to told her everything.

...To be continued.

So here is the chapter 7.
Are you liking the story?
Please leave your comments, do like and pretty please share the link with your friends.

PS: For PMs in future, buddy me by clicking on the following link : KashishkManan

Love u all<333

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ameena671 IF-Sizzlerz

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Amazing teaser and update loved it thank you for pm.

Edited by ameena671 - 06 June 2015 at 2:43pm

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manya_189 IF-Dazzler

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Wow!! Superb update!!
I wonder what will be Soha's master stroke..
And Nandini's dad is back! Its gonna interesting!!

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ArSha_ManNan Goldie

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Omg another mystery. .. nandu's dad is bck. ..
 Ab soha ne kya kiya ???
And nandu's gift was wow... 
Nyc update and thnkz 4 the pm

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RanKatDeepRan Goldie

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To be completely honest, i didn't Like the entry of Nandus dad, but thats just me, i Kind of love ist when it's just mother and daughter but thats just me (reminds me of my own life)

Curious how sohas Plan will happen (or not)

Personaly, i hope nandu Doesnt just let Manik in After all the soha fiasco
Why should She just swallow all the pain

I really hope nandu too gets a Guy at least once and Doesnt Stay the "pure" never Kissed before

Again it's only my hope no Suggestions as it's not my place to suggest You anything

I just hope You consider it
I am a girl and i believe in equal footing

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aparnainbox Senior Member

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Amazing update. I feel bad for Nandini to see Manik kiss and make out someone else!! Bring some handsome guy for Nandini. I would love to see a jealous Manik. Oh mandini's dad is back. Now what is this Soha upto!! Continue soon.. Thanks for the PM Smile

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vanivartika Goldie

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so new entry interesting
waiting for Manik realization

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Thanks for PM
Nice update
I hope in nxt part soha ki reality samne aye
Nd eagerly waiting for nxt update curious to know about mystery


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